Card of the Day – Monday – Sept 2, 2013

Friendship Tiwaz2

Today’s card is Friendship and when I first saw it I was hoping for a bit of relief from the current, rather nasty turns of recent world events but then I got the rune Tiwaz (Judgment/Spear/the God Tyr/Sky Father) and my continued unease was confirmed.

Because this combination hints at “the Judgment of friends” or “friends being judged” neither of which may be very happy news for the United States, among other countries and suggests a lot of alliances, friendships and treaties are being re-judged, re-thought and re-balanced at the moment.

While some of this is obvious – the United States and the UK for example, I think a lot of it is hidden and going on behind the scenes.  A number of countries are known to be making overtures towards Russia for example for their own reasons and in the Middle East things are such a muddle it is hard to know who is friends with whom on any week, much less any given day.  Also Tyr, the Germanic God associated with this reading, is believed to have an older aspect of the ancient Indo-European Sky Father which is the closest thing you are going to get in the runes to hints of the Abrahamic Religions or their regions of the world.

Not to the mention this rune always comes with a heavy dose of “Divine Judgment” or Karma, whatever your belief system.  Since the Germanic system of justice allowed for settlements of disputes in both the law courts and the battle field we can expect some of the following today:

Headlines about judgments between friends (court cases, divorces, law suits, contracts, corporate mergers and separations, court decisions, stories involving lawyers and “partners,” military actions, “friendly” fire, new power blocs, etc etc).  There is a small chance of actual war breaking out but if there is fighting it is more likely to be among former friends and allies and/or involve alliances of those banding together for “justice” or what they perceive justice to be.

On a personal level a day when judging your friends and their actions is just going to be in the water, so be careful not to be too harsh.  On the other hand, this is a great day for meeting and deciding if someone is worthy of being your true friends, friends forged with the force of Tiwaz tend to be long-lasting and fast.

This is a great day for anyone working in the military, police, legal systems or anything law related, especially career wise when working with others.

If you don’t work on those fields, this is still a good day for friendly relations with those who do, but again do watch the “judgment rune” not a good day for speeding, because any Tiwaz day is a time when you are likely to get caught.

Be careful not to be too harsh on friends and family today and you should do well, but do use careful judgments concerning people who may claim to be your friends that you don’t really know.

A serious of day also of “what goes around, comes around” especially in human relationships, so plant good seeds so your harvest will be rewarding at the end of the day.

Card of the Day – Wednesday – August 7, 2013

Tower Daguz2

Today continues our seemingly changing and emergency energy patterns coming into being with The Castle Tower (Defense/Protection/Strength) and Daguz (Dawn/The Sun at Dawn).

Again, reading for individuals first – this is a another highly active, powerful time period, once again ruled by the Sun though in a slightly different aspect from yesterday’s reading.

While yesterday was the strong, bright sun at noon; today is the gentler and mistier sun at dawn.  So perhaps a slightly less active day than yesterday, but also likely to be a bit more restful in its revelations as well.

The Castle Tower is NOT the Tower of Destruction in most standard Tarot Decks, rather it is the Might Castle on the Hill, the place of refuge and defense from outside forces.

For individuals again, this suggest a good day for planning your own personal “castle” both in terms of buildings/material world/home safety etc and in terms of magical and spiritual defenses – the dawn rune is also great energy for learning or understanding things that have been puzzling us for a while.  A great time to “sleep on” a nagging situation and see if the outcome becomes clearer because it probably will.

On an international scale, I’m drawn once again to Japan because yesterday I was thinking the only thing that reading needed was  Daguz (the Rising Sun) to compete the picture of that nations return as a military power.

Today we have just that rune “The Rune of the Rising Sun” for the “Land of the  Rising Sun” and the Defensive Castle Tower – again suggesting that while (for the time being anyway) this military build up is aimed at defense rather than offense – Japan simply is going to do this to this and their castles will be rebuilt, rearmed and self-defended.

I also expect to see a rise there in the popularity of the military in general and all things martial – something that is likely to spill over into much of the rest of the world (especially the Industrialized and industrializing world) if the current energy trends continue.

In other places such as Europe and North America (especially the US) look for continued drastic measure to be put in place in the name of “defense” and “protection” of the population/embassies/nation/military etc.

The Dawn Rune may also start to reveal more of the “hidden” defenses that have already been used or are planned; more revelations about the NSA, Homeland “Security” and other similar agencies and programs would fit this aspect of the rune very well.

