Card of the Day – Tuesday – June 17, 2014

OK, hopefully things are getting somewhat back on track in terms of readings; I had been trying to read but getting very muddy and strange outcomes from the cards so had put them aside and not posted for a few days – then last evening (here in Ireland) I did a “quickie reading” for a private forum and got another weird reading but posted it to that forum anyway.

The cards were The Home, Now and Liberation – which would normally be very positive but it felt to me like “right now” something was breaking out (liberation can be setting something free that is better bound) that would affect people in their homes.  Then, the rune was Isa or “Ice” again seemingly the opposite of “liberation/moving” energy.   I pointed out that this had been typical of my attempted card readings lately, but then also said it could also be about something else like real ice, storms or wild weather.

Home Now Liberation Isa2

Within an hour, the reports and pictures of the twin tornadoes and destroyed homes were showing up on the net, seldom have I had a reading happen so fast and suddenly things started to make sense.  The readings are “muddy” and “contradictory” because right now (probably for the last couple of weeks and going a bit into the future) the energies are strongly rocking back and forth, creating a very unstable situation both in the mundane and the spiritual/psychic worlds.  When moving force meets static ice, things are likely to get crazy and/or explosive and that is not only what is happening with the current weather but also being reflected in current events such as the wars in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Our friend the Hail Stone “Hagalaz” that first showed up in the readings a couple of weeks ago, finally hit with slamming forcing late last week and created (among other things) an unexpected lighting bolt of conquest in Iraq, a failure of negotiations between Russia and the Ukraine, further splits in public opinion in the United States with congress getting a 16 percent approval rating and my Facebook page full of people venting about the situation in Iraq but very opposing views about what might be done about it.  The World Cup Soccer Match, usually a distraction for most of the non-US centered world is still there but taking a distinctly back stage role compared to most years and to top it all off, we are in a very dicey period astrologically called “Mercury in Retrograde.”  I am not an astrologer but Mercury in Retrograde periods often bring about problems with communications, general breakdowns (especially of machines/computers/etc., difficulty in moving things or situations forward and things just generally tending towards confusion.  Not really the energy you want during a really dicey current events period when what you want are a clear understanding of what is happening and the ability to make wise choices on how to deal with it.

All that said, we can now move on to today’s reading, which as the first reading of the week tends to color the rest of it (though I also posted Monday’s private forum reading background because I think it is important for this week as well).

TreePassion IgnitedOthala2

OK and in a typical Mercury in Retrograde moment, I grabbed the “wrong” card deck, but this is such a perfect image that I decided to go with it anyway and do the reading with it as it stands.

The first card is The Tree, in a reading this is a strong and connected system often involving family, like a family tree or the World such as The World Tree (aka the roots, trunk and branches of what holds the world together).  It is a very powerful card and suggests also that something has taken root, is growing/has grown and is not going to be blow away by the next wind.

Passion Ignited is just what it looks like, a lovely women with fire in her heart and an ecstasy on her face; this card can be about the deep passions of romantic love but it can also about anything a person feels deeply, strongly, even violently attached to.  We talk about “passion for art,” or “having a passion for certain foods” etc; while this card can be very positive, the negative side of this card is passion miss directed or passion to the degree that logical thought flies right out the window.  Anyone who has ever fallen in love (and that is most adults) know that things like deep logical thinking and common sense tend to fly right out the window, at least in the early stages which is why we talk about “being in the throes of passion.”  Like most emotions it is neither good nor bad, but it can sure get it the way of serious thinking when people are experiencing it.

Finally we have the run Othalla, the Homeland; this rune represents: The Home, The Nation, The Inherited Lands, From the Ancestors, the Family line etc; it is the closet thing in the runes to a sense of national (or tribal) identity and that sense of “This Land is Your Land, This Land is MY LAND” that you are going to get.  Of course it also signifies other types of inheritance like money, physical abilities, mental or psychic gifts etc; but primarily the rune is about the lands (as well as the blood) of the ancestors.  I can’t think of a better rune to sum up the two most obvious current event situations that are currently exploding onto the world stage as well as a few other situation that are a bit more in the background but still there (like territorial issues between Japan and China or the influx of Mexican children into the US etc) than this reading.

Basically you have “The World (Tree) if dominated by passions ignited over issues concerning homelands, nations, inheritance and the gifts of the ancestors.”

