Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Nov 15-17, 2013

Fortune BeastSeven of Pentaclesnautiz2

Oh my, now this is an interesting mix for the weekend ahead especially in terms of Current Events!  We now go from rather cosmic speculations about Liberation and Magic too much more focused and down to earth matters like MONEY and FORTUNES.

First we have the Fortune Card – which while it can be about other sorts of fortune (anything from spiritual growth to the “fortunes” of war) right now I think this is about the most typical meaning of the card in a Current Events Reading – Great Fortunes/Big Money/Big Finance/Inherited Wealth/Big Business and Big Economics.   I also think there are hints of some of the other meanings of the card here as well, including that of the “Winds of Fortune” or Fate – there is also an aspect of Treasure seeking to this card.  In a positive role, this is The Seeker going forwards towards enlightenment and understanding (or even the average person doing what they can to take care of themselves and earn their “fortune”) but I am not sure this card is in a positive aspect today.

That’s because of the second card, which is the Beast.  The Beast Card represents all those horrible, nasty, violent, aggressive, explosive, lustful, vengeful and just downright nasty Beasts that we all have deep inside us, but most of us learn to regulate on a personal level after we leave early childhood.  While adults vary a great deal in how well they accomplish this task, even relatively unsocial people tend to recognize that throwing an emotional tantrum in the grocery store is  not likely to get them what they want; unlike the two-year old screaming to Mommy that he must have the sugar-coated crunchy box RIGHT NOW—WAAAAAA!

On an international and Current Events scale, the Beast combined with Fortune is not positive combination and indicates fights or at least envy, lust and anger over Money/Fortunes/Economics/Resources etc.   It isn’t necessarily outright war on a gun-slinging battle field, though it can be; but it is certainly not a safe, quiet or calm situation either.  I get an image of livid executives, red-faced in boardrooms and screaming at their minions in frustration about something.

This could be the result of some actual situation in “World Fortunes” that is already happening on the ground, something they are concerned about or something that is being planned but whatever it is – the Fortunes of The Beast have now engaged and it is likely to be a bumpy ride.

Even our Cat’s Eye Tarot Card today is about Money – It is the Seven of Pentacles Kitty – The Seven of Pentacles Kitty is a feral kitty who is in the process of learning to trust and evaluate the pros and cons of becoming domesticated and enjoying a food bowl.  He really appreciates the food dish and when the lady has opened the door before and turns on the light, he knows she will be putting one out for him but it is still early days and he isn’t sure about this new contract between human and cat.  He’s going to have to make a choice: shall he accept the easier life offered by the food dish and the warm house and if he does, what price shall he pay for the warmth and food?

This card usually symbolizes a cross-roads, a time to access and perhaps re-access a program or plan of action towards meeting a goal (aka Seeking your Fortune) but if things are not going as you hoped, it maybe time to switch gears and try a different track or at least really evaluate what you are doing.  This is a time to pause, take a breath and plan the next move forward, because it is a time when you may need to make an adjustment in order to continue to progress (or in the case of the kitty give up a totally free life style in exchange for warmth, love, light and food in a regular dish).

The final entry into this rather intense group of cards is also intense that is the rune Nauthiz, which means NEED or NEED FIRE.  This is the rune of desperation, the rune of using two sticks together to make a fire, the most primitive and difficult way to do so.  By the time of the runes, people were already pretty good with flint and steel, men tended to carry them about on their belts so they could make fire on a moments notice; in contrast rubbing two sticks together means going back in time and working very hard for something that normally would be relatively easy.

But fire, next to water and food is a basic human need without which food can not be cooked, water can not be boiled and in extreme cold people can die without.

This rune combined with The Fortunes at Stake, The Raging Beast, The Re-evaluation of the Seven of Pentacles suggests a GREAT NEED in the worlds of finance/money/fortunes etc probably for a change in direction, re-think or even restart of something.

Unfortunately, because of the Beast Energy, some of these decisions are likely to be based on emotional reactions (including fear) rather than real, thought out and rational reasoning.

However the Need Fire can be a lot of things, with desperation being high on that list so this could also indicate and increasingly grave desperation in terms of that need to make a change, especially in the face of the Angry Beast.

Now the most obvious way I see this energy expressing today is again in North America with the anger over their Health Care Program which is now pitting the forces of the Insurance Industry against a “request” by a President combined with a furious congress and an upset public.  There is certainly a desperate need there for a rethink and perhaps change of direction, this weekend looks to be very interesting in that regard.

