Card Overview for September 2016


Greetings readers! As I mentioned in my update post, there are a few changes going on here at the blog and mostly they relate to the revival of the Cat’s Eye Radio show which for the moment will be bi-monthly and start with a card overview of the month.

Don’t worry, Cards of the Week isn’t going away; but for now I’ll try to start out with a Monthly Card overview that will pretty much provide the basic material for the Radio show and then follow each week with the specific energies of this week.

This experiment should be fun, and it can be very interesting to compare how the overall energies for a longer period may interact with the shorter-term energies that occur within it.

For technical reasons this month’s reading has been delayed (as is the revised radio show) and since I will be out of the country on the weekend of the 17th, there will not be a reading that week either.

But for now, let’s take a look at the overall energies for the rest of the Month of September and how they are most likely to influence current and some personal events.

Card of the Month: Work

Psy Cards of the Month: The Tree, The Puzzle, Death, Now

Cat’s Eye Tarot Cards of the Month:  Nine of Cups, Seven of Swords, The Lovers

Runes of the Month: Gebo (gift/marriage); Ansuz (Mouth/communications); Tiwaz (Justice/Law).


The Card of the Month, the card providing the over-all driving energy focus is the Card Work.

This Card can mean a lot of things but as the cogs and gears on the card suggest the primary meaning of the card is usually mundane jobs and work; especially in a Current Events reading.

Of course work can also be about spiritual growth or working on a problem; there are elements of these meanings here too.

But taking all the cards and runes together, which we will do in a short while here; the most obvious conclusion I can draw is that in an over-all macro sense; the idea of working, jobs, employment, labor, management, commuting, factories, businesses, and even international commercial treaties are all going to be very important and highlighted topics this month.

Pretty much anything that affects “getting the work done” or employment (or the lack of it) is going to be a big theme this month.

We are already seeing some of this; from a bus drivers’ strike in Dublin Ireland (over pay and working conditions) to the public reactions against the American-Europe and Trans-Pacific “Partnership” Treaties; and the media highlighting the loss of 80,000 jobs in the coal industry (US) since 2008; jobs, employment and commerce are already huge and ongoing stories as we go into the second week of the month.

The four Psycards…

This month we have four psy cards because the first two cards were stuck together; in fact they were so stuck together I didn’t even notice them until I had done the layout and was about to start reading.

As always, when two cards do this (or an extra rune slips into my hand) I try to go ahead and put it in the reading anyway, figuring there is a good reason; and this time that sure does look to be the case.

First the cards:

Our first Psy Card is The Tree: This card is all about putting down roots, the roots of a problem or issue, and is also about growing a strong tree with many branches.

In a personal reading, it often suggests the client is looking for a stable situation, home or career.  It can also be about making personal connections and yet not being tossed about by the opinion of others.

The Tree can also sometimes be a family tree or the original source from which a situation or person/tribe or nation comes from.  Think of the tree design when used in terms of human evolution or language families – they all branch out from a trunk whose roots may not show above the surface.

With Work being the overall energy for the month, my hunch is the tree card is all about the “roots of the issues” there: the REAL causes of both employment and unemployment; also projects finished or projects left-undone.

This card also shows the idea that everything may stem from the same original source but now the situations have branched out and become many-faceted; making them appear to be separated, but in reality they are not.

Now The Puzzle Card, is the card that was stuck under the tree; this card is VERY important for the Puzzle is always about a decision. One which MUST BE MADE!

It can not be avoided. The card shows two doors with a thorny hedge around them; one door or the other must be opened and the other left closed forever.

Not making a decision is also a decision because nothing will go forward or progress until the decision is made.

Hence we know that there is a decision that will have to be made soon that will affect the Tree (in some readings this may even be The World Tree) so think of it as affecting the world – and probably the world of work.

Once that decision is either made or fallen into because the will to actually make a decision does not occur; either way the next card is…

Death-massive change and potential disruption on an epic scale is possible; as is actual human death or extreme transformations.

No matter WHAT decision is taken; this disruption, transformation and final ending of “something” WILL occur.

The only “choices” involved in the decision will be who or what is most directly affected first; the decision WILL affect jobs, employment, labor, business, treaties and even legal judgments.

Some of that is already showing up in the reading so far and other parts of it will become clearer in a moment.

The final Card NOW; gives us a “time-marker” of sorts for this major decision or possibly group of decisions.

The Card itself now only suggests a near-term or “now” situation; it is also showing a picture of the farmer harvesting grain in the Fall of the year.

So we can suggest pretty clearly that the potential fallout from these choices will not only be made soon, but is likely to continue through the Fall period.

Being at least partly economic in nature; it would not surprise me at all if the focus on Work and decisions has a further backlash in the economy or even the stock markets in October; as that is the “traditional” month for such events.

But we will have to wait a bit longer to check on that one; meanwhile expect some decisions and reactions to those decisions sooner rather than later.

The Cat’s Eye Tarot Cards

nine-of-cupsseven-of-swordsThe Lovers

These three cards all work together to suggest an atmosphere of wishful thinking driving actions, deep sensuality, pleasure seeking (Nine of Cups) combined with sneaky behavior, power issues, deception, personal power trips, dishonesty and general bad behavior (Seven of Swords).

The Lovers card shows both the potential for strong romantic and sexual attractions being in the  news but also the difficulties of “staying focused” on the main relationship and the card even shows the Tom looking outside away from mate and thinking of “straying” not only sexually but away from his main commitment to home and hearth.

The Lover’s card can also hint at difficulties and tensions between the beliefs of the individual (or household) and that of the larger group; again we have the idea of potential tensions and disruptions between individuals and the belief systems of others (or the larger culture).

This is all a rather deep and complex morass of suggestive energies that lead me to conclude that the there is going to be a lot of off-topic, off-the-cuff, and “straying” remarks and stories in the news for the rest of the month.

Last month’s focus on sexual and relationship scandals being used to distract the public continues; but along with that will be a real tendency on the part of people/tribes and nations to turn their hands towards individual choices that will seem to increase pleasure and power; often at the expense of honesty or even decent behavior.

Theft is one aspect of the Nine of Cups as the cat at the food dish isn’t above stealing food that isn’t meant for her; she has her own dish but that won’t keep her from the cream on the Table.

The Himalayan cat on the Seven of Swords is actually backing up and spraying urine on the walls of her own house!

Not only is she “marking territory” as “hers;” she is also smelling it up for the rest of the family and she knows it.

Such marking can be a cry for help but it may also simply be a statement of “this is OUR place.”  I think the recent behavior of the Chinese towards the US President and the name calling towards him by the President of the Philippine Islands are perfect examples of this September “Me Big Cat, Me Spray My Scent In Da World and Mark MY Territory” energy.

Those examples have already happened but look for a lot of “power plays” and “marking” behavior for the rest of this month; often combined with deceptive and even down right underhanded practices designed to conceal and distract from other underlying issues.

Again, given the over-all energy for the month is “Work;” a lot of this deception, potential for theft and attempts at power grabs may ultimately have their sources in the concepts of jobs, labor, business or what seems to be the best way forward for them (from the viewpoint of the country/corporation/individual doing the marking.

I am also getting a hunch that something about “brands” or “branding” may be an issue later in the month; perhaps an issue of copy write or other corporate tangle; or with the Work card at play… problems over the production of various goods and services that affect certain well known brands?

Finally we have the runestaves:

Gebo is usually translated marriage or gift; it was another reason, along with The Lovers Card, that I suggested the sexual and relationships focus will continue for this month.  Some of that news will likely be positive and good; but my feeling is a lot of it will be driven both towards distraction and the power memes – distraction in high places; along with power issues between partners both in famous romantic partnerships but also in business and industry.

The Gebo runestave is also about gifts, giving, and reciprocal  relationships which is another reason I mentioned the treaties and partnerships being in the news in the earlier part of the reading.

Of course there is also the high probability with this rune’s energy that we may have the rather pleasant distraction of a happy wedding or proposal in the news; that might also serve as a distraction but it would at least be a positive and more lighthearted one (so Prince Harry, if you’re reading and thinking of proposing, this would be a good month to do so; and the same is true for my readers).

The Ansuz Runestave is quite complex but is usually translated Mouth and is all about communications and speaking.  There are also associations with this stave to the God Odin whose wisdom and craftiness are well known – as is his joy is stirring things up a bit especially if they might lead to the creation of conflicts and the the potential for more heroes being made (aka war and battles).

So “communication in Marriage” or “communication over Gifts” is likely to be a factor in the already existing energies mixes leading towards the potential for personal power grabs and a general “me-first” (or My County/Tribe/Clan/Family First) energy.

While such “protectionism” isn’t always bad – of course we want to do what is best for our own family or even nation – when it goes overboard and becomes especially deceptive things can get a bit dangerous.

The Ansuz energy could act like a child knowing just what buttons to push by saying just the “right things” to then sit back and watch their now manipulated parents explode – either at each other or another direction.

In this way the child has the “real power” marking in the situation; though being small and immature, he may be surprised if eventually the entire mess comes back to drop on his head.

More to the point, this is a month to watch for issues of communications; public speaking; public voices and a general sense of people/tribes/nations “getting their message out there.”

Again this can be both positive and negative; and individuals can use this energy in a positive way to make their points or voices heard. Just be sure you know what your message really is and your real motives for doing so.

Self-Deception is extremely likely this month. That doesn’t mean each individual has to participate; it does mean that being aware of this potential is a very good idea in order to take steps to avoid it.

Finally we have Tiwaz; this runestave is usually translated Tiw (or Sky Father) the very ancient European Sky-Father God who is as close as the traditional Norse had to the concept of something like the modern idea of “God the Father.”

This rune is also about The Law, Justice, Courts, Court Cases, Disputes, and “Divine Justice” which may not be the same as the human sort (but both are part of the energy).

This rune is another reason why I emphasized the potential for law-breaking or dishonesty in some of the earlier cards; because it suggests that ultimately this sort of behavior will start to be judged.

