Card of the Day – Wednesday – January 29, 2014

Prison Money3EmpressBerkano2

A short but rather important reading today, the cold is affecting my wrists making typing difficult but I wanted to check in to see where the energies are going and they appear to be headed in the same patterns as yesterday except that while the over-all good news energies are still there, they show a potential trap that could affect them or even stall them out.

The first two cards were stuck together and I didn’t even know it until I laid them down – but here in two cards is the new energy that can derail the wonderful energies of the Barn Cat Momma of yesterday and her counter-part the Pedigreed Queen Momma Cat of the Empress today.  As we can see, both days the rune for BIRTH or BIRCH TREE are THE SAME on BOTH days.  This is very important, because it shows a direct continuity between the readings and the issues at hand.

To give out the short version required by my lack of typing skills this morning, the Prison and the Money card strongly suggest that Money/Economic/Banking problems or issues of some sort are about to become so serious that Moms of all classes from the very poor, to the very wealthy are going to worry about their children.  The Momma Barn cat will start directing her extending family on how to cope and thinking of ways to handle the new situation.  The Empress Momma Cat, used to her comforts and protections may not be quite so hands on about it, but she will also be concerned about the comfort and well-being of her family.  She loves her kittens too! Even if her pampered lifestyle in a secure, warm cattery may not have prepared her for the understanding of what some of the more specific threats are or how to manage them.

This suggests a situation that could affect both rich and poor, but interestingly enough, the poor may be somewhat better able to deal with it at least emotionally and mentally than the seriously well off.

Whatever is happening, the situation seems to be new or in the birthing process right now; this does not mean the situation is new in terms of mankind or that it is not riding on the back of older economical or money problems (it probably is) but just like a Momma Cat gets bigger and rounder before she gives birth, this sort of situation can appear as one thing (a fat cat) and then turn into something else overnight (a litter of hungry and demanding kittens).

The Prison card suggests highly that some of the cause of this will involve the stopping, trapping or imprisoning of money in some way; this could also involve individuals going t jail or laws that create a new situation.  But this feels to me like some sort of “money-lock up” and stories circulating the last few days on economic forums about ATM failures, limit’s on cash from personal accounts in some places and even rumors of bank transfers being limited in China; all suggest this problem may already be underway.

The results of this are likely to be a monetary freeze or prison of some sort; I am not enough of an economy person to understand all the implications of that, but I’d caution everyone to keep a strong eye on their personal finances in the next several weeks, and especially in the 48 to 72 hours.

This problem feels on-going, so I don’t think this is going to all be over very quickly; though the urgent situation may peak and die back for a bit if the energies changed drastically by the weekend.

Remember, all that good personal energy from yesterday hasn’t gone away, you’ve still got some wonderful Maternal, Protective and Birthing (Birch Tree) energy out there, but now you know what could possibly upset that Apple Cart; so concentrate on bringing the good and mothering energies into your life but also keep a very close eye on your wallet and news stories that may cause even busy “moms” to notice there could be a problem in the works.



Card of the Day – Wednesday – July 10, 2013

Puzzle Fortune Tiwaz2

Quick and late reading today, but didn’t want to let the entire day go without a glimpse at the cards and runes.

I’m glad I did, I go the Puzzle (A Decision which must be made before things can go forward) and Fortune (Fortunes both spiritual and physical) stuck together along with the Tiwaz (Justice/Law/Legal Decisions/Sky Father) rune-stave.

This combination suggests:

A Decision will have to be about Fortunes/Economics/Currencies/banking etc and it will involve laws/courts/legal contracts/passing laws etc.

It can also be about legal (or tribal/national/international) decisions about such matters, such as the Court Ruling earlier today that Apple Inc was guilty of trying to fix the prices of E-books a few years ago (other companies settled out of court I gather).

The energies probably point to a much larger decision than just that one, but that is the basic sort of thing you can expect to see.

I also noted that the main Psy Card Site, which now does its own card of the day over at is The Warrior, exactly the same card that I got here yesterday.  So it is likely that this “battling/warrior/conflict” energy is likely to spill over into this Puzzle/Decision/Fortune/Legal reading.

