Card of the Day – Monday – July 29, 2013

Stranger Wujo2

Today’s Card is The Stranger and the rune-stave Wunjo is usually translated as Joy/Clan Banner or Battle Flag.

In my audio card reading on tonight’s show at Monday 8pm EST on the Time Monk Radio Network  There is a weekly reading in which The Stranger is also the first and primary card for the week.

So, we in effect have the same card starting off the week in two different readings, therefore I am pretty sure that something New is coming onto the Current Event’s Stage during this time period.

As I say in the Audio Reading it can be a new person/leader/idea/situation or a brand new (and unexpected) twist on an older issue – that seems, well …strange.

In the overall reading this card combined with cards like the Voyage and Battle and friendships suggestion a possible unusual alliance or perhaps a military/defensive build up where you would not usually expect one.

This is also likely to be a week when the word “Strange” and “Stranger” are likely to be heard in the news a lot.  This may express itself in scientific discoveries, incidents, pairings (unusual marriages or families), “famous” people who seem to come out of no-where, corporations that offer “strange” devices etc., etc..

The Joy Rune suggests that at least in some quarters the main “Stranger” being picked up by the cards (twice now for card of the week) will bring Joy or Happiness at least to some of those affected or aware of the new Person/Situation/Theory etc.

However, I also have to go back to the over-all audio reading with the Warrior and mention the rune’s other signifier of Battle Flag/Clan Banner; which suggests that while some Individuals/Peoples/Tribe or a Nation/Group of Nations may be delighted with the new situation, others equally may not be.

We just have to wait and find out what the New Stranger entering the world scene is before deciding if it is time to jump up and down with joy or not.

I mean this is the sort of energy when surprises could be in store; I’m not really expecting science figuring out a way to break the light barrier and discover the path to warp drive in space ships – but the energy would fit that too.  Especially since the weekend runes in the Audio Show are:

Gebo-Gift and Kennaz – Torch (Light/fire/boil)

The Science Fiction Geek inside me would love to see such an outcome no matter how unlikely – however, not matter what happens I think this is a week to watch.

On a personal level, be ready for strange, new and often happy making people, ideas and events coming into your life this week.  This of this week as a sort of Ripley’s Believe it or Not of the year week and you’ll be fine – a time when anything might happen and probably will.

Normally I don’t chat that much about the weekly audio reading on the Cat’s Eye show, but it just so connects with today’s reading that I thought it was important.  You can hear more about the audio reading by listening to the show – either live or in the You Tube Archives at Time Monk Radio.

Anyway, this gives us a bit of insight into what may be a bit of a Strange and fast-moving (that Voyage Card) week.

So hold onto your hats and stayed tuned…


Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – July 19-21, 2013

Stars Cave Liar Kenaz2

Short reading for a weekend (and no card yesterday) due to very unhappy wrist making typing difficult.

However, I can see a real pattern from the Stars (connections) The Cave (Depression/withdraw) The Liar (Deception/Lies/Distraction) and Kenaz (Torch/Boil/Sideways volcano).

I think there are two levels on which to read this – One is simply that our “star” (the Sun) is acting like a star right now and simply frying a great deal of places North of the Equator, especially in places where this is unusual like Ireland (especially for weeks at time, to the point where we are having water shortages).  This is causing people to go “hide” in their nice, cool caves (if they can find one) but there may also be some false information and/or the heat wave may be used to distract the public from other issues.  The Kenaz rune suggest a torch (fire) normally viewed as light but also producing heat and we also have the idea of things building up to an explosive point (the boil erupting over).  It is possible that the Liar is fooling people into thinking that they can just hide away from everything and that stuff will not boil over, but Kenaz suggests a possible “boil over” long-hot Summer.

The other way to read this on Current Events is that people/public/individuals are making connections about all the Lies and Deceptions (Liars and Deceivers) that keep making news and that this is causing people to be depressed, withdrawn, worried and feeling like hiding from the news and/or hiding from the relentless intrusions it seems that some Western Governments are trying to impose on people.  The Kenaz runes suggests a slowly building anger or “puss/infection” or lava that is building towards the surface on this one – for right now, the public is scared and hiding; but deep inside the mountain the fire is moving towards the surface.  Once it breaks out, it may be very hard to stop..