Just as there is a lot of energy out there for essentially “unjust” behavior, there is also a very strong energy out there towards the actions of “Justice” occurring or taking place.

On the Current Events News side of things, this suggests more court actions, high profile legals stories and other similar stories will continue to make the headlines.

But there is also a sense in this rune of “Divine Justice” – in terms of whatever that Decision is that occurs and results in Death and Transformation will ultimately be Judged as will those who make the decisions and carry them out.

What I am not sure is exactly what that decision will be exactly except that it will probably affect jobs and employment; probably in a big way, large enough to affect “The World Tree”, though some branches are more likely to be affected than others.

My Monkey Mind thinks this may be some decision about the current world economic system or something in that general topical area but I didn’t see any runestaves or cards (other than The Work Card) that point directly to this.

So that may be something we need to look at in the coming weeks, when we look to see what energies are coming to light for the individual weeks rather than just the month as a whole.

So that about sums it up for this month Current Events wise, a potentially difficult month where issues of Employment, Power, and extreme transformation (including Death) are possible.

But mainly one where a major decision is likely to be made that could ultimately affect nearly everyone in some way; a decision that will likely transform things and fairly quickly if the Now Card is to be believed.

There will likely be a large use of “distraction” on the part of the press and powers that be to take attention away from this decision (or group of decisions) especially with stories of sex and scandal but also a good deal of good old fashioned fluff – some of which may at least be fun to watch.

So stay tuned this looks to be a month that could be a rather wild ride or at least set the stage for the next loop of the roller coaster.



Cards of the Week Status Update

Hi – just a quick note to let everyone know this site isn’t going away again, the blog is simply in a transition period as The Cat’s Eye on the Future Radio Show, is going back on the air in the next couple of weeks and things are changing.

For the next few months The Show will probably be a twice a month, with the first show a Card summery for the coming Month; which I will also post here, then here at the blog we will look into the additional energies affecting the following weeks.

So, stay tuned; A slightly late over-view of the September Card and Rune energies can be expected here sometime in the next few days; followed by a separate weekly ready for next week.

Also I will be speaking at a conference in Belgium on the 17th, so that week may not have separate reading either but I plan to pick up again after that.

Thank you for your patience during this transition period.


Cards of the Week – Aug 22-28, 2016


Card of the Week:  The Message

Psy cards of the Week: The Beauty, The Warrior, Father

Cat’s Eye Tarot of the Week: Five of Swords, The Hierophant, Eight of Cups

Runes of the Week: Ehwaz, Jera, Mannaz

Well to wrap up this past week, while we may not have had the really-really big event yet; I’m calling the explosion at the wedding in Turkey as the most likely “explosive” event to have happened in the past week.

If I am calling this correctly, than the eventual response to the attack may be actually more important in the long-run than the attack itself.

It is also possible that last week’s attack was a foreshadow of a larger event yet to come; both are possible we just have to wait and see.

Returning to this week, we have a rather unusual card for the Card of the Week which is:

The Message


This card has a picture of an old fashioned message in a bottle and when it shows up in an over all reading – it tends to lend a certain amount of “This Is the MESSAGE” to the cards on either side of it.

By itself, as the over-all energy for the week; it suggestions that this week once again communications (and issues with communications) are going to be very important.

Expect a lot more stories in the news about E-mails, faxes, letters and even messages and messengers in the next few days.

This has already started to some degree this morning, and being I’m a day late getting this reading sorted that isn’t much of a surprise.

While I don’t think e-mails, hackers and the resulting shocks or issues that come out of them are going to be the ONLY way this energy manifests this week; I think it will be a major one.

In addition individuals should be highly aware that this is a time period when “messages” of all sorts may be trying to tap them on the shoulder and get you to pay attention. 

The messages themselves may concern just about anything, but this is certainly the week for them and when you get one; it will be very important to think about it and decide how to respond; whatever you do just don’t ignore it.

It may or may not be something you need to do something about right away (other than meditate on it) but ignore these messages from the universe at your own risk.

Peoples/Tribes/Nations should heed the same warning but that will their choice, it will be a lot easier for the individual person to listen to their own personal messages than for national leaders to pay head to theirs I am afraid.

The Three main psycards for this week are:

The Beauty Card is a young women seeing own reflection and realizing she is beautiful and a person of power.

In a general reading it is often about self-esteem but it can also be about feminine power; I feel a strong pull in this card towards actual female Leaders this week; especially Hillary Clinton, Teressa May and Angela Merkel; this card probably isn’t limited to just them (or even to women only) but I feel those three ladies are going to be in the thick of the news this week and not all of it is going to be positive.

The Warrior card is a man in armor getting ready to defend his camp if needed but he isn’t fighting at the moment.

The card can be about war and warriors; it can also be about being “on the defensive” I am sensing some of both potentials this week; with “on the defensive” or “on the warpath” being likely for all three female leaders as well as a sort of general “atmosphere” in a lot of international relations this week.

The Father Card – a man teaching a young boy how to shoot and arrow and directing him where to send it; puts some serious “male” energy into the mix as well.

We  don’t know from the card if the Father is showing his son how to hunt for the table, defend his village from attack, or learning to make war on his neighbors. 

The Father may be teaching all three, but again I’m drawn to the elements of defense here and being “on the defensive.”

While the Beauty Card is often about a use of female (or intuitive) power; The Father Card is all about the more direct and sometimes heavy handed types of power. 

The Father Card in a current events reading is often about nations with Father (or male) identifications – like Germany as The Fatherland; as well as strong male leaders (or female leaders with very “tough” public personas) for example the late Ronald Reagan, the living Vladimir Putin or even dictators like Malduro in Venezuela or the current “elected” leader of Turkey.

Finally I have a bit of a psychic flash on this one – in the Middle East many leaders get the name or title of “Abu” which means Father as part of their public names.  I am not certain about this but I’d watch for men (especially leaders) who actually either have this as part of their names or who fit that sort of “Father/Leader” pattern in that part of the world.

I am not sure why this last bit is important but I’ve learned over time to mention things like that when I “feel them” so this is something to watch for over the next week to ten days.

The Cat’s Eye Tarot Cards give us a strong hint that this week is unlikely to be harmonious internationally and that there will unfortunately be a lot of room for communications and messages to be scrambled.

Our Kitty Cards are:

Five of SwordsThe HierophantEight of Cups

The Five of Swords is a cat I can relate to today having just taken a very scared and unhappy kitty to the vet; like the kitty on the card he cried and was very upset – neither cat can understand that someone was trying to help them and the Siamese on the scale is ready to lash out and try to shred and human hands that come near her.

The Keywords for this card are: Self-Interest, Discord and Dishonor; in a reading the card suggests that like the last couple of weeks – we are still in a time period where emotions (especially anger and fear) are going to be dominating a lot of personal as well as international decision making.

Especially this week, there is a strong chance that extreme fear could let an otherwise low-level situation get way out of hand; a situation which if handled with tack and thought might be resolved quickly and peacefully; but if reacted to in anger could become a serious and very dangerous issue indeed.

The Hierophant is the Pope in many old fashioned Tarot Decks; here is shown as a cat who speaks and is listened to.

The keywords for the card are: Education, Belief Systems, Conformity, and GROUP IDENTIFICATION.

This card suggests this week that issues of group identification (again as Peoples/Tribes/Nations) are going to be a really big issue this week.

As are “accepted codes of behavior” (as in laws or customs) of the group are going to be at play here.

I get the feeling this is going to be especially the case in Europe but also other places in the world where cultural world views and what is acceptable behavior are butting up against each other.

Each group is confused by the others “messages” and both individuals and groups may become rather confused about their place and roles within their societies.

The Hierophant himself can be about the body of information that guides appropriate behavior within a society (again basic laws and customs) and I think the message given the other cards is that there is likely to be some fairly intense run-ins between different groups and cultures concerning them this week.

The obvious one is disagreements over “Sharia” or “Islamic” law but I don’t think that is all of it; I think there will be some more subtle ways this plays out including in the US elections in terms of what is and what is not a shared value or acceptable standards between individuals and groups in society. 

The final Card of the three is the Eight of Cups and once again it just expands on our existing theme.

In this card a lonely female cat feels displaced in her household by the new puppy; she feels sad and rejected.  No one sees her slip out of the house, and the little boy doesn’t realize his kitty thinks she has been emotionally abandoned and is leaving home.

She may never come back but go on to seek another living situation, or she may eventually decide to return; but either way the choice is hers and is rooted in the sadness of feeling she has lost something.

It will be her choice to decide if this sadness (or disappointment) is enough to cause her to simply move on and leave permanently or just slip out for a few days before coming back.

In a reading like this one, it suggests that the over-all emotions of fear and anger; combined with the clashing over acceptable behavior (and group identity) may combine to see some people/tribes/nations leaving a previously permanent “home” (or position) and striking out and moving on to other circumstances.

The threat from the current leader of the Philippine Islands to leave the United Nations this week (over differing views on what is permissible in terms of allowing private citizens to perform the executions of suspected but untried drug dealers) is a perfect example of this particular energy.

As always it doesn’t have to be negative, this could also be situations where countries, states, corporations, or individuals decide to sadly move on from situations that simply are not working for them.

Be warned, as individuals if this is a week when your already having issues within your own household; be very careful try to resolve them as in the last couple of weeks with your heard and not your gut emotions; especially if those emotions are fueled by fear and anger.

There is energy here for making wise choices and decisions and the air is a bit clearer for doing so than it has been the last couple of weeks; but this is still a rather dangerous time for conflicts and conflict resolutions.

Finally the Runes:

Rune Card Scan 1

This week I’m starting to use a new rune deck by Freya Aswynn; while I am still pulling actual runes from my rune bowl for the reading; Freya’s original art work goes a long way towards showing some of the rune meanings.

This week I’ve just put them together as a set because I haven’t had time to scan the entire deck into word press yet.

