Cards for the Weekend Aug 22 – 24, 2014

Never Puzzle Sun Perdo2 Berkano2

This weekend is likely to be a time where negative energies are strongly at work, making real decision-making difficult on the one hand and yet forcing some decisions to be made on the other.  The Never Card is also a message with a Raven on it, which can hit of difficulties, battle fields (real and symbolic) and just general kind of beating against a brick wall when trying to get things done.

The Puzzle card indicates a decision that has to be made, a door must be chosen and to not choose a door results either in stagnation or the door being chosen for you; these two energies are pretty much in opposition this weekend and the results for many people (and current events) are likely to be stressful.

The Sun card is mostly a positive, suggesting the strong light for uncovering things that are hidden as well as the last strong warmth of the Summer season in the Northern areas of the planet, however combined with the other two cards we need to remember that the sun can also represent a lot of “solar” and “little sun” things, everything from solar power to nuclear anything (energy, bombs, lasers etc).  So expect the sun to figure in the news, this could even be about a major decision being made on solar power or solar operated options in terms of energy; my hope is that this does not mean the industrial world turning away from solar in a big way, but the cards do suggest this is possible.

Our runes throw the weekend’s energies into further confusion with the Dice Cup (Pethro) and Berkano (Birth/Birch Tree); the dice cup usually indicates that things are unsettled, dicey, could “roll either way” and to expect the unexpected.  Many people (including me) associate this rune with Loki the Trickster, which is not a bad thing in itself but often a surprising thing.  Again, I keep feeling hints of technology and/or surprising decisions here especially in terms of current events.

The Berkano rune suggests this weekend’s difficult and almost opposing energies are likely to sort out by the end to forming a new and completely different situation going into the new week; that isn’t a certainty right now but it does seem to be a likely outcome.  Berkano is also about health, health as well as the Mother Goddess/Mother Earth so there may be some good news that comes out on these fronts, though I would also watch the epidemic/health news of all sorts very carefully, because again this could be a weekend when a decision is made knowingly or unknowingly on those topics. 

Finally, Berkano also has hints of mountains about it (as well as the obvious image of the two breasts of the Mother) so stories about mountains or things associated with the Earth would not be a huge surprise.

But the big energy of this weekend is that Never-Negative energy that is just going to be blocking a lot of things until it is either blown away by a sudden decision or fades away when the decision occurs anyway, possibly by new information coming to light on a situation (or situations).

Good news is: expect a whole new energy pattern sometime early next week, it may not be any easier than this one, but my hunch is the blockages will have lifted and things will be moving again.


Card of the Day – Tuesday – July 22, 2014

TheBodyThe Hermit

Today’s cards are The Body (Health and the Material World) and The Hermit (Introspection, searching, guidance, solitude)

Taken together I think this will be a lower key day than yesterday, one where on many issues the world sort of sits back and catches its collective breath; this does not mean that nothing of significant happens today but it does suggest a time of tactical withdrawal when the situation permits, a time for seeking guidance and thinking about the next way forward.  If anything serious does happen today, it is likely to be the actions of those “acting alone” or on their own initiative, rather than being backed by a larger international body and/or someone (or group) taking an unexpected step that they have been thinking about and contemplating for a long while but have finally decided the time is right.

This is a day seriously grounded in the real world and issues of material well-being, especially health (and health related issues) but also simply a day where the physical aspects of life (both public and private) are likely to over-balance the spiritual ones making this a very grounded and inward looking day.  Basically a great day for a medical check up or catching up on bill paying but the energies are not so wonderful in terms of having a deep vision or intense meditation.  Which again, is not to say that nothing can happen along those lines, simply that if they do occur the subject matter is more likely to be personal (or of a health related nature) than international current events/super mystical experiences. 

In the news look for stories about retreating, regrouping, examining, taking stock, temporary cease-fires, waiting, expectations (the old cat is expecting a human to bring him a treat), hidden knowledge, older (hopefully wiser) heads; as well as health, illness, epidemics, scientific news in the health field, materialism, self-centered actions and stop signs or road blocks.  The Body Card holds up the figures hand as if to say “stop, do not go forward” which also plays into the temporary lull/stuck feeling today has to a degree, a time when the general health of a situation (or person) may prevent actions they wish to take and/or simply need to take time to reflect on.


