Card of the Day – Temporary “Vacation”

Hi everyone, as regular readers will have noticed, I’ve had a hard time keeping up the daily blog recently – this week I had to go to the doctor for a minor medical procedure and I’m having minor surgery on Monday that isn’t serious but needs doing and will probably keep me a bit under the weather for a few days.

I’ve noticed in the past that when I have a really hard time reading, it is sometimes better to just take a break and let things settle for a bit; so that is what I’m going to do at least until towards the end of next week.  I’ll see how I feel then and hopefully get back after I’ve had a chance to rest up from the surgery and taking a few days off intentionally to recharge.

I will still be doing regular client readings (if you want one, just e-mail or call me) this week, but am not taking any clients next week, but should be back to work the 2nd week in July; and I also plan on doing the radio show for next Monday (since it will be recorded ahead of time).

Thank you to everyone for  your patience, this past year has been rather a roller coast with my Mother’s passing and various other events; somethings just take time to sort out…


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