Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Feb 15-17, 2013


This weekend’s Cards are an interesting mix of The Libido (life force/sexuality/display combat) Destruction (destruction or a final ending) and Work (usually mundane jobs but can be spiritual work).

The rune-Stave is Perthro (Dice Cup/Fate)

Taken all together this suggests a weekend when the “Dice may roll” in any direction and the future is uncertain.

On a current events level there is something out there that could contribute to the destruction of both sexuality/reproduction and probably jobs (or workplaces) as well.  Since the Libido card itself has aspects of display combat/conflict and death sneaking in under the radar (the snake in the grass) there is the possibility of actual war/combat/battles and/or distraction from urgent danger (the display of the peacocks deflects notice of the deadly snake).

So there is a sense of possible distraction from Destruction as well as the libido being itself destroyed.

The Work card suggests that something out there is a real danger to work/jobs/employment if this destruction takes place.  There is probably a threat to spiritual work as well, but I don’t sense that as strongly.

Finally the “Dice Cup” or “Fate Rune” indicates a time period where anything can happen, where the dice will roll as they will and that the future is still unformed.

Many people (including me) associate this run with Loki the Trickster, who is in no way an evil figure in the traditional sense, but an Old Fashioned Trickster God with many surprises.  Thus, whatever is actually happening this weekend, the outcome is likely to be somewhat surprising and unexpected.

For individuals, the weekend is a really mixed bag – but they can choose to channel the power of “Destruction” towards useful ends like cleaning up the area for a new garden or destroying the evil rings around the toilet bowl.  Doing the sort of work directed at creating life (and life force/libido) can go a long way towards keeping the simple power of general destructiveness channeled in a more productive direction.

There may be no way to avoid all of this rather strange energy combination, this is not a weekend I would want to start a new romance or a new job if I could help it.  If I couldn’t, I would concentrate on the creative aspects of Destruction (tearing down in order to rebuild, replace, reuse) and the sometimes quirky and delightful “tricks” that fate can play on us – not all of which are unpleasant, just unexpected.

All in all, it looks like a “Loki” weekend, when we can all hope for laughter with others as the final outcome. and not having the joke land on top of us instead.


Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Feb 1-3, 2013


Wow, well today’s Main Energy is exactly the same as yesterday’s Friendship, combined with not just one but BOTH of the major decision cards in this deck; my feeling is that some “international” friendship is really being “weighed in the Balance/Judged/Fated” (Scales Card) to make a decision (The Puzzle/Decision which must be made/choice of the individual/tribe/nation).

So we have friendship(s) balanced between a decision/judgment that they may be pretty powerless to avoid (will be made for them) and a decision that only they can make (must be made, can not be avoided).

The rune is Uruz – ancient Ice Age Cattle, usually designating Strength/Power/healing though also the sense of the “Ancient Bull” or “Ancient Cow.”  Large figures of strength that would tend to over-shadow anything else in the same room with them.

So I am getting the image of at least one (or more) Peoples/Tribes/Nations whose Friendship(s) are being tested both by Judgments/Karma/Decisions beyond their control and by the actions they may be about to take.  There feels like there is more than one layer to all this and at the heart of the matter may be the age-old contests of “Strength” to find out who really is the biggest bull in the China Shop?

In the way, the energies of the past week just continue to flow into the weekend, but now the Conflict looks to be seriously coming to some sort of decision(s) points; very strong forces are going to pull things in certain directions.  Some of these forces will simply be beyond the control of those affected to resist, however they will ultimately make their own decisions on how to respond to these outside pressures.  With contests of Strength being weighed against being Strong enough to resist the temptations that threaten the Friendships.

So, Current Events wise, a weekend when nearly anything can happen; especially when it comes to the friendships (treaties/alliances etc) between nations and their relative positions of Strength towards each other (both real and as perceived).

While I would be surprised at all out war breaking out just now, the pieces of the “Puzzle” feel like they are starting to fit together in a way that may form the power blocks, if such a conflict does take place.  It still doesn’t have to, the Bulls and Rosters could still see the snake in the grass that threatens everyone and go home; but the cards suggest this course is becoming less likely as each day goes by.

