Card of the Day – Monday – January 6, 2014

yesKnight of WandsUruz2

Today is a day when things may feel exiting, energetic and otherwise positive, but you should look underneath the surface with maturity to make sure the reasons for the happiness is real and not something superficial.

The Yes card gives permission or suggests that “Yes” something is happening; but the Knight of Kitty Wands is a self-centered, young and happy tom cat who has climbed up into a tree and is happy to be charming and adored.  He appears to be self-reliant and not in need of any rescue, he is adorable but knows it and is unwilling to settle on any one source of love or affection for very long.

The Uruz rune is ancient cattle, suggesting both strength but also a tendency to stampede head-long into things without thinking.

Together all these energies make for day (and to a lesser degree a week) when it may be easy to lose you head and go rushing along following someone (or something) that looks exciting, polished, charming and happy.

Those falling in love or forming new relationships (even business partnerships) of any kind this week so be careful of this energy – it does not mean your relationship or business association is a bad idea; but it does mean this is a time period when it is likely to be tempting to look at partnership through rose-colored glasses.

Instead, this is a time to ignore your very first impression, but to sit down carefully and cautiously to review the situation with a mature mind; if after doing so things still look good, then by all means go forward.  Just remember to keep looking every so often for a reality check, and make sure that you are still safe on the ground and not out on a limb with Mr. Young (and Restless) Tomcat.

Use the strength of the Wild Cattle to stand firm, while resisting the temptation that all cattle have to follow a herd and run wildly off; stopping only when the herd does or if they go off on a cliff.

This is a day to enjoy the freedom that the Yes energy brings and the joy of the Youthful Tom kitty, but just stay away from the group and keep your own perspective about things, especially when faced with important life decisions and relationships this week.

In Current Events the same advice applies – be ready for people, ideas and situations that look to be positive, charming or exciting that actually turn out to be potential chances for events to run off the cliff.  These could include peace treaties/negotiations that go wonky; sports or games that suddenly become serious; play activities of all sorts that suddenly turn dangerous; partnerships between nations/people who go from charming to stressful rather quickly (or have hidden agenda’s exposed); and as always in this year of the “One True Leader” or “One True Solution” either a handsome person who seems to promise and answer or an idea (or process) that seems to bring “the solution” to some world problem or another.

So, stay grounded, stay aware and enjoy the good energy by moving forward but with your eyes open this week!


Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Jan 3-5, 2014

Sun Six of CupsUruz2

Strength, the Sun and protective innocence, seem to be the energy themes for this weekend; along with a repeat of the Sun in His male aspect via the cards.  Repeating energies like this solar one suggest that the energy is still riding high, which combined with the strength of the Uruz (Ancient Cattle) rune indicate a time period when the light is likely shine strongly everywhere and all things associated with the sun are likely to be topics and targets for the next several days.

These include the sun itself: stories about the sun, solar flares, sun spots etc. along with Strength, Electricity, Lightning and all things nuclear from bombs to healing cancer treatments.  Stories of droughts, heat-waves and sun-related weather are likely to be in the new during this period including stories about sun-cycles affecting weather and climate.

The Six of Kitty cups is a delightful card with two tiny kittens playing a few inches from Mommy and exploring their new wide world – the black and white kitten puts his paw over his sister in play and protection; they are totally innocent and playful, they have not yet learned about territories, social dominance or deceptive behavior they are just happy and loving little babies.

This card in a reading suggests a need to lighten up and remember to play, to not become too cynical or hardened but rather take time to remember childhood and that not all of life is a treadmill.  This goes well with yesterday’s cards, and continues to provide really good positive energy and strength for individual people; riding coat tails on the exciting anticipation that always seems to accompany a New Year period.

Uruz, or ancient cattle, is the rune for strength but with a bit of wildness attached, once cattle start to stampede they don’t stop until the wish too or are driving off a cliff.  One caution in this reading is not to let the happy sunshine/warm glow of the New Year energy combine with the innocent need for play to let your finances or other obligations run wildly ahead of you.

Enjoy things, take time for children and remembering your own needs for self-care and playfulness but just don’t let things get out of hand.

On a current-events level, I would say there is also a strong pull towards people needed play and distraction to keep them innocent of the things they sun may be trying to show them; also that there is an energy in which a good thing may get out of control, which may also end up in the news.  There is also a chance the sun may itself become “strong” and “playful” bouncing around a bit after its recent flip-over and giving out some interesting flares, phenomenon and Northern/Southern Lights.

Over-all a pretty good energy period provided the Sun doesn’t get out of whack or the fun become a bit too wild…

Card of the Day – Wednesday – Sept 4, 2013

PeaceBeast Uruz2

OK, yesterday’s cards were both stuck together (Death and the Voyage) and today we also have two cards stuck together in the same way.

I was VERY careful to make sure the first card went down on the reading surface first followed by the second one.

Needless to say if you are viewing these cards you can see why for just a moment I was delighted and then got very somber when I got to the second card – the Uruz (Ancient Cattle/Strength) rune just intensifies the situation.

