Card of the Day – Tuesday – Oct 15, 2013

Sage Othala2

Late and quickie post today – plumbers are gone and water has been restored to our house and the Internet is improving again so hopefully more on time tomorrow.

Anyway, today we have The Sage Card (Wisdom/Older persons/Study) and the Othala rune (homeland, inherited lands, inherited wealth, birthright).

The Sage card indicates that great wisdom or perhaps those with “gray heads” are deciding/studying/need wisdom about the Homeland.  Which does a really good job of explaining what is going on right now in the United States in terms of the budget/default crises that is going on there.

Othala is also one of the runes of the week, so this rune focus on Homeland/Inheritance is really being spotlighted as a major energy.

Current Events wise I think this reading is mostly about the US but also extends out to other areas and places where wisdom, study and wise decisions need to be made about Homelands, the security of Homes, Birthrights, Inherited Property, Currencies etc.

While this may be another one of those days when you want to ask the cards, “can you tell us something we don’t already know” (because we know these issues are in focus right now) what the cards are actually doing is confirming that this is a real issue and it isn’t something to treat lightly.

With the other readings so far this week, it looks like Wisdom is seriously needed over emotional reactions of things are going to be worked out.

This is a time period when the potential for “wise heads” to prevail is there – that doesn’t mean they will but if a break through happens, the next 24 hours could be critical.

For individuals a good day for studying, reading, being watchful and any activities that seriously support the home/homeland/future.


Card of the Day – Tuesday – July 30, 2013

Union Othala2

Well, in keeping with this week’s theme of “Strange Things” we have a rather Strange but interesting combination of Card and rune-stave today.

The Card is Union – two perfect streams coming together to form a perfect “Union,” this is often the “Lovers” card in this deck – it is a mostly positive card standing for Unions and relationships of all sorts – in a Current Events reading it can also represent countries with United or Union in the Current or former names, examples would be The United States, The European Union, The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics etc.

It can also be about Labor Unions and even the “Unions” (marriages/Divorces) of famous people.

Othala – is the Rune of Inheritance and Inherited Land, also The Homeland; so when you combine it with Union in a Current Events Reading it almost certain does point to a Nation (or Group of Nations) who are United to form a Homeland.

They may also have an “inheritance” from the past that is currently a strong influence.

When I combine this with yesterday’s reading, I have to wonder if “The Stranger” or Strange/New element/idea etc; that brings Joy (or perhaps Joy to some folks) is likely to manifest in a Nation/Group of nations who are in someway a United/Union and perhaps the “Stranger” or “Strange/new Theory/Idea/Situation” will be something that seems to come (or does come) out of its past heritage?

Things to watch for with this energy news wise would be stories of weird or different forms of bringing things together – everything from relationships or as I mentioned yesterday some weird new science discovery that “Unites” different things together, probably in new or “Strange” Ways.

There is also a hint that The Stranger, could be a new leader – an Unknown person that comes up and out of one of these “Unions, “and again this could be a labor Union or even a corporation with the World Union in it, but it is more likely a country/nation because of that HOMELAND/Othala rune combination.

If it is a new leader, look for someone who claims to draw on the past, on the “inheritance” of the nation, someone who either is (or presents themselves) as highly patriotic, highly respectful of the ancestors, probably is (or presents) themselves as conservative or at least as wishing to revive or build on what has gone before in some way.

Again, after yesterday’s reading, my hunch is that whatever or whomever this is; it is going to be a bit of a surprise – one that may initially bring joy, and my even bring joy for a time, but I’m not sure I totally trust it in the long run – we will just have to see what the rest of the week’s cards are and what we actually see in the news.

Remember also that sometimes the Energy shifts do occur before they manifest in reality so with these rather strong changes in energy direction I won’t be surprise if they take several weeks to actually work all the way.

On a personal level, this reading is fantastic, bringing together as it does the idea of Union/Marriage/Joining/Love and Homeland/Ancestors/Inherited Lands etc., etc..