Card of the Day – Monday July 21, 2014

Hi everyone!  I’ve had a rough few weeks with the surgery and a post operative infection but I am happy to say I am finally on the mend, I will be trying for a shorter version of card of the day this week; enough to give some information in these troubling times but probably not as much detail as usual.  Today’s cards fit right into to today’s headlines and suggest that perhaps a major power or person may yet do something surprising or magically transform a situation (or try to).

First, here are the cards:

Mother The Magician

We have the Mother Card, which we know from previous readings is about nurturing energy, actual Mothers, Mother Earth and in a current events reading: Nations that Identify as The Motherland and/or have Female Leaders (Mothers of the Nation).  Then we have The Kitty Magician, this Black Cat can be a person or energy of great power but he is neither good or bad, simply a force to be taken seriously, when he shows up in a reading, ANYTHING is possible and might happen.  He is neither a domestic cat nor a wild cat, he makes his own way in the world by having power over birds, fish, lizards and mice (all the suit energies of the kitty tarot land).  Individuals who get this card are likely to be intelligent, charming, patient, agile, have keen insights and he (or she) knows how to use them.

My first impression on seeing this cards, is while the over-all energies are going to influence everyone today (and to some degree this week); I think it a very specific glad on Mother Russia (the Country/Empire) and the leader Putin (The Magician).  I am also feeling a tug towards Angela Merkel as the “Mother” of “The Fatherland” aka Germany, who is also a Magician of sorts in her own way.  I am not sure if these two are going to work together in some way to create a surprise or perhaps a way out of the current situation with the downed airliner but it would not surprise me.  Or, I could be picking up on two different issues that are both affected by this energy, one Western Europe and one in Eastern Europe. 

But the most powerful tug I am feeling is to Watch Putin this week, the Magician may have a trick or two to pull out of his hat; even when seemingly backed against a wall with no way out.   Just what exactly he is going to do, I have no idea at this point but it feels truly connected to this Magician Card in someway.  This could be anything from using new technology (that looks like magic) to a surprising diplomatic move that throws the dice back into Russia’s favor.  It could be a military threat of some sort or even a treaty suddenly signed with Germany that creates an entirely new situation that affects not just the plane crash (and the situation in the Ukraine).

I don’t know why, but I just can’t shake this German/Russian connection here, though it may be Russian/EU as well since, the EU often is “Greater Germany” in these readings.

Other female identified nations (or female heads of state) are likely to be affected this week, as our Mothers and children (expect stories about them; magical and surprising events are likely to happen anyway; stage magicians may be in the news and expect a lot of “news” to be “magical thinking” otherwise known as propaganda, this week.  Of course this energy is also going to affect other on-going situations like the Middle East Conflict (especially Gaza) where Mothers vs. Power may play out on You Tube, when the women decide enough is enough and may take action to try to affect the situation. 

Magical weeks are tricky, thankfully this week’s energy is modified by the Mother Card coming first which suggests over-all more female/nurturing magic than if the Father Card were in the first place; think of the magical transformations that Mother’s create for their children when they take flour and make a batch of cookies or bed sheets to help a small child create a hiding place under a table.  Not all of Mother’s magical transformations are positive but many of them area; this is a week when you may see the Magic of Mother Nature (Mother Earth) in some wonderful and unexpected ways.  Unexpected Auroras would not surprise me, but also be on the look out for the magical mixed with the scary like geological activity or other “natural” surprises. 

Individuals can expect a week in which female/mothering energy dominates but it upended at times by the more masculine/power issues of the Magician; especially in his tendencies to take control and try to manipulate situations in his favor. 

A great week for Mothers, children and Magicians of all sorts – from Stage Magic to the technicians of the Internet….




Card of the Day – Tuesday – June 17, 2014

OK, hopefully things are getting somewhat back on track in terms of readings; I had been trying to read but getting very muddy and strange outcomes from the cards so had put them aside and not posted for a few days – then last evening (here in Ireland) I did a “quickie reading” for a private forum and got another weird reading but posted it to that forum anyway.

