Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – June 7-9, 2013

Well, life got a bit in the way yesterday (as often happens after a long trip) so today’s weekend reading will feature four cards – this is also because all four of these cards “jumped out” stuck together from the deck.  This can happen when card actually drop from the deck while shuffling or (in this case) you try to pull one card and a number come into your hand instead.  Four cards is an unusually high number, but this time it was even obvious what their order was.  The are a rather complex reading, so let’s get started, I  will add a rune or two at the bottom if needed.

Libido Stranger Cave Destruction

OK so we have The Libido (sexuality/life force) The Stranger (new person/element/situation/influence) The Cave (withdrawal/depression) and Destruction (something is destroyed/ended).

Kind of a weird and spooky reading for the weekend (and often a few days beyond) and since it is so spooky, we’re going to add a rune or two to see if we can get any idea of the other forces that may be at play here:

Othala2 Elhaz

These runes were also “stuck” together in my hand, the order was less obvious but it seems that Othala (Homeland/inheritance) and Elhaz/Algiz (Moose/Protection/Strength) followed it.

Now how to we put all these things together?

From an international/current events point of view they are rather worrying (though not so much for individuals, we’ll get to that in a moment).

The Libido card is usually sexuality/life force/fertility and is the exact opposite of the Cave Card.  The Libido card is what gives “color” to life, that color includes vitality, drive, creativity and even temptation (the snake) and ritual combat/display behavior.  This past weekend in California, I saw two peacocks in exactly the same position as on this card at an animal park, they were displaying and strutting about for a lady pee hen, whose favor each wish to obtain.

When you put this on a Current Events level, this goes beyond just teenage boys showing off for potential partners but can morph into Peoples/Tribes/Nations displaying or even fighting over resources (or perceived resources) sometimes ignoring a great danger that is right in front of them (the snake) because they are too distracted with each other.  This is the sort of energy that may be going on here, but it is a bit hard to tell yet – it is also possible that the older energy pattern of “threats to human fertility” may be coming back into the fray, but we won’t know for sure yet until we get a few more readings under our belt.

The Stranger card suggests a new person, element or situation coming into the picture; one that no one expects because until now they have been hidden behind the door.  Even if their face is known (say a person or a country) their actions or effect on the current situation will not be, hence they are “strange” or “The Stranger.”

Whatever they are, their impact may cause the Libido (life force/creativity especially) to go into hiding (sexuality might go into hiding too, but I suspect that is more of a side effect of people being very upset, and trust me after what I saw after the San Francisco Earthquake, it takes more than a big tremor to deflect the human drive towards reproduction!)

So, more likely this is a case of some very bad, scary or unhappy news; perhaps something that even sends people literally “into hiding.”  More bad weather, tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, earthquake etc would certainly do this; as would man-caused situations like wars, missals, bombs etc.  With the hints of fertility issues, there is some possible link to either  nuclear accident or warfare, more bad news from Fukushima would not be surprising this week, especially on how it is affecting either Japan or North America (more on that later).

Finally in the Cards we have Destruction, which again is not exactly comforting coming after the cave card.  It suggests that the combination of the Libido and the Stranger, create both a time of depression and destruction.  This could also be economic, perhaps the end of a “run” in the economy that some “strange” new issue finally causes it to partly collapse and/or a similar thing happening in the world of geopolitics (or even the weather).

I don’t mean to have such a wide range of possible doom on such a lovely June day, but the cards are just hard to read in a positive away at least as a group.  On their own both libido and the Stranger can be highly positive; an intentional personal withdrawal to recover personal energy or the creative destruction of unwanted elements in your life can be positive too.  But as an over-all, current events card reading they suggest a good weekend to concentrate on things close to home and safe.

The Runes also point in this direction with Othala (Homeland/Inheritance/Home) and Elhaz/Algiz (Moose/Protection/Strength).  These runes do suggest possible threats to “the homeland” or “protection/strength” but at the same time they also suggestion that “protection” is to be found in the “Home/Homeland/Inheritance.”

Even if you must travel this weekend (vacation season in the North and all) focusing your personal energies on your family and close friends is probably the best way forward, while staying aware of events around you that might affect you directly.

I think we may be seeing a dimming of the “out-ward” energy focus we had last week towards a more “inward” energy focus; but an inward journey partly inspired or directed by the powerful and clashing forces in the greater world. 

There is protection in Elhaz, which is also sometimes associated with prayer (the human figure with raised arms) or assistance from the Divine/Other-world.  So there is a great deal of comfort in just that rune alone and while Othala does suggests there could be “threats” or “destruction” to some homes/homeland; paired with Elhaz it also suggests the home/homeland as a place of protection and refuge (as does the Cave card).

While I briefly mentioned the personal stuff, to re-cap for individuals this doesn’t have to be a dire reading at all, we have the elements for creativity, new situations/relationships, meditation, creative destruction (pulling weeds both physical and spiritual), delight in the home/family and protection (both personal and public). 

A really good week for personal prayer and meditation as well as creative art work and/or scraping projects that are not working (creative destruction) and starting over (the Stranger) after some thought (the Cave).

