Card of the Day – Holiday Edition – 12/23-12/29, 2013

Wind is rising up again and we are supposed to get socked by new storms later tonight and probably later in the week as well, so here is a quick update on the major energies that are likely this week – everyone have a great holiday no matter how you celebrate this year!

Cave Moon Liberation Berkano2 Jera2

This week’s energies may be dominated by the theme of depression and sadness to a degree, not surprisingly because many people often experience mixed emotions over the holiday period.  Not to mention that the weather in many places like likely to make people just sort of want to “curl up in their caves” and hunger down.

However that won’t be the only energy out there (thankfully) we also have The Moon, which as well is being about hidden secrets (expect perhaps more NSA and international spy stories this week) is also about dreams, visions, the inner world and the other world.  A very good card in a lot of ways, during a time period that in many traditions (including the Germanic) is when the barriers between the worlds thin out and greater communication between the living and loved ones who have crossed over can take place.

The Liberation theme is also mostly positive, it suggests that while on the one had there may be energies leading people to want to hide out from it all, there will be a counter trend towards breaking out and getting free; taking action rather than simply hiding out and waiting for the worst to happen.

Of course, this card is probably also going to express itself in the powerful storms hitting North America and Europe this Yule Season, with wild winds and stormy seas (moon card) liberating wind and water as they dance about the landscape.

The two runes are Berkano and Jera, a really positive note to end this reading on – Berkano is both the Birch Tree (a very positive tree in the North, producing a syrup similar to maple and making the lives of people sweeter and brighter as a result) and Birth – or the coming into being of new things.  Also reflects the various Mid Winter Birth traditions of various religions from Mithra to Jesus; as well as the Birthing of Sun in many world religions including modern neo-Paganism and ancient ones as well.  People for thousands and thousands of years have known that the Winter Solstice period brings the end of the Sun’s Declining light as it once again brings on longer days and shorter nights.   Many traditions have seen this as the rebirth of the sun and I think this is part of the meaning of this rune.

It is also highly possible that someone else will “break out” this week that is later recognized as the Birth of something on the international scene; if that happens look for it to be something that doesn’t really come out of nowhere (even if it seems like it at the time) the Moon Card suggests it will simply become visible after being hidden just beneath the surface for a while.  It may be nasty enough to contribute to the desire of many people to simply hide in their cave and/or it may be highly positive if it results in more creative aspects of Liberation and the Berkano rune.

In any event, the energy is there for a new energy cycle, we just have to wait and see.

The final Jera rune also supports this being the rune of the Seasons of the Year: Summer/Winter or Planting/Harvest and is the perfect rune for a Solstice time period.  It also points out the change of Seasons, times, cycles and situations that is likely to be going on here both on a macro (Winter/Summer Solstice depending on where you live on Earth) and the micro (fresh and liberation energy coming into being in individuals lives in various ways).

Except for the Depression Card which overshadows it, this is mostly a very positive reading for this time period; so use the Cave Card as a reason to stay in, stay warm and focus on home and family rather than simply hiding in fear and things should go well this week.  Just be aware that if energies do start to break out it may be best to try to flow with them rather than try to stop them because the Wheel is Turning, and new things are coming into focus no matter what we may think of them; trying to stop the Wheel once it is rolling is likely to all end in tears.

Hopefully see everyone next week, if the weekend storms don’t know our internet out again!

Happy Winter Everyone in the North and Summer in the South!



Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Aug 23-25, 2013

Fortune Work Tree Berkano2

This weekend’s cards show a rather high chance of rather dramatic or sudden macro economic issues taking center stage in a big way.

That’s because we have The Fortune Card – (Fortunes, Money, Treasure, Big Money, Spiritual Progress etc) right next to the Work Card (usually jobs, employment, daily work, spiritual work) and the Tree (The World Tree, Putting Down Roots, the Root of a Problem) together with Berkano (Birth/Mother Goddess/Birch Tree).

