Card of the Day – Thursday – December 12, 2013

Sage Eight of Swords Laguz2

First an update on yesterday’s reading – while there were no obvious events that could be tagged as involving the Sun, sudden-loss and grieving plus a hair stone or sudden strike; there was announcement by NASA that fits the reading perfectly as seen in this headline from the International Business Post:


Rest in Peace Comet ISON, NASA Says It Has Burned To Death

Various articles and Obituaries for Comet ISON reveal that the “cause of Death” was most like the Sun itself and since Comets are essentially a giant ice-ball  or Hagalaz; I think we have a major unfolding of yesterday’s energies in a nut shell.

As always, it did affect other situations too, I received some private e-mails about personal situations that also reflected this energy but my hope is that the Current Events energy was mostly manifested by ISON’s unfortunate demise and this is not a case of the information showing up just a bit too soon in the cards; that has also happened before so I won’t totally breathe easily for a few days yet, but if we are lucky this is all that was being flagged.

Meanwhile, back to today and while I have only been reading with the Cat’s Eye deck for a few weeks now (and there are the usual 78 cards of the Tarot) we are already seeing repeating cards – I believe this is the 3rd time for this card but I know it is at least the second.  This suggests to me that the self-pitying sense of despair and sense of feeling trapped by larger forces (even when we could actually do something about the situation if we just quit emoting and took some actions) is a really, really serious message right now.

The Sage Card, combined with the Unhappy Kitty on the Eight of Swords card, pretty much says flat-out that people/tribes/nations need to use wisdom and study before deciding that a situation really is beyond their control and that their efforts can not solve the problem.  The frustrated Kitty has two situations that are causing her grief, one is the introduction of a tiny human into the household to complete with her for affection.  While it is true that she can’t do much about this (except maybe turn the baby’s pacifier into a toy and enjoy herself with it) the baby gate she is meowing about is a whole different issue.  She is perfectly capable of leaping that gate any time she pleases to get into the other room, but instead she is just getting mad and complaining to her humans about it.

Combined with Wisdom, this really comes right and almost sounds like that 12 Step rule, something about accepting what you can’t change, but changing what  you can and the wisdom to know the difference?

Taken with some of the past readings, this suggests to me that the public mood is become so disturbed, unhappy and feeling out of control; that people may no longer be able to actually move forward and experience what the CAN control.  It is much easier to simply sit there frozen in anger and unhappiness than it is to really study the issues and figure out a way over the baby gate.

If people DO turn around and start looking to leap over the gate, they may find there is a lot of hidden information, ideas, situations that underline the problems; things that are just below the surface but that most people just don’t see.

That is the Laguz, lake rune and unlike the frozen Hagalaz of yesterday, this is the water rune of soft, flowing and often deep water.  It literally translates lake, but can also be any body of water moving or still – a river, lake or even the Ocean.  But the concept of DEEP water, often goes with this rune and I really feel like that is the meaning here.

A lot of what is causing people/tribes/nations to feel that things are out of their control is the result of deeply hidden, drowned situations and decisions that will only slowly come up to the surface if people are looking for them.

That is where the study and wisdom come in, but first there has to be a decision to stop starting at the pacifier (dummy on this side of the water) and look at the problem of the baby gate, which can be solved.  Until that happens, the knowledge is just likely to sit there hidden under the water, while unhappiness and feelings of powerlessness continues.

In you own life, don’t let this happen; focus on what you CAN CONTROL and leave the other issues for another day when the energy for tacking the seemingly impossible if stronger (and there will be days like that, this just isn’t one of them).  But realizing that there ARE things YOU CAN CONTROL, is the first step towards leaping forward and over the obstacles.

Card of the Day – Wednesday – December 11, 2013

SunFive of CupsHagalaz2

Now this is an interesting and rather complex reading, so I’m going to break it down before making a few educated guesses as to how these energies might manifest in the next 24 to 48 hours…

The first card is The Sun – the Sun can represent the Sun itself, all things solar (including solar power, atomic energy, even electricity) also Summer Time, Harvests, Celebrations, or the Sun bringing something/information “to light”  It can also be a very bright or energetic individual or even a nickname like Sunny, occasionally it is about the Solar System or things in the sky, more on that later.