A great day to work with your partner on things that concern you home, home-life and finances.  A great day to work on psychic “gifts” (The Inheritance) remember the ancestors, work in the garden, take time with family (especially extended family – yesterday’s Wunjo/Joy rune is also the Clan Banner) and generally celebrate Hearth and Home.

Finally, many people also associate the Othala Rune with Odin, who among his other aspects is very important when it comes to communication and messages.  With the Union Card, that suggests a day when generally good communications can be established between both individuals (or partners) and Peoples/Tribes/Nations.

So a good day for getting across your message to others, because a sense of clarity is likely to be in the air.

Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – June 7-9, 2013

Well, life got a bit in the way yesterday (as often happens after a long trip) so today’s weekend reading will feature four cards – this is also because all four of these cards “jumped out” stuck together from the deck.  This can happen when card actually drop from the deck while shuffling or (in this case) you try to pull one card and a number come into your hand instead.  Four cards is an unusually high number, but this time it was even obvious what their order was.  The are a rather complex reading, so let’s get started, I  will add a rune or two at the bottom if needed.

Libido Stranger Cave Destruction

OK so we have The Libido (sexuality/life force) The Stranger (new person/element/situation/influence) The Cave (withdrawal/depression) and Destruction (something is destroyed/ended).

Kind of a weird and spooky reading for the weekend (and often a few days beyond) and since it is so spooky, we’re going to add a rune or two to see if we can get any idea of the other forces that may be at play here:

Othala2 Elhaz

These runes were also “stuck” together in my hand, the order was less obvious but it seems that Othala (Homeland/inheritance) and Elhaz/Algiz (Moose/Protection/Strength) followed it.

Now how to we put all these things together?

From an international/current events point of view they are rather worrying (though not so much for individuals, we’ll get to that in a moment).

The Libido card is usually sexuality/life force/fertility and is the exact opposite of the Cave Card.  The Libido card is what gives “color” to life, that color includes vitality, drive, creativity and even temptation (the snake) and ritual combat/display behavior.  This past weekend in California, I saw two peacocks in exactly the same position as on this card at an animal park, they were displaying and strutting about for a lady pee hen, whose favor each wish to obtain.

When you put this on a Current Events level, this goes beyond just teenage boys showing off for potential partners but can morph into Peoples/Tribes/Nations displaying or even fighting over resources (or perceived resources) sometimes ignoring a great danger that is right in front of them (the snake) because they are too distracted with each other.  This is the sort of energy that may be going on here, but it is a bit hard to tell yet – it is also possible that the older energy pattern of “threats to human fertility” may be coming back into the fray, but we won’t know for sure yet until we get a few more readings under our belt.

The Stranger card suggests a new person, element or situation coming into the picture; one that no one expects because until now they have been hidden behind the door.  Even if their face is known (say a person or a country) their actions or effect on the current situation will not be, hence they are “strange” or “The Stranger.”

Whatever they are, their impact may cause the Libido (life force/creativity especially) to go into hiding (sexuality might go into hiding too, but I suspect that is more of a side effect of people being very upset, and trust me after what I saw after the San Francisco Earthquake, it takes more than a big tremor to deflect the human drive towards reproduction!)

So, more likely this is a case of some very bad, scary or unhappy news; perhaps something that even sends people literally “into hiding.”  More bad weather, tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, earthquake etc would certainly do this; as would man-caused situations like wars, missals, bombs etc.  With the hints of fertility issues, there is some possible link to either  nuclear accident or warfare, more bad news from Fukushima would not be surprising this week, especially on how it is affecting either Japan or North America (more on that later).

Finally in the Cards we have Destruction, which again is not exactly comforting coming after the cave card.  It suggests that the combination of the Libido and the Stranger, create both a time of depression and destruction.  This could also be economic, perhaps the end of a “run” in the economy that some “strange” new issue finally causes it to partly collapse and/or a similar thing happening in the world of geopolitics (or even the weather).

I don’t mean to have such a wide range of possible doom on such a lovely June day, but the cards are just hard to read in a positive away at least as a group.  On their own both libido and the Stranger can be highly positive; an intentional personal withdrawal to recover personal energy or the creative destruction of unwanted elements in your life can be positive too.  But as an over-all, current events card reading they suggest a good weekend to concentrate on things close to home and safe.

