Card of the Day – Wednesday – May 8, 2013


Today’s card is Father and the rune is Tiwaz (Justice/Spear/Tribal Law)

This is a very interesting combination for today’s Current Event’s portion of the reading, first regular readers will note that we have not seen either this card or this rune for sometime and even more rarely in combination with each other.

So, we have the suggestion of some totally new energy suddenly playing out today only this time we also get clues as to what it is.

The Father Card (like most cards in this deck) has both positive and negative aspects; when it is positive, it represents the best in father-child supervision, teaching, oversight and direction, provision or defensive skills; it can represent our real father/father figures/mentors/teachers/discipline or even God(s) as in “The Father.”

In a negative sense it can represent False or overbearing Authority/Control/Patriarchy/manipulation/training for offensive violence (as opposed to hunting/defense)/Domination/etc.

The Father is teaching his son to use a bow and arrow, in the positive to provide food for the family (and defend the tribe) but he could also be teaching his son to shoot the arrows of war and pointing him the direction he should shoot – or maybe, just maybe he is pointing his son’s arrow to the heart of the matter (the answer to the question).  The card alone does not say, we have to look at the context of the rest of the reading.

That context is right here in the Tiwaz Rune: Tiwaz, the rune of the Norse God Tyr, the one-handed God that when forced to break a promise (tribal agreement) with the Wolf Fenrir allowed, the Wolf to bite off his hand in “just” compensation.

Yes, Tyr is a rune of “Justice” (and a favorite rune of police, lawyers, judges, legal secretaries etc) but as a lawyer friend (and Tyr’s man once said) “Tyr is as much about the justice of the battlefield as he is the justice of the courtroom and folks would do well to remember that when they call on him.”

I get several “feelings” off this energy combination today in terms of current events, in fact two Statements came into my head the minute I saw it:

One was –

“An Arrow will be shot towards the heart of the matter!”

and the other was

“War or Battle Directed by ‘The Father.'”

My deep sense is that the first probably refers to today’s hearings in Washington about what really happened in Libya.  This has already been hinted at in the news, the cards/rune are simply very supportive that the energy is running in the direction of such information being disclosed.

The second, may be the actual rounds of a battle somewhere being directed either by a dictator (“Father” to his people) and/or a nation with a Male Identification (Fatherland) or Male head of State (President/Prime Minister).  At the very least this is directed by “The Fathers/Elders/Authorities” who are “hurling the Spear” in the direction they desire it to go.

The image of the son becomes that of the young people sent out to shoot the actual arrows, but they are being manipulated and directed from those “above them” (and I don’t think we are just talking officers and generals here).

Both aspects of this reading feel very strong to me today, and as often happens are likely to color other aspects and parts of life today.

There will be attempts to “shoot the arrow/spear” on many levels, some of them towards distractions and some of them landing right into the center of issues.

This is a day when individuals may seem answers more clearly, especially after a bit of direction or hints from someone they respect.  A day when speech may have greater consequences (both positive and negative) because it will “shoot right to the target” after being spoken.

A day when lawyers may feel their words flying across a courtroom and stage actors feel their lines go directly to, “the point,” the sort of day when a Teacher can rejoice and think “wow, the class really ‘gets it.'”

A good day for observing rules and not breaking the speed limit, as the combination of Father and Tiwaz will give police the advantage in such things as writing tickets and noting infractions.

A really bad day for any enterprise that is not strictly legal and above-board, this is not a good day for bottling your moonshine or fudging your tax return.  The energy is all there for exposure and being “taken to the law,” if you can avoid such activities today do so or risk the consequences.

So a really kind of powerful day (at least potentially) Current Events wise, a “sharp” or “directed” day for individuals.

Keep yourself focused in the direction you want to go, try to keep activities to those “within the rules” and you may get a lot done in the next 24 hours or so.  Things aimed at either personal provisions (hunting and gathering), legal contracts (as long as they are above-board and totally honest) and self-defensive (physical and spiritual, like warding) are all good things to work on during this time period.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see how this plays out for the rest of the week; yesterday’s reading didn’t happen because we had surprise house guests, but hopefully I’ll get at least a peak at things for tomorrow and the weekend as it looks like events may be really starting to move.