I do think this energy is likely to spill over into other areas though, I’m sensing a serious unease, worry and probably growing desperation on the part of the world economic moving and shakers in terms of their being able to keep “The Beast” (aka the current “too big to fail” world of funny money/phantom products/vaporware debt etc) in check and their fortunes intact.

This may be a time period when THEY are taking stock and deciding what prices they are willing to pay for their continued participation in The Beast and it won’t surprise me if a number of individuals or even corporations decide to cash in their chips and get out of the game this weekend (or begin plans to do so).

The energy will also likely spread beyond the areas of just finances and economics, anytime you have the Beast Card you have the threat of violence (real and symbolic) arguments, upsets and above all emotional rather than rational responses to anything.

That applies to individuals as well as current events – so this is a good weekend to concentrate on making sure your fortunes are not threatened by unreasoning behavior and make sure your decisions are based on real needs and now the demands of your inner two-year old.

Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Aug 23-25, 2013

Fortune Work Tree Berkano2

This weekend’s cards show a rather high chance of rather dramatic or sudden macro economic issues taking center stage in a big way.

That’s because we have The Fortune Card – (Fortunes, Money, Treasure, Big Money, Spiritual Progress etc) right next to the Work Card (usually jobs, employment, daily work, spiritual work) and the Tree (The World Tree, Putting Down Roots, the Root of a Problem) together with Berkano (Birth/Mother Goddess/Birch Tree).

Now this energy could be positive or it could be negative in terms of current events – because a positive way to ready this would be: The Birth of Fortunes, Work and these becoming Rooted or Established.

However, my first sense upon seeing the cards was not along these lines, I do think that this energy may play out this way in some places and for some individuals; I suspect this is a good weekend to sharpen up a resume or got for a job interview.

But, my reaction to the cards was more along the lines of “Great Fortunes/Big Money will affect Employment/Jobs/Work or be affected this weekend by something that shakes the roots of the world-economic tree.  Given the Hagalaz hail rune yesterday’s potential to hit the Body (Physical world) and today’s Birth rune – my feeling is that some thing (or situation) is being “born” or “about to hit” that is going to involve both fortunes and jobs for many people.

How the tree “shakes out” remains to be seen, and for some reason I keep feeling a tie towards possible war or rumors of wars as something that may be affecting all of this, especially the Fortunes/Jobs combination.

Of course if you look at the world Fortune in our language it can also stand for “The Fortunes of War” or “The Fortunes of the Nation(s)” etc as well as the Spiritual Well Being and Spiritual/Metal Work that individuals (or groups of people) might be engaged in.

There is a feeling also of drawn in breath to this reading, especially when combined with the one from yesterday, almost as if something is waiting to happen.

The good news is that the Berkano Rune is one of the most positive in the entire Futhark; representing Maternal, Loving, Giving, Birth energy; but like any Momma she can also get mad or become wildly protective when she feels her children are under threat.

So while this reading can be wildly positive for individuals who are going into the weekend riding on the fortune seeking, hard-working energy, focused towards new plans to put down roots and expand their branches; I am just not as certain about the positive spin for Current Events.

On the other hand, there may some stories this weekend about real (or contrived) improved employment figures, better pay, new jobs programs, Big Business Mergers or Expansions, Great-Movements of Money, New Job openings, Building programs, housing construction etc., etc..

That would all fit with this energy very well, so a mix weekend, but one I think may yet have a few surprises in store.  That Hagalaz “strike” rune from yesterday has a potential that has not totally faded away yet.  I do think that some of the “attacks” on E-Bay and other Internet Sites/Gateways are part of this but I’m not sure they are all of it, or that they (or the energy) is totally played out.

We shall see…just keep your attentions on your own work, fortunes and trees while keeping an eye out for the outside world.

Card of the Day – Wednesday – July 10, 2013

Puzzle Fortune Tiwaz2

Quick and late reading today, but didn’t want to let the entire day go without a glimpse at the cards and runes.

I’m glad I did, I go the Puzzle (A Decision which must be made before things can go forward) and Fortune (Fortunes both spiritual and physical) stuck together along with the Tiwaz (Justice/Law/Legal Decisions/Sky Father) rune-stave.

This combination suggests:

A Decision will have to be about Fortunes/Economics/Currencies/banking etc and it will involve laws/courts/legal contracts/passing laws etc.

It can also be about legal (or tribal/national/international) decisions about such matters, such as the Court Ruling earlier today that Apple Inc was guilty of trying to fix the prices of E-books a few years ago (other companies settled out of court I gather).