But if you look closely you can see that some of these runes look very familiar because they are – there are 24 runes in the elder futhark but once again we have some of the same three we keep seeing over and over.

The energies haven’t change that much rune-wise over the last several weeks so they just keep repeating.

The actual sequence I pulled the runes was Ehwaz (horses) Jera (harvest) and finally Mannaz (human partnerships).

As we talked about the last time the horse rune showed up, it is also about partnerships but it tends to be about non-human ones (like two horses yoked together) or uneven partnerships where one being has power over another (like horse and rider).

Again this isn’t either positive or negative on its own; a horse needs the direction of a rider to keep from running off the road and into a ditch for example; but the rune suggests that once again this week there are going to be issues and struggles over power and unequal power blocks; especially in news of current events.

There may also be stories and the actual influence of horses themselves as well as travel, horse racing and even messages (think Pony Express) here in this context.

There is also a certain degree of sexuality and passionate expression in this rune that may play out this week as well; especially in terms of relationships that are played out on the public stage – expect more of the sexy stories and scandals to continue to be in the news.

Jera is Harvest – which is both the actual time of year we are in North (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway) as well as time when things are in between or balancing. 

This rune is about time, cycles and the Wheel of the Year(s) and suggests both something coming to a time of “harvest” (a situation coming into its final form with the seeds having been planted earlier) as well as the potential for a cycle repeating (especially an historical cycle).

This is a week when a lot of things may sort of seem to wrap up or roll over into their next phase; for individuals a great time to finish off personal tasks before starting new ones.

The final rune Mannaz – also keeps showing up and is about Human Partnerships and suggests again that this week continues the Summer-long theme of human relations being one of the most important energies at play during this time period.

So look this week for partnerships/alliances/treaties to be in the news a lot; with some of the other runes and cards suggesting there may be strains placed on them.

Another good week for corporate mergers, starting businesses, getting married, or signing treaties; provided everything is done above board and without the fear or anger that is stalking around the edges of everything this week, waiting for a tiny crack to seep in and create chaos.

However, over all this is a great rune to end this reading with because it does have so much positive potential.

The Rune poem is “Man is the Joy of Man” (really human is the joy of human man being a word for both genders in Old Norse); and the rune consists of two joy runes stuck together.

That “joy” can take the form of either the Clan Banner (Joy in the family or clan) or Battle Flag (joy in battle/conflict/war).

There’s a potential for either outcome this week but individuals can choose to try and concentrate on the joy of family and chosen clan/tribe/friendship rather than argument and warfare.

What the outside world chooses to do remains to be seen; over-all not a seriously bad week, but a week that still holds the potential to be explosive if the wrong buttons get pushed. 

Thankfully it also has the potential to harness some of those powerful forces (bit and bridle them) a bit and direct them in more positive ways.

Hopefully that will be the ultimate outcome of all this, meanwhile we just have to wait and see.

Black Cat w Moon




Cards of the Week Aug 14 – 21, 2016

Crystal Ball

Card of the Week: The Libido

Psy Cards: The Tree, The Warrior and The Home

Cat’s Eye Tarot: Five of Cups, King of Swords, Four of Wands

Runes: Ehwaz, Raido, Elhaz

Card of the Week – The Libido


This card can actually be a rather wonderful card for the Card of the Week, like all cards Libido can have its downsides; but over all it suggests that while this week will still be more emotionally driven than is good for it; still we are moving away from the raging and angry emotions of The Beast to the more pleasurable although still fiery passions of sexuality and life force creation.

In a week full of Libido energy, expect news stories about sex in all forms from celebrity gossip and political scandals; to medical studies about sperm counts and of course genetics (including bio engineering and other reproductive or genetic technologies).

The other thing about the Libido card is that it also suggests a time period when there may be a lot of “Display Combat” aka Warfare (real or symbolic) that is mostly for show; the Peacock males strut about and display for the Peahen offstage whom we can’t see.

All is well as long as it all stays within the rules of the ritual combat for the right to procreate but hidden in the grass is a threat that none of the birds can see.  That is a snake in the grass that could jump in the middle of the mating battle and simply kill one or all three birds (including the pea hen herself) if the snake chooses to do so.

In this context this card also suggests a week when the attempts at distraction and distracting the public and/or other groups from seeing something that could be sneaking up on them; or poses a danger, are going to be going into over-drive.

Given the nature of the Libido Card, it is likely that some of this distraction will be provided in varies stories, memes, ideas and situations that either involve sex directly or indirectly imply it.

This also fits in with the End of Summer “Silly Season” in terms of the news cycle which makes it even easier to play up the “fluff” and hammer down on the stuff that sounds impo9rtant (and it may be important but still a distraction).

However, over-all for individuals and families the Libido Card is primarily a great energy to have as the over-all one; as it focuses on fun, pleasure, creativity, regeneration, color, beauty and the natural world.

Psy Cards

The Tree, The Warrior and The Home


I am taking all three of the Psycards reading them together this week because they fit together perfectly as a group and I think their combined meaning is the real message for this week.

The Tree Card is about putting down roots, or getting “to the root” of a matter and/or situation; while the Warrior Card is about defensive warrior energies.  The Home is about the physical or spiritual place we make our homes or our homeland itself.

So the positive reading of these three cards is pretty much that this week there will be a focus on the Defense of the Home and the Roots of our Trees – again I think in both physical and symbolic ways.

Look for a certain amount of “US FIRST, then THEM” energy when it comes to international and personal relations.

Some of this is going to be a positive taking care of yourself/your family/your nation; but some of this energy is likely to turn negative as well.

The Warrior who protects can also become the warrior who destroys or is over-defensive; that is very easy to do when we are defending that most basic of human needs, which is a home or home base.

I think their is a high potential this week to see both the positive aspects of defending the Tree of Life/Existence/Regeneration/Growth etc; especially in terms of science and discovery.

But I’m also feeling a strong pull towards a certain amount of social, political and potentially even battlefield type responses to the darker side of this energy that gets out of hand.

I keep hearing “beware of good intentions…”

I am not sure exactly what it means but I’m posting it anyway, just passing it on and if it applies heed the advice; which again is much easier for individuals to do than to try to convince a crowd, tribe or nation to do.

The Cat’s Eye Tarot

Five of Cups

Five of Cups

This card is one of the reasons I speculated above that some of the Tree/Warrior/Home energy this week is likely to be negative sort.

The Keywords for this card are: Loss, Bereavement, Regret which suggests a week when there is likely to be some fairly bad news; these may be caused by either natural or man made situations and sometimes they may be difficult to sort out even their direct cause.

The hint that some of the issues this week may have a murky origin (at least to those who experience them) is the Mother Cat on the Card.  She is in deep grief because a human women has just come and taken her kittens away.

She has no idea if the kittens are going to a new home, as spectators we can hope that they are; but it doesn’t matter to the feral Mother Cat.  She has LOST her babies forever and is in great emotional turmoil over it.

Now in the cat world, in reality such a situation would result in the Libido Card (yep our energy of the week) taking over and sending her back into heat in an attempt to replace the lost babies.

In a couple of months, the Momma Cat will once again have kittens and her life seem to be back in balance for her; so her time of sorrow does eventually come back to a time of joy.

But there is no way for her to escape the sorry she feels for the moment, the message is to work through grief but not to allow it shipwreck you either.

King of Swords

King of Swords

Like last week, Our Sword card provides a much needed dash of common sense, straight thinking and mental resources to balance out the heavy weight of the emotional cards.

Last week it was The Beast that needed taming with a few licks of good sense; this week it is the mega-powerful and not-to-be-underestimated power of Sex, Lust, Creativity and Procreation that needs some careful handling.

The King Tom Cat of Swords isn’t just bright, he’s a paragon of Intellectual Wisdom, he’s analytical, articulate and above all he is ETHICAL.

To be blunt, he is the total opposite of the majority of the Current Events energy that has been floating around out there for the last month or so; especially in the election cycle of the United States but not limited to it.

This card suggest that People/Tribes/Nations this week are going to face situations this week that require “ETHICAL JUDGMENT.”

This situations and/or large situation will DEMAND the use of the mind as well as a direct emotional response; if the proper energies of the Kind of Swords are not allowed to hold sway then The Sorrow of the Five of Cups is likely to play out to the full.

My hunch is that something is going to happen anyway that first establishes the Five of Cups energy – it could be a natural or man-made disaster; probably man made or man effected.  It will cause some grief and sorrow all by itself but it is the RESPONSE to the original situation that determines if the result is Yet More Pain or:

The Four of Wands (Celebration, Freedom, Excitement)

Four of Wands

This card (along with an upcoming rune) give me hope that while something in the world may reach a crises point this week – there is a huge potential of energy out there pushing things away from the brink and at least a temporary truce in terms of the more destructive aspects of the energy.

This card is all about young cats, daring to leave their yard for the first time, finding joy in play and new experiences.

They have joy in the moment, and also realize they share a bond; this card can be about a new friendship or cementing an existing one.

My hunch again is that if the forces of reason are able to prevail over the next week to ten days (in the face of even dire provocations to react emotionally) then there is the potential for a new, unexpected or renewed international alliance of some sort.

Long lasting or not is hard to say; the attention span of young cats is always debatable but serious confrontation CAN be avoided IF the King of Swords energy for sane and critical thinking comes into play.

Finally the Runes


Our runes this week are ehwaz (horses), radio (riding) and algiz/elhaz (Moose/North American Elk)

We saw ehwaz last week and I think that same energy of unequal partnerships is strongly at play this week.  Ehwaz is about teams that work together but also about teams that may be directed or led by others; such as a team of horses drawing a cart and directed by the driver.

This rune can be a very positive rune for putting a project together and making it work, but in a Current Events reading I think this week it suggests that some of the issues affecting the Home/Tree/Warrior and even Libido (sex/procreation/creation) energy is being affected by Unequal Partnerships and issues of POWER Over/POWER under.