The cards were The Home, Now and Liberation – which would normally be very positive but it felt to me like “right now” something was breaking out (liberation can be setting something free that is better bound) that would affect people in their homes.  Then, the rune was Isa or “Ice” again seemingly the opposite of “liberation/moving” energy.   I pointed out that this had been typical of my attempted card readings lately, but then also said it could also be about something else like real ice, storms or wild weather.

Home Now Liberation Isa2

Within an hour, the reports and pictures of the twin tornadoes and destroyed homes were showing up on the net, seldom have I had a reading happen so fast and suddenly things started to make sense.  The readings are “muddy” and “contradictory” because right now (probably for the last couple of weeks and going a bit into the future) the energies are strongly rocking back and forth, creating a very unstable situation both in the mundane and the spiritual/psychic worlds.  When moving force meets static ice, things are likely to get crazy and/or explosive and that is not only what is happening with the current weather but also being reflected in current events such as the wars in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Our friend the Hail Stone “Hagalaz” that first showed up in the readings a couple of weeks ago, finally hit with slamming forcing late last week and created (among other things) an unexpected lighting bolt of conquest in Iraq, a failure of negotiations between Russia and the Ukraine, further splits in public opinion in the United States with congress getting a 16 percent approval rating and my Facebook page full of people venting about the situation in Iraq but very opposing views about what might be done about it.  The World Cup Soccer Match, usually a distraction for most of the non-US centered world is still there but taking a distinctly back stage role compared to most years and to top it all off, we are in a very dicey period astrologically called “Mercury in Retrograde.”  I am not an astrologer but Mercury in Retrograde periods often bring about problems with communications, general breakdowns (especially of machines/computers/etc., difficulty in moving things or situations forward and things just generally tending towards confusion.  Not really the energy you want during a really dicey current events period when what you want are a clear understanding of what is happening and the ability to make wise choices on how to deal with it.

All that said, we can now move on to today’s reading, which as the first reading of the week tends to color the rest of it (though I also posted Monday’s private forum reading background because I think it is important for this week as well).

TreePassion IgnitedOthala2

OK and in a typical Mercury in Retrograde moment, I grabbed the “wrong” card deck, but this is such a perfect image that I decided to go with it anyway and do the reading with it as it stands.

The first card is The Tree, in a reading this is a strong and connected system often involving family, like a family tree or the World such as The World Tree (aka the roots, trunk and branches of what holds the world together).  It is a very powerful card and suggests also that something has taken root, is growing/has grown and is not going to be blow away by the next wind.

Passion Ignited is just what it looks like, a lovely women with fire in her heart and an ecstasy on her face; this card can be about the deep passions of romantic love but it can also about anything a person feels deeply, strongly, even violently attached to.  We talk about “passion for art,” or “having a passion for certain foods” etc; while this card can be very positive, the negative side of this card is passion miss directed or passion to the degree that logical thought flies right out the window.  Anyone who has ever fallen in love (and that is most adults) know that things like deep logical thinking and common sense tend to fly right out the window, at least in the early stages which is why we talk about “being in the throes of passion.”  Like most emotions it is neither good nor bad, but it can sure get it the way of serious thinking when people are experiencing it.

Finally we have the run Othalla, the Homeland; this rune represents: The Home, The Nation, The Inherited Lands, From the Ancestors, the Family line etc; it is the closet thing in the runes to a sense of national (or tribal) identity and that sense of “This Land is Your Land, This Land is MY LAND” that you are going to get.  Of course it also signifies other types of inheritance like money, physical abilities, mental or psychic gifts etc; but primarily the rune is about the lands (as well as the blood) of the ancestors.  I can’t think of a better rune to sum up the two most obvious current event situations that are currently exploding onto the world stage as well as a few other situation that are a bit more in the background but still there (like territorial issues between Japan and China or the influx of Mexican children into the US etc) than this reading.

Basically you have “The World (Tree) if dominated by passions ignited over issues concerning homelands, nations, inheritance and the gifts of the ancestors.”

That is exactly what most of the events going on right now are about, fights over borders, natural resources, who rules what territory, who historically ruled what territory;  who is the real “owner” of Peoples/Tribes/Nations/Borders/Lands/Water/Oil/Food/Gold etc.

The Passions are dominating these issues at the moment and it is likely to rock the very foundations of the World Tree/Homeland/Planet Earth; things are changing and the changes (right now) are being made from over-powering emotions rather than wisdom or common sense.

