Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Oct 25-27, 2013

Liar Stars Skills Sowilo2

This weekend’s energies are particularly celestial as we have both the Stars Card and the Sun rune in this reading – therefore I might be looking for something heavenly or sky focused in terms of the “giants” we talked about yesterday.  This is especially interesting give that the Sun itself is a star, but instead of the Sun-Sun combination we sometimes get, we have the Stars card which magnifies the sun’s roles as a “star” as well as the many other things the Sun/Sowilo/Strength/Lightning rune can signify.

However, to back up a bit, the first card is this reading is the Liar and that means something or someone somewhere is being false or is lying about something.  The first thing that jumps to mind is today’s solar flare, perhaps the sun has been “lying” about being in a total solar minimum (when it “should” be at maximum) or this one flare could just send out “false” signals that the sun is “waking up.”  Hard to tell at this point as both are equally possible energy-wise.

On the other hand, this reading isn’t just about stars in general or sun’s in particular, it is also about false or misleading information both about the stars/sun but also about skills or abilities to do something.  The Skills card in a Current Events reading could be the skills to do or perform just about anything or it could be something more down to Earth like having skilled labor to perform a certain task (the Obama Care web site jumps to mind on this one).

This could also be about a politician or charismatic individual (even idea) that promises “the sun and the stars” but does not have the actual skills to bring about the promised result.

Since I saw nothing Earth shattering happen yesterday, I am pretty sure that energy for “giant-thorns” in the side of fated wheels of life are still there and just waiting in the background for the right moment to gum up the works.

It would not surprise me if there was a giant solar flare or other heavenly light show that either appeared or affected people this weekend; even if not expect stories about other solar systems, suns, planets, alien life, false-promises, failed skills, false predictions, false hopes, weakness (aka false strength).

There may be hints here that some nuclear news may actually be false or that something being claimed about it is false (i.e. nuclear is “little-sun/star” energy) this might manifest in anything to false claims about nuclear weapons (either having them or not having them) or claiming to have the “skills” to “do something” like clean up the Japanese situation or perhaps install a new nuclear technology somewhere – the cards hint that anything making such claims should be looked at very carefully for signs of false hopes or pretenses.

Huge lightning storms or other electrical storms, issues or problems are likely as electricity also has sun/sowilo/lightning connections.

For individuals, this is a time to question everything and take nothing at face value, things that seem like good deals may not be and conversely situations that seem strongly negative may not be so bad after all.  But the liar kind of colors everything this weekend, making this not a good time for deals, transactions or doing business of any sort that can be avoided.  Watch things like electrical bills (electricity is also a form of sowilo which also means LIGHTING).  Watch your local forecasts for predictions of strong storms especially electrical ones.

Don’t forget the liar energy has now combined with the thorn-pricking/giant energy from yesterday, along with a rolling force for change; the lie may partly be that nothing is happening or that nothing can be changed; wheels will keep turning but people do have a certain power to direct them a positive way or not as they choose.

Keep your wheels turning in the way you wish to go and don’t get side tracked by things that look too good to be true this weekend and you are likely to do well; do not attempt things you don’t feel quite ready for yet – listen to your gut on this one.  Wait until next week when the energy is likely to change before taking giant leaps of faith or direction.

I’m off now to take a look at this coming week’s cards for the audio show, with a build up like this, I suspect they will be interesting..

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