Card of the Day – Tuesday – Sept 17, 2013

Money Othala2

Sadly, yesterday’s combination of The Moon Card (unconscious mind/hidden secrets), Kenaz (the torch/erupting boil/sideways volcano) rune; strongly influenced by a weekly energy of the Beast Card (raging, angry, unleashed emotions) did come to pass in a very public way, just a few hours after I posted the reading.

While other things were also happening yesterday, like the raging storm, coming out of the sea in Japan bringing not only terrible flooding but hitting on the nuclear aspects of Kenaz and making the whole ongoing accident there even worse by a release of radioactive water; the most obvious demonstration of yesterday’s energies was in the United States.

Here a gunman now known to have had a high security clearance (may have worked on intelligence while in the military not sure yet) but very much secrets revealed; undergoing treatment for mental issues (the unconscious aspects of the Moon card again) during under a waxing (almost but not quite full) moon; erupted by (Kenaz) with Firing (Kenaz/the Torch again) as a Raging Beast (Beast Card) killing until he was taken down (Beast Card Again, Beast don’t respond to logic you can’t reason with them you can only calm them, divert them, run away or take them out).

Since we know from my audio reading that The Beast is the Primary Energy for this week, combined with the Blog’s flagging of The Moon Card’s hidden secrets and unconscious motives it is suggested that the storms in Japan and the DC shooter may not be the last of these Beastly manifestations this week.

Today’s card suggests further details of what issues or areas may be the next to either erupt or reveal their secrets; today the Card is Money (so we are back to our previous theme of “follow the money” among other things) and the rune stave is Othala (inherited lands, the HOMELAND).

Somehow Money/wealth/currencies/economic issues etc; affecting various homelands (both personal homes but also the macro level of cities/states/countries/blocs of nations) are like to be front and center for the next 24 to 48 hours.

I can not help but feel they are likely to be affected by the continuing Beast/Moon/Kenaz combination: if secrets are revealed or money issues affect your home land today; look for them to express themselves in an emotional, probably angry and unstoppable fashion.

In some places this could mean that whatever has been holding something back economically suddenly bursts out and starts to rampage.  On Wall Street the image of a Bull could suggest either a surge or a Bear in rage with a down turn but if this energy indeed affects these places (it may or may not, they are probably being manipulated heavily) a rapid change one way or the other would be likely.

However, while manipulating computers doing digital trading may be relatively easy for those who know how; manipulating economies and currencies over the long-term is eventually doomed to get out of control.

I’m not saying today is the day that things will spiral out of control but I will say there is energy for it and that makes it more likely, especially in certain places and situations that are already on the brink like Argentina, Greece or Cyprus.

Other aspects of this energy could be calls for more “Money” for “Homeland” security; issues regarding money and spending in general (for both countries and people); the US congress going back into full session over spending bills and similar situations in Europe; housing news, construction, farming, food and even military defense (especially spending).

So over all a day when individuals are well advised to make plans and decisions about family spending, budgeting etc; probably a good day to buy property if you are lucky enough to be able to, also a good day to be a seller as long as the deal is honest and above-board.

Possibly a good day to ask for a raise or get your banking sorted; over all a pretty good day for most people money wise (and there maybe some good news on the macro front).

Just remember that during a week marked by the Beast and the Moon, that money can also bring up the deepest of family arguments and that people are unlikely to be ration about them.  Better to wait to sort them out until things are a bit calmer if you can; meanwhile make plans as best you may and see what energies tomorrow brings with it.

All an all, another day to “follow the money” this time possible to things that directly affect your nation and your very own personal front door.

Card of the Day – Monday – Sept 16, 2013

Moon Kenaz2

Today’s Card that starts off this week is The Moon and the rune-stave is Kenaz.

Now this suggests a time period where that which has been hidden is likely to start coming to the surface and be revealed.  Some of the information may be that of dreams (good ones and nightmares both) and some is likely to be explosive.

That’s because while the Moon Card is the Unconscious Mind, Dreams, The hidden World, etc; the Kenaz rune is usually translated as torch (as in fire) or a boil (that is getting ready to burst).  I often think of this as the “sideways’ volcano” rune because of its eruptive and fire aspects.

Like the sun based runes, it can also have hints of all things atomic and/or conventional explosives.  It is interesting that on this side of the Water (UK/Ireland) a flashlight is also called a “Torch” so in modern terms electricity can be included in this definition as well.