Finally, there may be a general sense of military build up and tension in a lot of places as people/tribes/nations/groups of nations look to strengthen their “castles,” dig their “moats,” and generally get ready for possible conflict.

Again, as we’ve been seeing for the past year or more in these readings, the conflict probably isn’t going to start right away, but now the serious military preparations may be starting.

Thankfully, the Castle is primarily a protective aspect of conflict rather than an offensive one – it is just that like all energies it can tip over into over-protection that is smothering and/or lead to offensive actions in the name of defensive ones.

Something to watch this week anyway…meanwhile  in your private life, enjoy the “high” solar energy periods tend to bring while it lasts!

Card of the Day – Tuesday – August 6, 2013

Birth SunWujo2

Today two cards came out of the deck stuck together so I am giving them equal weight in the reading – the first is Birth and the Second is the Sun.  The rune-stave is the same as yesterday – Wunjo suggesting that today’s energies flow out from the ones that started manifesting yesterday.

Now there are several ways to view this reading, the first one I am going to give is largely for individuals and once again I am reversing my usual reading order because it is so positive.

What we have are some powerful energies for the “Birth” or start of new projects/ideas/situations/relationships etc., especially those influenced or related to the Sun.  The Sun in addition to being the large ball of fire in the sky, also suggests strength (especially the sort of powerful muscular strength attributed but not limited to men) celebration, the first harvest, everything associated with Summer (and to a lesser extent the seasons).

It can also me the “Sun” light dawning on a situation or that “the heat” is on in some way.

Wunjo as discussed yesterday can be joy, especially joy in family and extended clan (or battle).  It is also the clan banner (or battle flag) and here in the most positive of our readings I tend to see it as:

The Birth of the Sun brings Joy

Or a little more practical version would be:

Something(s) come into being today that are strong and to be celebrated with joy.

This plays very well with yesterday’s skills plus wunjo card, suggesting that part of the good news for many individuals will be a direct result of the skills they have master that now give birth to good situations (including possibly employment or other positive changes).

Now for the Current Events – of course some of this positive energy will hopefully spill over into the Current Events scene – as I mentioned yesterday it may be there is hope for some (even limited) economic or other improvements – either in politics or foreign relations.

However, I am more inclined to read this on two levels again for current events:

First the more obvious – today Japan (who has shown up before as possibly gearing up their military here in readings) or the Land of the Rising Sun – revealed their largest War Ship built since WWII with rumors that it may even be an aircraft carrier!

So we have the birth (or re-birth) of the Land of the Sun, putting up its “battle flag” (and/or Clan Banner) for the entire world to see. 

While this story may seem minor now, it has been building for a while in the cards and I think is very important.

Also the Sun can also be a symbol for all things nuclear – because it is the “little sun” and this includes both weapons and peaceful uses.  Today is the very day of the month that the US used the first atomic bomb in modern warfare, dropped over the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

I’m sure the significance of this date was not lost on the Japanese and was chosen deliberately as the day to release the news of their new war ship (almost air-craft carrier) to the world – but it also brings to my mind the starting flutters of “karmic echoes” of the earlier events so many decades ago.

While I don’t think modern Japan has any intentions of engaging in offensive wars of conquest anytime soon, I also think the cards are indicating now, as they did several weeks ago, that Japan is finished with depending on others for their military defenses.

I suspect their re-militarization is not over and that the world really is watching the re-birth of Japan as a military and probably naval power.

This reading can also be extended out energy wise to other areas of the world today where again there are already headlines of the US bombing Yemen (again that Joy in Battle/Battle Flag) energy.

What we don’t know is if that act is giving “birth” in the “sun” (perhaps desert/Middle East) to a new war or situation (battle flag again) or if it will be another “one-off” strike that may be part of a larger conflict in some ways but for the moment appears to stand alone.

The solar/nuclear aspects can not totally be avoided here either – though my sincere hope for this reading is that instead there will headlines about some powerful new discoveries in terms of solar energy (or perhaps safer nuclear options?) or even the Sun itself.

This could also be a time when the Sun decides to do a bit of its own dancing, so looking out for solar flares and other solar manifestations would be wise today.

However, over-all this should be a very highly powered and highly “active” day; one where a lot of things can be personally accomplished but where they may also be a tendency to be overwhelmed at times too.