The Runes also point in this direction with Othala (Homeland/Inheritance/Home) and Elhaz/Algiz (Moose/Protection/Strength).  These runes do suggest possible threats to “the homeland” or “protection/strength” but at the same time they also suggestion that “protection” is to be found in the “Home/Homeland/Inheritance.”

Even if you must travel this weekend (vacation season in the North and all) focusing your personal energies on your family and close friends is probably the best way forward, while staying aware of events around you that might affect you directly.

I think we may be seeing a dimming of the “out-ward” energy focus we had last week towards a more “inward” energy focus; but an inward journey partly inspired or directed by the powerful and clashing forces in the greater world. 

There is protection in Elhaz, which is also sometimes associated with prayer (the human figure with raised arms) or assistance from the Divine/Other-world.  So there is a great deal of comfort in just that rune alone and while Othala does suggests there could be “threats” or “destruction” to some homes/homeland; paired with Elhaz it also suggests the home/homeland as a place of protection and refuge (as does the Cave card).

While I briefly mentioned the personal stuff, to re-cap for individuals this doesn’t have to be a dire reading at all, we have the elements for creativity, new situations/relationships, meditation, creative destruction (pulling weeds both physical and spiritual), delight in the home/family and protection (both personal and public). 

A really good week for personal prayer and meditation as well as creative art work and/or scraping projects that are not working (creative destruction) and starting over (the Stranger) after some thought (the Cave).

But while the threat’s may no longer be specifically from “The Stars” (aka look out below) they are still lurking around out there and distraction (the ritual combat dance of the peacocks) is likely to mask some of the coming (new?) Destruction that could be lurking about the cave/home/homeland.

So, stay close to home (spiritually and mentally, if not physically) but keep your eyes open for what could be out there, don’t allow yourself to be distracted or hidden too far down in your cave to react in time if  you need to.

Hopefully we will all have a better picture by Monday of what all this is about and/or the energies may start changing to a more understandable and obvious pathway.


Card of the Day – Monday – May 6, 2013

Cave Uruz2 Othala2

Today’s card is The Cave and two runes stuck together today so we have two rune-staves: uruz (Ancient Cattle/Strength) and Othala (inheritance/homeland/greater Germany/Odin)

The first thing we notice about this reading (if you’re a regular reader here) is that the first rune is exactly the same as the rune we had on Friday.  Since Friday’s reading often sums up a week going into the weekend, and Monday’s reading usually sets the tone for the new week, this suggests the underlying runic power of strength/ancient cattle/stampeding/strong energy will be a major playing going into this week as well.

The Cave card, almost always suggests a withdrawing from action/activity (positive or negatively) it can also mean actual depression (including economic as well as mental or spiritual) and is frequently associated with time periods where people just feel so overwhelmed by something they just want to hide.  In fact, the image of hiding in a cave to escape, may even be played on in reality in situations where people actually need to take physical shelter from a recognized threat (war, tornado, earthquake, volcano etc).

The combination of the Cave Card and Strength, suggests a desire to hide from strong, powerful and probably stampeding forces that are simply not going to stop until they (the ancient cattle) are ready to stop running or go right off a cliff.

The Othala rune (home land/inheritance/Odin) suggests very powerfully that this “strong” force/issue/situation/threat is likely to affect “The Homeland” or “The Inherited Lands” and that it may be influenced by the forces of the “Odin/Wotan” archetype such (which would be offensive war, death, communications, poetry, epics and even magic).

Since Odin often leads the “Wild Hunt” that we saw being “called up” a couple of weeks ago, this is probably not a good sign in terms of international/current events going peacefully or smoothly over the next week.

My hunch is that on a current events scales the energies are out there this week for serious wars (that people need to take shelter from), serious threats (including “terrorism” to various “homelands” not just the US), strong “runs” on things like the stock market/economics/banks (both positive or negative but again not calm or measured).

Greater Germany (aka the EU) may also be affected in this reading, because the Othala rune has been a favorite of “Greater Germany” folklorists and friends since the late 19th century.