Those issues may even involve real time Power Grids or at least communications because the next rune is RIDING. 

First of all this is about RIDING A Horse so you have the rune of horse and rider/human guides horse (ehwaz) followed by the rune of The Rider or To Ride.

While this rune is often seen as physical, mental or spiritual travel; it is also about communications and our modern word radio comes from the same root word.

It is highly likely that some of the really messy this week has for that five of cups sorrowful even may occur partly due to either miss communications and/or something involving travel (people traveling or things traveling) or related topics like shipping, NASA, or even e-mail/mobile communications (and yep that includes e-mails).

In fact further horrors or the unexpected information coming out from all those hacked e-mails that seem to be jumping out of the woodwork would indeed fit the bill in terms of a lot of this week’s energy – again I don’t think it is the only way it will work out but it is a highly likely source.

The final rune is one of the most complex of the Elder Furthark and provides both a good deal of comfort as well as another warning if it is ignored.

The over-all runestave itself is about the Power and Protection of one of the largest land animals most people ever saw in their life times during the Viking Age; that would be the Elk or the Moose when found in North America.

These huge and impressive animals had few natural predators as health adults, and to this day are a danger simply because they don’t recognize cars as a threat because evolution has told them that they are too big for most threats.

Hence after generations of observations the elk came to be seen as a source of strength, power and protection.

So in that sense, the over-all power of this rune combines with the King of Swords energy for the more likely out come of this week to be walking passed the knife’s edge, using reason, strength and protection to get past an otherwise dangerous time period.

However, (and yeah sadly there is a however here) while the Elk/Moose is one of the most protective signs in the runes; it also has the potential to go wild and get out of hand if either spooked or threatened.

Once a heard of elk/moose panic and start running, they will stampede and absolutely nothing is going to stop them until they decide to stop and/or the run off a cliff.

That potential is also here in this reading; once again the cards and runes are worst when it comes to predicting time and because we keep seeing this repeated pattern of “something” building up and needing “something” to set it off (or in this case repair the damage/head it off) I think this is an over-all energy pattern for larger time period than just a week.

In fact it has been on-going for at least the month now that I’ve been reading, and will probably continue on for awhile yet.

Still I think this week to ten days WILL have something occur that risks a tipping point, one that hopefully will NOT tip over into something more deadly/sorrowing/grieving than the initial problem but the potential is there that it COULD.

Again, my hunch is there is no escaping whatever the smaller “trigger” event is; the real horror is the potential for something much worse that comes about as a “response” if the energy for clear, just and ETHICAL thinking isn’t employed right away and carries the day.

Thankfully, there is a greater potential for positive outcome this week than negative; but it isn’t totally clear sailing either.

Fortunately as individuals we can put all that positive energy to work for us; if enough people do that there will be even more positive energy out there for those making the larger decisions to draw on.



Cards of the Week Aug 8-14, 2016


Card of the week: The Beast

Psycards of the Week: Prison, The Sun, The Stranger

Cat’s Eye Tarot Cards of the Week – Knight of Pentacles, Ace of Swords, The World

Runes of the Week – Ehwaz (horses), Fehu (Cattle/Money), Mannaz (Partnerships)

This week’s reading is slightly late, one way the breaking energies expressed themselves here in Ireland was by having some really crazy, out of the ordinary wide and crazy winds that were closer to the weather we usually see in January than August.

These winds lasted pretty much from Friday until late last night (Sunday evening/Monday morning); all is “blown away” today, so it is now time to look at what the stuck and muddy energies of last week are now morphing into for this week.

Speaking of last week’s reading, a number of readers contacted me about several other prognosticators using various methods who all seem to be “seeing” or “feeling” a really big  and/or explosive event for this month.

Obviously we didn’t have a giant explosion or huge event this past week but the cards are runes are not always accurate when it comes to human time scales – I’ve mentioned that before – so while I can’t say for certain that something large/explosive will happen this month, given the number of people using different methods of divination who have seen this potential, I think everyone should keep it in mind.

Remembering that not all explosions are physical and not all large events are necessarily bad but they are likely to be disruptive.

Well that’s the big potential waiting out there but what about this week…


The Beast is our primary card for this week and that suggests this will not be an easy week nor a quiet one; especially not emotionally.

The Beast Card is all about those deep, dark and powerful inner feelings we all have but that humans generally learn to control (or at least control their expressions of) by the time they reach adulthood.

They include anger, rage, jealousy, desire, lust, hate, emotional overload and extreme emotions of every kind.

When this card appears in a relationship reading for a client, it almost always means that someone in a relationship is very angry, jealous or both.

As the Card of the Week for  an international reading, it suggest that this weekend there is a high chance of emotional explosions, reactions, angry words, beastly behaviors and a whole lot of reacting without thinking on the part of Individuals/Peoples/Tribes/Nations.

While no card is totally bad or totally good; this is not really a card I like to see as the over-all energy for any reading, much less one for the entire world.

Because this energy will be coloring all the rest and affecting everyone to some degree, realize this is a week when it will be extremely important NOT to go with your “gut” emotional reactions but instead take a moment and think before speaking or acting on anything.

The Beast has to acknowledged or he tends to sneak up us and take over anyway, but he also needs to be restrained and handled properly or as a dragon he can get lose and burn anything he touches with his fire.

This doesn’t mean “we’re all gonna die” (most of us didn’t last week and boy did that week have over-all bad energies ) but it does mean this is a week when literally burning bridges are more likely than not; unless steps are taken to seriously avoid them.

The Psycards of the Week are:


The Prison – once again this means a trapped energy, something being held in prison; this can also be about actual prisoners or actual jail time and I think this week there will be some of that in the news.

Look for both things and situations being stuck and actual people ending up in or facing jail – probably because new information or something comes to “light.”


The Sun Card is our next Psy card and it is all about the light shining on situations, as well as the potential for continued hot (perhaps unusually hot) weather.  The Sun card also provides us with some good news in that it is the appropriate card for this Season (in the North) and the card itself shows happy people dancing and a good harvest coming in.

But I think the exposure element of this card will be important this week, as well as a sense of “there is no place to hide” also new and interesting situations and/or people are likely to float to the surface this week.

While last week was very stuck and like “moving through mud” this week has elements of the strange and unusual.


The final Psycard is The Stranger: This card is about a new Person/Energy/Situation coming onto the world stage.  On the good side it could signal a new invention or discovery that changes things in medicine, science or the arts.

On the flip side with all the Prison, Sun and Beast energies acting on it; it could be that something and/or someone who is new, strange or unusual suddenly takes center stage either though the “back door,” or perhaps because some new information that comes to “light” by the sun.

There is also a feeling of the Beast Potential to use “rage” or other uncomfortable emotions to bring this person or situation out into the open.

They/person or this/situation may be part of what is bursting last week’s bubble that gets things really moving again.  If so, it feels like a rather wild ride, again it may or may not be all bad in the long run; but it sure feels disruptive! So hang onto your hats!

So that’s the psycards what do the Kitty Cat’s have to tell us?

Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles:

This is a young tom cat utterly focused on hunting and bringing down his prey, he will be a successful barn cat because he takes his job very seriously and he expects nothing to be easy.

Keywords for this card are Unwavering/stubborn/cautious but can also be pessimistic as well as hard working.

I a nut shell this card is about working hard to obtain prosperity but not to be totally obsessive in your attempts to obtain security.

The kitty expects to be in charge and if forced will fight rather than give up his attempts to maintain security, wealth and safety.

For human beings, Pentacle cards are more about human types of wealth such as gold, money, finances, commodities, property, salaries etc; than mice or small birds.  But the message is still pretty much the same.

This is a week when some of the main issues that Beast is likely to affect (and perhaps make people a bit crazy over) is MONEY/WEALTH/FINANCE aka economics and related topics.

Look for people getting very defensive and making emotionally based or even angry/fear/terror driven decisions over both money/wealth and their personal/national security.

Because these choices are influenced by or grow out of the Beast Emotions rather than those of the heart or the head; expect many of these decisions to be rather extreme and ultimately perhaps unwise or at least ultimately unhelpful.

Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords card thankfully is a balancing energy that provides a strong push-back to the Beast Card.

It is what will let some Individuals/Peoples/Tribes/Nations make the RIGHT decisions; this card is about using mental force, Truth, Justice and Fortitude to USE YOUR HEAD.

The write up in the booklet even says “Use Your Head. Do Not Just React!” it is very important this week to think things through and thankfully this energy will be there to assist those who are aware enough to latch on to it and do just that!

I was very-very happy to see this card and it greatly improves the energy – though the message pretty much is – in any field, but especially with anything to do with personal or public finance – THINK before taking action this week!

The World.jpg

Finally we have another really positive card that will also help offset The Beast energy which is The World.

The World is all about things coming together, being involved, integration and accomplishment.

The suggestion here is that IF the Beast energy can be sublimated properly and put back in his cage and if people do manage to think with their heads rather than their inner monsters; then a lot can still get accomplished this week.

Which is fantastic news for individuals because it gives us all a lot of positive, personal and forward leaning energies to balance out the negative tendencies that are flying around out there.

So what of the Runes for this potentially rather wild and unsettled week ahead?

First we have Ehwaz ehwaz2

This rune literally means horses (2 horses together) and while it is about partnerships; it is not always about equal ones.  It is more like the partnership between horse and rider and/or a carriage driver and his team.

Also, this partnership is not always just about people but can be between animals, objects or people and animals/objects etc.

I think this week I’m drawn to the concept of unequal partnerships at play, especially when The Beast card energy collides with this rune.

I get a sense of people/tribes/nations feeling unequal or unhappy with distributions of power or alliances and those could be affected or modified this week.

We  also have the powerful rune Fehu Fehu2

Fehu literally means Cattle or Wealth; my husband has described the entire Ring Cycle as an example of the negative aspects of Fehu “fights over Sex and Money” Fehu is also about fertility and sexuality; the Goddess Freya and the vital forces of life.