But while the threat’s may no longer be specifically from “The Stars” (aka look out below) they are still lurking around out there and distraction (the ritual combat dance of the peacocks) is likely to mask some of the coming (new?) Destruction that could be lurking about the cave/home/homeland.

So, stay close to home (spiritually and mentally, if not physically) but keep your eyes open for what could be out there, don’t allow yourself to be distracted or hidden too far down in your cave to react in time if  you need to.

Hopefully we will all have a better picture by Monday of what all this is about and/or the energies may start changing to a more understandable and obvious pathway.


Card of the Day – Tuesday – May 21, 2013


*Note you can go to the web page  for downloading this weeks audio reading  by clicking here.

Today’s card is Work (spiritual/physical/mental) and the rune is Eiwaz (Yew Tree/Transformation/Death/Endings/Cycles).

Yesterday we saw the Friendship card and the Need rune capture the energies of pretty much how the US and the world have reacted to the tornadoes in Oklahoma and the Stars Card/Hagalaz/Puzzles/Strike energies certainly play themselves out there as well.  Hopefully this terrible tragedy is the full expression of this energy that has been building for several weeks, I am not certain this is all of it (neither is my husband The Rune Master) but I want to stay hopeful none the less.  Certainly is was “an” amazing expression of the energy if not “the” only materialization of it.

Thankfully the Friends in Need or Friends needing Friends energies will also be out there in abundance today as people reach out and help each other pick up their lives.

The work plus transformation/ending combination suggests a least a different energy focus is coming to the surface today.  Once again we seem to have return to mundane jobs/work/support issues although, of course, there will also be a terribly large amounts of work needed to recover both the living and the dead from the path of the sky-monster (Eiwaz again) and the need to deal with a transformed landscaped left it the wake of such a beast.

But I’m not seeing and either/or type of reading here rather and-this and also-this type of reading, with both the physical, mental and spiritual work needed to transform (and re-transform) the affected areas, as being one way the energy is expressed (and the Friends in Need) Also,  there is the mundane area of jobs and how we support ourselves that for many folks are going to be transformed and perhaps be forced, to look at in a new way.

Again, of course they are in parts of the tornado hit landscape but I think in other parts of the US and the world as well.  Work/Jobs/Employment etc is continuing both its death (not a good day for job numbers) and its transformation (what is mundane work, what is a job and how does it support a family?).

There are also aspects of spiritual and mental work being transformed, reshaped and renewed in this reading, though they are not necessarily as clear as the more current physical world issues that are causing problems for jobs/employment and even employers directly in the energy spotlight.

So this is likely to be a 24 to 48 hour period where in addition to the tornado news (and all the surrounding stories about work/workers/rescue-workers/jobs lost/production costs etc) I think there are likely to be other stories just below the radar that are about jobs/changes/employment patterns/changing/being reformed/refinanced/reflected upon/re-thought etc.

It is also highly possible that in some States, Washington DC and other World Capitols there will be some reevaluation of the role of benefits for those out of work and of the rights/obligations/expectations of both management and labor.

The Public Sector Worker’s Unions in conference with the Irish State Authorities is a perfect example of this sort of energy as both sides work to “transform” some job duties and “die” eliminate others.

For individuals a day when your regular job may hold some surprises (in either direction) also a good day for labor organizers or creative managers to overhaul things a bit.

A day also when lay-offs or other “endings” of jobs could occur, even the end of one project and the start of another an excellent day for events like that.

A day when even more than yesterday – Work – either paid or unpaid; voluntary or involuntary; Physical, Mental or Spiritual is at the forefront of things with the home and even friendships fading more into the background.

Now is the time to leave your home-base/cave and get out even beyond meeting with your pals and start thinking about getting back to work.

Over-all this is a positive sign because if this more active/outward energy trend continues it could mean that the worst of the “hide inside your home/cave and not come out” energy is waning or has least been pushed back for a time.  Either change would be positive contribution towards allowing most people to go forward and get on with other interests and activities in their lives.

So a cautiously positive reading at least on an individual level, as long as personal work does not suffer either from outside issues (like a lay off) or from jumping too quickly from a passive/hiding energy period to an active outward focused one.

Keep yourself in charge, go slowly but do move as the energies move and you should be fine. or at least less affected by the sudden jolts or stops,  that both the Work Card and/or Eiwaz can sometimes bring with them.

A good motto for this time period is:

You keep yourself focused on your “work,” even when those around you are caught up in the disruptions/transformations of the moment.

Card of the Day – Thursday – May 16, 2013

Cave Perdo2

Today’s card once again the Cave (there really are 40 cards in this deck, the cards are repeating because the energies are repeating) and the rune-stave is Pethro (Dice Cup/Fate).

This combination once again picks up the hiding, staying-in, depression, worry, avoiding the news meme; from last week (see Monday’s reading from last week) and strengthens the theory that yesterday’s reading of Battles/Arguments/Bickering in the home was the aspect of the Home/Wunjo combination – at least in terms of Current Events.

