Card of the Day – Tuesday – November 27, 2012

Today’s Card is Yes and the rune-stave is Kenaz (torch, boil)

They make an interesting combination with yesterday’s reading of The Liar and Isa (Ice, Frozen, stuck).  That’s because an alternative reading to the one I gave yesterday on the public blog (but did discuss in a private forum) is the possibility that the “lie/liar/ice/stuck” could be an earthquake fault that was “frozen/stuck/believed dead or less likely a volcano believed to be dormant that was not.”

As it turns out, I could not help thinking about this, in addition to the usual question I ask each day “What is the most important energy in the world/western world in the next 24 to 48 (or 72) hours?”

Imagine my surprise when the YES card jumped out followed by Kenaz the rune for things building, or about to burst open “like a boil.”  Kenaz also means torch (the old-fashioned kind made of fire) so I sometimes privately think of it as the “sideways’ volcano rune.”  Mostly that’s a personal memory guide but in some ways it also carriers some of the runes aspects as well, a boil is very much like a sideways volcano on a much smaller scale and very painful as it comes to a head.

So, while I’m not predicting that there WILL be a major earthquake or volcanic eruption this week, I have to mention that the energy is certainly out there for one.  Other psychics have suggested this was a time period to watch for such things and full moon periods are coming under increasing scientific study for causing theoretical “land-tides” that may result in larger quakes, when they occur.

Of course, the other issues I talked about yesterday, especially macro-economics can also experience events that may be referred to “virtual earthquakes” that “shake” the markets.  The same is true of war which can “erupt” suddenly with “fire and volcanic fury” without the aid of actual earth movements. 

Taken all together, this suggest a time period when pressure is building up in a number of areas and while things may seem calm, below the surface issues are rising that will soon “burst” open onto the scene.

Which is not to say that as individuals we should not enjoy a bit of peace and quiet, even while keeping our eyes and ears open for what may be happening beneath our feet or beside our homes.

Because Yes, this is a time period when things are getting reading to erupt but it is also a time period when the torch can be lit for us to see things more clearly.  The ancient fire torches helped the earliest human beings continue to walk forward even in the darkest of nights or inside the deepest of caves.  The torch can not stop the darkness from falling but it can go a heck of a long way to seeing a way through it.

So a good day for vision quests, camp-fires, electrical engineers, flash light battery checks, wood-cutting, forest rangers, geologists, doctors and exam results.

Not such a good day for patience, stability (including construction), relaxation or afternoon naps.

Expect a sense of underlying “something is going on” because it probably is – be kind to others that may seem restless and not know why, especially family and close friends.

Meanwhile, try to live in the now as much as possibly, because the thing about both earthquakes and boils (or volcanoes) is they pretty much do as nature intended no matter what we might think or try to do about it.  All we can do is be ready to react when the time comes and otherwise live our lives as best we can.

Hopefully more information will come forth in the next few days and/or the building energy/event will become obvious.

Until then, have a great day!