Card of the Day – Tuesday – July 30, 2013

Union Othala2

Well, in keeping with this week’s theme of “Strange Things” we have a rather Strange but interesting combination of Card and rune-stave today.

The Card is Union – two perfect streams coming together to form a perfect “Union,” this is often the “Lovers” card in this deck – it is a mostly positive card standing for Unions and relationships of all sorts – in a Current Events reading it can also represent countries with United or Union in the Current or former names, examples would be The United States, The European Union, The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics etc.

It can also be about Labor Unions and even the “Unions” (marriages/Divorces) of famous people.

Othala – is the Rune of Inheritance and Inherited Land, also The Homeland; so when you combine it with Union in a Current Events Reading it almost certain does point to a Nation (or Group of Nations) who are United to form a Homeland.

They may also have an “inheritance” from the past that is currently a strong influence.

When I combine this with yesterday’s reading, I have to wonder if “The Stranger” or Strange/New element/idea etc; that brings Joy (or perhaps Joy to some folks) is likely to manifest in a Nation/Group of nations who are in someway a United/Union and perhaps the “Stranger” or “Strange/new Theory/Idea/Situation” will be something that seems to come (or does come) out of its past heritage?

Things to watch for with this energy news wise would be stories of weird or different forms of bringing things together – everything from relationships or as I mentioned yesterday some weird new science discovery that “Unites” different things together, probably in new or “Strange” Ways.

There is also a hint that The Stranger, could be a new leader – an Unknown person that comes up and out of one of these “Unions, “and again this could be a labor Union or even a corporation with the World Union in it, but it is more likely a country/nation because of that HOMELAND/Othala rune combination.

If it is a new leader, look for someone who claims to draw on the past, on the “inheritance” of the nation, someone who either is (or presents themselves) as highly patriotic, highly respectful of the ancestors, probably is (or presents) themselves as conservative or at least as wishing to revive or build on what has gone before in some way.

Again, after yesterday’s reading, my hunch is that whatever or whomever this is; it is going to be a bit of a surprise – one that may initially bring joy, and my even bring joy for a time, but I’m not sure I totally trust it in the long run – we will just have to see what the rest of the week’s cards are and what we actually see in the news.

Remember also that sometimes the Energy shifts do occur before they manifest in reality so with these rather strong changes in energy direction I won’t be surprise if they take several weeks to actually work all the way.

On a personal level, this reading is fantastic, bringing together as it does the idea of Union/Marriage/Joining/Love and Homeland/Ancestors/Inherited Lands etc., etc..

A great day to work with your partner on things that concern you home, home-life and finances.  A great day to work on psychic “gifts” (The Inheritance) remember the ancestors, work in the garden, take time with family (especially extended family – yesterday’s Wunjo/Joy rune is also the Clan Banner) and generally celebrate Hearth and Home.

Finally, many people also associate the Othala Rune with Odin, who among his other aspects is very important when it comes to communication and messages.  With the Union Card, that suggests a day when generally good communications can be established between both individuals (or partners) and Peoples/Tribes/Nations.

So a good day for getting across your message to others, because a sense of clarity is likely to be in the air.

Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – July 26-28,2013

Beauty Never Tree Tiwaz2

After nearly two weeks of various computer problems followed by no internet connection type problems, card of the day now returns with a weekend reading.

This weekend (and probably playing into the next week) the main cards are;

The Beauty – a beautiful women, self-esteem, female power (especially sexual/seductive), vanity, self-absorption

Never- The dark messenger, The raven, something will never happen or take so long it will seem to never happen.  Something will never happen as expected.

The Tree Firm foundations, roots and branches of an entire issue/thing/family/nation/problem etc; The World Tree (aka the World)


Tiwaz – Tyr the hand-handed God of Law and Justice, Spear, Battles, Court Decisions, Legal matters, Clan Warfare or Settlements

This is a very interesting combination and will probably work out over the next few days in a variety of ways.  But the main themes I seem to be drawn to are:

Seduction (or Vanity/Distraction) and/or something which appears Beautiful; will “Never” Take Root as the Law will either stop it or perhaps control it (or maybe even take it on in battle).

What exactly that “Beautiful” thing/idea/situations/government/person is, I am not totally sure; not having been able to read for nearly two weeks I don’t have a lot of back of information on it either.

It could be a national/inter-national entity like the EU or it could be a female leader (like say the Queen of England, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkle etc) or a lovely “idea” or “theory” that “seems” like it should work but in reality is never going to turn out as planned.

