Card of the Day – Wednesday – January 29, 2014

Prison Money3EmpressBerkano2

A short but rather important reading today, the cold is affecting my wrists making typing difficult but I wanted to check in to see where the energies are going and they appear to be headed in the same patterns as yesterday except that while the over-all good news energies are still there, they show a potential trap that could affect them or even stall them out.

The first two cards were stuck together and I didn’t even know it until I laid them down – but here in two cards is the new energy that can derail the wonderful energies of the Barn Cat Momma of yesterday and her counter-part the Pedigreed Queen Momma Cat of the Empress today.  As we can see, both days the rune for BIRTH or BIRCH TREE are THE SAME on BOTH days.  This is very important, because it shows a direct continuity between the readings and the issues at hand.

To give out the short version required by my lack of typing skills this morning, the Prison and the Money card strongly suggest that Money/Economic/Banking problems or issues of some sort are about to become so serious that Moms of all classes from the very poor, to the very wealthy are going to worry about their children.  The Momma Barn cat will start directing her extending family on how to cope and thinking of ways to handle the new situation.  The Empress Momma Cat, used to her comforts and protections may not be quite so hands on about it, but she will also be concerned about the comfort and well-being of her family.  She loves her kittens too! Even if her pampered lifestyle in a secure, warm cattery may not have prepared her for the understanding of what some of the more specific threats are or how to manage them.

This suggests a situation that could affect both rich and poor, but interestingly enough, the poor may be somewhat better able to deal with it at least emotionally and mentally than the seriously well off.

Whatever is happening, the situation seems to be new or in the birthing process right now; this does not mean the situation is new in terms of mankind or that it is not riding on the back of older economical or money problems (it probably is) but just like a Momma Cat gets bigger and rounder before she gives birth, this sort of situation can appear as one thing (a fat cat) and then turn into something else overnight (a litter of hungry and demanding kittens).

The Prison card suggests highly that some of the cause of this will involve the stopping, trapping or imprisoning of money in some way; this could also involve individuals going t jail or laws that create a new situation.  But this feels to me like some sort of “money-lock up” and stories circulating the last few days on economic forums about ATM failures, limit’s on cash from personal accounts in some places and even rumors of bank transfers being limited in China; all suggest this problem may already be underway.

The results of this are likely to be a monetary freeze or prison of some sort; I am not enough of an economy person to understand all the implications of that, but I’d caution everyone to keep a strong eye on their personal finances in the next several weeks, and especially in the 48 to 72 hours.

This problem feels on-going, so I don’t think this is going to all be over very quickly; though the urgent situation may peak and die back for a bit if the energies changed drastically by the weekend.

Remember, all that good personal energy from yesterday hasn’t gone away, you’ve still got some wonderful Maternal, Protective and Birthing (Birch Tree) energy out there, but now you know what could possibly upset that Apple Cart; so concentrate on bringing the good and mothering energies into your life but also keep a very close eye on your wallet and news stories that may cause even busy “moms” to notice there could be a problem in the works.