That does not mean that all outcomes are doomed to be bad ones, but it means that folks affected by these conflicts and changes can expect little in the way of logic, practicality or straight forward thinking/movement/decision-making etc at least for the next 24 to 48 hours and probably for the rest of the week.

This fits very well with the images from yesterday’s forum reading of wild liberated energy striking into a wall of solid ice and hitting it repeatedly. 

For individuals this can be a much better time, because those not directly affected by any of the warrior energies in the outer world; can use this time to put their passions to creating a secure and even delightful upgrading of their own personal “homeland.”  While this a week when all sorts of wars, wild weather and other out-of-control things are going on outside, this is a very good time to practice personal art projects, decorate or repair the home, look for property, deal with estate issues, explore “gifts” from the ancestors (including psychic ones etc). 

But this is also a time to be very careful in personal relationships, again especially with the home and family because this is a time period again when emotions are ruling all and common sense don’t count for much; except your loved ones to simply “react” to a lot of things, especially unexpected things like Aunt Marge’s broken Tea Pot you were about to throw out, as it is grabbed from you hands by a suddenly tear streaked face and the pieces placed back on the shelf.  That’s the sort of energy this week seems to have written all over it.

Hopefully I’ll be able to read more regularly but given the way this time period has been going, I can’t promise but I also don’t see this wild combination of push/pull/stop energy changing in the next few days either.





Card of the Day – Monday – June 9, 2014

LiarTwo of SwordsKenaz2

Well, last weekend we had a period dominated by a more positive energies that had the potential to find creative solutions to problems bother personal and political; we saw that played out in a number of world events from the meetings in Europe that included both Putin and the newly elected President of the Ukraine; to the Pope hosting his own summit and prayer meeting with both the leader of the Palestine and of Israel which was broadcast around the world.  I do hope that everyone made a lot of progress towards various solutions over the past few days because the start of this weeks shows an unfortunate push back in the opposite energy direction.

The first card we have is the Liar, suggesting that Someone(s) or Something(s) or Some Situation(s) is/are being falsely represented or lied about; this card isn’t always about the direct or obvious lie, more often it is about distractions designed to hide a situation or present a smiling face on a situation that is actually rather grim.  You can see the Jester holding up his mask which he entertains the crowd with magical tricks and attempted humor, meanwhile in the far background is a close curtain he does not wish the audience to see.

This card suggests strongly that something being put forward or suggested is not sincere or that something is being presented as true, when it actually false; trickery, sleight of hand and distractions are the energy for today and going into this coming week.

Followed by the unfortunate card (in this connection) of The Two of Kitty Cups, two kitties who are pretending not to see each other and who are refusing to settle a dispute or interact with each other at this time.  When you combine this with the Liar Card and the reconciliation energy of the previous four days, you really get the image of “someone(s) playing someone (s) false.”  In other words at least in some of the world (and personal) situations, Peoples/Tribes/Nations were simply not ready to sit down and truly negotiate but perhaps they wanted to give the appearance that they were doing so?

While these cards do not turn everything accomplished during weekend into a false or unstable outcome; they do suggest the energy is there to discover and bring forward anything that may have been done without sincerity or with false intentions.

The Kenaz or boil/volcano rune seal this as a week when these falsehoods and refusals to actually deal with the underlying issues are likely to build up to an exploding point at some stage; this rune can also mean Torch (or light) and sometimes I think of it as the torch that “lights the fire.”  It is also like a boil in that a lot of nasty or unhealthy stuff tends to build up under the surface until the only way to clean out the mess is for the boil to explode and remove the puss from the body; volcanoes are less obviously nasty, but they too contain boiling material that sits below to the surface, rising up and pressurizing the earth until it suddenly explodes in ash and fire.

What I am not sure is if these situation (s) that are being ignored, lied about and otherwise stepped around are likely to “blow up” quickly like a breaking boil or dribble out slowly like certain types of volcanoes whose heavy lava tends to just ooze out of the ground over time?

I think the energies are there for both sorts of outcomes, with individuals needing to be very careful not to set off those around them and to try to be honest and forthcoming even in the face of evasion or diversion from the issues at hand.