Remember Tiwaz is TRIBAL justice which doesn’t really care if the issue is solved in a court room, by ritual combat or even all-out war; only that the matters is that the clan/family/national honor is satisfied.

On a personal level, this is a day when decisions people have been putting off about banking/saving/financing/budgeting etc, may have to be sorted before the family can go forward.

It may be a very good day if you work in any sort of legal profession associated job (legal secretary, lawyer, judge, para-legal etc) but it may be a very dicey day if you work in banking related fields or in anything relating to fortunes (including precious metals) and economics.

Hopefully we’ll see more tomorrow when I hope to get a chance for a longer read – but at least this is a mid-week warning that verifies that Fehu rune earlier in the week suggesting that “Fortunes/Money/Gold” etc are at stake here and are a good chunk of this weeks conflicting and probably legal issues coming up in the cards.


Card of the Day – Monday – April 22, 2013


Today’s card is Liberation (set free/escape/break-out) and the rune is Daguz (Dawn/New Day).

The basic meaning of this reading is:

Liberation (freedom/escape/break out) at Dawn (or at the new Day).

You could also read it as:

There is a new Dawn for Liberation (Freedom/escape/breakout).

Lets go with the positive aspects, especially for individuals so they can concentrate on them.

This combination suggests a time when things that have been bottled up, held up, trapped, imprisoned or otherwise blocked can be set free.  There is a certain “light cometh in the morning” about this reading, as Daguz can also be “the early morning sun.”

So it is a good day for unlocking old blockages, looking for new ways to deal with problems that seem stuck and generally a great day for new/fresh starts when it comes to any life project.

As often happens though, I’m not sure the Current Events picture is quite as Rosy (and as always individuals should pay attention to because these energies can also play out negatively in the personal world too).

The Liberation Card shows the young couple escaping jail/a castle together on horseback and then escaping by the less traveled route.  There is really a lot of variation on how to read that image, first the view has no easy way to know who the couple is or what they represent.

Are they two lovers trapped by the resentment of their families and who are now feeling their clutches to marry and share their lives together (a positive union, made in love type of symbol); or are they a pair of depraved Highwaymen escaping the bonds of justice to rob and destroy those on the road once they are free again?

Unless the card is chosen for a more specific question than just the usual: “What are the man energy(s) that are likely to be affecting the world/western world in the next 24 to 72 hours,” we just can’t know the answer to the above question.

What we can know is that the forces are in place for sudden break outs/escapes/unexpected decisions/freedoms/etc are very likely today.

What escapes or breaks loose in today’s “Dawn” or “Exposed by New Sunlight” is a anyone’s guess and is probably going to affect more than one issue anyway.

Look for stories about secrets revealed, amazing escapes from danger, prison breakouts, new information exposed (on any topic, though solar/sun/nuclear would be highly likely), breaking new ground, new ways of doing things, perhaps even a science or medical break through (or even an epidemic of disease).

There may also be movements and stories about groups that have Liberation/Freedom or even New Dawn (the Greek Political Party) today.

There are powerful forced for negative and positive liberation today, individuals can do their best to make sure their own freedoms and directions are positive; how this plays out in the rest of the world will be largely the result of exactly what is Liberated and how those affected choose to react.

So once again, a day to pay close attention to the news (or at least check in once in a while) to look for “liberation” good and bad, but concentrate in your own life on the positive energy of a New Day for your personal way forward.

Finally, today’s reading confirms the weekend reading of a sudden change in energy(s) direction; though what is “liberated” is likely to be connected (or connecting in hindsight) to those energies highlighted in the week(s) before such as Money, Money Trails, Currencies/Stocks/Warfare/Diplomatic Warfare and Hidden manipulation/Destruction.

Since Monday often highlights the coming week – this is likely to be a week of breakouts/escapes/liberation, new situations and secrets coming to light.