The Five Of Kitty cups is a sad card no matter how you spin it, though not one without hope or unseen positive results (in some cases) – the card shows a grief-stricken and despondent Mother Cat who watches as a young women carries her two kittens away in a cat carrier.  Anyone who thinks that Mother Cats do not grieve when their kittens leave home (or sometimes don’t make it) has never been around many Cat Mommas; even those who adjust pretty quickly tend to be pretty shaken, protective and unhappy when the time comes.  This is especially true of the kittens are young and Mom Cat is still very attached to them – she doesn’t know or understand her babies are going to a good and loving home, from her perspective her babies are now gone, a final ending similar to death and the grieving is similar.

I looked this card up in several places to make sure I had a handle on it and it is the card of grief, loss and and helplessness in the face of loss.  However, it is also about working through grief, pulling through to the other side and accepting that sometimes there is outcome we will just never know but may be positive, even if those affected are lost to us.

The rune is Hagalaz: Hail Stone, Sudden Strike, an unexpected and usually powerful something that “hits” out of nowhere or seems to fall from the sky (literally or figuratively).

Taken together, this reading suggests that there may be a sudden event or situation, sometime before the end of this week (most likely sooner rather than later) that causes a “sunny mood/person/situation” to suddenly be lost or come to grief in some way.  This even may be very sudden, unexpected and seem to appear out of nowhere – and since it is an energy, it may affect more issues than just one – though with Hagalaz it is often true that one or more large, sudden events gets noted.

To some degree this may also be simply the energy of the Season and I’m hopeful for that – in the North it is almost time for the Winter Solstice, the time when the Sun appears to be fading and people traditionally “mourned” for the light that was “lost.”  Even though there are all sorts of festivals to celebrate that it WILL come back, there is still a tendency for human beings to be depressed when the days are very short and the nights long, this loss of sunlight can even cause a form of depression called SADS; which a lot of people in the North are likely to be experiencing this week.

Hagalaz can manifest as actual weather – especially hail storms, snow storms etc; so this could be a weather related event that causes suffering and loss – perhaps something unusual like a plane crash or other weather related disaster that makes things worse.

In a long-term sense, this could be about a harsh Winter where we grieve the loss of the sun and experience the cold hail and ice, though usually Hagalaz is more of a sudden event, like a sudden storm rather than a longer term situation (but the start of a “deep freeze” is possible).

Other ways this energy could spill over might be the loss of a “Sunny” or well-known famous person, with more signs of public grieving, especially if this is unexpected or occurs in a sudden way.

There might be issues with solar or nuclear power, electric grids might be affected bringing people “to grief” and as there is still that recurring energy left over from the accident in Japan that continues to wash up from time to time though this really feels like something probably different and more unexpected in nature.

Some of this energy may still be spill over from Mr. Mandela’s passing, again it doesn’t matter what individually a person may think of him, the world is focused on his passing and he is being presented as a sort of “light gone out” although it certainly wasn’t sudden, which is why I think this is a lesser energy today than it was during the earlier part of the week.

I am really not exactly sure how this energy is going to manifest but at the very least I think individuals should be kind to themselves and understanding with the families as a lot of people may just seem rather depressed and out of sorts today.  Those in cold climates will find themselves missing the sun even more than usual and this is also a day when unlikely things can happen (good as well as bad) but they can happen with dramatic speed.

On any Hagalaz day, it is best to simply expect the unexpected and with the Five of Cups running around, accept that somethings that happen you will neither be able to affect nor understand the outcome, at least not for the present time period.

Hopefully this energy will pass over us in a milder form, and we will see changes by the end of the week – wear you psychic hard hat today and stay tuned…

Card of the Day – Thursday – November 28, 2013

NowThe HierophantHagalaz2

Today’s combination of Now Card, The Hierophant  Card and the Hagalaz (Hail Stone rune) are a bit unnerving for a reading that falls on a day which is both the US Holiday of Thanksgiving but also part of the Jewish Festival of Hanukkah.  This is because my first thoughts on seeing this combination seemed to point towards strike either at or by religion and/or religious people.  This could also be about a “strike” or something that “hits/affects” the established order of things, which could be good or bad depending on just what is targeted and what occurs in the aftermath.

But to break things down a bit:

The Now Card – A card indicating that something is happening NOW, being the first card in the reading this makes it strong, there are also harvest elements on the card, the idea of “now is the time for harvesting what was already planted” is very strong in this card.