Husband the Rune Master also mentioned to me today that another side of Wunjo (which is most often viewed as “Joy”) is the idea of “everything is just fine, nothing is wrong here, move along now, nothing to see” aka a desperate attempt to try to show that things are “Joyful” or “fine” when they are not – I can not think of a better description of this morning’s US headlines…

With the Cave Card back, we not only see that many people are seeing right though this ruse, but they have just about heard enough and just want to cover their ears and have it all go away.

The Dice Cup suggests that whatever is going on may be fated anyway, and since individuals can’t affect very much how the dice rolls, many are simply going to try to ignore it all and focus on their own lives and situations.

In addition, the energy is likely to express itself in bad weather (another hint from husband with family in Texas, everyone if fine as far as we know) specifically storms or more tornadoes/high winds where you would “take shelter in a cave” or below ground if you could.

The same might be true of more solar flares or even nuclear war, though I’m not seeing the sort of runes and cards I would expect to see with a nuclear accident or war; you can’t really rule them totally out either.

But with the Star plus Hagalaz (Hail Stone) starting out the week, my guess is that if this is signaling another (or the same) “fated” event in the “Natural” world; we are most likely still involved in the “look out below” in terms of solar flares, meteors, hail stones (more of them)  or even volcanic ash rather than a human caused nuclear event.

I do think these readings have been a bit confusing because as sometimes happens, the energies seem to be impacting highly (or expressing accurately ) what is going on both in the world of Nature and in the world of man-made Geopolitics (especially in the US and Europe).

So it really isn’t and either/or reading but a this and possibly this too reading; and has been that way for at least three weeks now.

For individuals a somewhat more somber, downward energy day than yesterday; yesterday the Home was seen as a place of warmth and security and today we are back to the Cave as a place of colder, gray and less comforting security.

But both cards suggest yet another day for focusing on the home, family, things close to you that you can personally effect.  The Cave also provides emotional (and sometimes physical) shelter from the current roles of that dice-cup that are simply going to happen in the outer world (and sometimes in our personal lives as well).

A caution about the Cave energy is that it can be much harder to manage to stay positive during a “Cave Day” than it is during a “Home Day,” simply because the energies of the cave are much less positive, more remote, isolating and even depressing.

Which doesn’t mean you personally have to be depressed, it just means that there is going to be a huge energy push in the direction to become so; rather than the simple desire to curl up with a good book and your pet, in front of a warm fire.

But because energies tend to last awhile on either side of the day they are fully expressed, you can concentrate on the home card and make YOUR cave conform more to the home concept than the dark and depressive cavern.  People lived in caves as homes for thousand’s of years, so there is all that passed energy to draw on and create a warm fire in you own place of safety.

Meanwhile, do keep at least one eye open on the door of the cave and watch which way the dice are moving, be especially alert for economic, political or natural forces that may directly affect you and those in your own cave.

This is a dicey time for money, travel (especially far away from home) and weather events; that doesn’t mean any or all of those things will occur in your own life, but right now is not a time to take risks in any of those areas if you don’t have to.

I’ll be gone over the weekend, but hope to do the weekend reading before I leave; I will likely have to do the audio reading-show on Sunday so this week it may be briefer than I would like.

But we’ll see how the energy is moving tomorrow and into the weekend; by then we may have a better glimpse of what the Cave and Fate have in store for us and if not, we will just keep looking until we do!


Card of the Day – Tuesday – May 14, 2013

Fortune Berkano2

*Note you can download this week’s audio reading/Cats Eye on the Future Show  directly to your computer by clicking here – starting in June the show will be live-streamed at the station and via You Tube – but for now you can download now and listen later!*

Today’s reading is for Tuesday and we see a sudden flip from yesterday’s very comic images of the Star and Hagalaz – a day which did prove to see the Sun “strike” out three times with X-Class Solar flares some of them Earth Directed.  So while I think that reading does have other implications than just the solar flares the concept of a Star (aka the sun) sending out a “sudden strike/hail stone” is pretty much a perfect match for a series of solar flares that thankfully so far have only affected a few radio transmissions but not caused any other damage that I am aware of.

However today the Fortune Card (Fortunes/Money/Luck/Seeking Fortune) combines with Berkano (Birth/Mother Goddess/Female Energy) to focus us back here on the Planet where the audio reading of the week seemed to focus.

As we reviewed a bit yesterday, that audio reading found that there was a possible “lie” about Peace, Security and Freedom to “the Homeland” (everyone’s home/homeland) and today we see a possible direction that it might come from and/or a possible direction that might derail the threat itself.

The basic concept of Birth and Fortune or the Birth of Fortunes is very good on the surface and for individuals this is a fantastic day to make investments, look for a job, work on spiritual growth or take in a late Mother’s day lunch with Mom.

However, given the rest of the readings for the past several weeks and especially the last few days, I think there is more than a small hint here to watch Economics/Money/Fortunes/Currencies and even the birth of “New” Fortunes for clues as to where the “hail stone” might either be coming from or may have a direct effect.

If we are lucky, today may just be a turning point or a stand-alone day (when something so very different happens it changes the energy completely for 24 to 48 hours) such as the birth of a new (and helpful) technology that leads to fortunes; one that might be connected to women, babies, children or even Mother Earth Herself.