On a personal level another good weekend to stay cool, take care of yourself, avoid buying used cars (or other contracts you don’t completely trust) and be watchful of people around you “boiling over” or over-reacting.  On the other hand, a great weekend to make connections, go star-gazing and explore anything connected with the element air.

Card of the Day – Wednesday – July 17, 2013

yes Elhaz

A very quick reading today as I have appointments all morning and afternoon but I wanted to check in with the new card deck and the runes.

So far this deck seems fond of cards that direct the energy towards the runes as a source of the main thrust of the reading.

In this case we have Yes (as in yes this is the answer) or (yes there is something) and the rune is Elhaz or Algiz (both names are used) meaning Elk or Moose.

Usually the Elk rune symbolizes protection, strength and connectedness to the Other World.  In can also represent something running wild or barging in where nothing else would dare to go – in the wild, an adult Moose has no natural predators other than man, so they tend to fear nothing.

This can be a very useful thing, except when running directly off a cliff or onto a speeding highway.

So, for the most part this is a great energy reading for the day, suggesting that no matter what is going on – “yes, there is protection, especially from connecting with the Divine/Other World”

However, there is also the downside of “protection is with the strong-one” in if the Strong One is actually about to lead everyone over a cliff or into the speeding car.

I feel both images are possible today – so individuals should be careful to look for their protection where it belongs (in the Divine – however they may view that be it as The Creator, A God, The Gods, The Higher-Self etc; rather than Strong Men who look to have tough antlers in a fight but may stampede out of control at just the wrong moment).

More tomorrow…

Card of the Day – Friday – July 12, 2013

Cave Warrior TheBody Fehu2

This weekend’s Card of The Cave (Withdraw/Depression), The Warrior (Soldiers/Battling/Defense) and The Body (Health/Material World) combine with the Fehu (Wealth/Cattle/Fortunes/Money) rune to suggest the energies of this previous week are going to continue to follow on at least for this coming weekend.

The main difference is that the Cave Card suggests it is possible that there may be some backing off or withdrawing of forces from an actual battle field and/or a desire/need on the part of others to actually physically hide themselves from the “Warriors.”

Given the Body/Physical world card, I will not be surprised if some of this energy results in some people actually hiding in real (or man-made) “cave” in order to protect themselves.

The Fehu rune, once again drums in the message that Great Fortunes/Wealth/Cattle (aka food and livestock)/Gold etc are at stake in this conflict(s).

Or as my husband likes to say, the entire saga of the Rhinegold Stories and Operas can be summed up as “eight hours of the full expression of the Fehu rune: fights and conflicts over sex and money (gold).”

Since in a private reading, a man’s card is often The Warrior, this brings up the sexual/romantic/conflicts issues of Fehu as well as the economic ones.

On a personal level, I suspect the Cave card is coming up again partly because so much of the public would simply like the endless stories of possible wars, conflicts, health issues (aka rumors of plagues, famines etc) and economic crashes to simply “go away.”  A keen desire just to hide out and try to avoid thinking of or dealing with any of these issues is likely to be high on the personal agendas of many people.

Not all of them will be able to simply hide out and avoid everything, because that Body Card suggests serious real world expressions of the energies.

But over-all in think the cards are reading a much larger issue than most people are likely to encounter this weekend.

So, while taking time to enjoy your nice, quiet cave; be looking for stories about troop withdrawals;  conflicts that almost start but not quiet;  expanding conflicts in some other areas; famous people having very public conflicts over love and sex (with possible violence or health issues involved); news of new diseases of famines (live stock and plants included in the Fehu energy) and a general tendency for everyone (on all levels) to have conflicts, arguments and even outright fights over money/currencies/gold/monetary systems/economics.

These cards are the perfect set up for the break-out of a “currency-war” or a physical conflict” and while the second may not happen (in fact the cave card reflects a possible drawing back from the brink of one) the basis for the more physical threats seems to lie in the economic world (including economics directly linked to fertility  of the land/water/resources/oil/coal etc).