Given the context of this reading, while Fehu can be extremely positive (who doesn’t like wealth and properly expressed sexuality) mixed with The Beast energy this has the potential to be really explosive.

Look for Individuals/Peoples/Tribes/Nations (and corporations, political parties, Stock Markets, Banks etc) to make some really emotionally based; probably fearful, angry or even very greedy moves when it comes to economics and finances this week.

While there is always a lot of emotion involved in the stock market and Big Finance/Big Banking/Big Investment/Big Money; this is again week when extreme emotions are likely and most of them will not be the sort that push for rational or even positive outcomes.

I’m not quite feeling a sense of outright “panic” as in “financial panic” but the potential for some of that is there; or at least the growing seeds of something that explodes later.

This is NOT a good week for new investments or big financial decisions if they can be avoided; if as an individual family or business you have to make them latch onto that Ace of Swords positive energy and do things with clear thinking and avoid doing anything while emotionally charged or upset.

Finally we have the Mannaz rune Manaaz2

 This rune is also partnerships but partnerships between Human Beings.  The Rune poem is “Man is the Joy of Man” with man being all genders in Old Norse so really “Human is the Joy of Human.”

A generally positive rune, this is all about human alliances/treaties/partnerships/business/relationships etc.  Anything where two or more people (or human institution) come together to form a bond.

Given the rest of the runes my hunch is this again is partly partnerships (positive and negative) over money/wealth/finance.

It is also about treaties, power sharing and there’s a lot of potential out there for any of these to become either one side (Ehwaz); trapped (Prison Card) or revised/changed (Stranger Card) or face new situations (Stranger Card again).

Some of this is likely to be positive as well as negative; but look for news stories about human relationships; and even international relationships to play more of a role this week rather than natural disasters.

Which does not mean nothing “Earth Based” or “natural” will happen this week; it just means that over-all the news cycle focus is more likely to be more on human caused events than otherwise.

If there are any “natural” disasters or issues they will probably be related to the Sun Card (hot weather, fire, electricity, solar flares etc) with some potential for the Strange and Unexpected to show up (The Stranger Card) from any where (including the natural world, for example an unexpected Earthquake or Volcano going off; Strange Weather etc).


A much better week over-all than last week; but one still to be concerned about because where as we are moving from a stuck energy period to a faster moving one – the over-all energy is that of a raging beast that is hard to control and likely to have people acting in extreme and overly-emotional ways.

Still thankfully there is balancing energy towards using the mind to control the emotional energies if people are willing to take a moment to think and take advantage of it.

Some of the most likely themes this week are likely to be emotional outbursts, disputes over power, new discoveries, partnerships changing, matters of Security or Safety, and disputes/panic/worries over money/finance/economics.

So it may be a bumpy ride this week, but at least things seem to be moving again!


Cards of the Week July 31 – 7, 2016


Card of the Week: The Body

Psy Cards of the week:  Never, Prison and No

Cat’s Eye Tarot Cards of the Week: Nine of Wands, Four of Pentacles, Five of Wands

Runes of the Week: Thurisaz (Thorn), Isa (Ice), Radio (riding/travel/communication)

OK before I even start out, I’m going to say that I have seldom seen a reading with so much negative and “stuck” energy for either an individual client or a Current Events Reading like this one.

Like all card and rune readings, this wasn’t isn’t all bad; but it does suggest another difficult week for both individuals and the greater world at large. 

I will now try to break things down and explain them as best I can and speculate on how they may affect things this week – as always if the blog itself is too long for easy reading at work or school – skip down to the summary and save the rest for later.

Card of the Week – The Body


This week’s Card of the Week is from the psy card deck and is sometimes called by my clients “The Creepy Card,” however my husband who is medical school recognizes it for what it is; a picture of a body similar to the sort found in old-fashioned medical text books.

This card can be about health, the human body and/or the material world; it suggest that this week will be a week when health and illness may be in the headlines a good deal (Zika Virus anyone) also things of a physical nature (The Olympics).

Also it suggests that the biggest concerns of this week for people/tribes/nations are going to be in the material and physical world; rather than that of the spiritual or mental realms.

The man in the illustration is also holding up his hands in a gesture usually seen as trying to stop something or saying “no.”  While the card is not in itself negative, it can signify an attempt to block or stall something; this card often comes up in personal reading when a client very much wants to stop a potential situation from occurring in the physical realm (preventing a romantic break up for example).

In a Current Events reading this suggest there will be a strong drive on the part of People/Tribes/Nations to try to block things rather than push things towards going forward – a desire to stop rather than to start.

This energy being the Energy of the Week will affected every situation and everyone in some way but it will also color the other cards are runes in the reading.

It is also why I am declaring this week a week of blocking rather than active energy – there is still the potential for a lot to happen but that “rushed” feeling of the last two weeks may become more of a stagnated or unresolved one during this one.

This becomes more clear as we look at the rest of the cards and runes; as well as some potential sources for the blockage.

Psy Cards of the Week


The Never Card is our first hint of the rather negative and blocking energy that I mentioned in the introduction to this week’s reading.  Without it I wouldn’t have been nearly so focused on the “blocking” energy of the raised hand in the Body card.

When it shows up in a reading this card suggests that either something will “never” happen or is going to take so long to occur that it seems like it will never happen.  It also contains the Raven who is one of Odin’s messengers in traditional Germanic Lore and I often see this card as the message that something is very-very unlikely to occur or that the energy around something is very negative.

It can also signify that the next card will “never” happen; I am not sure that is the case here but I have to mention it because it is possible.  However the rest of the energy of this reading lends itself more to the second psy card energy being active than inactive; so I think it is more likely that the Never Card is more of a statement on the generally negative and blocking energies at play this week.

The Prison Card


This card shows a human shackled and handcuffed in a jail cell, the person is so depressed and trapped they have their back turned to the only light that is coming into the cell via the barred window.

This card usually suggests in a personal reading that a person is stuck or trapped in a situation so bad that it seems hopeless.  Like the Never Card it may not really be hopeless but it feels that way at the time.

In a Current Events reading, in addition to suggesting there will be stories about prisoners, the law, jails and perhaps hostages in the news this week; it also suggests again that something is trapped or stuck. 

It is something that can’t get out, lose or see any way forward; this is not a good energy to have loose in the world especially with the Never Card and the Body Card at play.

There is the potential (and individuals can sure use this in their own lives) to combine the Never Card with the Prison card to make it “NEVER THE PRISON” in other words a refusal to give in to trapped energy.

Nations and other groups (public and private players) can also choose to use this information to refuse to be trapped; but to do so they will have to be aware and willing to take the steps to do so.

Finally we have the third card in the Psy Card trio..

The No Card


This Card is pretty much what it looks like – A big Red Flag that says NO!

It was designed to use in “Yes/No” readings but I always leave it in the deck because it can also work in general readings to suggest that something is not likely or that a negative/blocking energy is present.

This is also why I suspect the Never/Prison combination is not actually the more positive Never will there be Prison; but more likely the more negative energy blocking of the Never/Prison/No energies all taken together.

There is also the potential for “Take No Prisoners” in this reading, which could play out ina  number of ways.

If this is the case, this week will be one of those times when individuals as well as ideas, famous people, corporations, economics, governmental bodies, politicians, health and science discoveries – you name it; whatever it is, is likely to experience a sense of negative, stranded, blocked, trapped and pretty much “no” energy.

That’s the psy cards that tend to read the general energies for a bit more information lets look at the Cat’s Eye Tarot for the most likely areas we will see them manifest..

The Nine of Wands

Nine of Wands

Two cats try to negotiate their territorial rights which are in dispute, a situation that must be resolved if a fight is to be prevented.

Key words for this card are Defensiveness, Perseverance and Stamina – in a reading this card almost always indicates the presence of NEGATIVE ENERGY.

It suggest bracing for another challenge, that being on the defensive may not be such a good idea and that flexibility and respect may be the best way out of the situation.

So my hunch is that part of all this negative situation is likely to express itself in Current Events in disputes of human “territories” both physical (like borders) and non-physical (like ideas, treaties, patents, theories, etc).

All sorts of human “Kingdoms” real (as in National States) and Theoretical (Established Concepts) are likely to be disputed or tested this week.

While the Economic isn’t really a direct part of this reading, my hunch is that the “kingdoms” of finance may also have their realms of influence disputed this week.

Finally in terms of the US elections or other types of political interchange – this is a week when there are likely to be a whole field full of disputes and political “land-minds” to negotiate; sometimes these will be resolved diplomatically but other times a hair-trigger could result in some unpleasant results.

The Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles

Knowing this card was coming was one reason I mentioned the potential for problems with banking and finance this week as well as the more obvious sorts of blockages and disputes.

This card shows a young female cat who has caught too many mice and she can’t carry them all – she is so worried about losing all of her “wealth” and hanging on to it that she isn’t able to actually make use of the one mouse she already has (and is really all she needs).

The Keywords for this card are Possessiveness, Control and Blocked Change

There we have the blocked energy/blocked change again and that is directly from the booklet description that comes with the cards!

This card is all about grabbing control of as much as a person/tribe/institution/nation etc can get; no matter if it is useful to them or not.

The resulting fears of losing these items and the control over them; makes it impossible for the individual or affected entity to enjoy or even really properly use what they already have.

There is also a hint in this card that REAL security and wealth/fortune comes from basic knowledge and skill rather than material wealth which can be taken away at any time.

This card, when combined with everything else we have seen so far suggests the perfect set up for a week when fights for the Control of Wealth, Material Goods (physical world things) and human Greed may pay a large role.

Again these energies can play out at all levels, so this is not a good week for individuals to make investments or emotional based financial decisions.  If you must enter this realm, as with last week do it from a position of careful mental thought and proper planning.

This weeks emotions are about as negative as I have ever seen, this is not a time to rely on them without clear thinking and common sense used to examine them first.

