Past Life Readings

Have you lived before?

Curious about who you may have been?

Questions about how Your Past Life Affects the Present One?

Did you know your love ones in the distance past?

Learn about your past lives in a fast, safe and easy to understand manner with a Far Memory Card reading!

Using the cards, a time line and just a few other tools; together we can explore the past and look forward to the future.

An optional guided meditation may be included as part of your self-directed past life-reading.

Past life cards and simple guided mediations are a great way to being your past life exploration journey! 

So why not come in and explore the past today!

Order your Reading

Past Life card readings can be done by web and phone readers as well as reading-room visits. 

However, the guided mediations are done only at my private reading room or other locations where privacy can be provided.

*You can now listen to a live Past Life Reading, recorded as I was doing it at a festival and posted by the client.  This recording will give you a great idea of what these readings are like!

To listen to a Past Life Reading click here!