But most of all, I think the theme for this week is likely to be the gradual unfolding of hidden information that sets off a spark that may later result in an explosion or at least strong reaction when it finally all bursts out into the open.

In my audio reading (available after this evening) I noted the main card for this time people there was “The Beast” I’m mentioning this because when you combine the unknown/unconscious being revealed by the torch rune with the totally emotional (non logical) reactions of The Beast you have a real potential melt down possible on your hands.

That doesn’t mean the hidden revelations HAVE to result in the eruption of all the negative emotions the Beast tends to bring with it (anger, rage, jealousy, hate, fear etc) but it very much could if the eruptive energies meets with the Beast energies at just the wrong moment.

What we can hope for is that the more positive aspects of the Moon Card – positive dreams (as in hopes, desires, plans) etc that come forward as well and perhaps divert the Beast into safer areas.  The thing about Beast Energy is that it does not respond to logic or common sense; you have to either divert it, calm it or get out of its way but you can’t reason with it.

The Moon is also a very emotionally based card, the difference is because it comes from the human mind, you can reason with it a little bit and you can choose personally how to respond to it.  I mean no sand adult runs purely on emotional desires or wishes, even unconscious ones; we learn to sublimate and control our desires until the time is right – you don’t eat a donut in the swimming pool, you wait until you’ve finished your swim, take a shower, get dressed and then drop by the donut shop on the way home.

All the water in the Moon Card is like that, with the dreams and plans welling up gradually and being brought forth at their proper time (when things are positive).  The Kenaz rune suggests that some things may be highlighted a little faster than usual and that when people really understand what they mean the potential for an explosion is there (either real or emotional).

With the Beast at the helm for the next seven days or so, that emotional reaction is more likely than if say the Sage Card were still in a place of influence like it was during the week that the Russians started the ball rolling that restrained international military involvement in Syria.

But where wisdom and wise heads can force a pause or even change in the course of a crises, The Beast is just more likely to cause people to react without thinking.

I am hoping this is not the case, and for individuals it will be possible to modify this to a degree by simply realizing this is a week when it will be easy to have your unconscious and conscious “chains jerked” and to fly off the handle very easily.  Knowing that you can take steps towards personal calm by using meditation, music, directed thinking, personal mantras etc for yourself and being at least understanding if those around you start reacting emotionally rather than logically.

As I mention in the audio reading for radio show, remember than when the Beast is out (and even more when he is running with The Moon) you can’t reason you can only divert, calm or get away (and/or hide).

It is most important to remember in dealing with personal relationships this week that this is a time for listening when people are reacting emotionally,  but not a time for actually trying to present logical solutions because you are unlikely to be heard (in fact you might end up just another target for the rage). Just listen because a great many people are going to feel a need to vent this week but most of them will not really be ready to hear actual, concrete suggestions to solve situations during this time period.

When you ramp that up to the international level, you’ve just got to hope that someone has some patience to do the listening rather than just reacting back.  Otherwise things could get rather ugly pretty fast.

So another dicey week, but with some good elements at least in both the Moon Card and the light-giving qualities of the Kenaz rune.  Remember the torch not only lights up problems, it also can make a dark cave a whole lot less scary or be used to light a warm hearth fire in the fire-place.

Another week that is both “passive energy” (the Moon) and active energies (The Beast/Kenaz) – so hang on to your hats and keep a some nice donuts and popcorn around in case the show really starts.

Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – May 24-26, 2013

Scales BirthLibidoNowKenaz2

This weekend we have four cards to consider because the last two cards came out of the deck very stuck together and so I decide to read them both.

The four cards and rune form a sort of picture-puzzle which again fits with our over-all energy for the week’s audio reading that can down load and listen to if you have not already by clicking here.

First the four cards: The Scales, Birth, Libido and Now suggest that right now (or within the next short time period) a large decision, tipping point, or judgment is about to happen that will greatly concern the birth (or actual births) or perhaps even bring about “the birth” of something that affects human sexuality, sex-drive, creativity, artistry and/or conflicts, battles of display and even distraction.

The Birth and the Libido card in particular are the objects that the Scales/Judgment/Tipping/Decision are NOW concerned with – it is hard to tell exactly which aspect is under threat/judgment or change because there are so many of them but the birth/libido together do hint strongly at both human reproduction and procreation itself.

