Discontinuity Round Table – Discontinuity Reading

This is a reading done on Sunday Feb 26, 2012 at 8:30 pm Irish time, for the TMRN Discontinuity Round Table.

This reading asked the Question:

What is the nature or primary reason for, the Discontinuity as seen in the Web Bots; the one that  begins in March 2012 and results in continual Release Language for a very long time?


This reading is very interesting because once again the Rune Staves do a pretty good job of what is reflected in the cards.

Berkano is Birch Tree or Birth

Ingwaz is Freyr or The Seed

Jera is Harvest or Turning Point

Now, returning to the Cards we also have The Birth Card, The Harvest/Now Card along with The Tree, The Fool starting a New cycle/Turning Point, and the Mother Card (which is also reflected in the Berkano rune who is sometimes seen as the Earth Mother).

So both cards and runes indicate that whatever causes the Discontinuity, its nature will be liberation (or setting something Free that was bound), it will be something coming to birth (gestation or waiting is over) and it will affect the very roots of the Tree (World Tree).  Perhaps it will even affect more worlds than just our own, since there are a total of nine worlds linked by the Tree in the Norse Traditions and many more in other metaphysical systems.

The Fool Card indicates a combination of a brand new cycle and a total starting over from scratch.  Our hints are that it may involve seeds and harvests (weather and crops?) along with births and Motherhood and/or Mother Earth herself.

Freyr (Ingwaz/Seed) is also the God of Kingship and Defensive WAR, and this energy has shown up in several of the readings done for this time period.

However, this is the only direct link to possible warfare in this reading, even though war and economics are a huge part of the reading for March itself.

Therefore, the cards and rune staves are suggesting that while War and Economics are going to be powerful players in the next coming month; they may NOT be the primary cause of the Discontinuity.  They may help bring it to “Birth” and they could both certainly affect planting (Seeds), Harvests (Jera) and The Earth Mother (Mother/Berkano Card), but they may be a stimulus rather than the main concern.

The concept of both The Fool (starting over) and Jera (as Turning Point) also calls attention to the fact that a major energy of the Discontinuity, appears to be starting over, a totally new cycle and perhaps the Birth of something totally new (or at least something long-held in-prison and now liberated).

My best guess is that markers to look for may be those most obvious in the rune staves – things (or something)  that affects planting, harvest and the Earth.

We are not seeing the Sun in this reading at all, but it has shown up in the past; so that might again be part of the issue with Harvests and Plantings.  It is also possible that the harvests and plantings are symbolic and/or that Mother/Birth actually involves the human reproductive system as the Tree can also be the Tree of Life aka Genetic Code.

Whatever it is, it is likely to happen very soon “Now” card, which does show the sun shining onto the farmer who is harvesting the seeds he has planted, which have now grown up into the harvests of Fall.

All in all, this is a very consistent reading, which while still avoiding a direct answer, does seem to agree that something brand new (or new to our generational cycle) is about to come to birth in March.  While it may result from seeds that were previously planted – it also seems to be something completely different and perhaps unexpected as well.

At the very least, it looks like while the most obvious situations of war and economic downturn will exist in March, the REAL Discontinuity is made up of additional factors that are even now being set free, and will be born very soon now.