Card of the Day – Wednesday – Sept 18, 2013

Sage nautiz2

Today’s Card is The Sage and the rune-stave is Nautiz (need/desperation) and together they present a pretty clear message that on this side of the water might be called “stating the bleeding obvious.”

That would be: There is a great need for Wisdom and/or Wise People in the world right now.

However, even more than just that start and obvious message; the Sage card does provide  a small glimmer of hope that someone(s) may be able to help the world cope with The Beast this week by being aware that energy is around and by seeking to divert, calm or destroy it.

Any and all of those tactics might be in order in different locations depending on how the energy is manifesting.

On the other hand, such “Wisdom/Sage Advice” may be limited in numbers because the Need fire rune – the rune of the most ancient way of making fire (rubbing two sticks together) really demonstrates a truly desperate need for such interventions – and Sages tend to be long on logic and short of diversionary skills.  With the Beast logic and rational argument gets you know where; because this is a time when emotions are ruling the day in many ways.

Of course individuals can choose to use their OWN wisdom, rational thinking and planning to make their own “needful” choices and I think this combination is really good for the average person for that reason.

Realizing that people are more likely to react emotionally first and then think later; puts “wise folks” in the position of knowing that someone “needs” to keep their head and that can be you.

What simply won’t work is expecting everyone around you to do the same, because they probably won’t.

Look for news stories today about Wise Men (or women), think tanks, desperate situations (like Mexico, the US South West, Japan etc), charities, science discoveries, innovations (especially those that meet a need), anything nuclear (two sticks rubbed together to make fire/atoms crash to make power or bombs) and a lot of attempts in some places to try to figure out just exactly what is going on.

This need for Wisdom suggests that it is just possible that some of it will come forth today and that is a very good thing.  But the Need Fire rune worries me as well, especially because of its nuclear associations but also because this could be about economic or legal matters as well as natural/man-made disaster responses.

It is also possible that today marks a another pivot point mid-week where the energies could change to something a bit more rational and we can hope this is the case.

But over-all I just get the sense of a “desperate need for wisdom” …lets hope some manifests before the day is over.

Card of the Day – Monday – Sept 9, 2013

Sage Eiwaz2

Today’s Card and rune (The Sage and the Yew Tree) suggest a day/week when there it is possible that wisdom, study and wise choices could prevail and rebuilt the proper connections between heave (other world) and the Earth (where we live).

That is certainly one way to read this combination and to try to be positive both for Current Events and individuals this week I’m going to prevent this potentially positive outcome first.

If Wisdom, Study, wise old men (and women) are able to learn from the mistakes (and lessons) of the past; and the world listens to their voices it is totally possible that this week could see either a turn around or at least a deflection away from the serious one-track march to all-out war the West has seemed hell-bent on pursuing the last few months.

The Yew Tree Rune is not only about graveyards (where the long-lived Yew Tree is often planted) but also about the connections between heaven and earth, in fact the rune is sometimes described as a person on with their feet on the ground and the head touching the heavens.  The Yew Tree is also one of the runes used to symbolize the World Tree, the Tree that in Germanic Cosmology holds our world and all the other worlds together in its branches.

What affects one part of the tree has the potential to affect all the other parts of that connected tree, again great wisdom must be used when sort though situation that affect the world tree.

Now the flip side of this very powerful and potentially positive message is that of old men (and women) or the figurative “old” (not only in years but in ideas) refusing to learn from the past and simply repeating the same dated advice which repeats the old patterns, writing them down again and again.

If this is the use those in power choose to make of this energy this week; look for repeats of old arguments, miss-guided references to historical situations that may repeat themselves in a negative fashion, attempts to control the flow of information between the “worlds” (in this case different sectors of the public/nations/Peoples etc).

Instead of becoming the rune of connected potentials, the Yew Tree reverts to being the Tree of Graveyards with a poison in its branches that can kill if a person spends too much time sitting under the branches without proper protections.  Lovely to look at and so long-lived it seems to live forever, this ancient symbol of Eternal Life then because also the symbol of cyclic death, as the “Sages” who should know better (say congress/world leaders etc) lead their flocks mindlessly back through yet another historical cycle of “death and rebirth..” with the death part remaining a permanent condition for way too many people at least for this particular human life time.

The choice before the worlds legislative bodies, leaders, rulers, military(s) and even publics are between a wise decision based on history directed towards a peaceful and diplomatic outcome (at least for this particular turn of the wheel) or a not-so-wise but equally historical choice to move forward away from talking towards “diplomacy by other means” aka war.

Are the “gray heads” going to be able to guide the world gently towards a more moderate outcome or will they march the world directly into an armed conflict?

That is what is being held in the balance this week, at least current event wise and with just these cards and this rune alone, it is in no way clear which way things will tip.

I suspect the next 24 to 48 hours will be very important to this particular and urgent situation (especially in the Middle East, but also possibly in other areas and situations that need wisdom such as Japan’s ongoing accident or the renewed tensions with India and Pakistan or other hot spots).

In personal lives, this is a very good time period for study, contemplation, learning from cycles and approaching the Other World through various forms of prayer, meditation, shamanic journeying etc.

