Card of the Day – Monday – June 2, 2014

Tower Moon Isa2

OK, last week’s total weirdness over the blog names etc, now seems to thankfully be fixed so hopefully cards can occur on a more regular basis this week – if something else does go haywire remember the Monday Cards tend to set the tone for the week anyway and can be used as a guide for coming attractions.

Today two cards stuck together like glue, so I just decided to use the Psy Cards for today, to avoid having too many extra cards in one reading; it is interesting that the two cards stuck together were The Castle-Tower (Defense, Strength) and The Moon (Hidden, Dreams, Intuition, Madness).  The rune is even more interesting, last Monday we had Hagalaz (the Hail Stone) and I did a reading on Tuesday for a private forum that featured the Isa Rune (Ice) suggesting that both Hail and Ice were at play in the energies.  Hagalaz usually means a sudden strike or event, and while that energy was partly for last Monday alone, it also felt to me like it might be the first sign of some big event coming.  The Isa (Ice) rune showing up the next day, suggested the energies were somewhat stuck or frozen for now (as well as an indicator of possible wild weather in places) and it looks like those energies are still frozen.

When you have an Isa Week, it usually means that a lot of things that should move forward both personally and in terms of international events just get bogged down and kind of stuck.  It doesn’t mean that nothing at all happens, but what does occur will tend to move at a snail’s pace.

The Castle-Tower Card is all about being protected, defending oneself from outside threats, but also being secure, feeling powerful and very rooted to a place: The Castle on the Hill that is also a fortress, is a good way to look at this.

The Moon Card is very, very complex and represents the hidden world, this is likely to be a week for secrets, dreams, hunches, and hidden information that slowly comes to light.  It is also likely to be a week dominated by water both in its flowing form (Ocean/River/Stream) but also in the forms of Ice/Snow/Glaciers/The Poles etc.  I feel the potential for a storm at sea of some sort but “Sea” can be both physical or symbolic and I’m not sure exactly what is being hinted at here – but the combination of Ice flow/Water Flow is very strong right now. 

There could even be a need for defense against the sea/ice/storm/hidden issue that will come up – look for stories about actual weather/geological events or preparations/programs designed to deal with the same; there may also be stories about sea level rise especially in terms of ice or ice growing/melting etc.

But above all, these feels like a week where nothing much may seem to be moving on the surface, in fact some things may seem to be totally stuck in place; but underneath there is a lot of hidden/sunken/hazily understood things going on that make shake the very foundations of the castle tower when it finally comes to light.  The Moon Card is both psychic awareness/intuition and Madness, both of which can interweave with each other when people are not careful to ward and guard themselves carefully (the Tower can be psychic self-protection as well as physical real-world defenses). 

A week when we also might see news of strange religious cults or something like that in the news, again I can’t quite pin this one exactly because it almost feels like “religion as madness” or perhaps even religion miss-used in some way – I think we may just have to watch the news on this one and see if anything like this “surfaces” or not.

For individuals a good week to focus on personal and psychic self-defense, but not a good week to start new projects because they are likely to bog down before they start and ongoing projects are likely to be slow.  But it is a great week to explore the internal world of dreams and creativity; just wait until next week before drawing up serious plans.

Card of the Day – Monday – February 3, 2014

TreeSix of SwordsIsa2

Orange Storm alert today with our internet already knocked out once – so once again a short reading, though the good news is my hand is much better so if the weather improves, I can write more tomorrow.

Today (and this week) are another Tree week, when cards repeat like this it is time to pay attention; this time I think it is the World Tree or world that is being affected and it is being affected by feelings of helplessness and entrapment on the part of many regular people.

There are probably also some major Current Events situations (like economic systems, peace talks etc) that are also being somewhat “iced” over and this week is likely to be another week for actual snow and ice in many places.

The six of swords is a pretty kitty, who is just sitting in her cat carrier – the gate is not closed but she doesn’t have the energy to move anyway; she accepts being stuck there as her lot and doesn’t have the mental force of will (or simply feels to bad) to fight being in the cage.  Knowing cats, I also know that sometimes they will simply use a cat carrier as a hidy-box but that behavior still fits with the over-all idea of self-entrapment or simply being too worn out or ill to fight anymore (and except the cage).