Still, except in the most urgent situations, this is a good week to try to avoid confrontation and bringing things to a head, the Two tom cats are simply not really ready to deal with their issues right now and to force them together may cause more disruption than resolutions this week.  When things do come to a head anyway, always try to stay calm and do NOT rely on things being as simple as they may look at first; this is going to be a week for shadows, evasions, smoke and mirrors rather than honest actions.  Be wise and explore all the information about a situation before acting or taking a side, when possible avoid direct confrontations to avoid problems this week, there will be a time for that, it just isn’t at the start of this week.

Card of the Day – Extended Weekend Edition – June 5-8, 2014

yesQueen of SwordsBerkano2

I probably won’t be able to read tomorrow – so I decided to do an extended weekend reading now, with an eye towards doing a quick update if anything really intense happens in the Current Event’s world over the next four days.

However, I have to say that this reading is one of the most POSITIVE longer term readings I have done in a while – which suggests that at least for individuals this could be a great weekend period and that there is substantial energy out there for some Current Events to either be resolved or at least dealt with, if people are willing to face the truth about situations and deal with them.

The Yes Card is followed by The Queen of Kitty Swords, unlike a lot of sword cards, this kitty cuts thing down to basics in a good way – she tends to be honest, forthright, astute, witty and above all EXPERIENCED.  She knows she can sum up a situation quickly and that she is able to dive right down to the heart of the problem without messing around with side issues.  She is also capable of seeing humor in situations that others may not find all that funny and hence miss her point or take her a bit too seriously.  In a reading she suggests that honestly and being direct are the best way forward, while there are times that being careful and guarded is a good idea, this is not one of them.  It is only by honest and direct confrontation of the issues that situations can be resolved (or put on the road to resolution).

The Yes Card pretty much “gives permission” for this sort of outlook, and is the total opposite of Monday’s Hidden and rather under-ground approach to things.

The Berkano rune is also very female and extremely powerful it is: Birch Tree/Birth/Mother Goddess/Mother etc, so a very strong female and nurturing spirit that also directs the way forward in an honest but also gentler manner.  Father energies when they occur, tend to be direct in a sort of martial or directed way; Mother energies are less likely to be about control and more about guidance.  Not that a Mother (or Mother energy) can’t get mad, upset or controlling but combined with the Queen of Swords card I find that unlikely.

However, the Queen of Swords will go to war when she has too and like any female (or Mother) when she is pushed or pulled in that direction her ways of waging it tend to be different from more common types of Father/Male battlefield tactics.  While female energy is big on compromise, if a Mother sees a direct threat to her offspring she will not hesitate to attack and if she can, utterly destroy that threat.  That is the other side of the honesty, take no prisoners, sword held by the Queen or Queen Mother in this case.

Because the Berkano rune is also about Birth and new beginnings, we can hope that this weekend will be a period when the chance of actual do-overs, calming down and a return to honest negotiation takes place both in the public and private spheres.  But if that does not happen, it is equally possible the Queen Mother could bring her sword ready and sharply edged to take a swing at what she views as threats as we roll into next week.

On an international level, we can simply hope that leaders and others working on various world issues work with the positive aspects of these energies (and female leaders may play an unusually large role in something over the next few days) and on a personal level we can all try to make sure to use the energy towards honest and humor to deal with situations that have been festering but in a nurturing, creative and positive way.  Use the sort to cut away what is bothering everyone but avoid using it to hack your way into or out of things without wisdom or forethought.

But over all, this weekend looks to be a highly positive one (at least for individuals) who move with the flow of the universe in that open, direct, yes, birthing energy and are open to experience something new and interesting coming up on the event horizon, probably early next week.


Card of the Day – Monday – June 2, 2014

Tower Moon Isa2

OK, last week’s total weirdness over the blog names etc, now seems to thankfully be fixed so hopefully cards can occur on a more regular basis this week – if something else does go haywire remember the Monday Cards tend to set the tone for the week anyway and can be used as a guide for coming attractions.