On a personal level, another day when watching out for the family budget is a good idea, while at the same time being patient with family members in the hopes of avoiding the sort of nasty conflict that only upsets people and accomplishes nothing.

It is OK to give in to that inner need to hide out, as long as it is done from the viewpoint of an intentional with-drawl for a period of rest and relaxation rather than a mindless flight from the scene; one that refuses to look out the door in case of possible dangers coming down the path.

So a good weekend to stay close to home (in your mind if this isn’t possible to actually physically do) keep a tight rein on the spending and let you body relax and enjoy simple pleasures.

This is a great time if you are trying to create things (including people), for harvesting gardens, working on personal defenses (psychic and physical) and a great time to pay careful attention to  your personal health.

So, the usual mixed bag of positive and negative stuff for individuals, but a clear message that while the longer-term pattern of “conflicts over fortune” may step back a bit from the brink this weekend, they are still there and not likely to go away any time soon.

Card of the Day – Tuesday – March 5, 2013


Today’s card is The Body (Health, The Physical Body, The Physical World) and Elhaz (or Algiz) is the rune (Elk, Protection, Connection between the physical and spiritual worlds).

This is a really interesting combination on several levels, especially given yesterday’s Warrior/Hail Strike combination.  My husband (Dr. P.h.d. in Old Norse Studies) told me later in the day that the Warrior Card combined with the Hagalaz (Hail) rune would have been instantly understood in the Viking Age to mean “The Warrior Strikes with Spear or Arrows and/or the Warrior “rains” Spears or Arrows.  He said there were numerous “kennings” using this symbolism in Old Norse poetry.  My husband said his first thoughts were “either terrorist strike or sudden battle/war,” because of this (there is still energy for weather related or natural causes like a volcano or asteroid but that war was most likely).

He also said, “The Human may be the Spear, if they are a suicide bomber or intending to die to complete their ‘hail-strike’.”

That is one of the things that makes today’s reading so very interesting because you have the Body Card (aka the Creepy Card, looks like an old medical textbook) which can be a physical person, combined with the rune for Protection and Connection with Divine Forces (or sometimes Fear of the Same).

So this reading can go – The Body needs/is protected today

Or  – Health needs protecting/is protected

But there is also a possible third, less positive reading of:

A Person (body) who is feared, who believes they have a divine connection

I really hope this last energy pattern is NOT the one we are likely to see this week, especially not with yesterday’s reading to start out the week.  It feels far to close again like someone who believes themselves to be a “Divine Spear” ready to Strike from which others need protection.

But, since energies tend to play out in different ways and I believe that people have the power to concentrate and bring forth the more positive versions in their own lives (and collectively The Planet) lets all concentrate on the Body is Protected today and leave it at that.  If events prove otherwise, we can examine them later in the week, I just felt the warning needed to be there but hopefully won’t be needed.

So a great day to take care of you own health, eat well, take some exercise and enjoy feeling alive.

A great day to take care of “spiritual” health too, the Elk rune provided tons of energy for positive connections between the human world and that of the Spiritual Realms.

Another very “active” energy day, when it should be easier just to get a lot of things done and move “with the flow.” But also a day to pay attention to any nagging inner voices you may have health wise, when in doubt see your doctor and get things check out.

Finally, a great night for dreaming; the power of both the physical and spiritual worlds being very strong during this time period.  The confused and conflicting dreams of last week are left behind, with new clarity and understanding taking their place.

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Card of the Day – Thursday – Feb 28, 2013


Today’s card is The Sage (or Wisdom) and the rune-stave is Isa (Ice) – by itself, The Sage card is usually positive, an old man keeping the wisdom of the ages in his library, while writing his own observations to secure what he learns can be learned by future generations.

It is very much a card of historical cycles, lessons and learning; in addition to the books, the Sage has the instruments of science, the scales of balance (justice) and perhaps even the pyramid of Egypt (or Occult Knowledge) kept near him.

When I first saw this card, I thought of today’s Papal resignation and all the energy “waves” that was likely to cause in both religious and temporal circles (the Vatican being both a religious body and a secular state), and I think this is part of today’s energy.

