Mini-Readings for Nov 8, 2011 Show

Here are a few mini-“energy” readings done the day before the November 8th, 2011 show with Patrick Timpone: one radio network. They are intended to be quick insights into the “energy” around the topics on a given (short) time period and/or the most likely future outcome given CURRENT energies and trends.  These are not solid prognostications, but instead are given as a guide towards the direction things are heading.  It is up to US to focus on changing outcomes we do not like, or to push forward on energies that we feel are beneficial to ourselves and humanity as a whole.

First Question (from two members of the webbot’s forum)

Please look at the energies around the Occupy Wall Street Movement?

[asked by forum members Mam and Sandra]

The best way to read for most topics is to be as clear as possible about a question, so while I had the “Occupy Movement” as a whole loosely in my mind, I asked in particular about “Occupy Wall Street.”  So the reading is more directed at that part of the movement, but may have some spill over to other places besides Wall Street itself.

These three cards – The Sun, The Stars, and Friendship – are all actually pretty good, and indicated that for now, the situation in the Wall Street section of the movement is overall a positive influence.

The Sun indicates the sun “shining” on the situation, as well as celebration, harvest and light being shed on a formerly dark place.

The Stars shows that illumination continues into the night as well, as the main reading for this card is the making of connections.  Things that at first seem unrelated become related and, together, form an image or constellation.  The Stars also shows people reaching out for their dreams (as in “reaching for the stars”) and bringing them into reality.

The final card, Friendship, is three friends seated together having a very close conversation with a fourth person (perhaps a friend, or perhaps not) in the background.  What I am getting from this card is that right now, long term friendships are being made that may last through the years and influence some of these people for decades (some of which may influence the world at large as well).

However, the next issue for this “movement” may be the fourth “friend” who is just now coming into the picture.  He or she is an unknown and outside force. The person (or persons) may look like a friend, but may not truly share the same goals and good intentions of the people currently involved.  They may sit down and change the current energy, or they may just walk on past and pick another table to sit at.

This is the largest issue facing this movement at the moment, not pressure or attack from outside, but a danger from within their own ranks.  Probably someone(s) who may not even be quite involved yet, but are already on their way there.

This reading was done about 11pm Irish time on the 7th of November, and I felt it was a good choice for a first question because I had no real opinions on this subject one way or another.  Like everyone else, I had seen these protests on the news, but not been seriously involved with them enough to form an opinion one way or the other.

Summary: Good energy for now, but possible danger ahead, probably from within.


Can you do something along the lines of world energies for the push for war and turmoil coming out of the Middle East/Africa and the NATO machine? [Plane]

I put forward this entire question to give an example of how it is really a good idea to pare down questions as narrowly as possible in order to get a more direct answer.  I totally understand that what Plane wants to know actually is, “is a war likely soon?” but the question is really four questions in one.

Is there war likely in the Middle East?

Is there war likely in Africa?

Will there be turmoil short of war (in either of these places?)

Will NATO be behind or involved in this war?

Rather than try to do four different readings, I decided to condense down and focus this a bit.  My questions to the cards is:

Is another serious War likely in the Middle East soon, one that will involve Europe and the United States?

The answer appears as these three cards: The Moon, Yes and the Warrior. One thing I love about the Psy Card Deck: that many of the direct images are pretty easy to read.  Most readings need a finer hand than this one, but I suspect these cards can bring out the “inner psychic” in just about anyone.  Because I think they mean exactly what they say, especially the last two cards.

The Moon card is a little less obvious. Like the Stars, it is a card of dreams, but in this case of dreams coming up from the well of the Unconscious Mind, or even the depths of the literal sea (ocean).  The crab becomes real as it leaves the land of dreams and reaches out of the water and towards the Moon.  Or in this case, the thoughts of War become manifest (this also suggests a planned war, so even though I didn’t literally ask that as part of the question, the cards are nice enough to throw that answer in too).

My husband notes that in traditional Tarot, the Moon often indicates deception and confusion. Moonlight can throw what should seem clear into shadow, and deceive the eye. The crab, which also appears on this card in traditional Tarot decks, can be ascending into the light, or reaching up to drag something down into the darkness. This may tell us something about the motivations behind this war, or these wars, and the way they are being planned and presented to the public.

Then the YES card, a direct answer to a direct question. What we don’t have here is an exact time frame. Instead we have SOON, which I did not define.  Usually, in a context like this, we are talking about a year to two years maximum, and more likely even sooner.  If we’d been reading about a possible volcanic eruption, we’d have to do a second reading because “soon” could be 50 to 100 years – useful to know eventually, not so useful for the current generation.

The Warrior- most of the time this card is symbolic for a strong man or woman, a defender or sometimes a love interest.  Here, the answer is more obvious: A Warrior going to War.

What we don’t know for sure is whose warriors, exactly what war they are going to, or how the US and Europe are exactly involved.

Summary: Unless the energies change really radically (a.k.a.: People in the position to change things make the unlikely decision to change their current course) – Yes, there will be WAR in the Middle East Soon and it WILL involve the United States and Europe. 


Can you see something out of radiation problems for the world?[Plane]

Plane also had a totally different question that I thought could use some looking at – this one we can leave less defined, because what we want to know is will there be radiation problems somewhere in the world.  In this case though, I’m going to put one qualifier and that is time.  We don’t need to know where in the world this may be (unless I get an impression) but we want to know if there is going to be a major radiation problem in the world, within the next 5 years.

So the question becomes:

Can you see serious and major  radiation problems/radioactive event, for the world within the next five years?[Plane]

Wow, now this is a very interesting reading, because the cards are telling us that we have a major problem going on right “Now” with the now card.  My first thoughts go directly to the ongoing situation in Japan, and also with some “hints” or “slight pulls” to other plants that may already be having problems; we just may not know about it yet (this could be by design or just because no one has noticed them yet).

The second card indicates that the current problem was caused by a “peaceful” use (uses) of nuclear power/radiation (remember we didn’t ask about meltdowns, only radiation, so the hints could even be about something like airport scanners or x-rays causing problems).  However it is pretty clear that whatever the serious problems with radiation are over the next five years, most of the causes are “peaceful” usages.

Except, wait, the cards say there is more…The Scales card indicates that something is UNDECIDED and that the cards can not make a direct prediction one way or the other until that decision is made.  The Scales is almost always a decision that can not be made by the person asking the question, but is made by “others”, often in authority.

This is not a “get out of jail free” card for the psychic. It simply means that until the decision indicated has been made somewhere, by the correct someone(s) that the entire future is not yet known.

Summery: My gut tells me that this is a possible use/mis-use of nuclear or radiological weapons in a possible war.  Is it the war referred to in the last question? Perhaps, or perhaps it is a totally different one – plenty of countries, and probably some groups without national affiliations, have nukes these days. It does not seem to be a definite part of the planning for the Middle East war at this moment.

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