That is exactly what most of the events going on right now are about, fights over borders, natural resources, who rules what territory, who historically ruled what territory;  who is the real “owner” of Peoples/Tribes/Nations/Borders/Lands/Water/Oil/Food/Gold etc.

The Passions are dominating these issues at the moment and it is likely to rock the very foundations of the World Tree/Homeland/Planet Earth; things are changing and the changes (right now) are being made from over-powering emotions rather than wisdom or common sense.

That does not mean that all outcomes are doomed to be bad ones, but it means that folks affected by these conflicts and changes can expect little in the way of logic, practicality or straight forward thinking/movement/decision-making etc at least for the next 24 to 48 hours and probably for the rest of the week.

This fits very well with the images from yesterday’s forum reading of wild liberated energy striking into a wall of solid ice and hitting it repeatedly. 

For individuals this can be a much better time, because those not directly affected by any of the warrior energies in the outer world; can use this time to put their passions to creating a secure and even delightful upgrading of their own personal “homeland.”  While this a week when all sorts of wars, wild weather and other out-of-control things are going on outside, this is a very good time to practice personal art projects, decorate or repair the home, look for property, deal with estate issues, explore “gifts” from the ancestors (including psychic ones etc). 

But this is also a time to be very careful in personal relationships, again especially with the home and family because this is a time period again when emotions are ruling all and common sense don’t count for much; except your loved ones to simply “react” to a lot of things, especially unexpected things like Aunt Marge’s broken Tea Pot you were about to throw out, as it is grabbed from you hands by a suddenly tear streaked face and the pieces placed back on the shelf.  That’s the sort of energy this week seems to have written all over it.

Hopefully I’ll be able to read more regularly but given the way this time period has been going, I can’t promise but I also don’t see this wild combination of push/pull/stop energy changing in the next few days either.





Card of the Day – Tuesday – Sept 17, 2013

Money Othala2

Sadly, yesterday’s combination of The Moon Card (unconscious mind/hidden secrets), Kenaz (the torch/erupting boil/sideways volcano) rune; strongly influenced by a weekly energy of the Beast Card (raging, angry, unleashed emotions) did come to pass in a very public way, just a few hours after I posted the reading.

While other things were also happening yesterday, like the raging storm, coming out of the sea in Japan bringing not only terrible flooding but hitting on the nuclear aspects of Kenaz and making the whole ongoing accident there even worse by a release of radioactive water; the most obvious demonstration of yesterday’s energies was in the United States.

Here a gunman now known to have had a high security clearance (may have worked on intelligence while in the military not sure yet) but very much secrets revealed; undergoing treatment for mental issues (the unconscious aspects of the Moon card again) during under a waxing (almost but not quite full) moon; erupted by (Kenaz) with Firing (Kenaz/the Torch again) as a Raging Beast (Beast Card) killing until he was taken down (Beast Card Again, Beast don’t respond to logic you can’t reason with them you can only calm them, divert them, run away or take them out).

Since we know from my audio reading that The Beast is the Primary Energy for this week, combined with the Blog’s flagging of The Moon Card’s hidden secrets and unconscious motives it is suggested that the storms in Japan and the DC shooter may not be the last of these Beastly manifestations this week.

Today’s card suggests further details of what issues or areas may be the next to either erupt or reveal their secrets; today the Card is Money (so we are back to our previous theme of “follow the money” among other things) and the rune stave is Othala (inherited lands, the HOMELAND).

Somehow Money/wealth/currencies/economic issues etc; affecting various homelands (both personal homes but also the macro level of cities/states/countries/blocs of nations) are like to be front and center for the next 24 to 48 hours.

I can not help but feel they are likely to be affected by the continuing Beast/Moon/Kenaz combination: if secrets are revealed or money issues affect your home land today; look for them to express themselves in an emotional, probably angry and unstoppable fashion.

In some places this could mean that whatever has been holding something back economically suddenly bursts out and starts to rampage.  On Wall Street the image of a Bull could suggest either a surge or a Bear in rage with a down turn but if this energy indeed affects these places (it may or may not, they are probably being manipulated heavily) a rapid change one way or the other would be likely.

However, while manipulating computers doing digital trading may be relatively easy for those who know how; manipulating economies and currencies over the long-term is eventually doomed to get out of control.

I’m not saying today is the day that things will spiral out of control but I will say there is energy for it and that makes it more likely, especially in certain places and situations that are already on the brink like Argentina, Greece or Cyprus.