What ever it is, it could once again threaten the very World Tree (Earth) and if that is the case, my thoughts would also go to the ongoing situation in Japan where attempts to “keep things looking beautiful” at all costs (including hiding the truth) may never work and eventually the forces of judgment  kick in (in this case perhaps the harshest sort of “karma” as what has happened becomes what is now happening).

It may also be that while there are elements of all of these in a variety of stories this weekend (and into next week), that coming soon there is going to be one larger story that obviously is the real player in all of this.

Meanwhile, I would look for a lot of stories about Beauty Queens and “Beautiful people” especially those having legal problems (including the every popular Summer Divorce stories) as well as people having trouble settling down, staying in their homes, restlessness, the homeless, new laws and penalties, tribal warfare (including gangs in Western Countries), revenge killings (or other types of vengeful actions).

There may also be some highly positive manifestations of the Beauty Card, especially on the personal level, it is just with the Never-The Tree-Tiwaz energies that come with it; I think they will be somewhat reversed and negative in the public sphere.

There is also a sense of “Beauty is Fleeting” and “never” something you want to use as an indicator for what is inside when “putting down roots” or making “legal ties.”

This applies as much to business decisions this weekend as it does to romance, don’t be seduced by a pretty package in any area of life this weekend; don’t take on legal obligations without being sure of the depth and mutual understandings of the other party involved.

Make sure it really is something that brings clan/family/personal harmony (Tiwaz in its best form) and not something that later will never work out as planned, disrupt the roots of your tree (and its branches) and ultimately be judged an unwise move.

A good weekend to look over options, but try to avoid making serious decisions unless you absolutely must – then use your head and just your heart alone.  This is a time for both thinking and feeling; above all not just surface seeing.



Card of the Day – Monday – June 10, 2013

Money Berkano2

Today’s Card is Money and the rune-stave is Berkano (Birth/Mother/Mother Goddess/Breasts) and for individuals this could make for a really exciting and highly improved week.

Therefore I’m going to reverse my usual dose of Current Events bad news first and give out the over-all good news that individuals and readers can latch on to and hopefully make some headway for themselves and their family.

The over-all topic for this week appears to be money and with the birth/Mother Goddess card right next to it, for individuals I sense a time period when money may suddenly be a bit more forthcoming than it has been.  Of course everyone’s circumstances will be different, but if you’ve been having a bad time of it, things are likely to start flowing in at least a slightly more positive direction; and they may start pointing in a totally new one (such as a new job, increased income, small inheritance or even a check directly from Mom or Dad..).

For those nearly locked out of the Money Economy, the “Money” may come more in terms of the fruits of your labors with a good garden harvest or trade with a neighbor; there are hints of the “two breasts” of the Mother Goddess in the Berkano rune, so the idea of life-sustaining help is very much a part of this reading.

Even if some of your money news is still negative this week, you can concentrate on the birth aspects of Berkano in hopes of getting things off to a better starting position as soon as possible, the energy this week wants to flow into the more helpful forms of money – so to try to improve your situation is very much going with the energy tides today (and this week) rather than against it.

Now, Current Events wise, things may not quite be so pretty (and be forewarned that some of this may be destined to effect certain individuals as well) – the Money Card signals that we may now be moving into an energy period where this weekend’s explosive and potentially destructive forces (unleashed by the Stranger, probably the NSA/Prism whistle-blower) start to affect the economics/currencies/money/old money (including Birthed/inherited money) is some profound and potentially undermining ways. See Friday’s Weekend Reading for the background prediction on this.

I suspect that other factors rather than just the Black Swan Feathers just thrown by Edward Snowden may be at work here; but it is interesting that the Money/Economic energy has been rather quiet for a while, seemingly overshadowed by the by the Stars (look out below/cosmic) energies and those of Secrets Revealed. Among which this past weekend’s revelations are just the most recent, if perhaps the most damaging manifestation.  They are especially damaging if you are a member of an organization, government or even family that wished to keep this news hidden away forever from the public.

The story about the Swiss Banker being subverted into giving away Swiss banking secrets and ending centuries of  hidden bank practices is likely to have set up a back-lash effect on money/currencies/trading/etc in many places. It is also likely to cause a good deal of destabilization  among previously secure and trusted trading partners and allied countries.  Many of these countries are now questioning their connections with the US and other agencies as well as corporations that may have been involved in these secret data mining operations, some of them some really Big Money players in the world economy.

