Card of the Day – Tuesday – April 3, 2012

Today is another one of those more complex reading days, so I’m going to break this down rather than just put cards at the top.  This first card literally jumped out of my deck and on to the floor, so right away I knew it was important.

In answer to my usual Daily Question: What is the most important energy affecting the World/Western World for the next 24 to 48 hours I got this answer:

The Death Card…now the Death card does not always mean physical death, but it usually does mean an ending or final ending of something.  In a private reading this is often a relationship, a situation at work or the ending of a phase in a person’s life.

So I asked another question:

What is/are the issue/issues that the Death card is/are in reference to today?

And I got two cards stuck together:

The Beast Card and The Money Card

Now I would love to be able to read this as “today is the death of raging anger/strife/jealousy/greed/warfare around money” but somehow that just does not fit what I am picking up.  I only mention this for my new readers to demonstrate how complex reading the cards can be and that the most “obvious” meaning, isn’t always the one intended (though often it is).

Instead, I think because we have the DEATH card as the over all energy for this time period, that over-all there is an energy tendency towards things being stopped, ended, stuck, terminated and even “killed.”  That can include people, especially in this sort of reading, and in a world/western world reading that can include all sorts of ways that people can die: including warfare, famine, disease, social disruption etc.

The Beast Card is almost always deep, dark and destructive emotions that everyone has inside them.  In relationship readings this is almost always jealousy or anger; but in economic readings it is often also greed, vanity, and ruthlessness.

The Money Card usually means Money itself and/or wealth, personal support, wealth, currencies and even food (notice the farmer is plowing his fields to plant a harvest).  What “money/wealth” is differs depending on the reading and the context, here I am inclined to read it as either Money/Currencies or Economies/Economic Issues.

We’ve had readings like this in the past in terms of the macro-Western World economy, some have tended to be specifically about the EU (with a Union Card) and others (like this one) more general and wide-spread.

My sense is that today the energies are there for the final ending (or perhaps Deaths/warfare) spurred by dark and violent emotions (including greed, anger and fear) over Money/Currencies/Economics.

That doesn’t mean that today an obvious war breaks out (though it could) or even that the current bull stock market crashes (though it could and would fit the cards perfectly) but it does mean that there is something very, very serious going on behind the scenes (hidden in the tomb?) that is likely to lead to the death of a currency and/or an economy (or perhaps even THE Economy but we would need a larger reading for that).

So, look today for stories about currency collapses;  anger (even killings) over money; fear (even leading to death) over money issues; quarrels between both individuals and nations over money/debts/payments; there is even another hint of “War/Death over Money” but I still think that is in the build up phases.

Do not be surprised if the Stock Markets start to get wobbly but they may continue on seemingly oblivious to what is really happening for a while yet.

Finally for this reading we have our rune stave which provides both insight and hope in this reading:

Daguz or Dawn: This rune-stave indicates the time of day when the sun first appears and brings light.  It is often a hopeful rune that a new cycle may be starting or a new day dawning.  It can also indicate that new light is being shed on a situation and I think there is a bit of all three meanings here.

First this rune-stave suggests that Today, there is a lot of energy towards revelations about what IS going on behind the curtains in terms of the destruction of currencies/economies/war/money/greed etc. 

This rune-stave is another reason why I keep suggesting that while these energies COULD play out in full force today, more likely only hints and glimmers of what is below the surface are likely to make the front pages of the Main Stream Media.  But like any New Dawn, the sun will continue to rise on this issues until they can be more clearly seen by any who care to look.

To sum up, today is a rather scary day in terms of the energies surrounding macro-world events and is a cautionary day for individuals in terms of money and personal spending.

Today there is simply going to be a tendency for people to argue over money, lands, property, wills, inheritance, salaries etc. 

In this case, knowing about this (because you read this blog) you can take personal steps to try to avoid these sorts of conversations or refuse to continue them when they show up.  Most situations can wait a day or two; if something simply can’t wait, be patient and kind with yourself and others focusing on the ISSUE and not the BEASTLY emotions that may roar up.

However, this is a very GOOD day for things like personal spiritual work of an inner nature, just try to avoid highly emotionally charged topics in your meditations. 

Instead, concentrate on the Death Card as part of the wheel of life, the doorway to the other world and the Daguz rune-stave and the Dawn of New Life.

Try to avoid major financial decisions until a better energy day (hopefully even tomorrow) and concentrate on other aspects of life instead.

Finally, remember if you feel a tendency to unreasonable negative emotions (or see this in others) remind yourself this isn’t just you, it is the Energy of The Day; since you know this you can be kind to yourself and patient with others because like all energies – this too shall pass.

That’s your cards and rune for the day, remember you can get your cards or runes today or any day by getting a private reading.

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