Card of the Day – Thursday – Feb 14, 2013


Today’s cards came out stuck together, the first card is the same as yesterday’s, that is Money, but it now has The Puzzle (a decision that must be made) right along side it.  Instead of the Ice rune (frozen/stuck) we had yesterday we now have Sowilo (Sun/Strength/Lightning).

There is actually an Old Iceland Rune Poem about Sowilo and Isa (or the Sun and Ice) and I think it is relevant to quote here:

ᛋ Sól er skýja skjöldr
ok skínandi röðull
ok ísa aldrtregi.
rota siklingr.

Sun is the shield of the clouds
and shining ray
and destroyer of ice.

This suggests highly, that at least on a current events/international scales that a major decision is being made (probably behind the scenes) to do something that will unfreeze and/or attempt to stop a freeze, of money/currencies/wealth etc.  It could also mean that this decision, melts or enables something to flow that was previously dammed or held up – allow a rush on something (like a bank run in the negative or a stock market rise in the positive).

I am not sure exactly what this decision is, but it feels like currency manipulation and/or something related directly to money/currencies in some way.

But I can’t ignore the face that the Money card also represents wealth it its older form of commodities like food or precious metals like the silver coins buried on the card.  So it is also possible that this decision could affect products (like oil, agriculture, medicines etc) and precious metals like gold, silver and copper (along with their prices and availability).

What ever it is, the start contrast between yesterday’s Ice and Today’s sun are creating the perfect energies for a sudden moving on a previously stuck monetary situation. 

The only question is will it be a gentle relaxation or a melt down? I think that is what this decision, one that MUST be made (there are only two doors on the card) may determine.

If it is an actual currency(s) at stake here, the Sun card suggests an attempt may be made in regards to the strength(s) of said currencies; but that isn’t certain.  The lighting aspect of the rune also suggests it is possible (but not certain) that something could “strike” quite suddenly and unexpectedly (at least unexpected by those outside of the decision-making process).

It is also to be remembered, that not making a decision can also turn into a decision – so while I think it is likely whatever the situation is, is being debating behind close doors; not coming to an agreement is not going to solve this problem either.

Either by design or default the sun is going to come out, the lightning with strike and the ice be melted.

For individuals this energy is largely positive and suggests that yesterday’s “stuck” monetary energy has now passed and that things are likely to flow more freely today.  Do beware of the “lightning strikes” though, as that energy is here too; especially in regards to making decisions about money.  Things are likely to happen suddenly and with great force both positively (like getting a new job) or negatively (like being lay off).

Banking should be easier today and it isn’t a bad day to make the same sorts of business and monetary decisions that yesterday were quite risky.  In fact the Money-Decision-Sun combination if very positive for this sort of personal adventure – a good day to ask for a loan, a raise or decide on buying a major appliance.  Just be open to surprises, because they may happen.



Card of the Day – Tuesday – Feb 5, 2013


Today’s Card is the Fool (starting over/innocence/Holy Fool) and the rune-stave is Thurisaz (Giants/prick/thorn/torch).  The rune is interesting because it leaped out of the box and fell on the dark floor beneath the desk, I “needed” to hunt out this rune, the rune itself “pricked me” by falling and forcing me to act.

The Fool Card suggests that Current Events wise, the energy is there for one or more things to Start Over, or go off in a New Direction so different from what they had been doing before that is in effect a new start.  There is also a sense of innocence and even ignorance about this card; it isn’t a bad thing, everyone has to start their life journey somewhere but it isn’t safe either.  The young man in the picture is so busy listening to his own music (distraction/self-entertainment) that he can’t see that he may be about walk directly into a tree (in other decks he is about to walk off a cliff).  Oh he may just step right over that root and be just fine, never knowing the danger he just missed by a tiny fraction of an inch; that’s the sort of energy out there today.

The combination of Card and Rune suggests not only a new start (or new direction) but one “pricked” or “forced” by circumstance.  There is a “thorn in the side” somewhere that may cause pain or even explode/deflate an ongoing situation/corporation/nation etc.

In fact, the image of a thorn pricking a shiny new balloon is coming to mind, along with the innocence of the child holding it who cries because they don’t understand that balloons are made of hot air or that pricking them, even a tiny bit, can blow them up and spell disaster.

Therefore, look out for headlines about seemingly small things that threaten to prick or disrupt seemingly established entities/institutions/situations/businesses/careers/etc.

Also look for those affected to try to “start over” in rather public ways, in the case of corporations probably changing names, “temporary” bankruptcy (the fake kind, where they are back under new management next week) and individuals a total change in focus/”new career goals” etc.

Now for individuals, this energy combination can be healthy and helpful, because sometimes we need for events in our lives to get to the point where we simply can’t ignore that “prick” that tells us we need to change something and start over with something else.  Starting out in new directions is always scary but it isn’t a bad thing either, rather just a necessary thing if we are going to keep living and growing.

So, use today’s energy to listen to those small voices within that may be directly you to explore new ideas and concepts, you’ll have some strong (giant) energies today helping you to do so, if you are willing to take those first steps.  Just keep your eyes open when you do, and don’t get so distracted that you miss the tree roots under your feet …

Card of the Day – Monday – January 21, 2012


Today’s Card is Fortune and the Rune-Stave is Tiwaz (Justice/Law/Trail by Combat/Just or Justified war).

My first impression on seeing this combination was for current events and it jumped to the concept of “Fortunes of War” or “Fortune(s) made by War” given that Tiwaz.

Wars and conflicts fought under the influence of Tiwaz almost also seek a “justification” (real or invented) to try to “right a wrong” or even “bring vengeance for the clan/tribe/nation.”

This card and rune combination suggest a conflict/war may be brewing that will/is being justified in such a way (real or imagined) where great fortunes may be at stake and/or behind the push for the war itself.

As Events develop a more detailed and specific reading on this topic may be needed and if so I’ll do a “special reading” page.  Right now things “feel” like are very early in their infancy and not yet fully formed.  This African take over MAY be used as an excuse (or someone(s) may be contemplating the “fortunes” of doing so; but it could be simply that this is just one expression of the energies and the real tribal conflict/judgment is just starting to unfold elsewhere.

As always the energy affects everyone to at least a small degree, so the energy is there this week for conflict hot spots to suddenly flare up, especially those that concern both money and legal contracts (aka treaties/boundary disputes/court cases etc).

As for individuals, a rather severe time with both money/fortunes and law all lurking in the background in powerful and sometimes difficult ways.  A very good week if you work for well-intentioned crusaders with the law behind them; a rather bad week if you’re seeking your fortune in less than straight and narrow legal pathways.

Tiwaz is a great rune for lawyers, police and military and folks in those types of occupations may experience “good fortune” this week; those who work in opposition to them had best lay low and most of us probably just want to be careful and observe the speed limit this week least our “fortunes” go into the city coffers in the form of fines (lol).

Finally, Fortune can be spiritual as well as physical and I think for individuals this is a fantastic week for meditation and reading about the laws of the universe, the natural word, science, karma and everything in between.  The Spear aspect of the Tiwaz rune can help people zone in on exactly what areas in their lives are going well and which ones may need some modification in order to continue on their most fortunate life-paths.

So a more out-going energy week, as the gloom and hiding of this past weekend moves towards the spear that strikes outward (from the cave) and into the world to see what fortunes it has in store for us.

Card of the Day – Tuesday – January 15, 2012


Card of the Day is Back!  After an expected delay due to New Year activities and a conference in London; our house hold had its own problems with today’s rune Ansuz (which covered communications among other things) when the phone and Internet lines caused problems for over three weeks.  Thankfully, on Saturday a nice repairman was finally able to sort the cause of the problem and we have had good connections ever since.  So we are now able to return to our regular programing (lol)…

I decided to just jump in with one card and one rune today, rather than trying for a more elaborate reading.  I have postponed the yearly reading until at least the weekend, while I catch up on all sorts of other delayed Internet projects I’m catching up on.  Anyone wishing a private reading, Skype is now up and running, just send me an e-mail at for a reading appointment (probably early next week).

Meanwhile, back to today’s card and rune:

Card: Voyage – a trip, journey, adventure either physical or spiritual that shows movement from a previous position.

Rune-stave: Ansuz – communications, understandings, miss-understandings, the God Odin, sometimes indicates deep thoughts, wisdom, war/conflict through miss-communications, psychic communications (between people and with the other world) – this is a very complex rune.

So while the Psy Card is fairly easy to read, the rune that goes with it complicates things a bit.

We can do the personal reading first because it is so positive, for individuals the Voyage Card plus Ansuz suggests that today is a great day for both physical and spiritual voyages, keeping in mind that proper communications are very important.  If there are physical travel problems today, it will probably be because of communications problems and if there are spiritual ones it may be from a lack of exact intention of what an individual is seeking to learn in the first place.

But over-all a really good day for most sorts of visionary work – Ansuz in some ways is the “rune of the runes” in terms of “Odin bringing and teaching the runes to mankind” and adding written language to both personal and spiritual communication skills.

Now on an international/current events topic, this is a little harder to read; partly due to the unexpected three-week break in the readings.  Normally we could reflect back on the last three weeks and where trends seemed to be heading and predict a probably “change of course” or perhaps the “turning of a Ship of State,” but since we don’t know where we have been lately (from a reading point of view) trying to figure out where we are headed now becomes a bit more fuzzy.

The one hint we have, other than that things are likely to become unstuck and start moving; is the Ansuz rune and the issue of communications.  First, there is the obvious connections of real ships and real communications being affected (in both good and bad ways) or a possible problem with communications with ships (or other forms of transportation including “air-ships” etc).

Then there is the more metaphorical possibilities of communications between Peoples/Tribes/Nations/Ships of State/Heads of States being affected, again in either direction.

If I were to be looking for problem areas today I would think it a likely day for transport to be affected by black outs, bad weather or even radar/computer problems.

I would also look for Internet/radio/radar issues of all sorts and finally I’m a bit concerned about conflicts/wars/problems resulting from the lack of proper communications.  These could be cause either by technical failures or those of human beings simply miss-understanding each others intentions.

But, that aside, over all this has the potential to be a pretty good day with energies moving forward in many areas and good opportunities for communications both in this world and with the Other-World as well.

So be open-minded, thoughtful and listening today; do not be afraid to change directions if you need to but be sure you really understand any messages you are given that affect your voyage.




Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Dec 28 – 30, 2012


As noted  yesterday there seems to have been a major energy change over the holidays and we continue to see that in this weekend’s projected reading.

The Cards – Work, Yes and Tree are all pretty positive as is the Marriage/Gift rune Gebo.  As in most readings there are pros and cons but I will start with the positives first.

The Work Card usually means mundane work such as jobs, it can be spiritual work or progress; but in a current events reading employment/jobs/progress forward are usually what is implied.  Especially since jobs/employment/unemployment etc., have been such a huge feature of both US, EU and even world-wide attention recently, I’m calling this as the most likely reference to this card at this time.

The Yes Card suggests that some question or something has the answer of “yes” and/or permission to go forward or continue.  Combined with work the most logical reading is “Yes-Work” or “Yes-Employment.”  I’ll get into alternatives in a moment for now, again we take the most likely and most positive reading first.

I am giving this a positive spin because of the Tree Card and the Gebo rune – The Tree represents stability, putting down roots, the People/Tribe/Nation/Family (Tree) under consideration.  It brings together both roots and branches into a whole and strong truck.

The Gebo/Gift rune is still the root word for marriage in several Northern languages.  It suggests a marriage, treaty alliance or even the “gift” of something that bathes the proceeding cards in an atmosphere of cooperation.

So the energy is there (if chosen) for a way forward to be found on employment and the basic building of the family/national “tree” as it were through “marriage” or Gift (giving in a little) during the weekend.

My guess is that this bodes well for potentials on the “fiscal cliff” issue in the US that will require the US political parties to “marry” to give the gift of solution and/or employment (or perhaps a deal on unemployment/benefits etc).

However, first the reading could be about something other than North American and I’m just not picking up on it yet.  And/or while the energy is there for a compromise, the individuals involved must choose to take it.  Human beings being what they are, this is not a given but a potential.  Hopefully those involved will use the energy flows to move forward rather than backwards.  If they refuse the “gift” of compromise and marriage than this reading can swiftly turn into “Work/Unemployment Yes they affect the tree and her Marriage (Union)” and not for the best either.

Given all those threats to “Union” cards a few weeks ago, I am hopeful those responsible will take the choice to move into the first (and highly positive) future and prevent (or at least lessen the impact) of the second.

For individuals, a wildly positive weekend and a great way to move into the new Year.  This is a good time for looking at both physical and spiritual work and how to move forward and put down roots in where you really want to be in your life.  The energy is all positive in this direction, even if you are unemployed in the mundane world, there are powerful forces that can help you go forward in the spiritual realm at this time.  Those same forces can then be focused towards the roots of your own tree and your own situation, to hopefully bring about the best prospects for being self (or family) supporting in the future.  Finding the right contract, the right situation, the perfect “marriage” is more likely now and going into the New Year.

Finally, this is the perfect weekend for a Winter Marriage or taking vows of any kind; be wise in your choices, be willing to work at them and plant strong trees for the future.

Later this weekend I hope to publish a brief: cards for 2013 so we can get a general energy pattern for the year.  I’ll compare them for what was picked for 2013 last year, knowing that because energies are fluid they can be subject to change and the closer you are to an event/time period the more likely they are to sort themselves out.



Card of the Day – Thursday – Dec 27, 2012


Well, after taking a Holiday Break, we can see that there has been a shift in the energies from the previous period, which is somewhat refreshing and suggests that things may start moving in a slightly different direction for the start of the New Year.

The Card of the Day is:

The Libido – this card represents sexuality, life force, liveliness, color, male display behavior, warfare and occasionally distraction from evil/bad things/danger (see the snake being ignored as the two peacocks display and consider fighting over a female – aka they are distracted by sexuality to the point of danger).

The Rune of the Day is:

Tiwaz – The God Tyr (Justice/Sky Father) this Rune usually represents justice but is as much justice of the Clan (aka taking personal revenge) as it is about law courts (both are covered).  While this rune is favored by lawyers and police officers who follow a Northern Path, the energy of the rune actually favors personal combat (with weapons) as much as is does that with a pen (lawyers).

Also, the Justice achieved is often tribal and can includes settlements familiar to those in the Middle East, but that modern Westerners might find hard to swallow – for example Murder was perfectly legal in the Viking Age provided the killer announced his crime and offer to pay the person’s “worth.”  If the family accepted the payment that was it, if they didn’t the killer could be exiled (or how Eric the Red found Greenland) or the family of the murdered person was allowed to seek personal revenge by seeking to kill them (sometimes it was a case of take exile or be killed by the family so best to get out-of-town).

Anyway, I bring this up because while in general the prospects of a Libido card are very positive (and great for a hot date) the combat aspects of the card can not be ignored, especially when combined with the rune Tiwaz.

If I were reading for a private client about her marriage, I would have to wonder if a divorce (or other legal battle) was in the offing when getting this combination.  For a Current Events Reading I have to wonder if both “Display” and “Combat” are serving as a distraction from real issues of Justice/War/Right Decision etc.

The Tiwaz Rune is Shaped like a Spear and sometimes seems to drive right to the heart of an issue.  This makes me suspect that while the major energy today is for distraction, pretty shiny things and perhaps even romance; there is an undercurrent of the spear (and the snake) about to strike and surprise everyone.  The snake is the hidden side of this energy (though quite deadly) and the Spear of Tiwaz the more public (and perhaps divine judgement) aspect of it.

Still, for most people today is a good day to celebrate life, create life and enjoy the colors of the Season.  It is a day to be careful of legal issues, especially those involving relationships (including child support) and other things that can “strike suddenly” when we are distracted by other things (including the Holidays).  Especially beware of “male display behavior” (aka personal conflicts) for the next couple of days; try to be a calming influence when it comes about; use the Libido energy to distract in a useful fashion and remember the heart of a savage beast can often be swayed with a good meal and other activities (especially if the beast is your husband/partner).

This is NOT a good day for court cases and police/law enforcement people should be on guard for an uptake in family quarrels and other similar issues.  They do have “justice” on their side at the moment, but as with all Tyr/Justice combinations they need to be very careful to stay on the “right” side of things as Tyr can be justice without mercy (aka the letter of the law).

So a good day for everyone to observe speed limits, but also to enjoy the color and mysteries of your location once you get there.

We shall see how this energy develops over the next few days.  I hope to be reading through New Years and I will doing a 2013 projected cards for the year before I am away to London for a week (for a Northern  Mysteries conference) where I will be mostly off-line, but back again after the 9th of January.

Card of the Day – Monday – December 10, 2012


This Monday’s card reading is the Card for Father (Father, Paternal energy, Patriarchy, teaching, a male leader) and the rune is Thurisaz (Giant, Thorn, Prick, Boil).

As we’ve noted before the Father energy can also represent a Father-Identified nation especially in a current-events reading; and I’m zeroing in on Germany as the “Father land” for this one.

While as always, this energy is likely to play out on a number of levels and affect more than one situation, I’m really feeling that “Greater Germany” (aka the Northern States of the EU) are going feel they are up against a “Giant, Thorn” this week that looks likely to “prick” their bubble.

This situation isn’t new, and has even been the source of a number of news stories over this past weekend.  The cards seem to echo that public press sentiment that the “Father Land” has a big, rising boil on its hands; it may not burst this week, but it is likely to be a major focus of this week.

This could also extend into other places with male identified (or paternalistic cultures) male dictators of all stripes are likely to have big head aches this week, with giant problems rolling out like boulders to try to unsteady the ground under their feet (which may be “rising up”) in uncomfortable ways as well.

Look for “Father-Figure” leaders throughout the world to be in the news this week and not all of it negative.  I’m drawn to Nelson Mandela and other “father’s of countries” as likely news makers.

Even “Uncle Sam” could be in for some side-effects of this growing snow-ball, though my sense it that the serious effects are likely to come a bit later in the month (or the early New Year).

Finally, this could be a week where some major discovery “bursts into the open” mostly like either discovered by a man, or affecting men/fathers in some way.

On a personal level, Fathers and Father figures of all sorts are likely to play a larger than usual role this week.  Issues that have been bubbling a long time may come out in both positive and negative ways; try to keep them positive when the lid blows off because sometimes the air just needs clearing before a bit of laundry can be done.

A great week for teachers, clergy, honest politicians (I know a rare thing, dishonest ones beware the giant boil under their feet), bosses, managers, athletes and others whose jobs need that “burst” of speed or “giant” leap to move forward.

So, looks like an over all active-energy week with a lot of things rising up that need dealing with, some with a lance and some with swift action.


Card of the Day – Monday January 9, 2012

Today’s card is The Wheel, this card indicates a time period when the Wheel of Fate/Karma/Changes is in control; it can also signal a tipping point in the energy cycles, where one period finally spills over into a new one.

Since we been seeing a strong move in the cards from a Sun/Father/Day/Action dominated time period to a Moon/Mother/Feminine/Night/Inward period, I think the Wheel is telling us that the balance has now totally tipped over into the new energy pattern.

Which does not mean there will no energies at all from the more active/solar/male-energy/action cards; only that their energy will not be as likely to dominate this second-half of the Winter (in the North) Season they way they did in the November/December time period.

However, the Wheel of Change can also mean just that: sudden, profound and unexpected changes that could come from any direction.  While it is more likely they will come up “from the depths” especially from the inner-mind (aka problems and situations that involve people); this could come from natural earth-related locations as well.

Since this is also the Wheel of Karma and Karmic cycles, it is also a time to look for history both repeating and rhyming with itself – I feel a strong pull on this one towards the economic news again – especially looking at the 1930’s, but also previous periods of economic bubble collapses like the Tulip Bulb Mania in Holland in the 17th century or the multiple-depressions in the US during the 19th century.  My inner-sense is saying that it is important not to study only one period (aka the 1930’s) while looking for the Stranger (aka new solutions based on but not repeating new ides, late December readings).  I’m not trained in economics, so I have no idea what those exact solutions are, but the Wheel of Change/Karma tells me they are there, if people will actually look for them (and learn from the past to alter the future, instead of just suffering it).

However, I don’t in any way feel that economics are the entire message today, in fact I feel a very expansive, almost exciting pull in this card.

This time period may be more inward focused and intuitive; rather than bold and brash; but it also feels like a time of deep and awakening power.  A time when ideas and secrets brewing just below the surface for a very long time are going to start bubbling up to the surface and popping to attract our attention.

This is a fantastic time period for meditations, trace-workings, deep-thought, complex-planning, preparations (of all sorts), vision-quests, long walks, career changes, moving house, re-contacting old friends and making new ones.

In a nut shell, the theme for today (and my sense is the next week) is profound and unexpected changes both in personal lives and public events.

So hang on to your hats, life may move a bit more quickly this week than you expected!

That’s you cards for today, remember you can get your cards today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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Card of the Day – Thursday – January 5, 2012

Today’s Card is Birth, with the qualifier cards of Beauty and The Moon – The Birth card actually “jumped out” of the deck, while I was shuffling it actually popped up and over my hands, onto the key board.  Usually when this happens, it means the card is a very important card and does not want to be ignored!

I decided to pick a couple of qualifier cards, by re-shuffling the deck and the qualifier cards were stuck together, another indicator that something wants to be read “together.”  I guess after yesterday’s pause for the weather, the cards had important messages for me and my readers, lol!

In all seriousness, in a private reading for a client; these cards would be probably indicators of good things to come.  Unless there were some other issues in the back-ground to bring out their darker aspects of the cards.

Unfortunately,because these cards keep coming up (and have been coming up) unless the usual energy symbols have changed due to the shift in over-all energies (which they could have done) I’m not going to be able to read these cards quite as wonderfully in a word-wide/western-world energy reading.

But first, the good news, the way I would read this for a client and to understand the POSITIVE aspects of the energies that are out there and people/tribes/nations/leaders can CHOOSE to work with.

Birth (Something is born, something new comes to light, a new day, a new beginning, the natural outcome of conception) The Beauty – (awareness of self, self-confidence, flirtation, power of attraction, a beautiful women) and The Moon (The unconcious mind, dreams, ideas/emotions coming out of the deep places, divine madness/inspiration, reaching out to make dreams come true).

Those are the largely positive aspects in this card, for a private client (and individuals today) the energies would indicate something like:

A new chapter of your life is coming to birth, probably as a result of seeds you planted a few months ago.  The Beauty card shows a growing self-confidence and what is being created will be received with joy and continue to prosper.  The Moon Card shows that this new situation (birth) in your life is born out of the depths of your dreams and creativity.

All that energy is there; however in the past months and weeks; when The Beauty card has shown up in these Western-World readings, she has usually been a symbol for the EU – the Beauty women who also becomes prideful, vain, self-absorbed and fixated on looking at herself in the pretty window.

The Birth card has been showing up in this new cycle that seems to be starting off this New Year, and has been very connected with a move towards Mother/Moon/Female energies (see the last two week’s cards for the energy shifts and further insights).

So, in this reading the Beauty may still be the EU (and/or Western financial system), in which case the reading symbols go something like:

Birth (coming into being as the result of concept) The EU (the fickle beauty) comes under the influence of The Moon (affected by things coming out of the depths/Lunacy/madness/inspiration).

The reading does not tell us for certain if this lunar outcome is good or bad exactly, but it suggests that the entire situation is currently being guided by emotions and hidden secrets/agendas, rather than rational thought/light of day.  The Moon/Female cards, also suggest a passive energy, rather than an active one – a tendency to let things ooze along and hope for the best, confident that “everything is beautiful” and dealing with things as they “arise” out of the Deep Ocean.

My inner-voice is telling me that all these energies our out there right now, but that in macro-reading terms, these cards indicate a tendency right now for everyone to react on a more emotional rather than a rational level.  This can be a good thing, to be in touch with our feelings, but it can also be a blinder, the same way the Beauty card can be a women who is self-confident or a women who is blinded by her own good looks (and can’t see any further down the road than her own face in the mirror).