If we are not so lucky, it probably suggests that watching where the big “Fortunes” are moving and/or to “follow the money/currencies/stock markets/investments” to get a clue where the next energy phase and/or the “Hail Strike” is likely to be “Born/Conceived/Created.”

I feel a strong Female influence in this reading which could be from the Berkano rune itself (which is sometimes associated with The Mother Goddess) but I am also wondering if someone of the female gender (famous person or someone behind the scenes) who is going to play a role in this “birth of Fortune” or the issues around the strike.

It is very hazy, and I can’t quite put my finger on it but look for strong women in the news that might figure in the worlds of politics, finance or the very wealthy – they could also be a reporter or other investigator that turns out to be the one “to watch.”

Of course, in the Norse world view, the Sun Herself (Sunna) is also female, so this could be a continuation of yesterday’s Solar stories though in this case hopefully the “good fortune” to either miss the bad effects of the flares and/or something like a new breakthrough in solar energy.

Meanwhile as I mentioned above, this is a fantastic day for individuals and I would have declared it one for the world as well if the reading stood alone and not on the heals of such other, less positive indicators in the days that came just before it.

Now, if we suddenly see the rest of the week’s cards also turning positive we may be able to declare the “Hail Storm/Strike to the Home Land/Lies/etc” energy window to have come and either past or at least faded away for a bit.  But I’m not really feeling that at this time, nor would I make such a call without a few more day’s of the cards going off in a totally new (and more positive) direction.

Meanwhile, enjoy today and flow with the basic energies of Good Fortune and Maternal oversight – a good day for financial decisions and having comfort food for dinner or to snuggle with your favorite child, spouse, pet or even stuffed animal.

Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – May 10-12,2013

Wheel Skills Cave Inquirer Hagalaz2

This weekend’s Reading has four cards because the last two cards fell out of my deck together, when I added the rune-stave, the reading seemed to make perfect sense.

Before I break this down, I’m going to summarize this reading in three words,

Look Out Below!

Now, why do I say this? Well lets break things down and then look at the results:

The Wheel Card: Fate/Karma/Wheel of Fortune – something that is either meant to be, something fated, something karmic or a cycle is about to swing into place.  Sometimes this card represents the cycles of history (either personal, national or international) and I think there are hints of all of these in this reading.  As the first card in a longer reading it screams as loud as a card can: Pay Attention, the following information if very important, it is highly likely to happen and almost impossible to avoid, so get ready.

The Skills Card: A bow, arrow and quivers, on its own this card represents the skills a person/tribe/nation/ needs to deal with a situation.  In the context of this week’s past readings it is interesting because on Wednesday we had the Father card with the father showing his son how to shoot the very same bow and arrow (along with the Tiwaz/Spear rune) suggesting that an “arrow” might be about to fly somewhere.

Yesterday we then had the Tiwaz rune (Spear again) with the Voyage card, suggesting the arrow or Spear was now in flight/process of making its way where-ever it was going to go.

Today, we have the image of the Bow, Arrow and quiver itself laid upon the grass having been shot, sent and not put down.  In this case, I feel the “Skills” have already been employed (whatever and whomever’s they may have been) and are the time when the “shot” could be avoided has now passed (the Wheel).

The Cave Card:  This was also the card on Monday, a day whose reading often sets the tone for the following week.  Then instead of an extra cards, we had two runes stuck together: Othala (homeland/inheritance) and Uruz (Elk/Strength).  I concluded then we were headed in to a time period when people might be feeling depressed, like hiding from something very strong that was coming, something that could affect the homeland/home/people/tribe/nation where they lived.

Of course this could also manifest in a personal way, but the over-all feeling for the week was the this kind of depressed-hiding energy – sometimes the Cave card can be a managed and staged withdrawal (like in meditation or taking time to heal) but that wasn’t really the sense I was getting for this week – more a desire to just not hear any more and/or hide from something.

Now we have the cave card again, and coming after the Wheel and the Skills/Arrow/Spear energy; I getting an even stronger sense of needing to hide or take shelter (either mental or physical I’m not sure).  This suggests either a news overload of something that is simply more than most folks want to experience and/or a physical need to take shelter (or feel like hiding, staying home, under the covers etc) on the part of many people (either locally somewhere or internationally).

The Inquirer Card: Makes this reading more personal, it suggests that individuals (aka me, the readers of this blog, individual people) will be affected by these energies, not just some vast international blob, country or organization.

While all energies affect everyone a little bit, most of the time the way an over-all energy plays out in the individual lives of people varies to an extent depending on what is going on in their personal lives.

Someone getting married and having a wonderful day, may experience the “Death Card” only as the “Final Ending” of being single (very wonderful outcome) but someone who is hoping to not be laid off, who loses their job (another final ending) may be very upset with the outcome.

Which brings me to our Rune-Stave:

Hagalaz: This rune is literally translated as Hail Stone, and usually indicates a “Sudden Strike,” the imagine of a giant ball of frozen water smashing into a glass skylight from above is pretty accurate here, which is why I wrote earlier to “look out below.”

