Card of the Day – Monday – August 26, 2013

Work Elhaz

Today’s Card (and also starting off the week as a focus) is Work/Employment/Jobs etc combined with Elhaz (Algiz) Moose/protection/connections/strong force.

Together they suggest that this week a lot of new stories as well as individuals are likely to experience situations concerning work, their employment, work-place protections or safety, job or economic forces that seem unstoppable or attempts at social/employment protections (like taxes/tax relief, tariffs, job programs etc).

By itself, such stories and situations are neither good nor bad, though in general the elk/moose rune is protective, the only downside is when the energy of a very strong animal collides with something it either doesn’t understand, can’t run away from or decides to run head-long into.

If you have ever experienced a Moose nearly hitting your car at 60 mph because it is used to being the biggest, baddest, mammal in the Swedish forest with no predators (except man) after reaching adulthood; you will understand just how dangerous this in-born sense of “I am protected, always protected” can sometimes be, if the threat is not something easily seen or understood.

However, I think today (and this coming week) there are aspects of both good and bad sides of this energy going on here that are likely to “protect” work or attempt to “protect work/employment jobs.”

Different nations and areas are going to try different things, probably everything from outright programs to directly employ people to perhaps even a military build up to boost “spending.”  I am feeling strongly that there may be calls in North America for things like tariffs (raising the price of imported goods) not seen in several generations in order to try to boost home-industry; and if it isn’t actual tariffs there may be some similar desperate aspects proposed.

On the good side, the Protected Work may be helpful news to fire-fighters, police, those working with dangerous materials, big machinery operators, level four bio-lab workers etc; anyone who works with anything dangerous or worrying because there may be an extra sense of protection today.

Of course the flip side is to pay extra attention to safety and being careful because the very issues of safety and protection could suddenly come forward if there is another large industrial accident or other employment related danger of some-sort that gets brought into public focus.

Meanwhile on a personal level, this is a good day to “work” on all sorts of spiritual things because the connections between this world and the other world should be strong, protective and in balance.

So a great day to present a health and safety course at work and follow that with working on your meditation skills when  you get home.

A wonderful day for working on psychic self-defense or your personal protection mantra.