Now this energy could be positive or it could be negative in terms of current events – because a positive way to ready this would be: The Birth of Fortunes, Work and these becoming Rooted or Established.

However, my first sense upon seeing the cards was not along these lines, I do think that this energy may play out this way in some places and for some individuals; I suspect this is a good weekend to sharpen up a resume or got for a job interview.

But, my reaction to the cards was more along the lines of “Great Fortunes/Big Money will affect Employment/Jobs/Work or be affected this weekend by something that shakes the roots of the world-economic tree.  Given the Hagalaz hail rune yesterday’s potential to hit the Body (Physical world) and today’s Birth rune – my feeling is that some thing (or situation) is being “born” or “about to hit” that is going to involve both fortunes and jobs for many people.

How the tree “shakes out” remains to be seen, and for some reason I keep feeling a tie towards possible war or rumors of wars as something that may be affecting all of this, especially the Fortunes/Jobs combination.

Of course if you look at the world Fortune in our language it can also stand for “The Fortunes of War” or “The Fortunes of the Nation(s)” etc as well as the Spiritual Well Being and Spiritual/Metal Work that individuals (or groups of people) might be engaged in.

There is a feeling also of drawn in breath to this reading, especially when combined with the one from yesterday, almost as if something is waiting to happen.

The good news is that the Berkano Rune is one of the most positive in the entire Futhark; representing Maternal, Loving, Giving, Birth energy; but like any Momma she can also get mad or become wildly protective when she feels her children are under threat.

So while this reading can be wildly positive for individuals who are going into the weekend riding on the fortune seeking, hard-working energy, focused towards new plans to put down roots and expand their branches; I am just not as certain about the positive spin for Current Events.

On the other hand, there may some stories this weekend about real (or contrived) improved employment figures, better pay, new jobs programs, Big Business Mergers or Expansions, Great-Movements of Money, New Job openings, Building programs, housing construction etc., etc..

That would all fit with this energy very well, so a mix weekend, but one I think may yet have a few surprises in store.  That Hagalaz “strike” rune from yesterday has a potential that has not totally faded away yet.  I do think that some of the “attacks” on E-Bay and other Internet Sites/Gateways are part of this but I’m not sure they are all of it, or that they (or the energy) is totally played out.

We shall see…just keep your attentions on your own work, fortunes and trees while keeping an eye out for the outside world.

Card of the Day – Monday – July 29, 2013

Stranger Wujo2

Today’s Card is The Stranger and the rune-stave Wunjo is usually translated as Joy/Clan Banner or Battle Flag.

In my audio card reading on tonight’s show at Monday 8pm EST on the Time Monk Radio Network  There is a weekly reading in which The Stranger is also the first and primary card for the week.

So, we in effect have the same card starting off the week in two different readings, therefore I am pretty sure that something New is coming onto the Current Event’s Stage during this time period.

As I say in the Audio Reading it can be a new person/leader/idea/situation or a brand new (and unexpected) twist on an older issue – that seems, well …strange.

In the overall reading this card combined with cards like the Voyage and Battle and friendships suggestion a possible unusual alliance or perhaps a military/defensive build up where you would not usually expect one.

This is also likely to be a week when the word “Strange” and “Stranger” are likely to be heard in the news a lot.  This may express itself in scientific discoveries, incidents, pairings (unusual marriages or families), “famous” people who seem to come out of no-where, corporations that offer “strange” devices etc., etc..

The Joy Rune suggests that at least in some quarters the main “Stranger” being picked up by the cards (twice now for card of the week) will bring Joy or Happiness at least to some of those affected or aware of the new Person/Situation/Theory etc.

However, I also have to go back to the over-all audio reading with the Warrior and mention the rune’s other signifier of Battle Flag/Clan Banner; which suggests that while some Individuals/Peoples/Tribe or a Nation/Group of Nations may be delighted with the new situation, others equally may not be.