The Hierophant is the older, wiser kitty who directs and insures that everyone in the household, cats and humans alike, follow their proper roles within the community of “The Colony.” That is, those who comprise the people, cats, dogs and others who may dwell within his territory and sphere of influence.  When this cat speaks, everyone listens and they respond in general with respect and compliance; though I suspect that sometimes the human puts the kitty in the cat carrier to go to the vet anyway, in his own mind this cat is the Center of All Things Proper and In Their Place, especially in terms of the social roles within the group.

When this card shows up in a reading, it suggests a time period when people may need to access some aspects of their group identifications, is this a role I wish to take on or is it one better left behind and exchanged for something else?  What are my loyalties and how should I best express them?

This card can also be about the laws, guides and unofficial rules that guide behavior in any given society and/or a person/place/tribe/national ideal etc that represents them.  For example while wearing pajamas to the Opera is not illegal, it would not be considered proper behavior by the unwritten rules and traditions of society unless it was a special circumstance like a special performance for hospital patients.

If it were just the cards Now and The Hierophant, I would say that this reading was mostly just flagging all the energies around the Traditions of Both Thanksgiving in the US and more world-wide by Hanukkah – both of which are holidays that celebrate both traditions and ancestors with the whole idea of “Tradition” being a very important part of the Hierophant Kitty’s energy.  And yes, I did sort of imagine Tevia from Fiddler on the Roof while I was writing this lol!

But when you add the Hagalaz/Hail Stone rune it turns things a bit more intense than simply flagging that a lot of people are being traditional and family centric today; it suggests that something (and we don’t know what) is likely to HIT LIKE A HAIL STONE, the word SHATTER is often used with this rune.  It usually means a SUDDEN STRIKE from somewhere that COMES OUT OF THE BLUE, just like a hail stone crashing into a windshield.

This isn’t all bad, Hagalaz can strike in the form of sudden enlightenment or a “strike” of genius when trying to find solutions to a problem but that is not really what I am sensing here.

Instead, in addition to the obvious indications of Bad Weather (hail storm/snow/sleet/rain etc) which we already know to be an issue, at least in the US; I really feel like the next 24 to 72 hours (the whole weekend really) is a dicey time period when something could strike at either at religion in some way or by religion (or religion used as an excuse).  The most intense feeling I get is a possibility of violence, but there could be other ways that this manifests as well; and it may be more than just religion.

Another way to look at this reading is:

NOW, something is about to Strike The Established Order of Things….

That something could be people, that something could be natural forces (especially weather but also earthquake/volcano/ice etc) but whatever it is, if it happens it will be soon.  But even if the initial event is “natural” it is likely to send shock waves though the “established order” of society and the culture of human beings; and if it is human inspired this situation could lead to a realignment of nations in terms of friendships, treaties and power blocks.

This feels like it could be related to last week’s cards that showed the potential for a surprise “hot spot” to heat up which did not occur the day it was forecast but did occur a few days later when China suddenly declared they owned disputed Islands with Japan and then suggested they would shoot down American or Japanese planes in the area.  The US has already flown warplanes in the disputed airspace with no reaction but the situation has heated up almost over night as predicted here.

It will not surprise me at all if this “hail strike” in some way involves this situation, although I think it is more likely to be something centered either in the Middle East or involve Middle Eastern players in some way (even if, perhaps, it turns out that they are being used as fronts for, or a side-show to, a more serious threat to the established patterns in several places).

If this weekend passes without any obvious “hail stone” striking, we can probably breathe a sigh of relief that we passed through such a window without a major international or current events crises of some sort.  I think that is also possible, but I would suggest staying on alert and paying attention to the news for the next four or five days, because this feels like it could get serious.

Hopefully I will be taking another look at this energy tomorrow and for the following week as well, when I do the radio show spread for next week.

But meanwhile, just because things might go South in the Current Events world, this does not mean you shouldn’t enjoy a holiday or a normal day (if your in Ireland like me) just realize that there is a high chance that things may suddenly come “out of the blue” to “strike” and “surprise” you.  Some of them will be minor and others will be a bit shattering but their major impacts maybe more on family and social traditions than actual material disasters.

So a very good time to avoid deep political discussions over the family dinner (holiday or not) and be ready to experience some nasty weather,  if you have to travel, especially the sort of weather that can come on suddenly like a snowstorm, ice storm, flooding or high winds.

Otherwise, have a great day and a fabulous personal weekend, and we’ll see how things look come tomorrow…


Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Aug 23-25, 2013

Fortune Work Tree Berkano2

This weekend’s cards show a rather high chance of rather dramatic or sudden macro economic issues taking center stage in a big way.