When reading for Current Events, Hagalaz usually indicates a sudden and usually unexpected something that “strikes” out of the blue – this could be physical, mental or spiritual but is most often physical.  While it can be positive like a new medical discovery that suddenly changes the world, the Cave card and the previous readings of this week suggest that this coming “hail strike” is not something for the world to look forward too.

The Wheel Card also suggests it isn’t anything that anyone can do anything about; and while the Arrow/Spear connections hint at a human caused “Strike” the sighting of a Super Nova (with possible  cosmic energy headed towards the Earth) does give pause and suggests that “natural” forces have to be considered here also.

While I am not predicting for certain an “attack/hit on the Homeland” that would certainly be one way of reading the energies, so would be a “Strike” like hailstorm/tornado/earthquake/volcanic explosion.

We can be grateful that neither the Sun Card nor the Sowilo/Daguz runes have showed up, so if the “strike” is man created (either intentionally or by accident) it probably isn’t nuclear – although since most of the readings have been short one or two cards/rune readings, that can’t be totally ruled out either (neither can a solar flare or other cosmic source of the “hit”).

Because this reading is for this weekend, there’s a big red flag over this time period but unfortunately because the energy has been building for a while (including hints of something coming in the last three weeks or so) I can’t be certain that just because we get through this weekend without anything major happening, that the “Window” for such a hit has totally passed.

Energies tend to make events more likely, once in a great while they actually “predict” something that is so very likely that it is almost impossible to avoid; but more often they provide “windows” when certain sorts of things are more likely to occur.

While the Wheel Cards makes this energy highly likely to be one that simply must play itself out (one way or another) even that isn’t written in stone.  The advice of the Cave Card can also be taking by the “Inquirer” aka everyone reading this, to stay safe, avoid risky situations whenever possible and in general work on the skills needed to get through a short (or longer) period of withdrawal from the larger world, should such an event(s) result in a cut off from the outside.

Doing so will not hurt anything, but might prove very useful if the hail does come down in such a way that it affects your area.  If we get through the next several weeks and the energy starts to relax and brighten up – we can all breathe a size of relief that the “window” past with only minor manifestations of this energy.

If it doesn’t, being well and truly safe and snug in our personal caves, may be the best advice the cards can give.

Finally, for individuals this is a day when a lot of people are going to find a push/pull between wanting to get things done (especially things like studying or things that require personal skills) and simply hiding out and staying under the covers.

A lot of people are likely to feel jumpy and anxious (the Hail rune) even if they haven’t read this forecast; and everyone should be prepared to have sudden and unexpected events smash into their lives.

Thankfully some of these will be positive, like a sudden raise, romance or opportunity but others surprises may not be so welcome.

Just do what you can to meet these “hail strikes” and adjust as best you can, the energies suggest that this is a good time for intentional withdrawal from battle or meeting challenges by prayer, meditation and thinking rather than direct confrontation.

The time for confrontation is likely to come later, but right now safety and security is your best response.

Have a safe, peaceful weekend of the sort where long sleep-ins and practicing skills (hobbies) is encouraged.  Pay attention to the outside news and the weather reports (they could affect you) but don’t dwell on it.  Because if the hail is going to strike, it is simply going to and there is little to be done about it – so take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Enjoy the sunshine if you have it and know that all energies pass away with time…

Card of the Day – Wednesday – May 8, 2013


Today’s card is Father and the rune is Tiwaz (Justice/Spear/Tribal Law)

This is a very interesting combination for today’s Current Event’s portion of the reading, first regular readers will note that we have not seen either this card or this rune for sometime and even more rarely in combination with each other.

So, we have the suggestion of some totally new energy suddenly playing out today only this time we also get clues as to what it is.

The Father Card (like most cards in this deck) has both positive and negative aspects; when it is positive, it represents the best in father-child supervision, teaching, oversight and direction, provision or defensive skills; it can represent our real father/father figures/mentors/teachers/discipline or even God(s) as in “The Father.”

In a negative sense it can represent False or overbearing Authority/Control/Patriarchy/manipulation/training for offensive violence (as opposed to hunting/defense)/Domination/etc.

The Father is teaching his son to use a bow and arrow, in the positive to provide food for the family (and defend the tribe) but he could also be teaching his son to shoot the arrows of war and pointing him the direction he should shoot – or maybe, just maybe he is pointing his son’s arrow to the heart of the matter (the answer to the question).  The card alone does not say, we have to look at the context of the rest of the reading.

That context is right here in the Tiwaz Rune: Tiwaz, the rune of the Norse God Tyr, the one-handed God that when forced to break a promise (tribal agreement) with the Wolf Fenrir allowed, the Wolf to bite off his hand in “just” compensation.

Yes, Tyr is a rune of “Justice” (and a favorite rune of police, lawyers, judges, legal secretaries etc) but as a lawyer friend (and Tyr’s man once said) “Tyr is as much about the justice of the battlefield as he is the justice of the courtroom and folks would do well to remember that when they call on him.”

I get several “feelings” off this energy combination today in terms of current events, in fact two Statements came into my head the minute I saw it:

One was –

“An Arrow will be shot towards the heart of the matter!”

and the other was

“War or Battle Directed by ‘The Father.'”

