Card of the Day – Ides of March (15th) Weekend, 2013

Beware the Ides of March – Idus Martii – “William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Act 1, Scene II”.

Well, after a week of taking some rather nasty medications that has seen me feeling better over-all but much less psychic than normal; I decided I need to at least take a peek at what might be in store for the next few days and pass it on to my readers.

This was partly prompted, because of the Stock market headlines this afternoon along with other rather dire-economic news in very places.

So well, I asked my usual, “What is the most important energy(s) for the next 48 to 72 hours?” weekend question I was also drawn to the world economic situation while reading.

After I had my card laying face down (I still don’t know what they are yet) I felt a strong sense that the rune would be the key to this reading, that without it, the cards would not make sense which proves to be the case.

Because our cards are:

The Inquirer (the person asking the question, in this case pretty much my Readers/The World/The Individuals that make up the whole)

The Tree (The foundation, The roots of the Situation, The leaves and sprouts of that Tree, Also THE WORLD TREE and The TREE OF LIFE)

Yes (The answer is YES)

Taken alone these cards have a sort of “say what?” reaction to them, because it is the wrong time of year for Yule and a bit late to be planting trees out in the Northern Nations of the planet.

But then we have the rune, Thurisaz (Thorn) this rune can mean torch (as in lighting up a torch in a darkened room) or to Prick (as in pricking and blowing up a balloon).

Based on these cards and the images in my head (along with a general pattern of money/economic/employment issues in a lot of readings over the past few months) I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that:

This weekend (or soon after, going into the next couple of weeks) there are very strong energies out there that could lead both to the exposure (torch) of what threatens “The Roots/World Tree” and lead to the explosion (pricking) of the economic bubble (or current situation that has been allowed to expand).

There could be other ways to read this, including a political situations going “pop” (as in possible war or just political upheaval somewhere) or other non-economic ways to play out these forces.  Earthquakes, or other strong geological changes could also tie in and/or explain this reading.

But whatever they are (and they “feel” economic at least in part) they are a direct hit to the “World Tree” because that is what I was concentrating on while asking the question.

However I look at them though, they seem a rather properly doom laden forecast for such a traditionally fated sort of day.

On the other hand, individuals can use all these energies (including the Thurisaz rune) for a rather positive and enlightening weekend.  Because without the context of the over-all world/threat question, most of the energies in this reading are largely positive.

Household may experience some individual backlash from the over-all energy, especially in terms of mid-month finances, but over-all a great weekend to put down roots and enjoy your family, but pay special attention to their emotional needs.