This is a time when things that have happened in the past are likely to repeat themselves both world-wide and in a personal sense; use your personal wisdom and choices towards ensuring that your repeating history is some of the good stuff, not just an endless re-run of things you would rather forget or not see again any time soon.

A great time to see new patterns as well, especially with a little “Divine” or “otherworldly” guidance so a good time to study and learn how to break unwanted habits or other unwanted situations that keep repeating in your life.

All in all this has the potential to be a very powerful and decisive week both on a macro and a personal scale…Hang on to your hats!


Card of the Day – Monday – August 20, 2012

Today’s Card is the Inquirer with The Sage as a qualifier card for more information – the rune stave is Perthro (Dice cup/fate).

The Inquirer card is one actually designed by the deck creator to be a symbol for the person having the reading.  It was never intended to be a card pulled by chance, but I like to leave it in the deck to see where it ends up.  Since it symbolizes the person/issue being read for; we can assign the meaning of today’s card to both the world and the readers (individuals) of this blog.

The original reading had just the Inquirer and the Dice Cup rune, but that was so open-ended that I asked for a card for clarification and got The Sage (Wisdom).

So the basic reading is The World/Individuals will need to use great wisdom (possibly from the past) to deal with today’s dicey/fated/undecided events.

To make this a little clearer, it suggest that the next 24 to 48 hours have the energies to produce a time period when caution and thought should be used when making decisions and confronting the unknown.

Many things could “turn out to be a gamble” today and tomorrow with no one sure yet how the dice are going to roll.  On the other hand, you can escape fate (Wyrd) in the Norse; but you can choose how you meet it (Will).

The cards suggest that neither individuals nor the world are helpless before what it is happening, in fact they suggest that wise study (the books) and preparation (writing new ideas in the book) are the best way of getting ready for the challenge.

My best guess is that while the next 24 to 48 hours are especially dicey in terms of decisions and things being turned on their heads (ideas/situations that seemed to lead in one direction suddenly going off in another); these energies will not totally go away and may be with us for the next several weeks.

They may not be the foremost energies, but they are likely to be there happily causing disruption and sudden changes where they can and refusing to be tied down by anyone; though again study and preparation can help when dealing with them.

Today is a day to look for stories about rugged individuals, gambling, games, sports, history, reading, book reviews, tests, entrance exams,  historical cycles, wild weather, personal issues, the mind (and/or the self) and noticing that certain macro/current events are about to (or are already) “hitting” the individual in a way they might not have “struck” home before.

This is Not a good day for signing contacts if you can avoid it, if you can’t use that Sage card in a big way, because the Pethro rune suggests that anything seriously planned today is likely to hold some surprises.  If you can’t avoid renting a house, buying a car or signing a business deal today, read all the fine print carefully and make sure it is to YOUR advantage to do so.

Finally, today is a good day for taking care of YOU, remember your important and you need to care for yourself in order to care for others in your life.  So a great day for long baths, mild exercise, nice dinners at home or a fun activity after work.  A mostly passive (non-outwardly active day) but one where that dice cup rune could suddenly whack things into active mode pretty quickly.

Card of the Day – Tuesday – July 10, 2012

Today’s Primary Card is The Stranger but stuck underneath it was Prison, so while I am reading the main card, I giving the Prison card nearly equal importance because I did not even realize it was there until I went to read.

The rune-stave is Othala (also called Odala) which means homeland or inheritance.

First off, there are only 40 cards in this deck but this is the second time in a week the Stranger has come up and it whomever or whatever new element/person/energy the Stranger is; they seem very important to come up again so soon.

That is worrisome because in a macro current-events reading, to be “stuck” to the Prison card like this suggests whomever/whatever it is offers a trap and/or actually prison to those closely affected.

To have the Homeland/inheritance alongside them is an even greater cause for concern, because it suggests that not only does the Stranger present entrapment/prison/bars it also focuses on the very “inherited land” (usually translation of the meaning of the rune-stave) of those directly affected.

Aka what looks like a “new” threat, challenge or seeming “solution” to problems experienced by national “homelands” (or People/Tribes/Nations/Homesteads/Clans) is actually a trap/prison.

My hunch is this may be partly about both the world economic crises and the possible “solution” of human warfare, because Othala is sometimes associated with Wotan/Odin (and conflicts over land/inheritance aka war personal or international).

The Othala Rune Stave has also been associated with “Greater Germany” since the late 1800’s and so could also reflect that Germany (or Germanic energies) may play a part in this “new” situation (or at least be greatly affected by it).

While we still don’t know what the “New/Stranger” energy that first surfaced last weekend is; we now know that it is not a helpful or even neutral force.  We also know it is a threat to homes/homelands/inheritance, aka what generations pass on to their children.

I wish the reading were not so dark today, but with that Prison card, I just can’t see any other way to read it.

As always individuals can use this energy for positive growth and awareness; use the Stranger energy to continue yesterdays new starts and explorations of new ideas and projects.  Just be aware there is a lot of energy out there can lead you down the garden path towards personal and public “traps.”  While this is a good day to research a new business idea, it is NOT a good day to sign on the dotted line for a partnership, especially anything that might affect your personal home and family.  Give it a few days to “gel” and be sure to read all the fine print.  You can also use today’s Othala energy for work on the home both physical and spiritual, just don’t let yourself get trapped their either.