Finally in these cards we have:

The Five of Wands

Five of Wands

Five little kittens practice their play fighting skills and learn the rule of combat and negotiation they will need to survive when they are grown.

Their play fighting is mostly friendly but is already starting to have an edge to it as seen in the eyes of the two middle kittens who get caught up in the conflict.

The Keywords for this card are: Disagreement, Competition and Confrontation

Taken with all the other cards and energies in their reading so far; it suggests there is a very high likelihood this week for all forms of competition. 

On the positive side this can be expressed in terms of sports like the Olympic games but honestly I am being more drawn (because of all the other energies) towards the potentials of actual confrontation that might even lead to combat/war/battles.

There is a huge potential for these to be in the real or physical world with the body card being the over-all energy for the week; human Bodies are also likely to be affected.

Again this feels most likely to be about human physical conflict; but it can also be about conflicting ideas or a situation of conflict over public health or disease.

It is a time when if negotiations over “territory” fails; then actual combat or conflict has a good change of actually threatening or breaking out.

That is true of both real-world physical conflicts that involve fighting among human beings and it also a potential in the world of ideas, concepts or world views.

In the US I think this will be a week when there is a chance for even greater polarization in politics or even just groups of people than already exists; I also feel a really strong hint that something in the world of science or medicine may also be disrupted by some sort of dispute that is likely to end up in the headlines.

However, this energy of conflict is modified somewhat by the over-all negative and blocking energy which in this case could be a GOOD THING.

Remember no energies on its own is totally negative and that includes No and Never (or even Prison).

In this case even if there is a lot of energy trying to break out into conflict the other energies may ensure that for this week at least; it is more likely to stay at an impasse rather than an explosion.

The runes also hold a clue here, so lets look at them before we wrap things up


Regular readers will recognize this rune because it has shown up once already this past month and here it is again.

To review this rune means Thorn, Prick or sometimes Torch; it suggest that something is about to be “pricked” into happening.

Think of a balloon encountering a pin and you’ve got a pretty good idea of the energy in this rune; such a blow up can bring chaos or move things along that need to go forward – again neither bad or good, but a good kick to get things started either way.

Taken with all the other energies; this suggests that countering the stuck/prison/no energy will be a powerful undercurrent of energies working towards blowing the blockage wide open with a sudden blast of energy, force or change.

It may or may not happen quickly but as always the energies don’t like to stay at any extreme very long; so the energies to block are going to be shattered at some point.

And we see this reflected in the runes (which in some ways mirror the cards) in that our next rune is

Isa which means Ice/frozen/trapped; in other words we are right back to almost the same energy as the Prison card.  Only this time instead of just modified by Never and No energies; we have the Thorn rune hitting and shattering the Ice.

This is why I think that while the majority of the week’s energies, especially in the first part of the week are likely to seem dark, negative, trapped and unable to move; that at some point (probably near the end of the week) the ice will crack open and the energy start rushing forward again.

That’s because our last rune is:


Raido literally means “Riding” think of a horse and riding galloping across the landscape and you get the mood of this “whooshing” energy.

It is almost the exact opposite of Isa and is as moving as Isa is stuck.

This rune can also be about travel in general and communications (it is related to our English word for radio).

So it is entirely possible that one aspect of this week (though not the main focus I don’t think) will be disruptions of “freezing” of travel; perhaps caused by problems with communications (breakdowns of computers, radar or bad news).

On the other side though, taken as the last rune in the reading; it suggests that after a week of mostly stuck and stagnant energies; that something happens to break the ice and a big situation (or situations) suddenly rushes forward.

Again this can affect everything but I will be keeping my eyes on both the worlds of finance and the situation in Turkey; terrorist related activity is also possible and I’ve already mentioned the tendency towards further polarization in the US.

A banking “freeze” is not beyond the pale with this reading; nor is something “going hot” in the world due to a failure of diplomacy. 


A week with a greater than usual share of negative, dark and stuck energies that is likely to color everyone’s view of the week, especially for the first five days or so.

In Current Events terms, a week when a lot of things may seem stuck or stagnated; greed and control may make attempts at serious negotiations difficult and a time when disputes over territory and resources are highly likely.

Towards the end of the week there may be a sudden or even rather dramatic energy shift away from the stuck and frozen energy when something suddenly is revealed, occurs or changes; that results in a sudden breaking of the ice and creating a rushing forward of fast-moving energy.

That energy could affect actual physical travel and communications; or it could simply mean that events suddenly break out and start moving very quickly.

This is one of those rare weeks that involves both passive (in this case stuck/frozen) energy and active (rushing, active, moving) energy during the same time period.

The last two weeks have been highly active energy wise so it makes prefect sense that things would swing back to being a bit quieter or stuck for a while.  But it is unusual for things to snap back like a rubber band quite so quickly to active energies.

The week as a whole may seem like it goes on forever towards the start and then seem to end in the blink of an eye.

As always remember that as an individual you can use even the “negative” energies in a reading like this to your positive benefit.

No, negative periods are simply times when it is better not to strike out with new ideas but concentrate on the familiar; remember to enjoy the bounty you already have rather than trying to reach out to grab too much (especially this week); use the diplomacy and the playful competition in the Kitty Cards towards resolving conflicts and sports rather than disputes and arguing. 

Enjoy the slower pace at the start of the week by spending time focused on quiet things you enjoy and see it as the potential calm before things get hectic again.

That’s it for this week, everyone take care and if anything really intense comes up I will try to do a quickie reading later in the week.

Meanwhile I will be cooing over our newest family members born today to Pishi the teenage rescue kitty.

No matter what the rest of the week brings, here there are kittens!

Cards of the Week July 24-31, 2016

Popprunecat4Card of the Week:  Death

Psy Cards: Death, The Sun

Cat’s Eye Tarot:  The Hermit, Seven of Pentacles, Strength

Runes: Gebo, Othala, Eiwaz

Well, we made it through last week; and the energies for “The Father,” “Pride” and “Homeland” all played out pretty obviously both in the US and aboard in places like Turkey and Germany. 

Sadly, a lot of those manifestations were negative, but not all of them. All cards or runes and the energies they represent have the potential for dark or light aspects; it is just that in current events readings, especially during difficult times, it is often easier to spot the negative than the positive.  The exact opposite is, thankfully, often true in personal readings. 

So what about this week’s cards and runes?  Well first off, I have to say that I once again see an overall pattern that is likely to make for another rather dramatic week; a week of final endings and potential new situations; a week where many issues may be in the spotlight; where money and fortunes are on the table; and once again “The Homeland” is a major theme. 

But before going any further, let’s look at each of the card and rune sets as individuals and then bring them together for the Summary at the end.  If you’re in a hurry, you can just skip to the Summary at the bottom of the article; everyone else, just keep on reading.


The Card of the Week is DEATH

The Death Card doesn’t always mean physical death, though in a Current Events reading that is much more likely than in a reading for an individual.

Most often the Death Card means the sudden, permanent and radical change or death of Something or Someone.

That can be the ending of a person/household/corporation/nation/idea/situation etc…

Pretty much this is a week when there may be the final act of a lot of things: the potential for actual physical deaths of people and/or situations; and a lot of radical change is going to be in the air. 

There is also a concept of rebirth in this card, especially in this deck, suggesting that what ends is either reborn or replaced with something new.  No matter how upsetting or uprooting the Death Card energy may be in the short term, the positive side is that old things often need to make way in order for new concepts, and thus ideas or situations are able to be conceived and born. 

Another positive aspect of this rebirth energy is that sometimes a situation/idea/person/nation/symbol etc may appear to be “dead” but actually is reborn in a new way.

However, because – as we will see – this card repeats twice in this week’s reading, I think this will be a week when the concepts of radical change and sudden (often surprise) endings as well as physical deaths of individuals/groups of people/animals/corporations/ideas/etc. is likely to be a strong theme.

The Card of the Week always is the prevailing energy and acts on all the other energies to color them to a degree; so think of the next cards and runes in the context of the potentials they have for both sudden endings or transformations, and their meanings will be clearer.

OK, let’s move on to the Psy Cards – even though I used a Psy Card this week for Card of the Week (I plan on switching decks around for it) I put it back in the deck for doing the Psy Cards so they would all be there.  Now I used a brand new deck, never used before for this reading, so there is no way the cards were “stuck” (either physically bent or with certain energies).

DeathIn a very unusual but always potential outcome the very first psycard is also the Death Card again – all of the energies I mentioned above, only magnified.

Basically the reading is telling us the serious and most important energy of this week is that DEATH/ENDING/TRANSFORMATION/MASSIVE CHANGE/FINAL ENDINGS energy.

This will once again be a week of very active energies but some of the situations/people/tribes/nations/etc. affected may come to a sudden halt, sudden change, or radical transformation almost overnight.

This Death-Death energy is not a cause for panic but it should be one for concern and being watchful. This is also a week to be prepared for anything to change on a dime both in the personal and the current events, political, or even geological realms.


Now the second Psy Card is The Sun and this gives us some relief from the dark and gloom of the death card.  Instead of the only color being the red flowers of mourning; the sun shows what is growing in the fields and happy people dancing around the May Pole; and in this deck represents a strong, masculine, and brighter energy.

So in this card we have some balance to our “Double D” Death duo of the Card of the Week and the first Psy Card.

The Sun suggests there will be some wildly positive active energies that may help “light” the way even in the midst of some of the potentially dramatic changes that take place.  The entire world is not going to be shoved into darkness, there will be points of joy and celebration and there will be chances for many people to enjoy themselves and the Season (if they live North of the Equator).

The Months of late Summer are also indicated on this card, and so could provide a time marker of sorts for some of the other energies in this reading.

I’ve mentioned before that even though I’m reading for a specific day/week/month/year etc the energies don’t quite work on human time scales and may bleed over a bit into the time period before and the time period after.

That’s one reason I try to both end and begin on the same day of the week (Sunday) because the energies are likely to be a bit mixed during that time period.