My deep sense is that the first probably refers to today’s hearings in Washington about what really happened in Libya.  This has already been hinted at in the news, the cards/rune are simply very supportive that the energy is running in the direction of such information being disclosed.

The second, may be the actual rounds of a battle somewhere being directed either by a dictator (“Father” to his people) and/or a nation with a Male Identification (Fatherland) or Male head of State (President/Prime Minister).  At the very least this is directed by “The Fathers/Elders/Authorities” who are “hurling the Spear” in the direction they desire it to go.

The image of the son becomes that of the young people sent out to shoot the actual arrows, but they are being manipulated and directed from those “above them” (and I don’t think we are just talking officers and generals here).

Both aspects of this reading feel very strong to me today, and as often happens are likely to color other aspects and parts of life today.

There will be attempts to “shoot the arrow/spear” on many levels, some of them towards distractions and some of them landing right into the center of issues.

This is a day when individuals may seem answers more clearly, especially after a bit of direction or hints from someone they respect.  A day when speech may have greater consequences (both positive and negative) because it will “shoot right to the target” after being spoken.

A day when lawyers may feel their words flying across a courtroom and stage actors feel their lines go directly to, “the point,” the sort of day when a Teacher can rejoice and think “wow, the class really ‘gets it.'”

A good day for observing rules and not breaking the speed limit, as the combination of Father and Tiwaz will give police the advantage in such things as writing tickets and noting infractions.

A really bad day for any enterprise that is not strictly legal and above-board, this is not a good day for bottling your moonshine or fudging your tax return.  The energy is all there for exposure and being “taken to the law,” if you can avoid such activities today do so or risk the consequences.

So a really kind of powerful day (at least potentially) Current Events wise, a “sharp” or “directed” day for individuals.

Keep yourself focused in the direction you want to go, try to keep activities to those “within the rules” and you may get a lot done in the next 24 hours or so.  Things aimed at either personal provisions (hunting and gathering), legal contracts (as long as they are above-board and totally honest) and self-defensive (physical and spiritual, like warding) are all good things to work on during this time period.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see how this plays out for the rest of the week; yesterday’s reading didn’t happen because we had surprise house guests, but hopefully I’ll get at least a peak at things for tomorrow and the weekend as it looks like events may be really starting to move.


Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – May 3-5, 2013

Friendship WarriorLiarUruz2

This weekend’s Cards are: Friendship, the Warrior and The Liar – the rune stave is Uruz (Wild/Ancient Cattle).

This combination is not a good sign after yesterday’s “foolish partnership” reading, which does not mean all partnerships formed yesterday were Foolish but the Fool Card plus the rune for Partnership could manifest that way.

This reading suggests that at least someone on an International/Current events scale this is almost certainly what took place, even if it was behind the scenes and the public not totally aware of it.

My hunch is that there may be more than one “foolish partnership” going on but we know the one being flagged in this reading is about “Friendship” and probably War/Defense/Military and that the alliance (or partnership) itself is based on falsehood, deceptions and lies.

This is because we have the “friendship card” (usually a very positive card, but as my husband pointed out yesterday not all friendships and partnerships are positive, some are toxic bringing out the worst in both “friends.”).

The Warrior Card is often a man’s card in a relationship reading, but on an international/current events level it can be about actual warriors/warfare/defense/watchfulness or even war itself.

The Liar card is one of the few cards in this deck with almost no good aspects (except when lies/deception are exposed) this card what changes the concept of something positive (or at least neutral) like a mutual defense treaty, a peace treaty or even a seemingly good corporate merger into something more sinister – it suggests that the basis for the agreement/partnership/alliance/friendship is based on lies (or at least deceptions of a deliberate nature on the part of one or both parties entering into it).

While my mind turns right away to the Middle East and the situation in Syria there are other places this energy could be playing out like North Korea, China, Russia or even in the economic, banking or political sectors.

Yesterday and today are both really bad days for corporate or political partnerships both personal and international; especially anything involving alliances for mutual protection and/or support; that’s because the energy for deception is just too strong out there right now.

If you absolutely must sign a business contract or partnership today, read all the fine print and read it again, make absolutely certain you feel safe and comfortable with it and/or simply wait a day or two before finalizing the agreements.  Hopefully by that point the energy will have shifted at least somewhat and be focused on another area, even if it is still deceptive it may have moved from friendship and battles to another area.

The Uruz rune brings up some hope in all this, because on the one hand while wild/ancient cattle are known to run around in all directions when moved to terror by events they don’t understand (becoming an unstoppable force until they choose to stop or are run over a cliff) they also have powerful protective and healing energies as well.

We can even return to the “birth” themes we have seen so much of in the last couple of weeks as in the Norse tradition the current age was “born” when the proto-Cow licked the salt off the waters of the great glaciers and began the floods of sweet waters that gave birth to the age of mankind.

So while the card energy is all very political, defensive, offensive, manipulative and human centered; the powerful runic influence for the next 48 to 72 hours is that of the Stone-Age Aurochs, one of the most powerful animals the Peoples of Ancient Europe ever lived beside.