The Isa or ice rune, can be both actual nasty weather (which I think we will see) but also indicate situations that are frozen over, stuck or refusing to move – the main image for Current Events I get from this reading is that this week is a time period when people are likely to feel tired, worn out and unable to cope and where a lot of things just seem stuck – this will sense of over-all inertia is likely to affect everything from traffic in snow storms to the US Congress taking real action on anything (or your own national governments world-wide).

When the Six of Kitty Swords shows up in a reading, it suggests that individuals need to try to be kind to themselves but also push themselves forward and re-think their current situation; to try to replace negative thinking with positive actions.  So despite the stuck energies, today is a good day to force yourself out of your comfort zone just a bit and keep on moving forward, even if it is just one paw at a time.

Hopefully more tomorrow, weather and net permitting.

Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Aug 30 – Sept 1, 2013

Voyage Cave Fool Isa2

This weekend, we have energy trying to move forward on something (the Voyage) that is instead seems to be matched with an equal desire to retreat (Cave) card or move forward in a different direction (The Fool) card.

But every just seems to be stuck (the Isa/Ice rune) and it is likely that no one is really going much of anywhere until that Ice melts and then the voyage can continue.

I think that this energy is playing out most obviously in the Middle East this weekend with some nations (and their Naval ships) wanting to push onwards towards war or at least towards something, but the defeat of the UK participating in such a war (at least for now) has everyone retreating back into their cave for the weekend.

This may also be seen as contributing to depression (mental) and depression (economic) in some quarters which are also aspects of the cave card; as would be the civilians in the war zone getting ready to take cover.

The Fool Card may be hinting at coming attempts to either go off in a totally new direction (like diplomacy) or a “foolish” attempt to try to reorganize things so they appear new.

There is also still a hint of the Loki-trickster energy in this second time around for the Fool Card this week – watch for the “ice” to break in an unexpected or somewhat surprising manner.

The Fool is the third card in this reading and relates somewhat to the end of the time period (in this case perhaps Tuesday as much as Monday because Monday is a major US holiday) – so my guess would be that for at least a little while the situation is unlikely to change much; but when it does change it may be something of a “curve ball” from what is expected to happen.

Reading this sort of really volatile world situation is difficult and I will do a weekend update if things do change suddenly and I get a chance at the computer.

Also, there is the possibility this weekend for real “Ice” or early storms, cold snaps etc as well as travel disruptions which almost always come about when you have a Voyage/Isa combination.  The Cave Card and the Fool (or starting over/new beginnings) card makes it even more likely that a lot of people may experience depressions/unhappiness over delays or even diversions to other locations than where they intended to go (or just decide to change their plans and perhaps stay home or go elsewhere, especially places that are closer).

Meanwhile, for individuals a weekend when most people trying to actively do things may feel stuck and a lot of people will probably just want to stay home and snuggle under their bed covers.  A great weekend to spend quality time with your partner and pets, both can help with that depressive, hiding, cave feeling that combined with that stuck iced over feeling may make for a rather dreary weekend otherwise.

Card of the Day – Tuesday – March 19, 2013


Today’s Card is The Moon (Dreams/Secrets revealed/Unconscious Mind) and the rune is Isa (Ice/Frozen/Locked).

There are two primary ways this energy is likely to express itself in currents events today:

The Secrets (or Dreams) are Frozen/locked and/or

The Dreams/Secrets/Unconscious Mind is Ice Up/Frozen Locked.

There is also the slight possibility that this could be about the actual moon and ice – in terms either of real world weather  (storms etc.) or discovery (a story about ice found on the moon would fit perfectly).

My guess is that a lot of things today (and tomorrow) are likely to “freeze up” both in terms of money/currency/economic matters and in terms of dreams/secrets are frozen (movie deals crash, corporations are not moving, and voices of those revealing secrets and information are frozen (or put on ice).

This last feels really strong, I would not want to be a whistle-blower or muckraker of any sort today, especially one trying to get a story out.

Also, look for information (and possibly bank accounts) to “freeze-up” in the world of finance and banking (especially about Cyprus).

Meanwhile, for individuals this is a day for caution, a day when you may feel rather dull, tired and unconnected to your dreams (both sleep wise and those you dream for your future).

This is normal, this is the energy of this period of time; fear not, the world and your brain are not really frozen, they just might feel like it for a while.

Writers, Artists and others who make their living through creative pursuits are best sticking with planned projects (or working on paperwork today) rather than trying to force new paths of creative expression.  This energy is going to fight you all the way, better a day spent doing some dull editing, touching up a painting or just going to the park is likely to prevent the need for throwing things out later.