We just have to wait and find out what the New Stranger entering the world scene is before deciding if it is time to jump up and down with joy or not.

I mean this is the sort of energy when surprises could be in store; I’m not really expecting science figuring out a way to break the light barrier and discover the path to warp drive in space ships – but the energy would fit that too.  Especially since the weekend runes in the Audio Show are:

Gebo-Gift and Kennaz – Torch (Light/fire/boil)

The Science Fiction Geek inside me would love to see such an outcome no matter how unlikely – however, not matter what happens I think this is a week to watch.

On a personal level, be ready for strange, new and often happy making people, ideas and events coming into your life this week.  This of this week as a sort of Ripley’s Believe it or Not of the year week and you’ll be fine – a time when anything might happen and probably will.

Normally I don’t chat that much about the weekly audio reading on the Cat’s Eye show, but it just so connects with today’s reading that I thought it was important.  You can hear more about the audio reading by listening to the show – either live or in the You Tube Archives at Time Monk Radio.

Anyway, this gives us a bit of insight into what may be a bit of a Strange and fast-moving (that Voyage Card) week.

So hold onto your hats and stayed tuned…


Card of the Day – Wednesday – July 17, 2013

yes Elhaz

A very quick reading today as I have appointments all morning and afternoon but I wanted to check in with the new card deck and the runes.

So far this deck seems fond of cards that direct the energy towards the runes as a source of the main thrust of the reading.

In this case we have Yes (as in yes this is the answer) or (yes there is something) and the rune is Elhaz or Algiz (both names are used) meaning Elk or Moose.

Usually the Elk rune symbolizes protection, strength and connectedness to the Other World.  In can also represent something running wild or barging in where nothing else would dare to go – in the wild, an adult Moose has no natural predators other than man, so they tend to fear nothing.

This can be a very useful thing, except when running directly off a cliff or onto a speeding highway.

So, for the most part this is a great energy reading for the day, suggesting that no matter what is going on – “yes, there is protection, especially from connecting with the Divine/Other World”

However, there is also the downside of “protection is with the strong-one” in if the Strong One is actually about to lead everyone over a cliff or into the speeding car.

I feel both images are possible today – so individuals should be careful to look for their protection where it belongs (in the Divine – however they may view that be it as The Creator, A God, The Gods, The Higher-Self etc; rather than Strong Men who look to have tough antlers in a fight but may stampede out of control at just the wrong moment).

More tomorrow…

Card of the Day – Friday – July 12, 2013

Cave Warrior TheBody Fehu2

This weekend’s Card of The Cave (Withdraw/Depression), The Warrior (Soldiers/Battling/Defense) and The Body (Health/Material World) combine with the Fehu (Wealth/Cattle/Fortunes/Money) rune to suggest the energies of this previous week are going to continue to follow on at least for this coming weekend.

The main difference is that the Cave Card suggests it is possible that there may be some backing off or withdrawing of forces from an actual battle field and/or a desire/need on the part of others to actually physically hide themselves from the “Warriors.”

Given the Body/Physical world card, I will not be surprised if some of this energy results in some people actually hiding in real (or man-made) “cave” in order to protect themselves.

The Fehu rune, once again drums in the message that Great Fortunes/Wealth/Cattle (aka food and livestock)/Gold etc are at stake in this conflict(s).

Or as my husband likes to say, the entire saga of the Rhinegold Stories and Operas can be summed up as “eight hours of the full expression of the Fehu rune: fights and conflicts over sex and money (gold).”

Since in a private reading, a man’s card is often The Warrior, this brings up the sexual/romantic/conflicts issues of Fehu as well as the economic ones.

On a personal level, I suspect the Cave card is coming up again partly because so much of the public would simply like the endless stories of possible wars, conflicts, health issues (aka rumors of plagues, famines etc) and economic crashes to simply “go away.”  A keen desire just to hide out and try to avoid thinking of or dealing with any of these issues is likely to be high on the personal agendas of many people.