As a Mother the Auroch is ever ready to protect and defend her calf and her – heard Sisters from the dangers of the Cave Lion and Dire Wolf; as a Father the Bull growing horns larger than anything seen today to drive off threats and gore any human foolish enough to try to take it from him!

Immensely strong beyond modern comprehension (especially when compared to today’s milk cow) their strengths (and protection) were also in the numbers of the heard and its ability to form defensive rings with the calves inside and the Great Cows and Bulls facing outward.  As long as these stood, few predators could touch them or their young.

Their greatest weakness however, was panic; something early men in the North Land’s learned to exploit, probably from the moment they discovered fire.  By driving these giant herds of animals over cliffs in a blind panic, they were able to over come their natural strong defense of both large bodies and strategies.

People learned pretty quickly that if they wanted Auroch meat and impressive drinking horns, the first had to frighten and manage the herd into running scared and not looking where they are going until it is too late.

The links to yesterday’s fool card, of being too distracted to see what is coming is very apt here.

Don’t be part of the herd that is distracted until they panic and then runs head long off a cliff – that’s the easy energy out there and today is an energy combination that needs to be resisted rather than flowed with.

Instead, concentrate on the positive aspects of friendship, defense and strength of the ancient cattle; but be very wary and observant for signs of lies, deception and managed distraction.

Beware, Beware, Beware of the False Friends/Warrior/Liar/Stampeded themes this weekend; instead go for the: Equal Partnership of friends, who celebrate each other’s strengths, defend each other from harm and refuse to buy into lies or diversion from what they know to be true.

A heavy time period, but possibly a rewarding one as well – true friendships can come out of adversity, just be very careful when choosing your companions, they really matter right now and YOUR future may depend on them.

Card of the Day – Tuesday – April 30, 2013


Today’s Card is Death, and the rune-stave is Elhaz/Algiz which is Elk (Moose in North America).

Death can be physical Death as in things/people dying but it can also mean something end, really ends (finality) and that includes bad situation that need to end as well as those we might wish to see continue.

The Elhaz Rune is often translated as “Protection” but the Elk/Moose has many aspects and all of them powerful.  It is an animal so large that in the Northland it knows no serious predators other than man (once it is an adult) and will often barge into situations (like moving cars) without fear because in the natural work it fears few direct threats.

The threats to the Moose are more in-direct; illness, old-age and a lack of food can bring down and adult as can accidents such as falling and breaking a limb.

So while the Moose/Elk is a powerful protector and totem, especially from predators; it also symbolizes plunging ahead without noticing possible new dangers.

There are two basic ways to read this combination of card and rune:

The highly Positive one:

Protection from Death/Sudden Ending

The more cryptic one:

Beware of Death/Endings from powerful forces, especially new ones you’re not normally programmed to pay attention to.

I think there is some of both in this reading, and I also think this reading hints at an energy reaction to the previous trends that were all about births and new starts/new situations brewing.

Most of the time when energy swings really far in one direction (in this case birth of the New) there is a counter-swing back to an opposite (or near opposite) energy because the Universe likes to keep up a Balance of sorts.

To have Birth energy followed by Death makes perfect sense, because in Nature it necessary to have both, and in the human world much of the time some situations/events/even humans themselves must End (aka Die) for new things to take their place, thrive and flourish.

For individuals, I feel the primary way to view this energy is the combination of “protection from Death” but also “protection within endings/deaths” directing and meditating on ending situations/relationships/circumstances etc., that are unhelpful (or no longer serving their purpose) in our lives in order to continue to move forward with the birthing energies of the last couple of weeks.

On a current events level, I am a bit more concerned because of previous reading that all seem to point to something building  that is very serious and the hints of something being new or not recognized as a threat/problem/issue.

The results of the failure to view the threat for what it is, in time could lead to either spiritual, mental of physical death for some humans.  I don’t like predicting things like that, but it feels pretty strong in this reading (and in previous ones during this time period).

However, the Elhaz rune suggests that this is not a totally fated and unavoidable future and that protection is there to be had if people will just look for it.

Another way that many people see this rune is as the human being standing and reaching their hands towards the heavens in prayer.

Prayer, medication and seeking support from the divine are part of the sheer and awesome power of this rune.

When you consider it beside the awesome fears that the idea of Death invokes for most people (mankind is still helpless before it, we all die eventually) this combination is almost haunting in its presentation of Death and Yet Protection from Death/Protection and Seeking Aid from the Divine Realms etc.

As good a pattern for meditation as any I can think of; a good day to finish projects that need sorting and a good day for seeking guidance for the next one.

Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – April 26 – 28, 2013

FoolSunStars Daguz2

This weekend’s cards are: The Fool, The Sun and the Stars, while the Rune is Daguz (Dawn/Sun at Dawn)

This combination continues the energy we have had all week in several forms, even though most of the cards are new, which again simply fits with the entire pattern of the previous week’s readings.

The Fool Card usually means to start over, begin a new project (or journey) but it can also mean innocence, foolishness or being distracted and unprepared.

The Sun Card is the Sun itself, but it is also light being shown on something, celebrations, masculine energy, planting & harvests, growth and all things nuclear (little sun).  The negative of this card can be over-heating, burning, drought, over-exposure.