Other aspects of this energy could be calls for more “Money” for “Homeland” security; issues regarding money and spending in general (for both countries and people); the US congress going back into full session over spending bills and similar situations in Europe; housing news, construction, farming, food and even military defense (especially spending).

So over all a day when individuals are well advised to make plans and decisions about family spending, budgeting etc; probably a good day to buy property if you are lucky enough to be able to, also a good day to be a seller as long as the deal is honest and above-board.

Possibly a good day to ask for a raise or get your banking sorted; over all a pretty good day for most people money wise (and there maybe some good news on the macro front).

Just remember that during a week marked by the Beast and the Moon, that money can also bring up the deepest of family arguments and that people are unlikely to be ration about them.  Better to wait to sort them out until things are a bit calmer if you can; meanwhile make plans as best you may and see what energies tomorrow brings with it.

All an all, another day to “follow the money” this time possible to things that directly affect your nation and your very own personal front door.

Card of the Day – Weekend Edition- March 1-3, 2013


My computer just ate a very long and detailed post for this weekend, which I simply am not up to doing all over again.

The Summer of this reading was that the Moon (hidden information coming out/dreams) The Liar (something false/a lie/distraction) and The Union Card (a Union/Marriage/Countries which are “Unions”/other sorts of alliances) with the Othala Rune (Ancestral Homeland/Associations with Greater Germany/Odin/Homeland/Inheritance) suggest a weekend when countries or Unions will be affected by hidden information and lies/falsehoods or distractions.

Pay particular attention to “Greater Germany/EU” areas, countries with United in their current or former names:The United States, The (former) Soviet Union, The European Union, The United Nations etc.  You can extend this out to corporations like Union Carbide or actual Union (like The Federal Employees Union) etc.

What I am not sure of is if the hidden information/dreams are exposing the lies or are the lies or a bit of both – look for a lot of media “distractions this weekend on both sides of the Atlantic (and all over the world, including Japan).

The Othala rune in its “inheritance/home land” role can also target some Earth movements or changes like volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides, bad weather and even famines (anything that affects the home land).  It can also be about actual inherited money and/or resources especially national treasures.

For individuals, this is a good weekend for focusing on Dreams and Singles from the Unions in our lives (especially romantic partners) and to pay attention to matters of property both physical and spiritual.

Also a time to pay attention to your own dreams and visions, but vet them very carefully for possibly confused or irrelevant information.

Card of the Day – Tuesday – July 10, 2012

Today’s Primary Card is The Stranger but stuck underneath it was Prison, so while I am reading the main card, I giving the Prison card nearly equal importance because I did not even realize it was there until I went to read.

The rune-stave is Othala (also called Odala) which means homeland or inheritance.

First off, there are only 40 cards in this deck but this is the second time in a week the Stranger has come up and it whomever or whatever new element/person/energy the Stranger is; they seem very important to come up again so soon.

That is worrisome because in a macro current-events reading, to be “stuck” to the Prison card like this suggests whomever/whatever it is offers a trap and/or actually prison to those closely affected.

To have the Homeland/inheritance alongside them is an even greater cause for concern, because it suggests that not only does the Stranger present entrapment/prison/bars it also focuses on the very “inherited land” (usually translation of the meaning of the rune-stave) of those directly affected.

Aka what looks like a “new” threat, challenge or seeming “solution” to problems experienced by national “homelands” (or People/Tribes/Nations/Homesteads/Clans) is actually a trap/prison.

My hunch is this may be partly about both the world economic crises and the possible “solution” of human warfare, because Othala is sometimes associated with Wotan/Odin (and conflicts over land/inheritance aka war personal or international).

The Othala Rune Stave has also been associated with “Greater Germany” since the late 1800’s and so could also reflect that Germany (or Germanic energies) may play a part in this “new” situation (or at least be greatly affected by it).

While we still don’t know what the “New/Stranger” energy that first surfaced last weekend is; we now know that it is not a helpful or even neutral force.  We also know it is a threat to homes/homelands/inheritance, aka what generations pass on to their children.

I wish the reading were not so dark today, but with that Prison card, I just can’t see any other way to read it.