This doesn’t mean there will be war or attacks in the EU, but it does mean there is disruptive energy there that could manifest in terms of “running/battles/disruption” that causes folks to want to just hide out until it is all over.  Europe could also be affected by events outside the borders if the hints of wars and battles prove to be physical armies rather than just hostile actions of individuals, banks or corporations.

However, I think the strongest places to look for war/battles is currently in the Middle East, with the high likely hood of “strikes” that may be related occurring elsewhere.  North Korea, India, Pakistan are wild cards; they feel off-balance to me in some ways but less likely to be the direct threat seen for going into hiding (at least in the next 24 hours or so).

There also feels like a very strong possibility of attacks (real or false flags) all over the world, at least for the next 24 to 48 hours, possibly all week; hopefully they will pass by and the window close without incident either in the world of smaller battles or larger ones.

Hints are there also of possible “natural forces” (wind/rain/hail/snow/earthquake/volcanoes) etc that could also mandate finding a nice dark cave as is the energy for being “depressed” and wanting to hide out because of bad economic news.

Those aspects though I think will be more “local” and related to individual situations, with many people not experiencing them at all.  I sense on the other hand that if either that attacks/battles/war actually gets going, pretty much anyone with access to the media is going to know about them and react emotionally in some way.

Finally, for individuals the cave energy can be very positive, this probably is a day for staying home (mentally if you’ve got to go to work), lying low, avoiding additional risks, waiting to start new projects and pretty much just concentrating on making sure you home-cave and inherited lands (your own space and personal/family property whatever it is) are strongly protected and warded on a psychic was well as a physical level.

If there’s a threat, take shelter rather than trying to flee or fight; lay low and let it pass by.

A fantastic day for doing certain types of protective magic or warding a new home, a good day to take care of things like broken windows, locks on doors or protective meditations.

No energy lasts for ever, though this entire week is likely to have issues with some pretty powerful forces still playing around out there.  So take care of yourself, your family and your cave – honor and study the actions of the ancestors – there is very little that is new under the sun; the Othala rune is partly about their “inherited wisdom” study and use it wisely in the week(s) to come.

That’s today’s reading, if you are interested in a private reading on how the energies may be affecting you personally, just contact me for details!



Card of the Day – Thursday – April 18, 2013

Birth Othala2

Today’s card is birth and the rune is Othala (inherited lands/inheritance) – this combination suggests that the Destruction and Birth cards seen in last Saturday’s Reading are moving through the Destruction phase and into the Birth phase of whatever the Destruction is leaving in its wake.

While this does not mean the destruction is over, it does mean that the impact of that destruction is leading to the birth of something new or at least a new situation.

That situation is likely to be in the “Homeland” in this case mostly North America, though on an energy level it can mean where ever a person lives and/or inherits from (including home, family, nation etc).

This message really is: A Birth in the Home Land and/or Birth with Inheritance or Inherited at Birth.

Sometimes, Othala has been used to represent the German people and the German nation (by “Greater Germany” writers since the 19th century).  While not as well-known outside of Europe as the Sun Wheel (Swastika) image, Othala has none the less been banned from being worn in Germany because of its National Socialist associations.  Like all runes (and symbols) there is nothing evil about it in and of itself, but the NAZI’s did enjoy using it as a symbol for “Greater Germany” and I have sometimes seen it as a symbol for the modern “Greater Germany” aka the EU.

So it is also possible that a new situation is occurring, just under the radar in the EU/Greater Germany as well.  It may or may not be connected with the current destruction/re-birth energy that still feels heavy in the air (and likely to continue on at least into next week) but it is something rising and needs to be watched.

In North America the Destruction energy still seems to be the primary player at least in public sphere but the birth energy may be coming into play soon.  Unfortunately it isn’t possible to tell if this “Birth/Inheritance in the Homeland/Ancestors Land” is a positive or a negative situation coming into being.

All we can tell is that it is being born…

One more hint is that Othala is often also associated with the God Odin (by many people) who in the Germanic world-view is seen to govern Communications (of all sorts, from the spoken word to radar), Poetry, Inspiration and War/Warriors.  Odin’s Warfare is the sort of War for the sake of honor and glory, especially of one’s homeland – Odin honors brave warriors from all sides of a conflict and is believed to enjoy a certain amount of strife for its own sake, rather than any particular goal.