The energies probably point to a much larger decision than just that one, but that is the basic sort of thing you can expect to see.

I also noted that the main Psy Card Site, which now does its own card of the day over at is The Warrior, exactly the same card that I got here yesterday.  So it is likely that this “battling/warrior/conflict” energy is likely to spill over into this Puzzle/Decision/Fortune/Legal reading.

Remember Tiwaz is TRIBAL justice which doesn’t really care if the issue is solved in a court room, by ritual combat or even all-out war; only that the matters is that the clan/family/national honor is satisfied.

On a personal level, this is a day when decisions people have been putting off about banking/saving/financing/budgeting etc, may have to be sorted before the family can go forward.

It may be a very good day if you work in any sort of legal profession associated job (legal secretary, lawyer, judge, para-legal etc) but it may be a very dicey day if you work in banking related fields or in anything relating to fortunes (including precious metals) and economics.

Hopefully we’ll see more tomorrow when I hope to get a chance for a longer read – but at least this is a mid-week warning that verifies that Fehu rune earlier in the week suggesting that “Fortunes/Money/Gold” etc are at stake here and are a good chunk of this weeks conflicting and probably legal issues coming up in the cards.


Card of the Day – Monday – April 22, 2013


Today’s card is Liberation (set free/escape/break-out) and the rune is Daguz (Dawn/New Day).

The basic meaning of this reading is:

Liberation (freedom/escape/break out) at Dawn (or at the new Day).

You could also read it as:

There is a new Dawn for Liberation (Freedom/escape/breakout).

Lets go with the positive aspects, especially for individuals so they can concentrate on them.

This combination suggests a time when things that have been bottled up, held up, trapped, imprisoned or otherwise blocked can be set free.  There is a certain “light cometh in the morning” about this reading, as Daguz can also be “the early morning sun.”

So it is a good day for unlocking old blockages, looking for new ways to deal with problems that seem stuck and generally a great day for new/fresh starts when it comes to any life project.

As often happens though, I’m not sure the Current Events picture is quite as Rosy (and as always individuals should pay attention to because these energies can also play out negatively in the personal world too).

The Liberation Card shows the young couple escaping jail/a castle together on horseback and then escaping by the less traveled route.  There is really a lot of variation on how to read that image, first the view has no easy way to know who the couple is or what they represent.

Are they two lovers trapped by the resentment of their families and who are now feeling their clutches to marry and share their lives together (a positive union, made in love type of symbol); or are they a pair of depraved Highwaymen escaping the bonds of justice to rob and destroy those on the road once they are free again?

Unless the card is chosen for a more specific question than just the usual: “What are the man energy(s) that are likely to be affecting the world/western world in the next 24 to 72 hours,” we just can’t know the answer to the above question.

What we can know is that the forces are in place for sudden break outs/escapes/unexpected decisions/freedoms/etc are very likely today.

What escapes or breaks loose in today’s “Dawn” or “Exposed by New Sunlight” is a anyone’s guess and is probably going to affect more than one issue anyway.

Look for stories about secrets revealed, amazing escapes from danger, prison breakouts, new information exposed (on any topic, though solar/sun/nuclear would be highly likely), breaking new ground, new ways of doing things, perhaps even a science or medical break through (or even an epidemic of disease).

There may also be movements and stories about groups that have Liberation/Freedom or even New Dawn (the Greek Political Party) today.

There are powerful forced for negative and positive liberation today, individuals can do their best to make sure their own freedoms and directions are positive; how this plays out in the rest of the world will be largely the result of exactly what is Liberated and how those affected choose to react.

So once again, a day to pay close attention to the news (or at least check in once in a while) to look for “liberation” good and bad, but concentrate in your own life on the positive energy of a New Day for your personal way forward.

Finally, today’s reading confirms the weekend reading of a sudden change in energy(s) direction; though what is “liberated” is likely to be connected (or connecting in hindsight) to those energies highlighted in the week(s) before such as Money, Money Trails, Currencies/Stocks/Warfare/Diplomatic Warfare and Hidden manipulation/Destruction.

Since Monday often highlights the coming week – this is likely to be a week of breakouts/escapes/liberation, new situations and secrets coming to light.




Card of the Day – Monday – April 15, 2013

TheBody FortuneFehu2

If I had a song to describe the over-all theme of this reading it would be “Money, Money, Money by Abba!”