However, all is not lost, the moon is still there and ice does melt, it doesn’t stay there forever.  So just focus on the every day, mundane, even trivial (but hopefully fun) aspects of life today and you should be fine.  This will pass, until they why not watch a funny movie or listen to some inspiring music to help pass the time and wait for the meltdown?


Card of the Day – Wednesday – Feb 13, 2013


My Internet just crashed and took the entire reading with it and I’m simply don’t have time to repeat the entire reading but the summary goes like this:

Today’s card is Money and the rune is Isa (Ice/Frozen) this means that for both individuals and the world monetary system the energy is there for the next 24 to 48 hours for “gridlock” or “money-freezing” banking computers “freezing” and even the stock market “becoming frozen.”

Expect problems when accessing money or with bank details, expect to see current events stories about “frozen assets” and bank defaults.  Other possible macro-issues are stock market problems, frozen interest rates, currency trades etc., etc..anything wealth or economic wise is likely to stop flowing easily and may even stop it its tracks.

Today is a day to avoid making any serious financial decisions if you can, and if you can’t expect a certain amount of delay and frustration; especially in terms of loans or other applications that have paperwork that can stall out easily.

I sense this energy is partly a continuation of Monday’s Fehu rune but this time the attention is drawn to the wealth and money aspects of that rune, rather than the sexuality.  So in some ways this reading continues one of the two major themes of this week which logically enough are Money and Sex (or Wealth and Love if you prefer).

This reading could even be weather related with “ice” or (snow and ice) being a source for issues around money.  It could be a simple as ATMs and banks not working in some areas due to bad weather and “frozen” wires, power outages etc.

Hopefully tomorrow the energy will change slightly, until then try to put off serious financial stuff as much as possible and don’t be surprised if you suddenly find your money flow “frozen” for a day or two.


Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Jan 18-20, 2012


Wow, well the cards and runes seem to either point to an unexpected ice/snow storm or a pretty good downer of a weekend, at least on some levels.  Ireland (where I live) is experiencing snow, rain, sleet and otherwise dark weather (some of which is coming out of the sea (The Moon Card) causing us all to want to go into our caves and hid (Cave Card) and the Liar could have been the mostly warmer Winter we have had so far  = with the Isa (Ice) rune both revealing the weather and the transportation (as well as actual ice) that is bringing large parts of the UK and some of Ireland to a halt today.

That’s one way to view this reading, and it shows that Ireland and the UK are being affected by it in a very physical way and in the material world; but other places and individuals may experience it on other levels.

Briefly, the Cave card can be depression, a need to withdraw, reflection or a need to hide in a safe place.

The Moon is usually a sign of hidden things being revealed, things that come out of the depths and show up slowly.  As well as secrets the Moon also represents dreams, psychic energies, mediumship and prophecy.

The Liar Card suggests that some of the revealed information may prove to be “False” or is being used as a distraction.  On the card, you can see the Joker is trying to be funny while a drape hangs behind him, hiding what is beyond.  The Joker does not want you to look behind the curtain, he does not want you to see either the man or the events that may be standing there.  The Liar card is also associated (by me) with Loki the Trickster in his less pleasant aspects; inside of your fun party animal, this is Loki when he feel he’s been wronged and is out to use his wit to hurt those who he feels have hurt him.  Not a really nice energy to have around, but one that must at least be acknowledged if things are to move forward; it is the difference between asking someone why they are “angry” and listening to them as opposed to ignoring them or worse mocking them in their misery.

Finally the Isa Rune translates “Ice” and tends to represent both literal forms of frozen water (ice/hail/snow) and situations that are “Frozen/Stuck” which suggest that whatever is being revealed is likely to seem stuck and unmoving; another reason perhaps that people may want to retreat to that cold, dark cave (or at least go back to bed) rather than face the deceptions and lies that may be being revealed (or are leaking out).

For some, this energy may simply result in a weekend spent indoors, by a roaring fire and discovering that reports of the ice and snow ending soon are “false” or “misleading.”  But for others, I think this situation may be much more serious, with previously hidden information slowly coming to the surface and tending to both overwhelm and distract people at the same time.  Whatever these issues are, people may feel powerless to do anything to change them (though that could be part of the lie).