That’s because we have The Fortune Card – (Fortunes, Money, Treasure, Big Money, Spiritual Progress etc) right next to the Work Card (usually jobs, employment, daily work, spiritual work) and the Tree (The World Tree, Putting Down Roots, the Root of a Problem) together with Berkano (Birth/Mother Goddess/Birch Tree).

Now this energy could be positive or it could be negative in terms of current events – because a positive way to ready this would be: The Birth of Fortunes, Work and these becoming Rooted or Established.

However, my first sense upon seeing the cards was not along these lines, I do think that this energy may play out this way in some places and for some individuals; I suspect this is a good weekend to sharpen up a resume or got for a job interview.

But, my reaction to the cards was more along the lines of “Great Fortunes/Big Money will affect Employment/Jobs/Work or be affected this weekend by something that shakes the roots of the world-economic tree.  Given the Hagalaz hail rune yesterday’s potential to hit the Body (Physical world) and today’s Birth rune – my feeling is that some thing (or situation) is being “born” or “about to hit” that is going to involve both fortunes and jobs for many people.

How the tree “shakes out” remains to be seen, and for some reason I keep feeling a tie towards possible war or rumors of wars as something that may be affecting all of this, especially the Fortunes/Jobs combination.

Of course if you look at the world Fortune in our language it can also stand for “The Fortunes of War” or “The Fortunes of the Nation(s)” etc as well as the Spiritual Well Being and Spiritual/Metal Work that individuals (or groups of people) might be engaged in.

There is a feeling also of drawn in breath to this reading, especially when combined with the one from yesterday, almost as if something is waiting to happen.

The good news is that the Berkano Rune is one of the most positive in the entire Futhark; representing Maternal, Loving, Giving, Birth energy; but like any Momma she can also get mad or become wildly protective when she feels her children are under threat.

So while this reading can be wildly positive for individuals who are going into the weekend riding on the fortune seeking, hard-working energy, focused towards new plans to put down roots and expand their branches; I am just not as certain about the positive spin for Current Events.

On the other hand, there may some stories this weekend about real (or contrived) improved employment figures, better pay, new jobs programs, Big Business Mergers or Expansions, Great-Movements of Money, New Job openings, Building programs, housing construction etc., etc..

That would all fit with this energy very well, so a mix weekend, but one I think may yet have a few surprises in store.  That Hagalaz “strike” rune from yesterday has a potential that has not totally faded away yet.  I do think that some of the “attacks” on E-Bay and other Internet Sites/Gateways are part of this but I’m not sure they are all of it, or that they (or the energy) is totally played out.

We shall see…just keep your attentions on your own work, fortunes and trees while keeping an eye out for the outside world.

Card of the Day – Tuesday – May 14, 2013

Fortune Berkano2

*Note you can download this week’s audio reading/Cats Eye on the Future Show  directly to your computer by clicking here – starting in June the show will be live-streamed at the station and via You Tube – but for now you can download now and listen later!*

Today’s reading is for Tuesday and we see a sudden flip from yesterday’s very comic images of the Star and Hagalaz – a day which did prove to see the Sun “strike” out three times with X-Class Solar flares some of them Earth Directed.  So while I think that reading does have other implications than just the solar flares the concept of a Star (aka the sun) sending out a “sudden strike/hail stone” is pretty much a perfect match for a series of solar flares that thankfully so far have only affected a few radio transmissions but not caused any other damage that I am aware of.

However today the Fortune Card (Fortunes/Money/Luck/Seeking Fortune) combines with Berkano (Birth/Mother Goddess/Female Energy) to focus us back here on the Planet where the audio reading of the week seemed to focus.

As we reviewed a bit yesterday, that audio reading found that there was a possible “lie” about Peace, Security and Freedom to “the Homeland” (everyone’s home/homeland) and today we see a possible direction that it might come from and/or a possible direction that might derail the threat itself.

The basic concept of Birth and Fortune or the Birth of Fortunes is very good on the surface and for individuals this is a fantastic day to make investments, look for a job, work on spiritual growth or take in a late Mother’s day lunch with Mom.

However, given the rest of the readings for the past several weeks and especially the last few days, I think there is more than a small hint here to watch Economics/Money/Fortunes/Currencies and even the birth of “New” Fortunes for clues as to where the “hail stone” might either be coming from or may have a direct effect.

If we are lucky, today may just be a turning point or a stand-alone day (when something so very different happens it changes the energy completely for 24 to 48 hours) such as the birth of a new (and helpful) technology that leads to fortunes; one that might be connected to women, babies, children or even Mother Earth Herself.