But we can’t ignore the display/combat/danger/distraction aspects of the card either nor its associations with creativity and life force in general.  The Birth card while often signaling actual births, also can be flagging something new coming into being or even a new (for now) energy coming to the forefront.

But my gut tells me at least part of this reading on a current events scale is about babies and sex being affected in some way, along with the perhaps a birth (or even explosion, more on that later) of creativity in some areas.

I’m also getting somewhat murkier and darker hint of the combat/display/distraction energy that is being judged/tipped as well – with the readings of the past week, about patterns coming into focus it may now be the time that distractions and illusions are losing some of their choke-hold and the population and that the birth of new insights and understanding of just what is going on is starting to take hold.

The Kenaz rune lends yet another bit of interesting energy to the weekend and may push some situations (being born) over-the-edge either into actual violence or eruptions of other sorts.  Mother Earth, given this past week’s readings and the Stars (including the Sun) are not exempted either – as Kenaz, the rune of the “boil” or the Torch can be either the fire of illumination or the infection that bursts out into in the air when touched.

I often thing of this rune as the volcano rune, and again give other readings this week, continued earthquakes as we saw energies for on Wednesday, and that then manifested last night and early this morning are likely to continue along with other interesting geological events.

The good news here is there are few energies directly in this set of cards for bad weather, which doesn’t mean their will not be any this weekend but simply they are not the primary focus of the cards, so less likely than the earlier in the week.

All in all, this is a high energy, high action, high-spirited time period – radically different from just a couple of week’s ago when everything was pointing towards drawing inward, staying at home and hiding in caves.  Now the cards and runes really present energies that not only face outward they are ready to totally blast outward in erupting cascades with or without anyone’s permission.

Again, the symbolic similarity to the act of human reproduction can not be ignored here, because while I don’t think that sex itself is the total direction the cards are pointing to; it does seem to be a chunk of it.

So look for stories today about sex, sexuality, birth, birthing, UVF treatments, human fertility, sperm counts, ritual combats, ancient humans (garden of Eden), evolution, volcanoes, earthquakes, fires, torches, disease and other “outbreaks”, and judgments, court cases, weights and measures, tipping points (both in the human and natural worlds).

In personal lives look for sudden cross overs into new situations, the judging (and over judging) of current and past relationships; the birth of new ideas, new relationships, new projects and creativity and a very strong sense of needing to get things done “NOW.”

There is also likely to be an intense drive to get to the bottom of things and an unfortunate tendency for everyone to “erupt” and fly off the handle a little too easily if things don’t go as planned (right now).

Parents of small children may notice a sudden increase in tantrums and sibling in-fighting; all of which would match today’s energy perfectly.

Also, like several other times recently this is a great time period for the actual creation of human beings, which could be an especially joyful task right now – even those couples and friends beyond child-bearing or without partners can partake in this energy by creating and birthing new projects, ideas, and art.

Just remember that Scales Cards is still hanging a bit over everything and so anything can (and possibly) will change quickly when you least expect it.

So get out and get active this weekend, but keep one eye open on how outside events are falling out as well.

Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – March 8-10, 2013


This weekend’s cards are: Work, The Liar and The Stranger while the rune-stave is Kenaz (Torch or Boil).

This weekend seems to be building on Wednesday’s Work-Hagalaz (Hail Stone/Strike/Shatter) reading, only this time the energy affecting Work (Physical or Spiritual/Employment/Jobs is The Liar.  The Liar can be a person, a distraction or even a situation but the important thing to remember is that it is false.  Sometimes The Liar appears as a clown to distract us from the “man behind the curtain” other-times the Liar may be something that is presented falsely or a person who is in fact telling us a lie.

Being with the Stranger Card is interesting, once again the Stranger can be a person (new person) element (new thing) or new situation that affects what is (and has been going on).  It is Interesting, these last two cards came out stuck together and whenever I tried to reverse the order (they were still upside down) it simply would not let me.  This suggests that something about the lie will affect or bring forth The Stranger on the world/work/unemployment stage, this person(s)/element/idea may come forth out of great need or simply because something (information?) simply can’t be contained any longer.