I am not yet sure what these issues(s) are, but I feel more drawn to North America than to Europe but both may be affected.  This also have a very “Northern” in terms of hemisphere feeling to it; while there may be issues for readers “Down Under” as they deal with frightfully high temperatures and fiercely hot winds; this energy seems to be strongest North of the Equator at least for today and going towards Monday.

Readers in the South lands are more likely to experience this combination of Cave-Moon-Liar-Isa in the mental and spiritual realms than the physical; also they may get hit with somewhat lighter touches of the entire combination.

For individuals, while this reading is gloomy (simply no other way to put it) you can use this time period for introspection, personal work and getting rid of “false” patterns and information in your life.  Allow new dreams, issues and dreams to bubble up for you on the surface this weekend; and enjoy some time for meditation and purposeful with drawl.  Don’t try to fight the frozen nature of Isa, instead embrace being still for a short time and be ready to start moving again when the Ice melts.

A very inwardly focused time period – use it well and remember to peak out of the covers once in awhile to see if things have starting shifting again.



Card of the Day – Monday – Novemeber 26, 2012

Today’s card is the Liar (something is false, someone is lying, something is not as it seems, distraction).

The rune of the Day is Isa – Ice, frozen, unmoving, static

Taken together they suggest that something false is at play on the current events of today – this issue may either appear to be frozen (when it is not) and/or may be stuck until the lie is exposed or dealt with in some fashion.

I have two possible suggestions for this energy based on the past two weeks readings (and they are not mutually exclusive as energy can play in many areas at once).

The first would be the economy/currencies/EU/North American situation that started to show up before the weekend.  If this is the case then there is probably a lie that something has been fixed and/or that things are frozen (there is no budget, there is no decision on Greece, the US fiscal cliff still hangs out there etc.) and it is a lie that they are not.  There may also be yet another issue combined with the above that the Liar (Joker) is trying to distract from, the “do not look at the man behind the curtain” comes to mind here.

The other issue was the long-running situation in the Middle East that was in the cards off an on the last two weeks.  This version suggests that it is a lie that things are frozen (stopped) or that there is a falsehood (being played false) in the cease-fire.  Of course a cease-fire is not a Peace Treaty,  simply a stop in hostilities.  But if this reading concerns that situation, than it would appear that one or both sides are deliberately lying about some issues while things are “iced up” or “frozen over” for a bit.  When the “ice melts” (aka official ceasefire ends) then things may melt very quickly.

For personal readings this card suggests that something may not be as it seems in personal activities and relationships.  Things may also seem kind of gummed up or frozen, unable to move forward – however that itself may be part of the lie.  So while you shouldn’t bang you head against a wall if something/situation simply won’t move, pushing it a little to see if it rocks may be a good idea today.

As always with the Liar card – a day to read fine print and avoid signing major contracts whenever possible (and if you have to be very careful).  A great day however if you sell used cars or own a race track!

Card of the Day – Wenesday – Sept 19, 2012

Today’s card is the Sun (The Sun/light dawning/harvest/nuclear/fire) and the rune of the day is Isa (Ice/frozen).

So we have a very primal message of “fire and ice” suggesting powerful conflicts and/or a stalemate followed by a slow melting of a situation.  It also suggests that as long as something is “frozen” there may not be movement in the Solar situation, whatever it may happen to be.

The appearance of the sun card on its own, suggests a good day for media stories about solar flares, solar power, harvests and even nuclear issues (from nuclear power to bombs). There may also be stories of previously hidden information coming “into  the full light of day.”

New news developments about the situation surrounding Fukushima is also highly likely today or tomorrow.

The Isa rune suggests there may also be stories about things being stuck, frozen or simply not seeming to go anywhere.  There might also be stories of melting, run off and flooding as the Sun “melts” something that was previously frozen.

There is also some hints of volcanoes and other earth disruptions in the fire and ice portion of the reading.

For individuals, a relatively good day but one where some things may seem to get started only to stall out again before they finish.  So, do what you can, when you can but don’t fight too hard if something seems “frozen,” if possible give the sun a bit more time to melt it down and then try again.

A great day for walks, gardening, eating ice cream or even enjoying an early snow fall…


Card of the Day – Monday – Sept 3, 2012

Today’s card is The Sun and the rune-stave is Isa (Ice) so we have a rather powerful (and ancient) combination of Fire and Ice energies today.  Since The Sun is what melts ice, this indicates that some issues that have been stuck for a while are likely to start moving again.  Probably slowly at first, in the same way that the sun causes ice to melt first by dripping, then by pouring and finally flooding.