Today two cards stuck together like glue, so I just decided to use the Psy Cards for today, to avoid having too many extra cards in one reading; it is interesting that the two cards stuck together were The Castle-Tower (Defense, Strength) and The Moon (Hidden, Dreams, Intuition, Madness).  The rune is even more interesting, last Monday we had Hagalaz (the Hail Stone) and I did a reading on Tuesday for a private forum that featured the Isa Rune (Ice) suggesting that both Hail and Ice were at play in the energies.  Hagalaz usually means a sudden strike or event, and while that energy was partly for last Monday alone, it also felt to me like it might be the first sign of some big event coming.  The Isa (Ice) rune showing up the next day, suggested the energies were somewhat stuck or frozen for now (as well as an indicator of possible wild weather in places) and it looks like those energies are still frozen.

When you have an Isa Week, it usually means that a lot of things that should move forward both personally and in terms of international events just get bogged down and kind of stuck.  It doesn’t mean that nothing at all happens, but what does occur will tend to move at a snail’s pace.

The Castle-Tower Card is all about being protected, defending oneself from outside threats, but also being secure, feeling powerful and very rooted to a place: The Castle on the Hill that is also a fortress, is a good way to look at this.

The Moon Card is very, very complex and represents the hidden world, this is likely to be a week for secrets, dreams, hunches, and hidden information that slowly comes to light.  It is also likely to be a week dominated by water both in its flowing form (Ocean/River/Stream) but also in the forms of Ice/Snow/Glaciers/The Poles etc.  I feel the potential for a storm at sea of some sort but “Sea” can be both physical or symbolic and I’m not sure exactly what is being hinted at here – but the combination of Ice flow/Water Flow is very strong right now. 

There could even be a need for defense against the sea/ice/storm/hidden issue that will come up – look for stories about actual weather/geological events or preparations/programs designed to deal with the same; there may also be stories about sea level rise especially in terms of ice or ice growing/melting etc.

But above all, these feels like a week where nothing much may seem to be moving on the surface, in fact some things may seem to be totally stuck in place; but underneath there is a lot of hidden/sunken/hazily understood things going on that make shake the very foundations of the castle tower when it finally comes to light.  The Moon Card is both psychic awareness/intuition and Madness, both of which can interweave with each other when people are not careful to ward and guard themselves carefully (the Tower can be psychic self-protection as well as physical real-world defenses). 

A week when we also might see news of strange religious cults or something like that in the news, again I can’t quite pin this one exactly because it almost feels like “religion as madness” or perhaps even religion miss-used in some way – I think we may just have to watch the news on this one and see if anything like this “surfaces” or not.

For individuals a good week to focus on personal and psychic self-defense, but not a good week to start new projects because they are likely to bog down before they start and ongoing projects are likely to be slow.  But it is a great week to explore the internal world of dreams and creativity; just wait until next week before drawing up serious plans.

Card of the Day – Monday – May 26, 2014

UnionAce of PentaclesHagalaz2

Well this week’s energy is likely to be dominated, in current events, by choices made over the weekend, especially in Europe and to a lesser degree in the United States and any other area with the word Union (or United) in its current (or former) name; That’s because we have the Union (lovers) Card as our first card, followed by the Ace of Pentacles.  The Ace of Kitty Pentacles is an experienced hunting cat, biding its time and catching a mouse in a tried and true fashion; this card usually suggests that prosperity and improved conditions are possible but that this is not the new time for untried or unusual ventures.  The Hagalaz (Hail) rune, suggests a sudden “strike” or upset, something that seems to come out of nowhere and hits with glass-breaking force.

To some degree, I think this reading has partly already come to pass, I was unable to read last week due to personal circumstances, but one look at today’s headlines in Europe shows that in the European “Unions” the huge number of MP’s elected on more conservative and even anti-EU platforms has thrown a rock the size of a giant hail-stone into the European political mix and no one quite knows yet how it is going to affect prosperity or current ways of managing things.  One thing is certain, voters throughout the EU told the central HQ that they are sick and tire of “austerity” and forced plans to merge the European Countries into one, vast, super-state.  It remains to be seen if this vote will actually have any long-term effects on the actual situation on the ground, but this must be causing headaches in the vaunted and decorated halls of Brussels and Berlin.

This energy is also playing out in the Ukraine/Russia/Union area, again having had an “election” on Sunday followed by a further intensification of the civil war this morning, suggests that the “union” of the Ukraine itself and or the “Union” of Eastern Ukraine back with Mother Russia (aka former Soviet Union) is likely to be a big player this weeks news as well.