So in that sense I think you get the concept of the “Birth” of a “new situation(s)” when it comes to money,  and a lot of those new situations may be very confusing, difficult and surprising .

There are also hints again of the “font of Mother’s Milk” perhaps the easy way money has simply “flowed” from the printing presses for the last few years; that fountain maybe drying up or at least slowed by this current situation; notice also that the Berkano rune can also look like two mountains or even volcanoes if turned about a bit.  I think there are still a lot of explosive and mountain-shaking news yet to come out and when it does, again at the root of everything it will be affecting money/economies (and after that governments/politics/corporations and has the potential to spawn wars or other conflicts).

I don’t think we are totally done with the Earth Changes/cosmic stuff totally either – though this week they may be as much reflected in the economic costs and damages already incurred (and being incurred) by Individuals/Peoples/Tribes/Nations from their impact, as much as the actual cosmic/natural/solar/earth/moon/sun/sky based disruptions or even disasters.

But again, for individual people and families, a likely better week money wise than it has been before; especially for those not directly affected by the moving and shaking of the giant corporations or huge government/money cartels that have tended to operate in a very different world from most of us.

The rest of the week should be an interesting ride indeed, stay tuned for updates!


Card of the Day – Monday – May 27, 2013

Friendship Daguz2

The Card for Today is Friendship and the rune of the day is Daguz (Dawn/the Sun at Sunrise).

Since I’m going to be gone most of this week and next Monday, I’ll be extending this reading out a bit and post the link to the Audio reading before I leave tomorrow.  This week’s audio reading projects out for two weeks to cover the time I’m going and I’m also going to project out a bit from today’s reading as well.

The Friendship (treaties/alliances/etc) card plus Daguz (Day/New Dawn/Day/Sunrise) run suggest a really big shift in energy focus from what we have been seeing before.  It goes along with the audio reading in showing that while the stars/patterns/secrets revealed energy is still there it may be moving closer to the patterns revealed direction and away from the really intensely bad weather and other “look out below energies” of the past few weeks.

The Friendship card is all about human relationships, on its own is it a highly positive card suggesting a week for individuals to engage in activities and fun with very close and personal good friends.

The Daguz rune in this context comes up pretty much “New Friends” so look for making new friendships as well as keeping old ones this week; with the Holiday Weekend in the US and several coming up soon in Europe; this combination suggests a relaxed holiday when friends and family gather and enjoy each other’s company.

It again, fits with the Audio reading that predicts a two-week time period when focusing less on staying home and hiding and more on getting out and being with people and getting active is a good general life-plan.

On the international front, the Friendship plus Daguz rune combination gets a bit murkier because while on the one had it suggests a Day when “People/Tribes/Nations” can be “friends;” it also has an overlay of “new friends” or new combinations of Peoples/Tribes/Nations that will seem good to some but may be rather upsetting to others.

There are also hints of nuclear or atomic issues within the Daguz rune, all solar runes have these as nuclear anything (energy, bombs, research etc) involves the power of the “little sun.”

This may be a hint that there will be evidence coming to light of “nuclear friendships” or even exchanges between countries that contain positive or negative consequences depending on your point of view.

The Friendship card with the Daguz rune suggest that either this is a new revelation (the audio reading Moon card) or it may seem to be new, is now revealed or is just coming to light  (or perhaps just getting started).

Other issues/treaties/agreements etc are also likely to be affected by the sun-rise/dawn/new energy including corporations, banks, research, news stories etc; so look for some surprising revelations or current event surprises involving “friendship(s)” if not today with the US holiday “silly story” Holiday theme going then by tomorrow or Wednesday I would be very surprised if these don’t start showing up.

But, over-all for most people, this shows a very positive few days coming up, one when relationships and people will become a large focus and friendships very important.

Some of this energy is likely to bleed over into the rest of the week, for time period that is likely to have its own ups and downs; but when the power of good and serious friendships is likely to make them all more enjoyable and more bearable.

There may or may not be a reading tomorrow – but there will be a post linking the audio report and a note saying the blog will not be updated until June 4th.

So, that’s pretty much for this week’s blog peek into the future but the audio reading will have a lot more information so as they say, stay tuned for the download link should be up by 8pm EST tonight.

Until then, take care and all the best…