Card of the Day – Thursday – April 18, 2013

Birth Othala2

Today’s card is birth and the rune is Othala (inherited lands/inheritance) – this combination suggests that the Destruction and Birth cards seen in last Saturday’s Reading are moving through the Destruction phase and into the Birth phase of whatever the Destruction is leaving in its wake.

While this does not mean the destruction is over, it does mean that the impact of that destruction is leading to the birth of something new or at least a new situation.

That situation is likely to be in the “Homeland” in this case mostly North America, though on an energy level it can mean where ever a person lives and/or inherits from (including home, family, nation etc).

This message really is: A Birth in the Home Land and/or Birth with Inheritance or Inherited at Birth.

Sometimes, Othala has been used to represent the German people and the German nation (by “Greater Germany” writers since the 19th century).  While not as well-known outside of Europe as the Sun Wheel (Swastika) image, Othala has none the less been banned from being worn in Germany because of its National Socialist associations.  Like all runes (and symbols) there is nothing evil about it in and of itself, but the NAZI’s did enjoy using it as a symbol for “Greater Germany” and I have sometimes seen it as a symbol for the modern “Greater Germany” aka the EU.

So it is also possible that a new situation is occurring, just under the radar in the EU/Greater Germany as well.  It may or may not be connected with the current destruction/re-birth energy that still feels heavy in the air (and likely to continue on at least into next week) but it is something rising and needs to be watched.

In North America the Destruction energy still seems to be the primary player at least in public sphere but the birth energy may be coming into play soon.  Unfortunately it isn’t possible to tell if this “Birth/Inheritance in the Homeland/Ancestors Land” is a positive or a negative situation coming into being.

All we can tell is that it is being born…

One more hint is that Othala is often also associated with the God Odin (by many people) who in the Germanic world-view is seen to govern Communications (of all sorts, from the spoken word to radar), Poetry, Inspiration and War/Warriors.  Odin’s Warfare is the sort of War for the sake of honor and glory, especially of one’s homeland – Odin honors brave warriors from all sides of a conflict and is believed to enjoy a certain amount of strife for its own sake, rather than any particular goal.

While Loki is more commonly known as the Trickster, Odin himself has some of those aspects especially when it comes to only telling part of a truth, masking a situation (especially allowing folks to indulge in self-deception), or twisting things around to suit his own purposes.

He is a master of spy-craft and sends his ravens back and forth across the Earth to learn what is happening in the world of humankind.  He also enjoys walking the Earth dressed as a man, interacting with people (including fathering children) and generally being involved in great conflicts and contests.

So, again I suspect there is a great deal going on with the “Destruction” energy than meets the eye (at least for now) that communications are being clouded (or deliberately undermined) and there are hints of conflict or even of war/conflicts/battles around the edges here.

That includes both real battle fields and lesser forms of warfare like currencies and politics.  Remember, Monday’s Reading suggested that the root (or direct) cause of some of the Destruction/Birth energy was money/wealth/fortunes.

If the money trail can be found, an explanation for some of the nastier Current Events may be found (especially in North America and Europe).

On the individual front though, this energy is very positive – Birth and Othala in a private reading might suggest the birth of a much wanted child to inherit the family line, the “birth” of an inheritance (physical or spiritual), moving to a new home (or inheriting it) the birth of new gifts (especially psychic or creative ones).

A good day for meditations, exploring new job or creative ideas, to listen to older relatives, honor one’s parents, psychic development or rituals,  have (or make) a baby, have a birthday celebration, create a garden, take flowers to family graves, enjoy a family reunion or spend time with a grandchild.

Hopefully this weekend’s reading will either sum up some of what has been happening  and/or point to where the energies will head into next week.

Until then, if your interested in a private reading for you own personal cards and runs, you can contact me here on the website for details.

Card of the Day – Tuesday – April 16, 2013


Today’s Card is Union and the rune-stave is Elhaz (Algiz) Elk/Protection

Given the last few days readings this is a very good (and comforting) combination to see.  It suggests that after yesterday’s destruction (in North America) and possibly after this mornings early hours earthquake (Iran/Middle East) that there may be a chance to focus on prayers and protection for what has happened and what may be coming next.