The United States is also likely to see continuing tensions between conservative ideas (especially in economics) and the difficulty it is having in reaching a national unity on anything – again, something may come out of nowhere that changes this (or other US situations) very suddenly.

Of course, we also need to step back and look at the energies as a whole, there will be energies moving people both towards and away from unions, marriages, relationships, understandings etc – and the Ace of Pentacles card suggests that such personal (and governmental/corporate) decisions are best made in more traditional and time-tested fashions.  This is NOT the week for reaching out and trying new ideas, but rather one where the going with solutions that are known to work is probably the best way forward when ever possible.

On the other hand, that Hagalaz rune might very well upset and smash into situations that seem to be going along rather smoothly and in a predictable order and force a complete re-think or change of direction, no matter what the original intention or situation may have been.

This is one of those weeks to expect the unexpected news that comes like a bolt out of the blue and hits hard both on personal and international relationships and circumstances; the best way forward is to be cautious and keep your eyes open for sudden changes.

Hagalaz can also be about real hail, ice, bad weather (severe storms), lightning,  objects from space, objects that “hit” suddenly etc; so bad weather is possible as is news about asteroids, solar flares, glaciers, The polar ice caps etc.

For individuals a good day (and week) to take refuge in personal relationships like family, rely on calm budgeting and wise choices when making plans and being ready to change them if suddenly circumstances change, because it is highly likely that they will.


Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – May 16-18, 2014

InquirerFive of WandsPerdo2

As I suspected yesterday, the energy for changes and emotional reactions was simply the start of a rather unstable time period with some new challenges and issues thrown in to make for an interesting mix, the outcome at this point is still uncertain and fluid.  This uncertainty and a tendency towards disagreements and conflicts is going to be very strong this week, and individuals show be very careful with family members, friends, co-workers etc because it is going to be a rather dicey emotional time.

The Inquirer Card represents the person asking the question (in this case me, the readers, etc) and the Five of Kitty Wands show five kittens have a “kitten rumble” as they do, play fighting but learning how to seriously defend themselves and attack others as needed, when they are older.  This card tends to represent disagreements, arguments, competition, confrontation both playful and serious; on the playful side look for stories about the sports-world, international games, horse-racing, gambling, Las Vegas etc.. This is a good weekend for playing board games with your family or enjoying peaceful challenges with friends at the Bingo Hall.

However, it is not a good weekend to try to have a serious family discussion on a disputed topic or a good time to bring up anything controversial or negative, this is the sort of weekend when Sunday Dinner with the family can easily devolve into a shouting match if Uncle Ben brings up politics and another family member takes an opposite view.  In fact, I think people in general are going to be walking around with a certain degree of an inner “looking for a target” emotionally.  Some of this is likely to be the results of any sudden or serious changes/transformations that have been taking part (or have taken part) over the last few days.  Those sort of sudden shifts tend to make people edgy, tired and more likely to fly off the handle or become defensive and combative.  This energy is simply going to push those buttons and make it easier to go over the edge.

The Pethro Rune is also called “The Dice Cup” and is the reason why the potential outcomes of anything are going to be hard to call this weekend, which is a another really good reason for trying put a personal hold on any temptations to react emotionally or combatively  with others, because this is a weekend when the “butterfly effect” is likely to be in full swing.  That means that situations and issues may arise for the strangest and least obvious of reasons; of course we can’t possibly control our every comment, feeling or expression just because it “might” upset the balance of things; especially when we don’t know for sure what that balance is.  But we can be careful to try not to poke sticks in hornet’s nest, this is so NOT the weekend to deal with simmering issues, ongoing problems or much of serious anything if can be avoided.

If an issue or situation simply MUST be sorted this weekend, it should be done with intention, calm and the understand that others may easily take things the wrong way and it is up to you, the person who has had this warning, to try to keep things calm and to influence the dice to roll in your direction.

Everything I have just written applies to the international/current events scenes only on a larger and more epic scale, this is a weekend when conflicts, disputes, competitions and confrontations can either continue to play around in the background of the world stage or suddenly surge forward into something very serious and not playful at all.  The Dice-Cup rune is associated by some people (me included) with the Norse Trickster God Loki, who is also associated with fire and sometimes Foxes.  Yesterday’s Torch rune is one kind of fire, the sort that can bring light and illuminate a situation or light the fuse that sets it off into total chaos.  The energy of this weekend gives the potential for both, foxes are known for being clever and cunning and I suspect that both traits are going to be needed by those in power trying to negotiate this new set of combative energies that is going to dominate the weekend. 