Two cards came out stuck together today:

The Body –  the material world, health, and sometimes a blockage/stop

Fortune – Physical and Spiritual fortunes, seeking of fortune, good or bad fortune, The Seeker

Fehu Rune Stave – Cattle/Wealth – the ancient symbol for money with cattle being the currency of the Iron Age.  Can also mean fertility, good harvests, the Goddess Freya (love, war, fertility, intuition) but mostly this rune is about wealth and money (or spiritual power and wealth).

All three taken together suggest that weekend’s flagged Disaster is likely still ongoing and may have economics/currencies/money/wealth at its roots (or at least as a big part of it.

I have already read the “gold crashing” headlines today, and that is certainly a part of this energy – but I suspect something even bigger is going on  – just why is gold crashing and/or why is some of it being sold off?

The Body Card when read for an individual suggests health, but in this case I think it is the health of the over-all economic/world of fortunes.  I am not exactly sure how all this is going to play out in real terms, but Money, fortunes, blockages and possible “wars” (including the modern versions of cattle raids aka raids on banks, depositor’s savings, tax-payers, pension funds etc) are likely as well as real-time saber-rattling of the old-fashioned sort.

While this could be a signal that the whole house of cards is about to crash, my sense is more likely that one of the rooms is about to lose its roof and a retaining wall is about to start sagging.

In other-words not everything comes crashing down totally this week but the fatal cracks in the foundation are finally having a real-time effect with real-time consequences – not just something that can be ignored because it hides away underground.

For individuals, a much better prognosis for the day – a day to watch your finances yes and be careful – and anyone in the US knows this is the day when taxes are due; so that’s going to be on the minds of citizens there.  How much has been taken out and/or how much refund they are going to get can effect their mood and how they feel about money and fortunes today.

But in general, a good day for very cautious forms of personal investment though those buying houses and larger items may find a temporary road-blocks to their plans – these will probably not be permanent but could delay things enough to be annoying.

A good day for spiritual workings, medications, seeking of advice (from respected living humans and the other world); a good day for a medical check up, to be working in the medical fields (doctors, nurses, EMT’s etc) and a great day for farmers, especially cattle ranchers.

A good way to enjoy today’s energy if to plan and plant a garden or other sort of “seed” that can help you grow your fortunes.

However, pay attention to the outside news today, it could affect you – when in doubt, take care of your investments first – remember Cyprus – if things look scary take appropriate steps to protect you and your family – let FEHU/Wealth rune work for YOU and Yours, no  matter what may be going on around you.

Card of the Day – Thursday – April 11, 2013


Yesterday our local Internet was very slow and wonky so there was no card reading and last night my elderly kitty decided to have fun with the desk and lost a couple of my runes – I’m sure they are here somewhere (and this new set is wooden so I can replace them later if I have to) but thanks to Freya the Cat – we have two cards today rather than a card and a rune.

So, the Cards Today are:

The Body: Physical body, health, the material world, a material issue

Fortune: Physical and Spiritual Fortunes as well as the seeking of both, can also be “good fortune” as in “good luck” or “searching”

Taken together they again suggest a great day for individuals! This wonderful theme of the week continues which delights me no end.

These cards suggest a day for most people when they will have “good fortune” both in terms of their bodies and their quests for material and spiritual prosperity.

Even those in dire circumstances can focus on these energies in hopes of some improvement; a great day for a job interview, exam, new course of study, paying bills, banking, medical appointments, medical studies – if you are working in the medical or financial fields you may find yourself more “in the flow today” and the same is probably true of teachers and psychics.

The downside of today for individuals is that the Body card can also be a warning (notice how the hand is held up) saying “stop, watch and listen”

Taken by itself, the card is usually suggesting we all pay attention to our health (mental, physical and spiritual).  Taken with “Fortune” it suggests a caution on over-spending and not watching our personal reserves of energy (both physical and spiritual ones).   In other words take care to ensure “good fortune” today…

Which leads to the Current Events reading – I think the may issue today internationally may start to refocus again on the financial and economic issues that are constantly there (never really went away) but were dimmed down for a few days as the world (especially the Western World) recovered from the amazement of what happen in Cyprus and the 24/7 worries about North Korea (which have dominated the last 48 hour news cycles).

Today is a day when Fortunes may be directly impacted by something called “REALITY”

I see the Card’s hand throwing up in the air to say “Stop!” as in “Fortunes may Stop” or “Caution, Fortune(s) are not certain here.”

I think because of the Body Card, this is more about the Fortunes of Economics and possibly personal health/survival/material existence than world spirituality.

Pay attention today to Stock Markets, Currencies, Economic/Business News, Personal Fortunes, Famous People or Businesses in Financial Trouble (or getting Windfalls), also possible news about illness (good and bad), things that affect the World “Body” and even a hint of “The Fortunes of War” but that is a bit more in the background today.