I simply don’t feel the Destruction energy (economic/political/geographical) is finished, but today’s cards are a sign of great hope and suggests strongly that protection and strength to get through it lay both in ourselves but also in reaching beyond ourselves (to the ancestors, the other-world, the divine as you understand it).

The Union card is the card for “The Lovers” in this deck, but in addition to personal relationships it also represents the Union of things, situations or people.  I’ve mentioned before it often stands for nations with Union or United in their current or former names like: The United Kingdom, The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or The United States…in this case I think the US is especially being flagged as being a central topic of energy focus today, especially in the prayers (Elhaz/Algiz) and thoughts of many.

In addition, there is the other aspect of the Elk (North American Moose) that needs to be mentioned, because while the rune offers strength and protection; it can also represent a powerful and pretty unstoppable force.

Some of the most ancient and powerful European symbols are of the Moose and that’s because these powerful animals are nothing like the modern “Bullwinkle” parody most Urban people are familiar with.

They are the largest and strongest of the living herbivores in the North-lands, as adults they are safe from every predator except man, as long as they are healthy and mobile.  They fear nothing, often impaling themselves on modern cars, fences and trains because they simply have no need to worry about much in the wild and don’t recognize the danger.

So while the Moose is protective, the Moose is also a highly dangerous power if it gets out of control or is simply not aware of the dangers presented by something it doesn’t understand.

This last aspect of the rune is really drawing me in terms of what happened yesterday in Boston, this suggests there may be a lot more going on than the obvious threat – my gut feeling after yesterday’s reading is that somehow and in some way:

MONEY is the root (or direct) cause but exactly how and on what level I’m not sure; nor do I have a clue yet whose money/currency/economics etc is involved, only that something/someone(s) is. 

The rune also suggested it is a lot more complicated, powerful and miss-understood than will seem “obvious” at first.  Look for “simple” explanations that later unravel, powerful forces that may be in a “Union” with less powerful (but more obvious ones).

The rune also suggests a great deal of personal and public prayer/seeking of the divine (also raging against the divine) will be going on the next 24 to 48 hours – another way of seeing the rune is a stick person with their hands reaching towards heaven (their feet on the ground and their arms raised upward).

On a personal level, this is a fantastic combination for individuals – suggesting a wonderful day for the “union” of the personal and the divine/other-world.

A perfect day for meditations and prayers, a great day to start or continue a loving relationship (romantic or other sorts, especially teacher-student).

A day when personal protection is strong and so taking small risks (in hopes of future improvement) is likely to be easier than usual, the power of both Union and the Moose being there to break the way forward.

As often happens, a great day for individuals but a more reflective day (with some powerful undercurrents) on the Current Events scene.

Lots of candles being lit today I think (and not just in North America)…

Card of the Day – Monday – April 15, 2013

TheBody FortuneFehu2

If I had a song to describe the over-all theme of this reading it would be “Money, Money, Money by Abba!”

Two cards came out stuck together today:

The Body –  the material world, health, and sometimes a blockage/stop

Fortune – Physical and Spiritual fortunes, seeking of fortune, good or bad fortune, The Seeker

Fehu Rune Stave – Cattle/Wealth – the ancient symbol for money with cattle being the currency of the Iron Age.  Can also mean fertility, good harvests, the Goddess Freya (love, war, fertility, intuition) but mostly this rune is about wealth and money (or spiritual power and wealth).

All three taken together suggest that weekend’s flagged Disaster is likely still ongoing and may have economics/currencies/money/wealth at its roots (or at least as a big part of it.

I have already read the “gold crashing” headlines today, and that is certainly a part of this energy – but I suspect something even bigger is going on  – just why is gold crashing and/or why is some of it being sold off?

The Body Card when read for an individual suggests health, but in this case I think it is the health of the over-all economic/world of fortunes.  I am not exactly sure how all this is going to play out in real terms, but Money, fortunes, blockages and possible “wars” (including the modern versions of cattle raids aka raids on banks, depositor’s savings, tax-payers, pension funds etc) are likely as well as real-time saber-rattling of the old-fashioned sort.

