Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – May 10-12,2013

Wheel Skills Cave Inquirer Hagalaz2

This weekend’s Reading has four cards because the last two cards fell out of my deck together, when I added the rune-stave, the reading seemed to make perfect sense.

Before I break this down, I’m going to summarize this reading in three words,

Look Out Below!

Now, why do I say this? Well lets break things down and then look at the results:

The Wheel Card: Fate/Karma/Wheel of Fortune – something that is either meant to be, something fated, something karmic or a cycle is about to swing into place.  Sometimes this card represents the cycles of history (either personal, national or international) and I think there are hints of all of these in this reading.  As the first card in a longer reading it screams as loud as a card can: Pay Attention, the following information if very important, it is highly likely to happen and almost impossible to avoid, so get ready.

The Skills Card: A bow, arrow and quivers, on its own this card represents the skills a person/tribe/nation/ needs to deal with a situation.  In the context of this week’s past readings it is interesting because on Wednesday we had the Father card with the father showing his son how to shoot the very same bow and arrow (along with the Tiwaz/Spear rune) suggesting that an “arrow” might be about to fly somewhere.

Yesterday we then had the Tiwaz rune (Spear again) with the Voyage card, suggesting the arrow or Spear was now in flight/process of making its way where-ever it was going to go.

Today, we have the image of the Bow, Arrow and quiver itself laid upon the grass having been shot, sent and not put down.  In this case, I feel the “Skills” have already been employed (whatever and whomever’s they may have been) and are the time when the “shot” could be avoided has now passed (the Wheel).

The Cave Card:  This was also the card on Monday, a day whose reading often sets the tone for the following week.  Then instead of an extra cards, we had two runes stuck together: Othala (homeland/inheritance) and Uruz (Elk/Strength).  I concluded then we were headed in to a time period when people might be feeling depressed, like hiding from something very strong that was coming, something that could affect the homeland/home/people/tribe/nation where they lived.

Of course this could also manifest in a personal way, but the over-all feeling for the week was the this kind of depressed-hiding energy – sometimes the Cave card can be a managed and staged withdrawal (like in meditation or taking time to heal) but that wasn’t really the sense I was getting for this week – more a desire to just not hear any more and/or hide from something.

Now we have the cave card again, and coming after the Wheel and the Skills/Arrow/Spear energy; I getting an even stronger sense of needing to hide or take shelter (either mental or physical I’m not sure).  This suggests either a news overload of something that is simply more than most folks want to experience and/or a physical need to take shelter (or feel like hiding, staying home, under the covers etc) on the part of many people (either locally somewhere or internationally).

The Inquirer Card: Makes this reading more personal, it suggests that individuals (aka me, the readers of this blog, individual people) will be affected by these energies, not just some vast international blob, country or organization.

While all energies affect everyone a little bit, most of the time the way an over-all energy plays out in the individual lives of people varies to an extent depending on what is going on in their personal lives.

Someone getting married and having a wonderful day, may experience the “Death Card” only as the “Final Ending” of being single (very wonderful outcome) but someone who is hoping to not be laid off, who loses their job (another final ending) may be very upset with the outcome.

Which brings me to our Rune-Stave:

Hagalaz: This rune is literally translated as Hail Stone, and usually indicates a “Sudden Strike,” the imagine of a giant ball of frozen water smashing into a glass skylight from above is pretty accurate here, which is why I wrote earlier to “look out below.”

When reading for Current Events, Hagalaz usually indicates a sudden and usually unexpected something that “strikes” out of the blue – this could be physical, mental or spiritual but is most often physical.  While it can be positive like a new medical discovery that suddenly changes the world, the Cave card and the previous readings of this week suggest that this coming “hail strike” is not something for the world to look forward too.

The Wheel Card also suggests it isn’t anything that anyone can do anything about; and while the Arrow/Spear connections hint at a human caused “Strike” the sighting of a Super Nova (with possible  cosmic energy headed towards the Earth) does give pause and suggests that “natural” forces have to be considered here also.

While I am not predicting for certain an “attack/hit on the Homeland” that would certainly be one way of reading the energies, so would be a “Strike” like hailstorm/tornado/earthquake/volcanic explosion.

We can be grateful that neither the Sun Card nor the Sowilo/Daguz runes have showed up, so if the “strike” is man created (either intentionally or by accident) it probably isn’t nuclear – although since most of the readings have been short one or two cards/rune readings, that can’t be totally ruled out either (neither can a solar flare or other cosmic source of the “hit”).

Because this reading is for this weekend, there’s a big red flag over this time period but unfortunately because the energy has been building for a while (including hints of something coming in the last three weeks or so) I can’t be certain that just because we get through this weekend without anything major happening, that the “Window” for such a hit has totally passed.

Energies tend to make events more likely, once in a great while they actually “predict” something that is so very likely that it is almost impossible to avoid; but more often they provide “windows” when certain sorts of things are more likely to occur.

While the Wheel Cards makes this energy highly likely to be one that simply must play itself out (one way or another) even that isn’t written in stone.  The advice of the Cave Card can also be taking by the “Inquirer” aka everyone reading this, to stay safe, avoid risky situations whenever possible and in general work on the skills needed to get through a short (or longer) period of withdrawal from the larger world, should such an event(s) result in a cut off from the outside.

Doing so will not hurt anything, but might prove very useful if the hail does come down in such a way that it affects your area.  If we get through the next several weeks and the energy starts to relax and brighten up – we can all breathe a size of relief that the “window” past with only minor manifestations of this energy.

If it doesn’t, being well and truly safe and snug in our personal caves, may be the best advice the cards can give.

Finally, for individuals this is a day when a lot of people are going to find a push/pull between wanting to get things done (especially things like studying or things that require personal skills) and simply hiding out and staying under the covers.