Anyway, I have a strong sense that this card is partly a time marker not just for this week but for the month of August as well.

Overall, this card also suggests that many things may “come to light” this week and have the sun shine on them; expect more exposure of previously hidden material or the recognition of older material to be seen in a new light.

There is a potential here for changes and discoveries that are “game changes” and that can be extremely positive if it is an advance in science, technology, medicine, or even politics.

So the radical change and things having the “Sun Shine” on them isn’t all negative, but be prepared for a bit of dust to show up and the need for some house cleaning to be revealed just in case.

I’ll have a bit more to say about this in the summary because these two cards also interplay with the runestaves. But before we get there, let’s look at the Cat’s Eye Tarot.

The Hermit

Our first Cat’s Eye Card is the Hermit, which is an old street cat waiting to meet his human friend who feeds him in the back alley each night.  This cat walks by himself for the most part, but he also will share his wisdom and experience with those he chooses.

In a personal reading he may signify a teacher or mentor who guides a person into greater knowledge. It can also signify that the client has a need for some deeper meaning in his or her life than what they are experiencing in the day to day world.

Finally it can also suggest the person themselves is becoming a leader, mentor, or adviser; though not always of the public sort.

In this current events reading, it suggests that in spite of all the Death/Radical Change/Harvest energies now, there is also a strong undercurrent of energies for guidance, mentoring, and understanding what really is underneath it all for those willing to take the effort to look for them.

This will likely involve being willing to look beyond the news that will keep coming fast and furious this week to the deeper and more uncharted waters underneath.

Take time to feed the cats, smell the roses, play with the kids, walk in the woods, and take time for meditation, reading, and music.

For world leaders and others who actively make “big decisions”, it would be wise to look at situations in depth rather than simply reacting to what is happening on the surface if they really want to understand what is happening and guide things in a positive direction.

Seven of Pentacles

This is a young tabby cat deciding if is wise to reenter the house after a day spent outside. He knows the nice lady will usually feed him, but he is still wild at heart enough to be wary about such expectations.  Will he have to give something up in order to be a pet cat, and if he does, will it be worth it?

This card is also about stepping back, thinking about a situation, and looking at the progress made so far. Is it time to establish if a situation or goal is going the way it was expected to, or is it time to change course in light of careful reexamination?

This card suggests that this week is a time in Current Events when issues may reach a crossroads (or tipping point) where decisions have to made in order to go forward.

Careful consideration should be given before making those choices based on the success or failure of the steps/situation taken so far.

If change is needed, this week of transformation is the time to initiate it, but to actually work it needs reflection and consideration of the options. Rushing into things and using emotions rather than thought, may not produce the best outcome.


A young kitten greets his friend the giant dog. There is no fear and the two animals understand and enjoy each other’s company.

Keywords for this card are Strength, Patience, Compassion, and Soft Control; this card is all about using gentler means of persuasion to achieve a goal or victory, rather than the use of brute force or blunt instruments.

It suggests for Current Events that this week’s goals are more likely to be achieved by being patient and working via careful diplomacy, rather than a take-charge and more aggressive attitude.

This goes along very well with the other two Cat’s Eye Cards and suggest that the understanding of the deeper currents of a situation, combined with the use of careful thought and concentration, will have greater traction this week than hands-on confrontation.

It will also be important for those involved in confrontations not to show fear either; rather simply act in a respectful and indirect manner to achieve a desired goal this week.

There are times to be direct and times to be indirect. This week the energy is more likely to reward the indirect, both in our personal lives and in that of the greater world.

So that is the cards, let’s finish up with the runestaves and a quick summary.


Our last three items to read are the runes:

Gebo (marriage/Partnership)

Othala (Homeland/ancestors/communication)

Eihwaz (Yew Tree)

Together they strengthen the harvest/cycles/death and rebirth theme seen in the earlier cards at the start of the reading.

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, this is the time of “The First Harvest” when the first grain is cut. While the living plant dies, it is reborn as edible grain or even ale, as seen in the traditional song John Barleycorn.

The marriage runestave (also means gift) taken with the Othala rune can be read as “The Gift of the Land” or the Good Harvest.

Last week’s final rune was also the “harvest rune” or the Summer/ Winter rune Jera; so that harvest or Death/Birth energy continues on into this week.

Eihwaz is the Yew Tree which is often planted in graveyards and can also sometimes have an energy similar to the Death Card in terms of change and transformation. But it is also about the ancestors and the connection between our world and the other worlds.

Coming together with Gebo and Othala, it can be read that the “Gifts of the ancestors will/can manifest in the homeland” or be “communicated.”

So in the midst of all the chaos of this past week and some potentially spilling over into this week, we have the promise of a very strong undercurrent of the wisdom and gifts of the ancestors being available to those who seek them out and wait patiently for them.

In many ways, even with the “Death-Death” energies that start out this reading; the overall sense of guidance and potential for positive change if wisdom is heeded make this a much more positive week in terms of POTENTIAL energies then the last one.

I’m going to leave everyone with a recording of an old folksong about John Barleycorn to use as a focus and to get us all in a good harvest mood to start things out.

Opps, can’t post video but click on this link – this is a really great version but being a folk song it has many variations

Have a great week and remember, ending times are also beginning times!

Fire Festival Circle crop fade

Cards for the Week – July 17 -24, 2016

Basic cards and runes for July 17-24, 2016

Card of the Week: Father

Psy Cards of the Week: Never and Tree

Cat’s Eye Tarot of the week: The Hanged Cat and the Six of Wands

Runes of the week Thurisaz (Thorn), Othalla(Homeland) Jera (Harvest)


Welcome to the first post in our new series “Cards for the Week” which I’ll be doing for a while with occasional “Card of the Day” updates during particularly difficult times.

Doing the cards once a week will give everyone and overview and still allow for more frequent check ups when needed; also it will allow me to some blog posts on other topics once or twice a week as well.

So after a really really crazy last couple of weeks, how do next week’s cards and runes look?

I’m going to do things a bit differently for a while as an experiment and first I am going to pick a: Card of the Week.

The Card of the Week sets the general tone and energy for the week, pretty much for everything, everywhere.  All the other cards and runes will somehow be affected by it but not always in the same way each time.

I want to give this a few weeks and see how it works, things can always be changed again later.

So what is this week’s, Card of the Week?


This week’s Card is The Father – this card makes perfect sense in the light of this coming week’s known events and some of the spill over from last week.

The Father Card is about actual fathers, authority figures, masculine energy, power, instruction, direction and leadership.

The Card shows a man teaching his son to shoot a bow an arrow and showing him the direction to shoot; when positive this card is all about mentoring, teaching and providing for the future.

When the energy is negative it can be all about despotism, misuse of authority, miss-direction or even incitement to violence.

Right now the US, the West and even the Middle East are having all sorts of authority and father issues this week.  From the failed military take over in Turkey where the nation’s “Father” now takes his revenge on his enemies to the US Republican conventions where a new candidate will be chosen as the potential “Father” of the US for the next four years; to planned protests both in the US and Europe (as well as other places) that are “rebellions” against the “Father Energy;” this week has Father and Son struggles written all over it.

On the good side; a great week for actual fathers to connect with their families; good people in places of spiritual, mental or physical “fathering” (male or female) such as clergy, social workers, judges, serving military, teachers etc; provided the energy is focused in a particular way.

There is a great danger I think this week towards things tipping either into “over use” of the Father’s authority and direction or for the “son” energy to fly off on his own arrows.

A week to be alert because Big Brother may be Watching…

OK so we have the main over all card, lets pick a few more cards and runs to see what other energies are out there modifying things and pushing the behavior of people and the likely hood of various types events.

First our psy cards for the rest of the reading are NEVER (or The Raven Card) and The Tree (firm foundations, well rooted and grounded energy).

If we just had the Tree card by itself it would suggest that this is a week when all that Father Energy is channeled into forming the foundation for strong and well founded new situations, ideas that produces healthy fruit.

However, we have the NEVER card in front of this which modifies and totally changes the following card.  I don’t usually read “reverse cards” rather I try to sense out if an energy is “reversed” but in this case I don’t have to as the first card does it for me.

The meaning becomes instead this week there will never (or seems like there will never) be the planting of strong trees; in fact it looks like the energy of this week will be working hard to insure that all well rooted, grounded and even traditional ideas, persons, institutions are essentially under siege.

Combined with the over-all power of authority card, this suggests perhaps a week when the Powers that Be (or individuals, institutions, corporations, political parties etc) will TRY to assert their authority; often with the goal of getting well and truly stuck in where they wish to be; but the “message” of Odin’s raven on the Never Card is that it is unlikely they will be able to achieve this fully.

If anything these three cards suggest an attempt at crack downs in all sorts of ways (including those who wish to establish a new authority, not just those already in control); attempts that are just not likely to go very well.

Teachers beware, if you are teaching Summer Classes, this is a better week to listen to your students if they become “uprooted” rather than trying to assert order by “cracking down” that applies to world leaders and office managers as well.

OK now we can add a couple of Cat’s Eye Tarot Cards to the mix..

Looks like we have The Hanged Kitty (potential sacrifice) and the Six of Wands (Triumph, Pride, Acclaim, Respect).

Again a mixed bag but fits in pretty well with the reading so far, the Hanged kitty shows a Main Coon cat who is laying contented by the fire with his tummy exposed making him open to attacks if he were in the wild.  Because he is a much-loved house cat he knows he is safe; however he’s going to roll over and go flat in a heart beat if he feels a sudden threat.

The card is about the fact that sometimes sacrifices have to be made in order to obtain what an individual/tribe/nation really wants; but there should also be an element of Trust but Verify when it comes to both information coming in and situational awareness; being relaxed when appropriate but being will to switch on a dime to defensive mode if required.

Also there are hints here of serious choices which may need to be made if things are to be allowed to go forward; things perhaps like the UK realizing that in order to go through with the Brexit they may have to sacrifice some things in order to move forward with other things.