To be blunt in terms of a current events reading it looks like Peace is seriously (and strongly threatened) by the raging emotions, power, anger and rage of The Beast.

The Beast card in a personal reading is all about those deep inner emotions, fears, feelings etc; that everyone has inside but after about the age of three we learn to keep under wraps most of the time.  Oh sure, the Beast is always there and it is very dangerous not to admit that, but most adults have come to an arrangement with their own “inner beast” that keeps them behind the door that you see faintly on the card.

For most people the Beast (which can also be jealousy and envy) only comes to the surface under the stress of specific situations: a nasty surprise, an outside threat, a fight with a loved one, problems at work etc, being dumped by a lover etc., etc..Even then there are positive and negative ways to express The Beast, when someone you love passes away it is normal to be angry but while punching a bag a the gym is an acceptable outlet for this anger, blowing up at your boss and screaming is not.

The Beast is shown on the card as a raging dragon, glowing red and with a huge open mouth reading to strike.  He isn’t actually breathing fire, but you get the sense he actually could at any moment, he’s come out from behind the door and he must be dealt with, he can’t be avoided and he’s not going to go away.

When you combine this with the Peace Card, a lovely Cathedral with light shining through the stained glass and settling in scattered colors on the floor; you get the obvious message that The BEAST is a serious threat to world peace at this time.

Other things the Peace card can stand for are: Mediation, Pause, Quiet, Relief of Burdens or a stuck situation.

I think we see elements both of Pause (there has been a pause while the US sorts its position out) and stuck in that the world is stuck with The Beast Now.

The Uruz rune, the Ancient Cattle of Northern Europe are wild, untamed and strong; in fact they are one of the “wild beast” the very ancient Germanic People would have known in Europe.  While it has many positive aspects, these Ancient Cattle also represent a pretty much unstoppable force once they stampeded.

If something spooks or angers them, once they start running nothing human can stop them; they stop either when they are ready or they go directly off a cliff.

Early man knew these and ran them off cliffs by the thousands for their own meals – so remember while the beasts can not be stopped by humans, they can be directed and diverted by them.

We can all hope for some positive diversions back towards a peaceful path this week, but it isn’t looking very likely at this point.

Meanwhile, for individuals concentrate on using the Peace card to sooth the Beast and help bring out the positive, strong and creative aspects of the Ancient Cow Adumla who licked the ice and melted the Glaciers giving birth to the modern world in Germanic Traditions.

Also, when those around you look about to lose the battle between their on inner-peace and the Beast, don’t feed the beast but seek to calm it if possible and by getting out-of-the-way if you can’t manage that.  There is no reasoning with this Beast, they are not rational and they are full 100 percent emotions and motions.

Do what you must be then exist the field as quickly as possible and play yourself some favorite music, because remember that saying about music and raging beasts; also a good day for comfort food and all things uzzy and cuddly.

Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Feb 1-3, 2013


Wow, well today’s Main Energy is exactly the same as yesterday’s Friendship, combined with not just one but BOTH of the major decision cards in this deck; my feeling is that some “international” friendship is really being “weighed in the Balance/Judged/Fated” (Scales Card) to make a decision (The Puzzle/Decision which must be made/choice of the individual/tribe/nation).

So we have friendship(s) balanced between a decision/judgment that they may be pretty powerless to avoid (will be made for them) and a decision that only they can make (must be made, can not be avoided).

The rune is Uruz – ancient Ice Age Cattle, usually designating Strength/Power/healing though also the sense of the “Ancient Bull” or “Ancient Cow.”  Large figures of strength that would tend to over-shadow anything else in the same room with them.

So I am getting the image of at least one (or more) Peoples/Tribes/Nations whose Friendship(s) are being tested both by Judgments/Karma/Decisions beyond their control and by the actions they may be about to take.  There feels like there is more than one layer to all this and at the heart of the matter may be the age-old contests of “Strength” to find out who really is the biggest bull in the China Shop?

In the way, the energies of the past week just continue to flow into the weekend, but now the Conflict looks to be seriously coming to some sort of decision(s) points; very strong forces are going to pull things in certain directions.  Some of these forces will simply be beyond the control of those affected to resist, however they will ultimately make their own decisions on how to respond to these outside pressures.  With contests of Strength being weighed against being Strong enough to resist the temptations that threaten the Friendships.

So, Current Events wise, a weekend when nearly anything can happen; especially when it comes to the friendships (treaties/alliances etc) between nations and their relative positions of Strength towards each other (both real and as perceived).

While I would be surprised at all out war breaking out just now, the pieces of the “Puzzle” feel like they are starting to fit together in a way that may form the power blocks, if such a conflict does take place.  It still doesn’t have to, the Bulls and Rosters could still see the snake in the grass that threatens everyone and go home; but the cards suggest this course is becoming less likely as each day goes by.

For a personal reading, this is a good weekend for individuals to spend time with friends and continue to forge strong friendships.  However, it is also a good time to “weigh up” some of the relationships in your life and there may be some people you need to make decisions about.  Some of these decisions will be very positive, to bring people closer into to your friendship network but other decisions may be more painful; that of letting people go who no longer resonate well with you and your family.