This is because the rune-stave is Kenaz which means either torch (made of fire it is the most ancient form of lighting, and can be see as “lighting the way,”) or something erupting (a boil, that is coming to ahead and will explode will all the pus and infection coming out but also being cleaned out).  Boils are no fun, but they do rid the body of an infection by causing temporary pain and indeed, a lot of mess.   But once over the body can heal itself, the fever tends to go down and life returns to normal, although often leaving a scar that never quite heals.

Taken together, with the rest of the this past weeks reading; my first guess is that the US Employment numbers are somehow false or not telling the entire story.  Other things about work/employment may also be false (and playing out differently in other nations) but this is the one that stands out.

Soon a Stranger – either a person or a new situation is going bring this either by “lighting a torch” or by “bringing it all to a head,” most likely some of both.

I like to think of Kenaz as the Volcano rune, because of its eruptive qualities and the fact that it looks like a sideways volcano.  So, there are also hints that physical forces could also help “bring things to erupt in a boil” such as storms, earthquakes, volcanoes etc; and this could affect “work” too.

All in all, I would say that the signs of “recovery” are premature and that they won’t be allowed to be proclaimed for very long.

On a personal level, this weekend is mixed; with a focus on getting work done, avoiding false or miss-leading voices and being open to new people and ideas.  Also be aware that things may be building up in you personal life as well as the over-all world scene, so focus on the Kenaz energy as the torch that lights the darkness instead of the boil that burns and your weekend is more likely to pass in harmony and brightness.





Card of the Day – Thursday – Feb 28, 2013


Today’s card is The Sage (or Wisdom) and the rune-stave is Isa (Ice) – by itself, The Sage card is usually positive, an old man keeping the wisdom of the ages in his library, while writing his own observations to secure what he learns can be learned by future generations.

It is very much a card of historical cycles, lessons and learning; in addition to the books, the Sage has the instruments of science, the scales of balance (justice) and perhaps even the pyramid of Egypt (or Occult Knowledge) kept near him.

When I first saw this card, I thought of today’s Papal resignation and all the energy “waves” that was likely to cause in both religious and temporal circles (the Vatican being both a religious body and a secular state), and I think this is part of today’s energy.

It doesn’t matter if one personally thinks the current/former Pontiff was/is a “Sage” or not, as a symbol The Sage often represented an elder, educated and presumably wise person; a person/group in need of wisdom; or a situation in need of wisdom/wise advice.  All of which are likely at play out in the context of the current Vatican change over.

However, the Ice rune brings up yet another possible way the energy will play out and that is in the Sequester/Service Cuts/Congressional stale mate; that is now taking place in the US.  The combination of Ice plus The Sage (Elder Statesmen/theoretical “Wise” Men and Women) suggests:

The Wise/Sages/Elders are Frozen/Unmoving/Stuck

Unlike earlier in the week where there seemed to be a brief window when compromise was not only possible, it could have sailed through easily; now with backs against the way (time wise) the energy has turned from fluidity to solid ice.

Given this, I think it highly unlikely that either the congress or the US President will find any easy way to “move forward” in the next 24 hours at least.  Tomorrow’s longer weekend reading may indicate if the ice will be melting or staying frozen for a while yet, we shall have to see.

For individuals, this combination makes for a time period when much-needed wisdom, learning and common sense may get “stuck” or “frozen-over” by outer events (even real snow or ice storms in some cases).  People may know exactly what they need to do, but feel powerless to actively do anything about it.  Sometimes the “ice” may be internal, as in “feeling frozen” but in many cases it is going to be outside forces “freezing up” (including likely the economy) that force Sage Advice to simply be “left-out-in-the-cold.”

So, be very careful making long-term decisions and making long-lasting plans today; realize that “wisdom” may not be easy to come by, or be easily heard by others when it does.

This NOT a good day for making changes or recommendations in the work place or the home, even you see things that common sense would suggest need doing, better to make a private list and wait until the energies are better before showing it to those likely to be affected.

Again, the Sage card alone makes this a great day for study, reading, respecting or visiting the elderly, looking at cycles, careful planning etc; but the Ice rune suggests that it may not be a good time to really implement much and that attempts to bring these studies or thoughts into reality may be met with a “wall of ice,” at least for the next 24 hours or so.  Write it down, commit to memory and be ready for when the ice melts to move forward on these things.

Card of the Day – Wednesday – Feb 27, 2013


Today’s card is work (both physical and spiritual) and the rune-stave is Kenaz (torch or boil).