Again this energy works on individuals too and needs to be taken together with the Six of Wands who is a slightly older, rather cocky but still young kitten who is proud of himself (perhaps he just caught a mouse?) and is feeling the assurance that he IS the GREATEST!

He fails to notice the cat in the background looking peeved at him or his Mom Cat in the background looking a bit worried about him.

This card is all about the reaching of goals or obtaining a high position; but not perhaps having the full wisdom to understand the dangers of jealousy, spite and the envy of others.

It strongly hints that some individuals/groups/nations or even ideas that seem to be on-top and a roaring success this week; may become the targets of those that feel cheated or left behind.

The card suggests that a dose of humility is strongly recommended for anyone who manages to really achieve something this week (perhaps battling through that negative energy to do so).

If hubris is embraced instead, it is well to remember that the Father-Never-Tree energy is putting out a lot of energies towards toppling preexisting authority or preventing attempts at taking control from taking “root.”

I will attempt to take no political sides in this blog in partisan politics but I’m being “drawn” towards the Republican convention very strongly in terms of these energies and perhaps not just on the convention floor.

It doesn’t take a card reader to predict things will be stressful there (both inside and outside) but the energies are there for great heights and potentially great falls; if egos and emotions take over from properly measured and directed “Father” authority (which guides rather than demands).

OK everyone still with me?  I know this is a longer post but I figure that reading once a week we can pack more into one reading – you can always just glance at the cards and glance at the Summery if the blog itself is too long to read when your checking in here.

So just one more stop before the Summery, lets pick a couple of runes – runic energy tends to be more primal and dramatic than the modern cards and they also tend to be more fluid with each rune having quite a number of potential meanings. 

Which is why I choose to read them last, to get the primal forces as seen in context with the other energies.

So what are our runes this week?

Well, I wanted two runes this week but the runes laughed at me and gave me three in one pick stuck together – there was a reason for this, they suggest that the previous parts of the reading are spot on energy wise.

We have Thurisaz which is torch, boil, thorn or prick; think of a balloon that is pricked and exploded.  That’s the first runic/primal energy we have this week – basically dynamite ready to go off if the fuse it lit.

Then we have Othala – or HOMELAND; this is all about legacy, inheritance, the Clan Holdings, the ancient Ground etc.  It is all about property/tribes/nations (or your own home) and in the past has been associated both with “Greater Germany” (now the EU) and also the God Odin (Wisdom, Poetry, Diplomacy, Intelligence, Deception and WAR).

Jera is the harvest rune of Summer/Winter; the wheel of the year, cycles of history, things turning over and/or repeating.  This can also mark “harvest time” or the Fall for most of Europe and North America (and Asia).

So basically the runic energy is a great big thorn about to prick something explosive into being that concerns the homeland (or people in their homes, either physically or emotionally) combined with historical cycles (suggesting history repeating or being made) or at least suggesting a bit of upheaval as one Season/situation/existing energy flips over into another one.


To sum up – it will come as no surprise to anyone not living under a rock that this current time period (starting a couple of weeks ago) is what I call a “high energy period” when energies are running fast and furious and events current and person tend to run by so quickly we can even kick up.

The nature of this weeks events will be largely taken up with issues of authority, paternalism and guidance (or miss-guidance). 

There are forces working to assure that there will be strong attempts to build new situations/ideas/foundations but there are severely negative forces that will insure most of these do not become stable, at least not this week.

Those who do wish to accomplish their goals this week may find a serious need to sacrifice other goals in order to achieve their new ones (this may be painful) and those who DO appear to come out on top need to be very careful.  There will be energies encouraging the celebration of the ego and prideful responses, that can bring the envy and jealousy of others – remember that Pride often comes Before a Fall.

Finally the Runic energy is pretty much that of a powder keg that just needs a small nudge to go off and affect the “homeland” (anything from personal homes to Nation States) physically, mentally or emotionally (often all three).

The Jera Energy especially says this is a time when cycles of events can suddenly flip over and things have the potential for radical change (again in both personal lives as well as Current Events).

All in all a week to “hang on to your hats,” expect a lot of resistance to long-term planning (not a good week to start a new business venture) and a time to watch out if you do achieve something (don’t take it for granted or get too big a head over it).

Practice situational awareness and realize the world around you may change on a dime; hat isn’t all bad, sometimes change can be extremely positive but when it happens quickly it is almost always disruptive.

With that I’ll wish all my readers the best and hope you enjoyed this first installment of the new Cards of the Week blog.

With a week with this many potentials I will try to check back in if events start to go really crazy later on in the week. 

We shall just have to see how things go forward – take care – Melodi

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Watch This Space!

Blog and card readings should be returning shortly – after an eight month break from readings do to family health issues (all good now); I am finally getting back to reading for clients and plan to revive cards of the week; probably not card of the day just yet but cards for the week should be doable.

Especially with Cats Eye Radio current not being updated for awhile (station is in transition) I should have more time to devote to just doing the basic Current Events readings again.

All going well I shall try to get the first week’s predictions up by tomorrow evening, Irish time.

I’m looking forward to getting back to doing this and anyone interested in a private reading can contact me at





Cards for this Week – September 23 – 28, 2014

Hi everyone, well hopefully my couple of months of health issues are now passed and I wanted to get back to reading again; I thought I’d start with doing over-all cards for the week and then when I have time, I can do individual cards on some days.  Eventually I hope to get back to “Card of the Day,” but for right now I think this is a nice compromise that along with the readings on the radio show, should help my readers get some information on the energies that lie ahead for all of us.

Libido Tower yesQueen of Cups The SunKenaz2 Laguz2

OK the most important thing I see standing out in this reading is a heavy concentration of the elements of fire and water – we have water in the Laguz rune, the water-fall on the libido card and the Queen of Cups (water/emotions); but we also have fire in the Kenaz rune (torch/boil/uprising), The Sun (fire of the sun itself) the fire of sex/reproduction (libido card) and the fire of defense/war/protection (The Castle Tower).

It may be a bit unusual to see two of the main elemental forces so strongly during one time period but given the current situation of world events, it is not that surprising either.

To break things down a bit, our first (and primary card) is The Libido which is about sexuality and reproduction, but also about distraction, display and combat.  Notice that the peacocks are so busy displaying and mock fighting each other they don’t notice the snake in the grass that could kill them both.  This card is also full of life, color, power and energy but also tells us that distractions (such as the sex drive) or even staged arguments can distract us from hidden dangers until it is too late.  I think this card is very important right now and suggest that whatever is on the news, be sure to pay attention to the stories that are NOT being covered (or hard to find).

The Tower in this deck is the Protective and Defensive Castle on a hill; it shows a need or a tendency towards defense (especially in warfare) as well as personal and psychic protection.  I am getting  a “Yes, we need a defense against distraction/hidden dangers” from the first three cards; as well as being a great week for personal romance in terms of “Sexuality/Relationship-building a strong foundation-Yes” on the positive side of things.

The Queen of Kitty Cups is all about emotions, deep feelings, perceptions and reading what people really mean (aka body language) as opposed to just what they say.   This kitty seems to be a mind reader because she is so good at picking these things up – I think this card suggests a deep need right now to understand the hidden emotions behind may be happening both in current and personal events.  She may also represent and actual female (or emotional) leader who is very perceptive and/or using emotions to manipulate others.  Like all cards, this has a negative as well as a positive side; though largely it is positive it does also tap into some really deep, emotional energies that are driving things right now.

The Sun Kitty is confident, energetic, strong and independent; again this may be mostly an energy which would include all things solar (including the sun itself such as sun spots/flares etc) or sun like (nuclear energy/weapons/lightning/explosions etc) but it could also be a human being.  A strong person, I almost get the image of a Lion for some reason, perhaps the tom cat on the kitty card really feels that is his true nature; someone who feels powerful, at ease and uncontrolled (the kitty is free to roam in his garden and is not restrained to the house alone).

Finally we have the Kenaz rune; which is ancient fire torch or boil coming to the surface.  It can light up things in a physical, mental or spiritual situation that “sparks” something to go “off.”  This could be anything from a lighting a comforting camp-fire to blowing up of an atomic bomb (again either physically or symbolically). It can also bring something to light that was formally hidden in the dark, very similar to the Laguz rune except it brings things into focus by lighting them rather than bringing to a watery surfacing (and is usually faster than laguz as well).

The rune is Laguz which means lake, water or hidden depths; which suggests a time period when things that have been hidden until now bubble up to the surface and become known.  Things like secrets, hidden agendas or even hidden problems come to mind; I am also getting a strong sense that there is a very “explosive” potential when the Kenaz/Sun Fire/Libido Fires meet the Laguz/Cups energy and melt into a steam reaction of some sort.

This might be symbolic as in the sense of two clashing ideas coming together (probably due to something hidden that becomes known) or it could be something physical like an actual industrial action or problem with water and fire in the natural or man-made world.  Potentials are there for floods, fires, explosions, investigations, scandals, etc as well as issues/stories about reproduction, strong men, psychic/occult/new age information or even scientific breakthroughs involving fire or water (possibly energy production?).

It really looks like this is a week when something that has been hidden will suddenly “come to light” and things will “come to a boil” and “rise up from the depths” to Yes cause some serious issues.

As always, these energies can be used in a positive way, because as individuals we can choose for example to use the joy of the Libido card and the Wisdom of the Queen of Cups to add depths to our romantic relationships and say the Sun and Kenaz energies to help bring us strength and light as we go about our daily lives.

Finally the Yes energy should give this period an over-all sense of “positive flow” an “active” energy time period when things should seem to move quickly and not be as bogged down as they have been in the recent past.  In current event terms, this may mean things moving a bit too fast for comfort, but for individuals it probably just indicates a week of water and fire that hopefully will move quickly and with the positive elements of both.

That’s an over-view from here, remember the cards and runes are reading energies so they may manifest in other ways as well; they point out the trends, but actions determine how they play out.