Not all of them will be able to simply hide out and avoid everything, because that Body Card suggests serious real world expressions of the energies.

But over-all in think the cards are reading a much larger issue than most people are likely to encounter this weekend.

So, while taking time to enjoy your nice, quiet cave; be looking for stories about troop withdrawals;  conflicts that almost start but not quiet;  expanding conflicts in some other areas; famous people having very public conflicts over love and sex (with possible violence or health issues involved); news of new diseases of famines (live stock and plants included in the Fehu energy) and a general tendency for everyone (on all levels) to have conflicts, arguments and even outright fights over money/currencies/gold/monetary systems/economics.

These cards are the perfect set up for the break-out of a “currency-war” or a physical conflict” and while the second may not happen (in fact the cave card reflects a possible drawing back from the brink of one) the basis for the more physical threats seems to lie in the economic world (including economics directly linked to fertility  of the land/water/resources/oil/coal etc).

On a personal level, another day when watching out for the family budget is a good idea, while at the same time being patient with family members in the hopes of avoiding the sort of nasty conflict that only upsets people and accomplishes nothing.

It is OK to give in to that inner need to hide out, as long as it is done from the viewpoint of an intentional with-drawl for a period of rest and relaxation rather than a mindless flight from the scene; one that refuses to look out the door in case of possible dangers coming down the path.

So a good weekend to stay close to home (in your mind if this isn’t possible to actually physically do) keep a tight rein on the spending and let you body relax and enjoy simple pleasures.

This is a great time if you are trying to create things (including people), for harvesting gardens, working on personal defenses (psychic and physical) and a great time to pay careful attention to  your personal health.

So, the usual mixed bag of positive and negative stuff for individuals, but a clear message that while the longer-term pattern of “conflicts over fortune” may step back a bit from the brink this weekend, they are still there and not likely to go away any time soon.

Card of the Day – Wednesday – July 10, 2013

Puzzle Fortune Tiwaz2

Quick and late reading today, but didn’t want to let the entire day go without a glimpse at the cards and runes.

I’m glad I did, I go the Puzzle (A Decision which must be made before things can go forward) and Fortune (Fortunes both spiritual and physical) stuck together along with the Tiwaz (Justice/Law/Legal Decisions/Sky Father) rune-stave.

This combination suggests:

A Decision will have to be about Fortunes/Economics/Currencies/banking etc and it will involve laws/courts/legal contracts/passing laws etc.

It can also be about legal (or tribal/national/international) decisions about such matters, such as the Court Ruling earlier today that Apple Inc was guilty of trying to fix the prices of E-books a few years ago (other companies settled out of court I gather).

The energies probably point to a much larger decision than just that one, but that is the basic sort of thing you can expect to see.

I also noted that the main Psy Card Site, which now does its own card of the day over at is The Warrior, exactly the same card that I got here yesterday.  So it is likely that this “battling/warrior/conflict” energy is likely to spill over into this Puzzle/Decision/Fortune/Legal reading.

Remember Tiwaz is TRIBAL justice which doesn’t really care if the issue is solved in a court room, by ritual combat or even all-out war; only that the matters is that the clan/family/national honor is satisfied.

On a personal level, this is a day when decisions people have been putting off about banking/saving/financing/budgeting etc, may have to be sorted before the family can go forward.

It may be a very good day if you work in any sort of legal profession associated job (legal secretary, lawyer, judge, para-legal etc) but it may be a very dicey day if you work in banking related fields or in anything relating to fortunes (including precious metals) and economics.

Hopefully we’ll see more tomorrow when I hope to get a chance for a longer read – but at least this is a mid-week warning that verifies that Fehu rune earlier in the week suggesting that “Fortunes/Money/Gold” etc are at stake here and are a good chunk of this weeks conflicting and probably legal issues coming up in the cards.


Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – May 24-26, 2013

Scales BirthLibidoNowKenaz2

This weekend we have four cards to consider because the last two cards came out of the deck very stuck together and so I decide to read them both.

The four cards and rune form a sort of picture-puzzle which again fits with our over-all energy for the week’s audio reading that can down load and listen to if you have not already by clicking here.

First the four cards: The Scales, Birth, Libido and Now suggest that right now (or within the next short time period) a large decision, tipping point, or judgment is about to happen that will greatly concern the birth (or actual births) or perhaps even bring about “the birth” of something that affects human sexuality, sex-drive, creativity, artistry and/or conflicts, battles of display and even distraction.

The Birth and the Libido card in particular are the objects that the Scales/Judgment/Tipping/Decision are NOW concerned with – it is hard to tell exactly which aspect is under threat/judgment or change because there are so many of them but the birth/libido together do hint strongly at both human reproduction and procreation itself.

But we can’t ignore the display/combat/danger/distraction aspects of the card either nor its associations with creativity and life force in general.  The Birth card while often signaling actual births, also can be flagging something new coming into being or even a new (for now) energy coming to the forefront.

But my gut tells me at least part of this reading on a current events scale is about babies and sex being affected in some way, along with the perhaps a birth (or even explosion, more on that later) of creativity in some areas.

I’m also getting somewhat murkier and darker hint of the combat/display/distraction energy that is being judged/tipped as well – with the readings of the past week, about patterns coming into focus it may now be the time that distractions and illusions are losing some of their choke-hold and the population and that the birth of new insights and understanding of just what is going on is starting to take hold.

The Kenaz rune lends yet another bit of interesting energy to the weekend and may push some situations (being born) over-the-edge either into actual violence or eruptions of other sorts.  Mother Earth, given this past week’s readings and the Stars (including the Sun) are not exempted either – as Kenaz, the rune of the “boil” or the Torch can be either the fire of illumination or the infection that bursts out into in the air when touched.

I often thing of this rune as the volcano rune, and again give other readings this week, continued earthquakes as we saw energies for on Wednesday, and that then manifested last night and early this morning are likely to continue along with other interesting geological events.

The good news here is there are few energies directly in this set of cards for bad weather, which doesn’t mean their will not be any this weekend but simply they are not the primary focus of the cards, so less likely than the earlier in the week.

All in all, this is a high energy, high action, high-spirited time period – radically different from just a couple of week’s ago when everything was pointing towards drawing inward, staying at home and hiding in caves.  Now the cards and runes really present energies that not only face outward they are ready to totally blast outward in erupting cascades with or without anyone’s permission.

Again, the symbolic similarity to the act of human reproduction can not be ignored here, because while I don’t think that sex itself is the total direction the cards are pointing to; it does seem to be a chunk of it.

So look for stories today about sex, sexuality, birth, birthing, UVF treatments, human fertility, sperm counts, ritual combats, ancient humans (garden of Eden), evolution, volcanoes, earthquakes, fires, torches, disease and other “outbreaks”, and judgments, court cases, weights and measures, tipping points (both in the human and natural worlds).

In personal lives look for sudden cross overs into new situations, the judging (and over judging) of current and past relationships; the birth of new ideas, new relationships, new projects and creativity and a very strong sense of needing to get things done “NOW.”

There is also likely to be an intense drive to get to the bottom of things and an unfortunate tendency for everyone to “erupt” and fly off the handle a little too easily if things don’t go as planned (right now).

Parents of small children may notice a sudden increase in tantrums and sibling in-fighting; all of which would match today’s energy perfectly.

Also, like several other times recently this is a great time period for the actual creation of human beings, which could be an especially joyful task right now – even those couples and friends beyond child-bearing or without partners can partake in this energy by creating and birthing new projects, ideas, and art.

Just remember that Scales Cards is still hanging a bit over everything and so anything can (and possibly) will change quickly when you least expect it.

So get out and get active this weekend, but keep one eye open on how outside events are falling out as well.