Testimonials, Feedback and General Blog Suggestions

Me4aA new page where you guys can post comments, testimonials and feed back from both public and private readings…note all comments are subject to moderation so if you don’t see your comment posted right away, please wait 24 to 48 hours before worrying about it.

Leave your comments/feedbacks/reviews/testimonials in the comments space box below – By posting them, your are giving me to the right to display and use them on my blog (don’t worry I’m nice).

Also, while I can not do private readings on this page, this is a good place to ask me general questions that you would like me to talk about in my blog or future Current Events (not personal) you might enjoy seeing special card readings on.

If you wish to make a private comment to me only, just e-mail me at MelodiReader@gmail.com – all such comments will be kept totally confidential unless you tell me otherwise.

Meanwhile for public feedback, please comment on the page comment’s section below.

From M in Colorado:

Boy did you ever nail this one! Hobbies and UNEXPECTED!

JC in California writes:

WOW!  unreal. you have a gift .. you could not have been more accurate unless you were sitting in our  home!

JC in California

Lovely feedback from a happy client:

Having  always been intigued by psychics,mediums and everything mystic,I accidentally came across Melodi in the Camden Court Hotel at a Magic and Spirituality day last year.

Well,I can safely say she is by far the most accurate, insightful and dare I say ,ethical psychic I have come across and lets just say, Ive been on the lookout for some time now.

 I treat myself to a  reading once or twice a year -twice if the going is tough-and over the years I’ve uncovered a mix of the good, the bad and the downright deluded, if I’m honest, but that search is now off ,since meeting Melodi .

So today, I  booked my 2nd reading over the phone from Melodi . I  told her personally, I’m her number one fan, especially  when it comes to her card of the day service that she offers free on her website.

But don’t let me try convince you any further, check  out  the daily card service for yourself first before proceeding for a reading,
.I think you ‘ll get what I’m on about when you do.
Keep up the great work Melodi, and here’s hoping this helps anybody, searching for such a service , Maureen , North Cork

Thank you Maureen for that lovely review!

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