A lot of people are likely to feel jumpy and anxious (the Hail rune) even if they haven’t read this forecast; and everyone should be prepared to have sudden and unexpected events smash into their lives.

Thankfully some of these will be positive, like a sudden raise, romance or opportunity but others surprises may not be so welcome.

Just do what you can to meet these “hail strikes” and adjust as best you can, the energies suggest that this is a good time for intentional withdrawal from battle or meeting challenges by prayer, meditation and thinking rather than direct confrontation.

The time for confrontation is likely to come later, but right now safety and security is your best response.

Have a safe, peaceful weekend of the sort where long sleep-ins and practicing skills (hobbies) is encouraged.  Pay attention to the outside news and the weather reports (they could affect you) but don’t dwell on it.  Because if the hail is going to strike, it is simply going to and there is little to be done about it – so take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Enjoy the sunshine if you have it and know that all energies pass away with time…

Card of the Day – Tuesday – March 5, 2013


Today’s card is The Body (Health, The Physical Body, The Physical World) and Elhaz (or Algiz) is the rune (Elk, Protection, Connection between the physical and spiritual worlds).

This is a really interesting combination on several levels, especially given yesterday’s Warrior/Hail Strike combination.  My husband (Dr. P.h.d. in Old Norse Studies) told me later in the day that the Warrior Card combined with the Hagalaz (Hail) rune would have been instantly understood in the Viking Age to mean “The Warrior Strikes with Spear or Arrows and/or the Warrior “rains” Spears or Arrows.  He said there were numerous “kennings” using this symbolism in Old Norse poetry.  My husband said his first thoughts were “either terrorist strike or sudden battle/war,” because of this (there is still energy for weather related or natural causes like a volcano or asteroid but that war was most likely).

He also said, “The Human may be the Spear, if they are a suicide bomber or intending to die to complete their ‘hail-strike’.”

That is one of the things that makes today’s reading so very interesting because you have the Body Card (aka the Creepy Card, looks like an old medical textbook) which can be a physical person, combined with the rune for Protection and Connection with Divine Forces (or sometimes Fear of the Same).

So this reading can go – The Body needs/is protected today

Or  – Health needs protecting/is protected

But there is also a possible third, less positive reading of:

A Person (body) who is feared, who believes they have a divine connection

I really hope this last energy pattern is NOT the one we are likely to see this week, especially not with yesterday’s reading to start out the week.  It feels far to close again like someone who believes themselves to be a “Divine Spear” ready to Strike from which others need protection.

But, since energies tend to play out in different ways and I believe that people have the power to concentrate and bring forth the more positive versions in their own lives (and collectively The Planet) lets all concentrate on the Body is Protected today and leave it at that.  If events prove otherwise, we can examine them later in the week, I just felt the warning needed to be there but hopefully won’t be needed.

So a great day to take care of you own health, eat well, take some exercise and enjoy feeling alive.

A great day to take care of “spiritual” health too, the Elk rune provided tons of energy for positive connections between the human world and that of the Spiritual Realms.

Another very “active” energy day, when it should be easier just to get a lot of things done and move “with the flow.” But also a day to pay attention to any nagging inner voices you may have health wise, when in doubt see your doctor and get things check out.

Finally, a great night for dreaming; the power of both the physical and spiritual worlds being very strong during this time period.  The confused and conflicting dreams of last week are left behind, with new clarity and understanding taking their place.

If you would like to have you own personal reading, please click here for more information.




Card of the Day – Monday – January 21, 2012


Today’s Card is Fortune and the Rune-Stave is Tiwaz (Justice/Law/Trail by Combat/Just or Justified war).

My first impression on seeing this combination was for current events and it jumped to the concept of “Fortunes of War” or “Fortune(s) made by War” given that Tiwaz.

Wars and conflicts fought under the influence of Tiwaz almost also seek a “justification” (real or invented) to try to “right a wrong” or even “bring vengeance for the clan/tribe/nation.”

This card and rune combination suggest a conflict/war may be brewing that will/is being justified in such a way (real or imagined) where great fortunes may be at stake and/or behind the push for the war itself.

As Events develop a more detailed and specific reading on this topic may be needed and if so I’ll do a “special reading” page.  Right now things “feel” like are very early in their infancy and not yet fully formed.  This African take over MAY be used as an excuse (or someone(s) may be contemplating the “fortunes” of doing so; but it could be simply that this is just one expression of the energies and the real tribal conflict/judgment is just starting to unfold elsewhere.

As always the energy affects everyone to at least a small degree, so the energy is there this week for conflict hot spots to suddenly flare up, especially those that concern both money and legal contracts (aka treaties/boundary disputes/court cases etc).

As for individuals, a rather severe time with both money/fortunes and law all lurking in the background in powerful and sometimes difficult ways.  A very good week if you work for well-intentioned crusaders with the law behind them; a rather bad week if you’re seeking your fortune in less than straight and narrow legal pathways.

Tiwaz is a great rune for lawyers, police and military and folks in those types of occupations may experience “good fortune” this week; those who work in opposition to them had best lay low and most of us probably just want to be careful and observe the speed limit this week least our “fortunes” go into the city coffers in the form of fines (lol).

Finally, Fortune can be spiritual as well as physical and I think for individuals this is a fantastic week for meditation and reading about the laws of the universe, the natural word, science, karma and everything in between.  The Spear aspect of the Tiwaz rune can help people zone in on exactly what areas in their lives are going well and which ones may need some modification in order to continue on their most fortunate life-paths.

So a more out-going energy week, as the gloom and hiding of this past weekend moves towards the spear that strikes outward (from the cave) and into the world to see what fortunes it has in store for us.