Again a very interesting week energy-wise, stay tuned for more…




Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – June 20 – July 1, 2012

(also called Elhaz)

Well, computer is working for typing but will have to go back into the shop next week for a sound problem.  Meanwhile, here is a card of the day weekend edition and I will continue to post cards next week, except when computer is not at home.

Anyway, this weekend’s cards are The Sage (Wisdom, Wisdom from an older/historical perspective) The Cave (with draw from the world, depression) and Mother (maternal energies, mothers, Mother Nature, Mother Goddess).

The rune-stave for this weekend is Elhaz which means “Elk/Moose” but can also be seen either as a Tree or a person lifting their arms towards the heavens either seeking advice or in prayer/connection.

This rare and interesting combination of energies suggest a weekend that is perfect for stepping back, taking a break and seeking both wisdom and nurturing repair (taking time out for yourself for individuals, standing down and doing some serious thinking for Peoples/Tribes/Nations).

The energies are presenting an over-all “pause” point/button on the world and those who are wise will use it as a time for study, meditation and taking care of themselves and their loved ones.

This is a perfect weekend for reading good books, sleeping in, playing with children and seeking Divine Inspiration and Guidance.

There is a very strong pull towards an individual need to connect with a “Higher Power” that may also spill into the public realm.

The darker side of this energy (all energies have both light and dark sides, some just swing more than others) is a tendency to be overly conservative, depressed, smothering or fanatical.

I am feeling a warning towards the Middle East on this last issue, with strong energies that create a temptation for clinging to the “Sages” of the past combined with a refusal to look (out the cave door) to the realities of the present.  This, combined with the Divine Inspiration/Seeking of spiritual connection of the Elhaz rune could spell trouble if fanatical following of ancient dictates over-rules common sense (and that is true on ALL sides of this mess, including Mother Russia).

Instead of reacting in this way, it would be much better to use the same energy towards learning new wisdom and making true connections with the Divine (rather than using the Divine as an excuse for worldly actions).

Time will tell which set of forces win out – meanwhile this is a fantastic weekend for individuals and nations; to step aside and take a break.  Take a vacation or plan one, study for school exams or the “school” of life and make yourself some comfort food to enjoy and reflect on the past, so you can be ready for the future.


Card of the Day – Thursday December 29, 2011

Today’s card is The Sage, and is a perfect card to come up towards the end of the “old” year; The Sage card indicates wisdom, learning, experience and the gathering of knowledge.  The old hooded man in the picture is not only reading books, he is entering in his own notes and writing new chapters as well.

The Sage/Wisdom has also been noticeably absent among the cards of late, and it is a very good sign to see it showing up now.  With the recent visits of The Stranger Card, we now have two new energies coming up and influencing the world.  While the Stranger’s role is unclear, Wisdom is almost always a good thing, at least when it is listened to.  The only real down side of this card can be a tendency to “stick with the old ways” when they are no longer working and/or when the Wise themselves become “fooled” by conventional “Wisdom.

While I do sense a bit of this influence in the cards (as a caution to watch out for) over-all I see it as a highly positive influence.  A further suggestion along with Yesterday’s Cards that yes things can be liberated (or set free) if totally new ideas and plans are put forward (Yes-The Stranger-Liberation). 

Of course, one of the problems with “Sage Advice” is that it can be very hard for some folks to hear, must less act upon.  But the energy today makes it likely that some very practical and useful advice probably is out there floating around and that this time period is a short window, when it might be acted upon. 

I wish I knew exactly what that advice was, but I’m as much in the dark towards direct suggestions as most of my reader’s probably are.  But this card urges me to send the message that there are solutions out there; and while totally new, like the Sage they combine elements of past knowledge with new forward thinking and combining of ancient ideas. 

I also sense that these proposals are going to be met with a very skeptical response from a system unused to drastic changes that it doesn’t feel in control of and that other “white-heads” will try to make the proposals sound “crazy, hasty, unworkable etc.” 

There is even a chance that the ideas will hardly see the light of day, so threatening will they seem to the already established system (and those kept wealthy and powerful by it). 

But, it is there and this is a time when it could leak out – so keep your eyes peeled for obscure stores about new and fantastical seeming ideas for change.  The New Year period is often when such “visions” are put forth, and while may are simply mirages (or hopes) of the well-intentioned, this year there may be a true gem stone flashing in the sunlight if we can only see it through the mid-Winter gloom.

Meanwhile, today is a fantastic day for students, learning of all sorts, taking up new tasks, reading books, honoring the elderly or even baking great-grandmother’s cake recipe with you kids. 

This “quiet” time between one year and the next feels like a “pivot point” going into next year.  What happens in the next few weeks could very well determine the path into (and out of) 2012…

We’ll keep reading the cards to see if we can get further hints as to what may be coming.

That’s your card for today, remember you can get your cards for today or anything by getting a personal reading.

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