If we are not so lucky, it probably suggests that watching where the big “Fortunes” are moving and/or to “follow the money/currencies/stock markets/investments” to get a clue where the next energy phase and/or the “Hail Strike” is likely to be “Born/Conceived/Created.”

I feel a strong Female influence in this reading which could be from the Berkano rune itself (which is sometimes associated with The Mother Goddess) but I am also wondering if someone of the female gender (famous person or someone behind the scenes) who is going to play a role in this “birth of Fortune” or the issues around the strike.

It is very hazy, and I can’t quite put my finger on it but look for strong women in the news that might figure in the worlds of politics, finance or the very wealthy – they could also be a reporter or other investigator that turns out to be the one “to watch.”

Of course, in the Norse world view, the Sun Herself (Sunna) is also female, so this could be a continuation of yesterday’s Solar stories though in this case hopefully the “good fortune” to either miss the bad effects of the flares and/or something like a new breakthrough in solar energy.

Meanwhile as I mentioned above, this is a fantastic day for individuals and I would have declared it one for the world as well if the reading stood alone and not on the heals of such other, less positive indicators in the days that came just before it.

Now, if we suddenly see the rest of the week’s cards also turning positive we may be able to declare the “Hail Storm/Strike to the Home Land/Lies/etc” energy window to have come and either past or at least faded away for a bit.  But I’m not really feeling that at this time, nor would I make such a call without a few more day’s of the cards going off in a totally new (and more positive) direction.

Meanwhile, enjoy today and flow with the basic energies of Good Fortune and Maternal oversight – a good day for financial decisions and having comfort food for dinner or to snuggle with your favorite child, spouse, pet or even stuffed animal.

Card of the Day – Monday – May 13,2013 (re-post)

Trying to repost this reading as first link does not seem to be working properly both readings for Monday are the same. *Note today’s rune really is Hagalaz (hail stone) for some reason the Othala rune showed up – it WAS the rune for the week’s audio reading (to be posted soon) but NOT today.  Sorry about this lots of problems with the net today!

Stars Hagalaz2

This Monday’s reading (along with the weekly audio reading that should soon be up on the web as a precursor to my Cat’s Eye on the Future Radio show coming in June – more on that later) indicate that the energy is almost exactly the same as on Friday – if anything it is more precise.

The Stars: heavenly bodies, objects from space, the making of connections, patterns, something not from Earth etc,

Meet once again with the same rune as before:

Hagalaz: Hail Stone, Sudden Strike, Surprise Hit, Unexpected event etc.

Once again the main message, in even clearer terms seems to be:

Look Out Below!

Only this time, the indications really are something perhaps coming from above or coming from outer space!

While I don’t think an asteroid or solar flare is all that likely today, this is the perfect combination you would expect if one were to occur.  So I’m certainly not ruling either of them out, or anything else that might “strike from the sky” from severe weather (including damaging  hail storms) to a greater possibility of air line crashes, industrial accidents or even a volcano/earthquake situation where things “hail” down on people.

However, given the audio reading that I will post a link to here at the site as soon as it is up; my guess is the “Strike From Above” if it is a singular event (and not just energy making such things more likely to occur) could be more geopolitical than natural and/or it may be used afterwards for political/economic/human type of engineering even the original event is a “Natural” event of some kind.

That’s because some of the cards over the past three weeks have indicated a human caused (or used) event coming up and this weeks audio recording reading had four main themes:

The Peace Card (Peace/Stability), The Castle (Security) and Liberation (Freedom) combined with the Liar (false/lies) and Now (happening soon) all combined with the Othala rune for The Homeland.

There will be a lot more on that in the audio reading but the basic message was:

Peace, Security and Freedom are “false” (or being lied about/misled) in the Homeland.

Now that reading wasn’t just for the US or even the Western world, so this may simply be a week when Freedom, Security and Peace are under threat; not exactly a new situation for the planet these days.

But when you combine that with The Stars (either as the actual origin of the “strike” or become of connections that people sudden make about the Strike) and Hagalaz again (twice in row we have Hail striking) you get the feeling that something pretty serious may be up and building and that humans will at least have a hand in it somewhere.  Even if it is just a temporary restriction on personal freedoms in the aftermath of a large Earth (or Space) created disaster.

I still think an actual “strike” on The Homeland (or someone(s) homeland) is the more likely issue here, and because of that it is possible we may all get through this “window” of energy without it actually manifesting in the outer world.