It doesn’t matter if one personally thinks the current/former Pontiff was/is a “Sage” or not, as a symbol The Sage often represented an elder, educated and presumably wise person; a person/group in need of wisdom; or a situation in need of wisdom/wise advice.  All of which are likely at play out in the context of the current Vatican change over.

However, the Ice rune brings up yet another possible way the energy will play out and that is in the Sequester/Service Cuts/Congressional stale mate; that is now taking place in the US.  The combination of Ice plus The Sage (Elder Statesmen/theoretical “Wise” Men and Women) suggests:

The Wise/Sages/Elders are Frozen/Unmoving/Stuck

Unlike earlier in the week where there seemed to be a brief window when compromise was not only possible, it could have sailed through easily; now with backs against the way (time wise) the energy has turned from fluidity to solid ice.

Given this, I think it highly unlikely that either the congress or the US President will find any easy way to “move forward” in the next 24 hours at least.  Tomorrow’s longer weekend reading may indicate if the ice will be melting or staying frozen for a while yet, we shall have to see.

For individuals, this combination makes for a time period when much-needed wisdom, learning and common sense may get “stuck” or “frozen-over” by outer events (even real snow or ice storms in some cases).  People may know exactly what they need to do, but feel powerless to actively do anything about it.  Sometimes the “ice” may be internal, as in “feeling frozen” but in many cases it is going to be outside forces “freezing up” (including likely the economy) that force Sage Advice to simply be “left-out-in-the-cold.”

So, be very careful making long-term decisions and making long-lasting plans today; realize that “wisdom” may not be easy to come by, or be easily heard by others when it does.

This NOT a good day for making changes or recommendations in the work place or the home, even you see things that common sense would suggest need doing, better to make a private list and wait until the energies are better before showing it to those likely to be affected.

Again, the Sage card alone makes this a great day for study, reading, respecting or visiting the elderly, looking at cycles, careful planning etc; but the Ice rune suggests that it may not be a good time to really implement much and that attempts to bring these studies or thoughts into reality may be met with a “wall of ice,” at least for the next 24 hours or so.  Write it down, commit to memory and be ready for when the ice melts to move forward on these things.

Card of the Day – Wednesday – Feb 27, 2013


Today’s card is work (both physical and spiritual) and the rune-stave is Kenaz (torch or boil).

An interesting combination that can be highly positive or highly negative depending on how the two energies play out.  The Work card usually means mundane work (as in jobs/employment) but can also mean spiritual and mental work (like studying).  The rune Kenaz can be either “torch” (as a light in the darkness) or a boil (something coming to a head), I like to think of it as the “Volcano rune” because it looks like a sideways cone and often signifies something rising to the surface (like magma).

So, one way this energy combination can play out is work/employment/study is going down a well-lit or inspirational path (light bulb goes off after study/work is easier than usual/light at the end of the unemployment tunnel).  This is a way I feel individuals can work this energy, especially when taken together with yesterday’s combination of Money and Gebo (money and gift).

This is still  a very good time to look for a raise, try to solve a vexing problem or put in yet another job application (because there may be a light in the dark this time).

On the other hand, the other way to read this combination is: Work/Employment/Unemployment issues “come to a head” or are about to “boil over,” and/or are “lighting a torch.”

Once again, I think this is more of how Current Events may be playing out – which is not to say there will not be news stories like today’s slightly improved employment figures here in Ireland or other good news bits elsewhere.  If they are going to happen this week, today is the likely day for it.

But just as likely is conflict, rising levels of anger and frustration and other “erupting emotions” that can no longer be easily contained.  I get the sense that some particular issue or issues are about to come roaring up to hit the world of work/employment/jobs/unemployment right smack in the face.

This is likely to happen quite suddenly, after a long period of slowly rising to the surface (like a boil or volcano).  It will not be something that can be ignored and could easily take the shape of riots and other violence in some places.

This doesn’t have to happen, as I said the energy is also there for vast improvements and torches lighting the way forward towards a new stability.  Expect some of both the positive and negative versions of today’s energy; but try for the positive in your own life but be aware of the negatives as well.

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