The Stars Card is all about the making of connections, you can see the lines coming together to make pictures on the card itself.  The Stars are also about dreams and “reaching for the stars.”  The negative aspects of this card can be seeing connections when they do not actually exist or reaching to high or dreams based on fantasy.

The Daguz rune is really interesting in this context because it is the sun again, but this time the sun at dawn (early morning).  It often also highlights things just “coming to light” or “starting to make sense” as well as having nuclear associations, both in terms of energy as well as weapons.  Positive Daguz energy results in a fresh start (just like The Fool Card) negative Daguz energy can result in mystification of a situation (like the mist that can form on the morning horizon, often fogging visions and making shapes difficult to see or understand).

This entire week of readings has been all about something new building up being unleashed or opened onto the world; probably something difficult to control (Wednesday’s Reading) and very likely new (or new for the current situation) and perhaps strange or unusual (Yesterday’s Reading).

Today’s reading hints that this action may also include starting something over in a new direction and/or be a foolish move that will come to light as soon as people start making connections.

I must also mention that The Fool can also be a Foolish Young Man(Men) like the Boston Bombers, I don’t think it is them (though new information and connections could come out about them as part of the energy) but they are very good example of the card.

I keep really be drawn to all the solar aspects in this reading because every single card and run has some of them.  The Fool card has the least and it is still a young man starting out his journey in the early morning light, followed by the Sun itself, The Stars card (and the Sun is of course, a Star) and Daguz (The Sun at Dawn/Morning).

While in the Norse traditions the Sun (Sunna) is Female, in the Card deck the Card is male, which taken together with the Fool Card lead me to think that the human inspired part of this reading may be a young man (or at least a man/men).

But it could also be something about the Stars/Sun/Power itself that is building (and remember both can happen at the same time, as the energies often act on more than one thing at once).

The good news in this rather cryptic reading is that for individuals this is a great energy combination, especially for parts of the world that are moving into Summer.

We have the chance to make fresh choices and start new patterns, we have the Sun shinning on our efforts and the Stars to help us make the connections that will allow positive choices to move forward.  Daguz just increases the feeling that it is a “New Day” and no matter what happened in the past, you can now pick up your flute, start walking and go on again (possibly in a totally different direction).

Just pay attention, and don’t let you own music distract you from threats or walking into a tree.  Comb that hair out of your eyes and really see what the sun is revealing and the stars are connecting; let your new day, be a good day!

That’s all for this week, back on Monday unless something really breaks that is obviously connected to this week’s energy build up; if that happens I will try to work in a special reading on it if it becomes obvious as to what it is.


Card of the Day – Thursday – April 25, 2013

Stranger Perdo2

Word Press is still crashing today so I will once again try to make this shorter as I am now trying to recreate a reading that was already lost once.

Today’s Card is the Stranger and the Rune is Perthro (Dice Cup)

Taken together with yesterday’s reading, they suggest a time period when the energies for desperation and hiding are likely to be met head on by a new Person/Place/Idea/Energy whose eventual impact may be dicey or as yet, unknown.

The Stranger may be connected to that wild, unleashed energy I sensed building towards the end of yesterday’s reading.  This could be a new element or invention that creates a new situation or it could be an unexpected rise of a Person/Tribe/Nation that seems to come out of nowhere and affects things.

The Dice Cup Rune is often associates with Loki the Trickster God, who while he usually brings good things to mankind in the end, can create a lot of chaos and panic in his wake before he gets that far.

He isn’t evil in a classic sense (and neither is the Wild Hunt mentioned yesterday) but both are forces of disruptive, powerful and sometimes elemental energies that can radically change an ongoing situation, sometimes in the blink of an eye.

That is really the sense I’m getting here that whatever/whomever the Stranger (Strange/New) thing/person is, it happens quickly and is essentially a wild card.

The Stranger energy itself is fated (the Dice Cup is similar to the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot Deck) but the response or results of its sudden arrival on the scene is not.

People/Tribes/Nations have choices, the Dice Will Roll but no one is certain where they will land or what faces they will show.

It can be very “dicey” to gamble with A Unknown Stranger, the odds are usually not in your favor because needed information is lacking.

On a Current Events scales, like yesterday, I don’t feel this reading is just for today only but is a building energy period that includes the elements of great need, a desire to crawl away and hide, great-power unleashed and uncontrolled (probably on purpose but with incomplete understanding) and now a New and Strange Person/Energy/Element/Idea will be part of that.

This could be economic, political or a force of nature; but whatever it is mankind/people will be forced to deal with it head-on.

This is a time of great and powerful forces (fate) moving behind the more obvious and mundane world of daily life, until suddenly, it won’t be hidden anymore.

However, on a personal level, this is a day when New Ideas/Things and People may come into your life, their influence is uncertain so be cautious but not hostile.

This could be anything from a new romantic relationship that upend you life in positive ways to a new idea that sets you really re-thinking an long-held belief or lifestyle.

It is a good day for meeting new people, starting new projects and taking risks; but just remember risks can have more than one outcome, so take any new information into account before making a final choice.