Update July 7-11, 2014

Hi everyone, first I am OK and improving, but I came down with a post operative infection over the weekend and while it is responding well to treatment I am taking “nuclear bomb” levels of medication for a few days. This is affecting my psychic abilities a great deal (well mostly I just want to sleep if the truth is told) so no blog for a few days, possibly the rest of the week.

If you need an urgent private reading contact me and I’ll see if we can do a short one over the phone or e-mail but I’m afraid office appointments or anything complicated will probably need to wait for next week when the Universe willing, I hope to get back to work (even if on a reduced schedule.

Thanks so much for your understanding!

As always, if something earth shattering (natural or man-made) comes up and I feel the urge to update here I will do a special reading. Otherwise, I hope to see everyone back next week!

Meanwhile, this morning my bedroom kitty Mortisha sent me this psychic message…


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