This time, while again I feel that Russia V Ukraine is one place to watch, it is not the only danger area; there is going to be a lot of intense competition behind the scenes this weekend and it won’t all be in one places, as various People/Tribes/Nations try to sort out a new or emerging situation.  I am feeling a strong pull towards the economic realm on this one, even those it isn’t showing up directly in the cards yet – but the potential for a shift in the world of macro-economics that leads to some strong disagreements or worse developing over the next week or two feels very strong.  Look for more stories about this growing issue and the underlying reasons for some of the more obviously physical/real-world conflicts (violent, political and corporate) to have their actual background in this underlying economic situation.  Some of this economic situation/change is already known but just not widely understood, but it feels like some of the consequences and actual effects on the ground have yet to manifest.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on the cards and runes over the next couple of weeks to see if money/economics/currencies etc comes back up to the service, but for this weekend it looks like the inter-personal conflicts both for individuals and for groups of people, and their uncertain outcome is likely to be the main energy we will feel in our daily lives and in the international news.


Card of the Day – Thursday – May 15, 2014

Death Temperance Kenaz2

The last two days I was unable to read (I suspect for the next couple of months making all five days during the week is not practical but I will try) in any event, Tuesday I felt no real change from the rather quieting and calmer energy that we had on Monday, but yesterday I started to sense a change, so I wanted to make sure I checked today.

Today’s cards show the energies signaling the final ending of one cycle, and the start of another period of building tensions after our brief respite into the world of calm, they also suggest that today (the next 24 to 48 hours) and possibly even going into the weekend may be time in current events for final endings, terminations, sudden stops, great changes, and even actual deaths.  Usually the Death card is not about actual deaths of people or animals but it can be when it is in a Current Events reading because of course, sometimes thing happen and people die.

The second card is Temperance/Balance/Harmony – one way of reading this could also be “The Death/End of Temperance/Balance/Harmony” or in other-words we enter yet another period where extremes are more popular than the middle ground and people are more likely to “go out on a limb” further than they intended too.   Again, my mind is drawn to the ongoing and increasingly violent civil war in the Ukraine but also other places like Africa or even the areas of public opinion, especially in the US and Europe.

There may be some big, final and total change/ending/transformation of some particular world (or local) situation that causes people to react with extremes (rather than in a balanced way) as we move towards the weekend, and it may be something that will still be building up (or lead to another building up) of issues after it occurs.

That’s because the Kenaz rune is the Boil or the Torch and we have seen this one before in terms of “The Torch the Lights the Fire” or “The boil that raises to a head.”  I sometimes call this the sideways volcano rune because it looks like a volcano laying sideways and has the potential for explosive eruptions.

On the other hand, this energy doesn’t have to result in a Death to Temperance but could be used and visualized as The Transformation of Temperance building up to a State of improved Balance as opposed to a disrupted one where the poor kitties fall off their ledge and into the sea.  The Kitties are safe as long as the stay perfectly balanced as they sleep together, balance and temperance is the key here, lose it to an expanding volcano of emotions, even in the face of a sudden change and well – you and the kitties could experience a great fall (as could any world situation that takes that path).

To sum up this short but important peak at coming energy attractions, the end of this week is a time when you need to be prepared for things to change suddenly and probably permanently, if this occurs in your own life, make a choice to react with thoughtful reason and balance rather than just exploding.  Be on the look-out for other building tensions and situations that may be heating up just below the surface and possible masked by the more obvious event.

I suspect these energies are going to be playing out both in the personal and the outer-world for the next 2 to 5 days, though I will do my best to make sure and try for at least a quick check in tomorrow to see how they are flowing into the weekend.

This is obviously one of the those periods I think of as a time of re-balancing energies, or a time when one cycle is ending and other is starting; usually that happens when energy has been flowing one way and now tries to change and flow in another.  For a few days you get a back and forth effect, until the energies head off in the new direction for a while.  This being the time of the Full Moon passing into a waning moon, it is also a transition in the physical world as well and I think is intensifying this particular change of energy time period.