All in all though, a good day for most people, just again keep you eye on the news and take steps to protect your personal fortune at a moments notice should the need arise.



Card of the Day – Monday – November 12, 2012

Having missed the usual Friday/Weekend reading due to a combination of problems, including an Internet Outage; I decided to do a longer follow up reading for today.  I altered my usual question slightly to be:

What are the major energy influence both for today and going on through the rest of this week?

The cards are as follows:

The Stars: Making connections, things becoming clear, dreams revealed, situations start to make sense, reaching for the stars, space itself.

Peace: actual Peace (no conflict),  inner-peace, stable, static, un-moving

The Scales: Judgment, tipping point, a decision yet to be made (usually but not always out of the control of those most affected), weighed in the balance

Rune stave:

Fehu – Cattle – Wealth, money, fortune, sex, life force, fertility; powerful energy forces – can signify conflicts over money or sex.

Taken with last weeks readings that can be reviewed here on the site, we seem to be moving from a situation where current events are over-shadowed by a secret waiting to be revealed, to a puzzle starting to come together to make sense.

That would be the Star Card, which you can see on the card takes the individual stars and starts to pull them together into man-made constellations that make sense to the human eye (as well has had many stories about them).

The Peace Card could be the inner-peace brought by this understanding, but given this is mostly a Current Events Reading, I feel this card is the more literally translation of Peace – as in absence of conflicts or even war.

The Scales Card suggests that Peace (and to some degree the Stars-connections-understanding) is being “Judge and Weighed in the Balance).  Things could go either way, depending on just what is or is not revealed by the growing connections seen “in the stars.”

I am not an astrologer, but there is also a hint of things “in the stars” affecting Peace, so any astrologers out there might want to check on this week’s aspects.  If anyone wants to write me at I’ll be happy to post any observations you would like to make here on the blog.

Meanwhile, the really serious issue that ties all this together (as if it were not serious enough) is the rune Fehu.  Fehu literally means Cattle but to the early Germanic People Cattle meant Wealth or Money.  Cattle were often obtained by raiding the neighbors in an early shadow of wealth creation by corporate raiding or take-overs.

To make it even more complicated, Fehu is also associated with the Goddess Freya, hence gold and amber (sun-gold) are some of the energies in this rune as is unbridled sexuality and passion.

It its best aspects this is the perfect rune for conceiving a child, asking for a raise, sound financial planning or purchasing jewelry.

It its worst aspects it boils down to: conflict/war over money/wealth/sex

My husband, Dr. P.h.d. in Old Norse/Anglo-Saxon studies from Cambridge UK has been known to say,

“The Entire Ring Cycle can be boiled down into an eight-hour exploration of the Fehu rune.  You’ve got conflicts over gold and sex that result in clan warfare.”

When I put all this together with a private reading done of the weekend about the situation of General Petraeus’s resignation and the can-of-warms that may be welling up from it about the situation in Libya etc; I get a very strong sense that situations are being revealed and connections being made that may affect Peace either of the US and/or the Middle Eastern/world regions. 

This situation isn’t fully balanced out yet, but to be this serious there has to be a lot more going on than an important man having problems with his mistress.  Although the Fehu rune of conflict over sex does fit the public story of women in conflict over “their” man (sexual fighting).

I think there is more to the Fehu rune though, because I suspect that somewhere in all this someone(s) feel their wealth/gold is threatened and again the Scales have not yet tipped as to how far things may go or if Peace will be affected.

My advice is to follow Current Events rather closely the next week(s), especially as information comes out about the real story behind the General’s resignation and/or any cover-ups that are associated with it and/or the Death of the US Ambassador.

Smaller events than these have toppled governments or caused changes in the course of history before.  I’m not saying this one will, because the Judgment card suggests it has not yet been decided.  However, it also suggests that LEGAL actions (congressional hearings/court cases/UN tribunals etc) may be in the offing.

Remember, these sorts of readings suggest it isn’t the surface story that is important, but the hidden stuff that starts coming together that will explain the real issues. 

Finally, for individuals, a similar but not nearly so dire reading – today is a day when things may start to make sense.  The week has the potential to be a peaceful one provided you avoid situations that could cause conflicts over sex and money.  A week when issues of law or judgment could affect family life, so try not to judge others too harshly in a personal way either.

A great week for starting a family, making a will, doing cross-world puzzles, studying for exams, and amber jewelry.