In general the cards and runes read “energy windows” that make certain types of events more likely, hence on a day like today you are more likely to see Current Events news with stories like small meteor showers, issues on the space station, solar flares, bad weather, problems with aircraft, even dust or fog that drops from the sky and creates an unusual (unexpected) situation.

However, this has been going on long enough, that I think there may actually be a single event or events coming fairly soon here; and if they don’t I expect the energies to make a sudden shift away from the situation showing the window may have passed.

Meanwhile this is a good time to keep your eyes both open and looking upward a direction most people avoid, not just so you won’t miss the Space Aliens if they pick this week to make a landing, but also so you won’t miss more common views like unusual weather coming in overhead or a piano falling from a high-rise building.

This week it is better to be Chicken Little and realize the Sky May Very Well Be Falling; then to ignore that possibility and get whacked on the head.

In a non-physical sense, especially for individuals (and also in politics/world affairs) this is a week likely to bring sudden surprise “out of nowhere” or “down from heaven.”  Some of these will be wildly positive, gifts from the Stars; others will be less satisfying and some will be downright difficult or destructive to deal with.

So, while last week the theme was “expect the unexpected,” this week it is more like “expect the unexpected and sudden strike/hit” from above.  This will affect everything from job relationships (a sudden promotion or lay off) to family life “wow I just got an unexpected inheritance from the grand-uncle” (Othala rune) to “OMG! The Water Heater broke while I was at work and the house is a wreck!”

So, be watchful, careful and look for connections everywhere; this is a good week to consult an astrologer, be an astronomer or puzzle solving at work.

Now that we know this energy is ongoing it will be interesting to watch the rest of the week and see how things go forward from here.

Meanwhile if you would like a personal reading to see how the energies are affecting you during this time period, please contact me for more information.  Until tomorrow then, take care and remember!

Look Out Below!


Card of the Day – Tuesday – March 5, 2013


Today’s card is The Body (Health, The Physical Body, The Physical World) and Elhaz (or Algiz) is the rune (Elk, Protection, Connection between the physical and spiritual worlds).

This is a really interesting combination on several levels, especially given yesterday’s Warrior/Hail Strike combination.  My husband (Dr. P.h.d. in Old Norse Studies) told me later in the day that the Warrior Card combined with the Hagalaz (Hail) rune would have been instantly understood in the Viking Age to mean “The Warrior Strikes with Spear or Arrows and/or the Warrior “rains” Spears or Arrows.  He said there were numerous “kennings” using this symbolism in Old Norse poetry.  My husband said his first thoughts were “either terrorist strike or sudden battle/war,” because of this (there is still energy for weather related or natural causes like a volcano or asteroid but that war was most likely).

He also said, “The Human may be the Spear, if they are a suicide bomber or intending to die to complete their ‘hail-strike’.”

That is one of the things that makes today’s reading so very interesting because you have the Body Card (aka the Creepy Card, looks like an old medical textbook) which can be a physical person, combined with the rune for Protection and Connection with Divine Forces (or sometimes Fear of the Same).

So this reading can go – The Body needs/is protected today

Or  – Health needs protecting/is protected

But there is also a possible third, less positive reading of:

A Person (body) who is feared, who believes they have a divine connection

I really hope this last energy pattern is NOT the one we are likely to see this week, especially not with yesterday’s reading to start out the week.  It feels far to close again like someone who believes themselves to be a “Divine Spear” ready to Strike from which others need protection.

But, since energies tend to play out in different ways and I believe that people have the power to concentrate and bring forth the more positive versions in their own lives (and collectively The Planet) lets all concentrate on the Body is Protected today and leave it at that.  If events prove otherwise, we can examine them later in the week, I just felt the warning needed to be there but hopefully won’t be needed.

So a great day to take care of you own health, eat well, take some exercise and enjoy feeling alive.

A great day to take care of “spiritual” health too, the Elk rune provided tons of energy for positive connections between the human world and that of the Spiritual Realms.

Another very “active” energy day, when it should be easier just to get a lot of things done and move “with the flow.” But also a day to pay attention to any nagging inner voices you may have health wise, when in doubt see your doctor and get things check out.

Finally, a great night for dreaming; the power of both the physical and spiritual worlds being very strong during this time period.  The confused and conflicting dreams of last week are left behind, with new clarity and understanding taking their place.

If you would like to have you own personal reading, please click here for more information.