Cat’s Eye Episode 10 – Kveldulfr Gundarsson

Episode 10 is a special episode – a one-hour interview with Kveldulf Gundarsson, well-known runemaster, author of historical/legendary fiction (under the name Stephan Grundy), and professional academic in the field of of Germanic religion. In this episode, Kveldulf tells us about the history and practice (both ancient and modern) of runic divination and runic magic, from his special perspective as both a long-term magical practitioner/priest of Odhinn and an historical scholar of the native culture, religion, and magic of the North.

Due to a collapse of our house modem, this page will not be fully updated for a few days – however you can buy Kveldulf’s Rune book as an ebook download from Freya Aswynn’s website just click on “Teutonic Magic” on the home page. His “Teutonic Religion” and “Wotan: The Road to Valhalla” are also available through Freya’s website. Kveldulf’s “Elves, Wights, and Trolls” can be purchased at Amazon,    For those particularly interested in the religious side, “Our Troth”, an extensive 2-volume work edited by Kveldulf Gundarsson and containing a great deal of his writing, can also be found at Amazon, , as can his retelling (as Stephan Grundy) of Beowulf: