Card of the Day – Tuesday – April 30, 2013


Today’s Card is Death, and the rune-stave is Elhaz/Algiz which is Elk (Moose in North America).

Death can be physical Death as in things/people dying but it can also mean something end, really ends (finality) and that includes bad situation that need to end as well as those we might wish to see continue.

The Elhaz Rune is often translated as “Protection” but the Elk/Moose has many aspects and all of them powerful.  It is an animal so large that in the Northland it knows no serious predators other than man (once it is an adult) and will often barge into situations (like moving cars) without fear because in the natural work it fears few direct threats.

The threats to the Moose are more in-direct; illness, old-age and a lack of food can bring down and adult as can accidents such as falling and breaking a limb.

So while the Moose/Elk is a powerful protector and totem, especially from predators; it also symbolizes plunging ahead without noticing possible new dangers.

There are two basic ways to read this combination of card and rune:

The highly Positive one:

Protection from Death/Sudden Ending

The more cryptic one:

Beware of Death/Endings from powerful forces, especially new ones you’re not normally programmed to pay attention to.

I think there is some of both in this reading, and I also think this reading hints at an energy reaction to the previous trends that were all about births and new starts/new situations brewing.

Most of the time when energy swings really far in one direction (in this case birth of the New) there is a counter-swing back to an opposite (or near opposite) energy because the Universe likes to keep up a Balance of sorts.

To have Birth energy followed by Death makes perfect sense, because in Nature it necessary to have both, and in the human world much of the time some situations/events/even humans themselves must End (aka Die) for new things to take their place, thrive and flourish.

For individuals, I feel the primary way to view this energy is the combination of “protection from Death” but also “protection within endings/deaths” directing and meditating on ending situations/relationships/circumstances etc., that are unhelpful (or no longer serving their purpose) in our lives in order to continue to move forward with the birthing energies of the last couple of weeks.

On a current events level, I am a bit more concerned because of previous reading that all seem to point to something building  that is very serious and the hints of something being new or not recognized as a threat/problem/issue.

The results of the failure to view the threat for what it is, in time could lead to either spiritual, mental of physical death for some humans.  I don’t like predicting things like that, but it feels pretty strong in this reading (and in previous ones during this time period).

However, the Elhaz rune suggests that this is not a totally fated and unavoidable future and that protection is there to be had if people will just look for it.

Another way that many people see this rune is as the human being standing and reaching their hands towards the heavens in prayer.

Prayer, medication and seeking support from the divine are part of the sheer and awesome power of this rune.

When you consider it beside the awesome fears that the idea of Death invokes for most people (mankind is still helpless before it, we all die eventually) this combination is almost haunting in its presentation of Death and Yet Protection from Death/Protection and Seeking Aid from the Divine Realms etc.

As good a pattern for meditation as any I can think of; a good day to finish projects that need sorting and a good day for seeking guidance for the next one.

Card of the Day – Tuesday – April 16, 2013


Today’s Card is Union and the rune-stave is Elhaz (Algiz) Elk/Protection

Given the last few days readings this is a very good (and comforting) combination to see.  It suggests that after yesterday’s destruction (in North America) and possibly after this mornings early hours earthquake (Iran/Middle East) that there may be a chance to focus on prayers and protection for what has happened and what may be coming next.

I simply don’t feel the Destruction energy (economic/political/geographical) is finished, but today’s cards are a sign of great hope and suggests strongly that protection and strength to get through it lay both in ourselves but also in reaching beyond ourselves (to the ancestors, the other-world, the divine as you understand it).

The Union card is the card for “The Lovers” in this deck, but in addition to personal relationships it also represents the Union of things, situations or people.  I’ve mentioned before it often stands for nations with Union or United in their current or former names like: The United Kingdom, The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or The United States…in this case I think the US is especially being flagged as being a central topic of energy focus today, especially in the prayers (Elhaz/Algiz) and thoughts of many.

In addition, there is the other aspect of the Elk (North American Moose) that needs to be mentioned, because while the rune offers strength and protection; it can also represent a powerful and pretty unstoppable force.

Some of the most ancient and powerful European symbols are of the Moose and that’s because these powerful animals are nothing like the modern “Bullwinkle” parody most Urban people are familiar with.

They are the largest and strongest of the living herbivores in the North-lands, as adults they are safe from every predator except man, as long as they are healthy and mobile.  They fear nothing, often impaling themselves on modern cars, fences and trains because they simply have no need to worry about much in the wild and don’t recognize the danger.

So while the Moose is protective, the Moose is also a highly dangerous power if it gets out of control or is simply not aware of the dangers presented by something it doesn’t understand.

This last aspect of the rune is really drawing me in terms of what happened yesterday in Boston, this suggests there may be a lot more going on than the obvious threat – my gut feeling after yesterday’s reading is that somehow and in some way:

MONEY is the root (or direct) cause but exactly how and on what level I’m not sure; nor do I have a clue yet whose money/currency/economics etc is involved, only that something/someone(s) is. 

The rune also suggested it is a lot more complicated, powerful and miss-understood than will seem “obvious” at first.  Look for “simple” explanations that later unravel, powerful forces that may be in a “Union” with less powerful (but more obvious ones).

The rune also suggests a great deal of personal and public prayer/seeking of the divine (also raging against the divine) will be going on the next 24 to 48 hours – another way of seeing the rune is a stick person with their hands reaching towards heaven (their feet on the ground and their arms raised upward).

On a personal level, this is a fantastic combination for individuals – suggesting a wonderful day for the “union” of the personal and the divine/other-world.

A perfect day for meditations and prayers, a great day to start or continue a loving relationship (romantic or other sorts, especially teacher-student).

A day when personal protection is strong and so taking small risks (in hopes of future improvement) is likely to be easier than usual, the power of both Union and the Moose being there to break the way forward.

As often happens, a great day for individuals but a more reflective day (with some powerful undercurrents) on the Current Events scene.

Lots of candles being lit today I think (and not just in North America)…

Card of the Day – Thursday – March 7, 2013


Today’s Card is the Castle-Tower (Fortress, Protected Space, Retreat from Danger) and the rune-stave is Elhaz (or Algiz) – Elk/Protection/Divine connections.

This reading is very similar to Tuesday’s Reading, except in that one we had the individual “Body” card with the Elhaz rune, rather than the Castle.

The best way to read this combination is:

The Tower needs/is Protected

It may also be Protected or Connected to the Divine

On Tuesday we had the same message only it was the individual Body that needed and/or was protected – now we see the Fortress/Castle where People/Tribes/Nations can retreat to and hide to protect those bodies.

Basically, it is a screaming, red light that suggests a great need right now for defensive and Divine protection right now, as well as the connections between This World (where the antler starts) and the Other World (where the branches of the Antler Reach).  It is worth noting that another traditional meaning of this stave is the human being reaching their arms out towards the heavens (in prayer or meditation).

The other thing about Elks (Moose in North America) is they are some of the biggest, most powerful animals around and highly dangerous.  Having no real natural predators as adults, they are afraid of almost nothing and will happily walking into speeding cars or trains heedless of the danger.  They power also makes them difficult to predict and almost impossible to manage (unlike deer which can be tamed and kept in large farming operations).  The Elk is the ultimate in wild, big, strong and unpredictable energy.

It is no wonder it was a favorite symbol and totem during in early Europe, though modern people tend to find its rather clumsy looking features the stuff of comedy the Ancient People who lived beside them knew both their strengths and their dangers.

Given the other readings of the past week, I can’t help being concerned that this may be yet more energy signs of a growing threat, possibly an actual physical attack or an attack of some other sort from which both the Body (Individuals) and a larger group (The Castle) need protecting or need to defend against. 

It could be a lone individual or it could be a People/Tribe/Nation threat; it could even be an impersonal threat like a Storm/Earthquake/Volcano/Tsunami/Tornado etc; but whatever it is/are (could be more than one) it must be very strong to keep appearing in the cards day after day for all of this week with hints the week before.

The good news is that BOTH the Castle Tower and the Elhaz Runes are primarily protective/defensive in nature showing that today is a day when the power of defenses and protection is very strong.  That should help ward against whatever is in the works and even if it can’t stop it utterly could go a long way towards diminishing the threat(s) to those it its (or their) path.

On a personal level, these cards are fantastic with their double-protection message suggesting this is a good day for defensive actions, prayer, meditation, connections with the Other-World and personal activities that result in personal safety.  A great day for reviewing your household finances, fire-alarm or other household preparedness planning.  A perfect day for a House-Warding or working on protective meditations and similar magical skills.

The only really down side of this energy can be a tendency to be so self occupied that you become too defensive and “wall-off” those who are close to you.  Use the connected energy of the Elhaz rune to avoid this issue, and remember that those around you are also part of your “Castle” Defenses, especially if they are your own family or very close friends.

A good day over all, but one to keep watch for whatever the threat is that seems almost certain to be on the way.

Card of the Day – Monday – January 28, 2013

Today’s Card is the Libido (Sexuality/life force/display based combat) and the rune stave is Elhaz (Elk/Protection/Prayer/Divination)

Together they are a bit of an odd mix, but may be suggesting that an energy that went quiet for a while is not coming back into focus.  That is the issue of human sexuality and fertility, although the aspects of “display/combat” and “distraction from danger” in this card can not be ignored either.

While the first version the energy is something like:

“Protect human sexuality/fertility” and or “There needs to be protection for human sexuality fertility.”

The second version of the energy is also important, especially given all of last weekends readings about possible conflicts/wars/battles/laws etc.

That would be the energy that causes the two peacocks on the cards to be so busy displaying for the peahen (just off the card where we don’t see her) that neither of them see the snake in the grass in their haste to battle each other.  The snake might easily kill either of them and/or the pea hen, but they are simply blind to danger as they are so distracted by the age-old call to fight and mate.

This ties in very nicely with this weekend’s Beauty/Vanity/Self-absorption reading, that had distraction and inattention to outside forces written all over it.  This combination suggests to me that this energy is still on going, though thankfully there are forces of protection out there that can be appealed to.

Elk – actually the European Moose in this case – are huge animals with few natural predators when adults, and even the best of hunters with modern weaponry approaches them with great care.  In ancient times, Moose were seen as creatures of great power, their raised antlers (as seen in the rune) reaching up towards heaven and/or The Divine protecting the Moose as well as a symbol of protection for people.  Moose also use their antlers for combat displays, so there is a hint in here that even in protection it is wise to continue to watch for things that distract from the issues at hand.

In fact, my husband reminds me that Moose/Elk are rated as the most dangerous animal in modern Sweden, because in rut they will engage in ranging “combat” with just about anything that moves, including innocent hikers minding their own business who might come ambling by.

Some traditions also see this rune as the Priest/Priestess/Human reaching out towards heaving in prayer, especially the protective sort.

Since both husband and I had a very strong sense of the “Elk in Rut” energy in this reading (to go with the combat/display of the card) I pulled a second rune for clarification and got Thurasaz

Thurasaz is often translate as giant/Thurse/Thorn/Prick but can also be thought of as the “rune of the giant’s phallus” and there are rune poems about it being the “pain” of women, to put it politely.

This clarification rune, seems to indicate that the major energy for today and going into this week is one of highly charged, young male, urge towards display and combat, testosterone fueled raging types of anger.

Last weeks combat hints seemed more planned, more “old men at the chessboard” sort of thing, where as this week it feels more like young guys hot for sex, blood and war (and not necessarily in that order).

There is a lot of “electricity” in the air this week, a sort of danger filled excitement that feels like “something” could break out any moment, and if it doesn’t there are forcing that will make something happen anyway.

However, there is also a lot of energy towards distraction, a “pricking” of the ears to listen to things far-away and a very sane and rational mental repose to all this that seeks out protection and safety (but can also lead to hiding behavior).

For individuals, everyone should be careful not to let their emotions (or hormones) get away from them; that includes as much the responses of anger as they do of lust.  All emotions can be channeled to good as well as destruction; but some are more difficult to sublimate and channel than others.  This feels like one of those weeks when channel energy through a combination of meditation and physical activity is a very good idea.  With swimming, running, dancing or even more mental exercises like music being very important in terms of active and intentional forms of “good” distraction.

This is probably a week when many people will feel intense feelings both “to do things,” and “to hide away under a rock.”  Instead of doing either, try to balance, breath and do daily tasks with intention.  By focusing on the here and now, it may allow some of these wilder energies to race past you and ground themselves into more stable and useful forms.

Otherwise hang on to  your hats, looks like we may be entering a rather wild energy period, at least for the next few days.