As always individuals can use this energy for positive growth and awareness; use the Stranger energy to continue yesterdays new starts and explorations of new ideas and projects.  Just be aware there is a lot of energy out there can lead you down the garden path towards personal and public “traps.”  While this is a good day to research a new business idea, it is NOT a good day to sign on the dotted line for a partnership, especially anything that might affect your personal home and family.  Give it a few days to “gel” and be sure to read all the fine print.  You can also use today’s Othala energy for work on the home both physical and spiritual, just don’t let yourself get trapped their either.

Again a very interesting week energy-wise, stay tuned for more…




Card of the Day – Wednesday – March 28, 2012

Today’s card is The Puzzle and the Rune is Othala (Inheritance, Inherited lands, The family Line).

The Puzzle usually symbolizes a decision that MUST be made, there are two doors and one must be selected.  In a private reading, it usually means that the client will soon have to make a sharp choice between one option of the other.  There will be no escaping this choice, it can’t be avoided and trying not to make a choice, will still result in a choice because one of the two doors will then open.

In a world/western world energy reading, it suggests that a choice will need to be made on a much larger scale.  A choice that Peoples/Tribes/Nationals are going to be facing that will have to be addressed.  While the decision may not be made today on the dot, the energy of the day is forcing closed the alternative pathways that might have been and narrowing them down to the two directions shown on the card.

We get a glimpse of the subject matter in this choice with the rune-stave Othala which is usually associated with inheritance and in particular the inherited or ancestral homeland.

What is really interesting about this rune stave is in a curious karmic twist; while the rune-stave itself has been a special symbol beloved of “Greater Germany” folks for well over a hundred years now (hence often symbolizing Germany in a world-reading) it’s very definition of inherited lands/homeland is also totally appropriate to the modern State of Israel (at least in the popular mind) as well as the former residents of that area pushed out with the founding of the modern Israeli State.  Which of course came about as a direct result of some very nasty acts by certain people in Germany (especially the German government) the results of which so horrified a great deal of the world that the modern Jewish State in the Mid-East became possible.

Now, the world is dealing with all those circles and karmic echoes around Middle Eastern Homelands (of everyone involved) as well as real decisions being made around the “Greater Germany” expansion ideal only this time done by economical means (EU) rather than military force.

Whereas the situation in the Middle East, now appears to be ramping up for another round of history made by military force (again on a number of sides and places).

My gut feeling is that because the cards (and rune-staves) are reading “energies” rather than events; in other-words the energy of the day makes some things very likely to happen but does not usually pin point particular events; it is very likely that both decisions around the future of the Israeli Homeland and “Greater” Germany/EU will start coming into focus today.

Very often, these decisions are made behind closed doors, so we may want to sort of mark this date and look back on it when future events that have an impact on these two issues seem to appear out of the blue.

It would not surprise me if today was the day that say the government Israel made a decision (or picked a date) for dealing with Iran’s nuclear facilities.  They probably would not act until that chosen time, but a decision will have to be made very soon – either wait and see or act and respond.  The cards give no indication of a “right” or “wrong” answer, just suggest that options are narrowing.

The choices for the EU/Greater Germany energy are a bit less obvious, but I suspect today may be another day where the decision of trying to continue to keep things together or letting them go for now (on the Euro, Greece/PIIGS issues or both) can not be delayed much longer.

Or as I pointed out earlier, not making a decision may become a decision with the Inherited Lands of Many nations and their “Gifts for the future” profoundly affected by the results.

Finally, the US (North America) and the rest of the world do not totally escape this energy either.  This is a day (and a time period) very strong in this either/or decision-making that affects the time lines of history.  Echoes of the past are popping up everywhere and they will no longer be ignored. 

Again, the energy is to make a determined choice or the choice will be made for you and it will affect your inheritance and that of your children.  Therefore better to choose wisely than just slide through one door or another.

For individuals, the days energy is the same but somewhat less drastic (for most people). The day may seem to have more personal decisions to make than usual, especially revolving around  house-hold activities and larger life issues.

On the other hand, this is a great day to view property, sign contacts and make these sorts of decisions.  The energy is there for making choices rather than hiding and standing back from the (as so much of the energy of last week was).

We’ve gone from very stuck energy on Monday (Isa/Ice) to a much more active energy today of decide and proceed forward with that decision.

Anyone can use this energy to help their own personal lives move forward in both spiritual and material decisions – so don’t be afraid to make good choices today!

That is you card and rune for today – remember you can get your cards or runes read today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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