An interesting combination that can be highly positive or highly negative depending on how the two energies play out.  The Work card usually means mundane work (as in jobs/employment) but can also mean spiritual and mental work (like studying).  The rune Kenaz can be either “torch” (as a light in the darkness) or a boil (something coming to a head), I like to think of it as the “Volcano rune” because it looks like a sideways cone and often signifies something rising to the surface (like magma).

So, one way this energy combination can play out is work/employment/study is going down a well-lit or inspirational path (light bulb goes off after study/work is easier than usual/light at the end of the unemployment tunnel).  This is a way I feel individuals can work this energy, especially when taken together with yesterday’s combination of Money and Gebo (money and gift).

This is still  a very good time to look for a raise, try to solve a vexing problem or put in yet another job application (because there may be a light in the dark this time).

On the other hand, the other way to read this combination is: Work/Employment/Unemployment issues “come to a head” or are about to “boil over,” and/or are “lighting a torch.”

Once again, I think this is more of how Current Events may be playing out – which is not to say there will not be news stories like today’s slightly improved employment figures here in Ireland or other good news bits elsewhere.  If they are going to happen this week, today is the likely day for it.

But just as likely is conflict, rising levels of anger and frustration and other “erupting emotions” that can no longer be easily contained.  I get the sense that some particular issue or issues are about to come roaring up to hit the world of work/employment/jobs/unemployment right smack in the face.

This is likely to happen quite suddenly, after a long period of slowly rising to the surface (like a boil or volcano).  It will not be something that can be ignored and could easily take the shape of riots and other violence in some places.

This doesn’t have to happen, as I said the energy is also there for vast improvements and torches lighting the way forward towards a new stability.  Expect some of both the positive and negative versions of today’s energy; but try for the positive in your own life but be aware of the negatives as well.

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Card of the Day – Wednesday – January 16, 2012


Today’s Card is the Stars and the rune-stave is thurisaz (Giant/Thorn/Prick).

Taken together they suggest a day when “giant” or “large” patterns are suddenly starting to make sense and/or start “pricking” at the back of the mind.

They also suggest that yesterday’s Voyage energy is moving rapidly towards something that is rather “thorny, prickly or large” and it could have to do with both “natural” as well as human forces.  That’s because the “Thurses” aka Giants of the Norse cosmology are believed by many people to represent (at least in part) the great elemental forces of nature such as volcanoes, earthquakes, blizzards, wind-storms, lightning, land-slides etc; especially those connected with mountains and the wild places.  Giants can be other things, including some of the Norse God’s themselves (like Loki the Trickster) but in this reading the more elemental forces seem to be calling.

I think there are also patterns being revealed in human affairs, and that both human and non-human patterns are starting to make sense (the patterns in the stars that are represented by the lines on the card).

The prickly and thorny aspects of the Thurisaz rune-stave can also be a reference to male sexual activity again both in a literal and more symbolic sense of the male person/god/energy/influence “pricking” the female/person/goddess/energy/influences or put another way making the oldest human connection of all.

The results of this pricking can be everything from reproduction, creativity and love to bareness, blockages and hate (and many, many shades in-between).

In terms of current events, there are a lot of possibilities are there for the rest of this week including human-based patterns being “pricked” into the light (some good, but most probably not so good given the nature of the rune-stave).  This is also a time to watch for reports of volcanoes, earthquakes, storms and things in the night sky.

In terms of human based events, again there is the ongoing issues from yesterday of communications (or miss-communications) brining new information and patterns to light.  The rune-stave suggests that this could cause building tensions over certain issues, while not necessarily exploding yet (that would be the rune Kenaz) certain starting to bite and cause pain that can’t no longer be ignored.

For personal readings, this energy is probably not so intense; though this is a time period when things are likely to continue not only to keep flowing forward (as they were yesterday) but also to have certain events or situation that sort of “force” people into making connections or taking new steps in their life that they might otherwise have been avoiding.

Patterns that have been hidden are now seen, even when that can cause “giant” problems but this can also result in “giant” solutions that otherwise would have simply been building up beneath the surface but not seen until struck by the thorn.

So a mixed day but with potentially positive outcomes (especially for individuals who are paying attention).  An active energy day (again like yesterday) with lots of connections and possibilities to be explored.