While this could be a signal that the whole house of cards is about to crash, my sense is more likely that one of the rooms is about to lose its roof and a retaining wall is about to start sagging.

In other-words not everything comes crashing down totally this week but the fatal cracks in the foundation are finally having a real-time effect with real-time consequences – not just something that can be ignored because it hides away underground.

For individuals, a much better prognosis for the day – a day to watch your finances yes and be careful – and anyone in the US knows this is the day when taxes are due; so that’s going to be on the minds of citizens there.  How much has been taken out and/or how much refund they are going to get can effect their mood and how they feel about money and fortunes today.

But in general, a good day for very cautious forms of personal investment though those buying houses and larger items may find a temporary road-blocks to their plans – these will probably not be permanent but could delay things enough to be annoying.

A good day for spiritual workings, medications, seeking of advice (from respected living humans and the other world); a good day for a medical check up, to be working in the medical fields (doctors, nurses, EMT’s etc) and a great day for farmers, especially cattle ranchers.

A good way to enjoy today’s energy if to plan and plant a garden or other sort of “seed” that can help you grow your fortunes.

However, pay attention to the outside news today, it could affect you – when in doubt, take care of your investments first – remember Cyprus – if things look scary take appropriate steps to protect you and your family – let FEHU/Wealth rune work for YOU and Yours, no  matter what may be going on around you.

Card of the Day Special Edition-Week Feb 19-24,2013


This is another experimental weekly reading, since I have a minor medical procedure this week and may not be able to do daily cards.  But rather than just let things slide, I decided to do an over-all reading for the main energy themes of the week.

Looking at this combination of The Beauty, Work The Liar and Eiwaz (Yew Tree) I think it likely the major theme of this week will be a continued effort on the part of governments and organizations to play up the idea of an improving economy and over-all economic situation world-wide (but especially in North America and Europe).

While there will be a lot of talk about improvements, getting out of or staying out of recessions, improved jobs figures, currency wars sorted etc; in reality the liar card suggests this is all pretty much false.  Not necessarily on every level and in every case, but by and large the warning is to beware the man behind the curtain.  The Joker (aka the Powers the Be) want you to watch his distractions (TV shows, news stories about movie and pop stars, sports etc) not what is going on directly behind him.

The Eiwaz rune is also interesting because it suggests the links between “Earth and the Heavens” as well as protection; perhaps one way individuals can get around all the lies and false information is to renew their own connections with their own “inner-voice” and asking for the protective shielding of the Other Word.  This is a week when communications between Our World and the Beyond are likely to be more easily accessed, which is a good thing because with all the Liar energy out there, getting straight answers from Earth-based sources may be difficult in the extreme.

The other issue that may be targeted by the cards is the whole concept of jobs/work/employment; which is likely to be the direct target of a lot of the miss-information that comes out.  The news will be presented as “beautiful” but it really will not be, and those with the right connections will be able to see exactly what is going on.

The Beauty Card also has aspects of self-centered vanity or self-absorption suggesting that those who are doing OK, may be inclined to ignore the over-all problems around them until it hits them in the face.

Now for individuals, this is a week where keeping connected and in a good spiritual state is likely to help a great deal when dealing with the mundane world.  Jobs are going to be a particular issue for a lot of people this week, including people who thought their situation was secure and found out it was not.  Spiritual work is also likely to be affected, but the power of the Eiwaz rune will help a great deal in over-coming the Liar card when it comes to meditation and spiritual growth.

Also, because all three energies are at play this week, individuals can concentrate in the personal lives on both Beauty (lovely things, wonderful idea, good thoughts etc) and Work (finding things that need doing, keeping busy etc) and testing information that comes in before applying it (hopefully avoiding lies and liars both).  The Eiwaz rune should help making spiritual connections that make all this possible.

That’s at least a summary of what to look for this week, if I’ve improved enough by weeks end I may do a couple of extra readings as the week unfolds, but at least there’s some head’s up as to what is on the way.