Over all, these cards show the New Trends of this more female/moon centered time period continue.  Which means we are likely in for a number of surprises over the next few days and possibly even weeks (if this energy stays to the for).

Nothing brings up surprises like a stormy ocean, and wind blown waves can be tricky and strike the show in unexpected places.

This is a time period to expect the unexpected!

Meanwhile, it is also a great time to be inspired! A great day for artists, writers and creative people of all types to start on new projects (or re-invent old ones).

So a somewhat mixed-set of energies today/this week; but exiting ones when worked with to increase creative expression and inner growth.

That’s your cards of the Day, remember you can get your cards today or any day by ordering a reading!

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Card of the Day – Tuesday – January 3,2012

Well, today’s card is the Fool and nothing suggests a new/change of energy/cycle like the Fool/New Beginnings card.  I actually qualified today’s reading with a suggestion that the card help enlighten us a bit on yesterday’s cards, and those for the Weekend Edition; so I believe today’s card is really sending home the message that the energies are changing.

This does not mean the old energies of no/liberation/freedom or the energies of economic collapse/possible war go totally away; it does mean there is a new perspective coming into play.  Given the two past readings (and those of others whom I respect) it looks like the more “Feminine Mother/Moon/Intuitive/hidden secrets” energy is rushing in to wash over some more direct Father/Sun/Direct/Action energy that was pushing hard the last couple of months of 2011.

It also indicates that once again, a lot of things are hidden and going on behind the scenes; some of which even the folk direction involved may not totally understand (the Moon) card, which while not here in this reading; goes along with a more Night/female/mother centered period of time.

The Fool card on its own, is similar to the Fool in the tarot deck; he is a young man just starting out on his life/spiritual journey; he is all fresh and happy, playing his flute and paying absolutely no attention to what is going on around him.  He may be about to make his fortune, or walk right into the tree in front of him, the tree he can’t see because his hair is over his eyes and he’s not looking anyway.

One way I read today’s cards with yesterday’s, is that Mother Earth may be about to get involved in some of mankind’s activities; especially when people (The collective Fools) are least expecting it.  Not totally because they are “foolish” in a modern sense (though some are) but because our mind is focused elsewhere, either on making our own music; or on the problems already in play from the father/no/negative/liar energies of the past few months. 

We may even find that are leaders are so busy trying to hide us for whatever nasty surprise lurks behind the Liar’s curtain (see past readings) that they totally miss the signs that Momma stop raising her voice and is about to raise her hand instead.  As tiny children, Momma is the figure that we tend to both most love and fear at the same time; that’s because she feeds us, comforts us, cares for us, and is also the first to punish us when we stray off the path.  A good Mother does this to keep the child from further hurt and pain in the future; but we don’t realize this when we are eighteen months old and about to put our hands in the fire. 

While a Mother’s love is usually unconditional, when a child is grown it is not uncommon for a Mother to repudiate the actions of a child who despite her best efforts, goes terribly wrong.  She may continue to love such a reprobate, but if she see’s them hurting others; she may withdraw her protection or even act in ways that harm her adult offspring but spare others pain (such as turning in a child who has committed a terrible crime and she knows may do so again).

This is the side of the Mother card/Mother energy that is starting to worry me just a little.  While for the most part, the current change is energies has the capacity for great good; as a female/feelings/emotional/watery time period (card wise anyway) there is the potential for nurturing, loving, giving, caring and understanding; but there is also the potential for the expressing of inner-rage, rejection, striking out and pain if not focused in a wise and caring manner.

I feel this may be especially true of “Mother Nature” who may be about to act on in New/Unexpected/Maternal ways when least expected.

So, in addition to the obvious economic and war themes, I think we all need to pay attention for stories in the news that indicate that Momma is not happy with her children.  In other-words “natural” disasters (large and small) like foods, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, winds etc..

This doesn’t mean we are doomed, it does mean we need to pay attention – again the energy is there to use this more night/female/fresh start energy for just that: a fresh start.

I hope the world is smart enough to take the hints, while there is still time.

Meanwhile a great day for individuals to start new projects, make fresh plans, write-up New Year’s resolutions and generally follow your dreams.

May all  your dreams be wonderful and come true in the New Year!

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