Much of the Summer has had a rather “stuck” feel to it, so this is probably a change for the better, though the dripping phase may seem very slow and the flooding stage take us all by surprise (for good or ill).

However, another nice aspect of the Sun Card is the Harvest show on the card, along with the celebration aspects of the May pole dancers (the Sun in Spring as well as the Sun in Harvest time).  Again, the card echoes the Summer period in general and with Summer (in the North) nearly over, it is interesting that the Ice card is also appearing.

My guess is that this week, it would be good to pay attention to stories about the sun and/or solar flares, early frosts, ice caps, ice-ages and other powerful fire/ice combinations like volcanoes and even earthquakes.  While I feel this combination is more about a general time period than just the next 24 hours, we should watch this time period especially carefully for signs of “dams” breaking.

Political and current event situations may start thawing too, this is a good time period to look for both good things happening (ice melting between Peoples/Tribes/Nations) as well as the opposite effect (ice melting and things starting to heat up including conflicts between People/Tribes/Nations).  The energies for either are there, as always people can choose both individually and collectively how to use them.

A pretty good day for individuals, though a wild one for some as some of those previously stuck situations start to become unglued and surprises may occur.  A time when what was put in motion months ago is likely to start coming to the surface and a time when some other things may seem even more stuck than usual (ice again).

All together it is likely to be a rather volatile week, with the primordial powers of Sun and Ice working on each other.  On the other hand, also likely a time of great and powerful energies that can be worked on and moved with in meditations and other spiritual practices.


Card of the Day – Thursday – January 26, 2012

Today’s card is The Father, the same card we had in our last actual reading on Tuesday; the rune however is different it is Isa or “Ice.”

To quickly review, The Father card represents Father energy, and can be both a client’s actual physical father, a father figure, a father-link mentor or even a client’s own “inner-parent.” But in a world/western world reading this card is more likely to represent the Father energy in a more abstract way, the most obvious that of patriarchy but also a generalized male/father/masculine/active/direct sort of effect.

On Tuesday, I had a very strong sense that the Father Card was a strong symbol for Germany as the “Father Land” and that the major energy the card was picking up on was Germany’s current attempts at trying to be a “father” to the EU; both in a practical and a political sense.

On Tuesday, This Energy was combined with Othala (inheritance or inherited land) a Rune that has often been a favored symbol in Germany, echoing as it does the idea of Pan-Germania and the Homeland/Fatherland as well.

In that reading, the Father seems to be trying to bring the unruly children under his “wing” and provide them with the “skills” (see the father teaching his son on the card) they need to “grow up” and be..well, more like Germans.

But when combined with the rune Isa (ICE), the cards and rune together would suggest a father that is trying to arrest his children’s development or prevent them from acting. Isa is considered the opposite pole of Fehu (wealth), and in an economic sense, this implies “putting a freeze” on the countries that Germany feels are, or should be, under its control.

There is no way of knowing for sure if they will secede in this attempt, but I suspect there will be some pretty blunt or even harsh words coming out the EU meetings that have been on-going all week, in tandem with the Elite conferences in Davos, Switzerland.

Again, for individuals, these energies can be quite good; especially the father card; and individuals fathers (and those in positions of authority) can simply take care to try not to be too over-powering and controlling of their charges (the energy will make that miss-step very easy to do).

Isa also means Ice and could be an indicator of things getting stuck in a rut or frozen as well, so again taking steps to “break the ice” on purpose is a good way around this energy; in addition to simply accepting that some things are not likely to move for a while and get on with other business.

Finally, both Isa and The Father (Old Man Winter) have some associations with obvious cold/frozen/harsh weather – so storms, especially ice storms in various parts of the Northern Earth would not surprise me in the least.  I especially feeling a pull towards parts of North America here (Mid-West/South?) but also parts of the UK and Ireland (where I live).  Of course, I have only to open my front door to know that a freeze is likely tonight; but this feels like it could be a real problem, at least in some of the mentioned locations.

So, if you live anywhere with freeze warnings, just be careful to have a good source of heat, light, food and water in case the power goes out and be ready to play slip and slide if you have to go out on the ice sheets.

That’s your card and rune for today – hopefully tomorrow I can get back to reading them at an earlier hour of the day.

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