While Loki is more commonly known as the Trickster, Odin himself has some of those aspects especially when it comes to only telling part of a truth, masking a situation (especially allowing folks to indulge in self-deception), or twisting things around to suit his own purposes.

He is a master of spy-craft and sends his ravens back and forth across the Earth to learn what is happening in the world of humankind.  He also enjoys walking the Earth dressed as a man, interacting with people (including fathering children) and generally being involved in great conflicts and contests.

So, again I suspect there is a great deal going on with the “Destruction” energy than meets the eye (at least for now) that communications are being clouded (or deliberately undermined) and there are hints of conflict or even of war/conflicts/battles around the edges here.

That includes both real battle fields and lesser forms of warfare like currencies and politics.  Remember, Monday’s Reading suggested that the root (or direct) cause of some of the Destruction/Birth energy was money/wealth/fortunes.

If the money trail can be found, an explanation for some of the nastier Current Events may be found (especially in North America and Europe).

On the individual front though, this energy is very positive – Birth and Othala in a private reading might suggest the birth of a much wanted child to inherit the family line, the “birth” of an inheritance (physical or spiritual), moving to a new home (or inheriting it) the birth of new gifts (especially psychic or creative ones).

A good day for meditations, exploring new job or creative ideas, to listen to older relatives, honor one’s parents, psychic development or rituals,  have (or make) a baby, have a birthday celebration, create a garden, take flowers to family graves, enjoy a family reunion or spend time with a grandchild.

Hopefully this weekend’s reading will either sum up some of what has been happening  and/or point to where the energies will head into next week.

Until then, if your interested in a private reading for you own personal cards and runs, you can contact me here on the website for details.

Card of the Day – Tuesday – January 24, 2012

Today’s Card if The Father and Today’s Rune is Odala (or Othala) which is the rune of Odin (All Father in the Norse traditions) so both card and rune are almost certainly flagging the same basic energies.

There are some differences though, the Father card is usually about earthly fathers and the passing of skills to new generations.  Though it can sometimes mean a Fatherly/Male/Active energy (including divine father).  All of us also contain a certain amount of Father/Directive energy, even if we are female and have never been a parent.

The Othala Runestave is most commonly associated with The Ancestral Homeland, The Inherited Lands, and Inheritance.

Taken together with the Father Card, I’m reading both this card and this runestave as suggesting that “The Father-Land/Germany” is likely to play a big role today, probably in reference to the ever-growing mess taking place in the EU right now. By itself, Othala can refer to any inherited land (or personal characteristic) or ancestral homeland, but Germany in specific has taken over the “Heavy Father” role in the EU, apparently believing itself entitled to punish, reward, and control. This would match nicely to Russia as “The Motherland” in a reading I did a couple of months ago. Othala also suggests a centrality of power, the ancestral seat from which rule stems, and this would likewise fit with Germany’s current role (or the role it wants to play) in the EU.

This story has been long ongoing and reflected in the cards, almost to the point of boredom, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important obviously the cards think it is important; but what is changing here is the obvious and direct link to one country in particular (or at least their energy).

I can’t tell for sure which way Germany’s heavy hand is likely to fall in terms of the exact situation with Greece, but my feeling is that it will not be gentle hand.

The same may very well be true for some of the other affected countries, such as Ireland where I live, among others (or my homeland/dwelling place).

As always, this energy is also likely to spill over into other areas, and continues the ongoing shift to male/paternal/active/energies that started a couple of weeks ago.

That shows no sign of letting up, so again this is a good day for the active learning of skills, new projects, life-path workings, working with children, teaching, buying a house or property and even business decisions.

Meditations might be better undertaken in a more “active” fashion than usual, such as taking a brisk walk,  performing a repeated task or using a mind puzzle for concentration.

I feel this current energy is probably going to affect things for several more days (at least) before it fades out.

That’s your card (and rune) for today, remember you can get your cards today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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