Again, some of these “choices” may be “made for you” (scales card) and if someone chooses to leave, then probably accepting their decision and letting them go may be the better road to follow.  Other choices will be yours alone, and that isn’t just about Friendship but all issues of partnerships and alliances (including mundane work) that may come up in the next few days.

The Uruz rune should give everyone strength to keep forging on ahead no matter what, both in terms of the personal events and whatever is happening in the greater world scene as well.

Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Nov 23-25, 2012

This weekends Cards: Father, Money and The Sage (Wisdom/Wise Men) suggest that the energy focus is once again shifting, this time from conflicts (probably The Middle East) back to Money/Economy.

The rune-Stave Uruz (ancient wild cattle) contains a number of meanings – Melting/Moving, Creativity/Healing, Ice/Ice Age/Wild Energies/Wild Animals.

In this case I think it is suggesting the melting (or even melt down) may be about to occur – which it is may decide on how the “Fathers” (Business leaders, National Leaders, etc) decide to use or reject wisdom (or the lessons of history, note the books on the Sage’s shelves).

Again the Father Card can also mean nations with male identifications such as The Fatherland and I think Germany may be involved here or at least caught up in the energy. That’s because a story not getting a lot of attention in North America because of the holiday, was the EU’s total failure to get a budget plan in place for the next several years.  The Fathers (and the Father-land) are just too far apart in what steps they want to take next, both in terms of direct funding (and levies) on member states, but to some degree about the Euro itself.

If I am correct in this guess, then look for the situation in Europe/EU to suddenly either start flowing rapidly towards some sort of solution or a mass melt down (and perhaps some of both in different places).  It takes an ancient cow (in the Norse Creation Myth) a long time to lick enough ice for the waters to begin to flow and the new world begin. It may start as a trickle, but once it grows into a rushing river nothing stops it until the weather changes or the ice runs out.

This is likely to be about more than just the EU, but that seems the mostly likely place this energy will strike first (but it will certainly affect other places too).

On a personal level, actually some pretty good cards; a suggestion to use wisdom and perhaps the traditional rules laid down by “parents” when it comes to using and saving money this weekend.  The Father on the card is pointing his son where to shoot his arrow to provide food for the family and wise counsel can help others do the same.

Over all, a good weekend to use wisdom when “hunting” for Yule Tide gifts or even investment advice. Watch out for sudden rivers of change that seem to melt out of no where – also a great weekend for things that have been stuck coming unstuck – some of which may be great, but a lot of this may be rather uncomfortable while it is going on.

Card of the Day – Monday – October 22, 2012

After a few days of not doing these reading for various personal reasons, it appears there has been a shift in the energies the cards and runes are showing us.

Today’s card is The Skills and the rune-stave is Uruz (Wild Oxen).  The Skills card represents skills either needed or already learned that are needed to solve or deal with a certain problem/situation.

The Uruz rune, is fairly complicated but its most basic symbol is the wild and untamed giant cattle of ancient Europe.  These were cattle prized for the size of their horns, but totally non-domesticated, violent and huge.  There is also the ancient Germanic story that the current world was formed when the original wild Cow licked the ice and melted the waters of the world into being.  There are many who see echoes of the end of the last European ice age in this and I tend to agree that an ancient memory of this time is probably hidden somewhere in that story.

Uruz is also associated with the unconscious forces (especially the wilder and deeper ones) and sometimes with healing (especially when something needs to be broken into or re-shaped).  It can also be useful in breaking down barriers both physical and spiritual, but like a wild Ox can be difficult to control once it has been let loose upon an issue (or illness).

Taking these cards and runes together you get a combination of learned/practiced skills and brute/natural forces either working together or perhaps one is needed to harness/control the other?

There is a suggestion that there is something like the bull in the China shop out in the world at the moment and that great skills are needed to properly channel or deal with it.

In current events, I can think of several situations where this would apply; I feel a pull towards Japan, but also towards the world-wide weather systems in general.  After all, like the Ancient Cattle, it is very difficult to control the weather even if sometimes both cattle and weather can be stirred up or even directed a bit, by human action.  There are always hints of the Ice Age in this rune, which could indicate a harsh Winter and/or consequences of Winter involved in the situation being targeted.

Instead of controlling the ancient bovines, early hunters learned to direct them off cliffs or into traps instead.  There they could then use their skills to subdue and kill them, although often at great costs to themselves.

I believe there is some issue out there right now that is similar, and like all energy readings there may be more than one; though in this case I feel there is one major one that will soon be pretty obvious.

Meanwhile, on a personal level this is a great set of card and rune for the day.  The skills indicate a great time to learn or practice new learning/physical actions/mental/spiritual techniques etc; and the Uruz rune suggests a time when these lessons can be learned on the deepest levels.  A time when dreams and visions from the depths becomes important and when protection and healing can be found.

In a nut shell, you have a very practical and mundane world card; combined with a very deep, magical, unstoppable and ancient force of power behind it.  Use them well and you will find learning on all levels comes easier during this time period.