For a personal reading, this is a good weekend for individuals to spend time with friends and continue to forge strong friendships.  However, it is also a good time to “weigh up” some of the relationships in your life and there may be some people you need to make decisions about.  Some of these decisions will be very positive, to bring people closer into to your friendship network but other decisions may be more painful; that of letting people go who no longer resonate well with you and your family.

Again, some of these “choices” may be “made for you” (scales card) and if someone chooses to leave, then probably accepting their decision and letting them go may be the better road to follow.  Other choices will be yours alone, and that isn’t just about Friendship but all issues of partnerships and alliances (including mundane work) that may come up in the next few days.

The Uruz rune should give everyone strength to keep forging on ahead no matter what, both in terms of the personal events and whatever is happening in the greater world scene as well.

Card of the Day – Thursday – Novemember 22, 2012

This week has been a personal crazy quilt for trying to get things done, but here is today’s reading and hopefully there will be a weekend reading as well.

The card today is:

Never: the Never card suggests that either something will Never Happen or it may FEEL like it will never happen.  I often thing of it as the Stop-Delay Card.  It also has a raven on it and while I know that the card is intended to be about the Raven saying “Never-More” in my own readings I tend to also see this as one of Odin’s ravens that go to and fro upon the earth and bring back information.  So this card always has for me a certain “Odin” feel or slant to the messages it brings.

The rune:

Tiwaz – represents the God Tyr and is usually translated as Justice.  But it isn’t really modern justice of law courts and jails (though that is there, police officers and lawyers who follow the Germanic path are often devotees of Tyr).  but it is also Justice of the battle field or trail by combat.  One family friend, a lawyer himself has been known to say that “Tiwaz isn’t too picky about where justice occurs the law court or the battle field are both equally valid.”

When taken together the simple message of this is: NEVER-JUSTICE

But it may be a bit more complicated than this, since most of the readings I’ve been able to do this week seem to point to the Middle East I suspect that this one may as well.

If so, it would appear that this may be a situation in which there SEEMS like Justice will never happen and/or Justice may Never be had in the way in which it is being sought.

This suggests that both current attempts at negotiations and warfare (especially clan/tribal/revenge) warfare are doomed to failure at least for the time being. 

What should be done is anyone’s guess and Odin, the Crafty Old Man isn’t telling us – however when ever you have Odin around you have both strong world-craft (negotiations) and War-Craft (God of Battles and Death in Battle). Odin is also the “stirrer of strife” who is sometimes portrayed as enjoying setting up situations where people or Gods get into conflicts with each other while Odin stands there offering to hold their coats and watch the fun.

The feeling I’m getting here is that even though it may seem like Justice can never be done; that simply means that justice may be a long way off but that meanwhile people have the choices of continuing to talk “word-craft” or battling it out with weapons “war-craft.”

While Odin may not particularly care which choice the world makes, I know I personally would prefer words over physical battles whenever possible.  However, another lesson from Norse Society, especially the Icelandic Sagas is: when justice does not prevail in the law courts it often spills out onto the battle field in tribal/clan warfare.

This week has been all about decisions points, the cards only suggest that a decision delayed may look like justice denied.  This doesn’t have to happen as people have choices, choose wisely….

For individuals, a cautious time but again now a particularly dire one – a time when it may seem like justice will never happen in certain areas (especially the economy/personal finances/jobs etc) but this feels more like a waiting game than a real “never.”

On the other hand, it may be that there are some personal and public issues that will never “come to justice” in this lifetime, but for our own personal mental health these are best put aside, while we try to move forward when it is possible to do so.  Allow the Gods/God/Creator/Karma to bring about resolution in these situations, and just do your best to bring peace and prosperity for yourself and those you love.

I suspect some of those “never justice in our lifetime” issues may be making front and center plays for attention over the next few days.  Do what you can, but know when to stage a strategic retreat – this is as true with issues of family and friends as it is with the affairs of nations.

Meanwhile, I hope readers in the US will enjoy their holiday and everyone else the rest of their week and weekend!

Card of the Day – Monday – Oct 1, 2012

Two cards came out stuck together for today’s reading on this first day of October, a month traditionally known for Money issues and Surprises.  So it is no great Surprise that MONEY is a likely to be a major theme this month.

The Tree card indicates a situation with deep roots, that has grown strong or is fully matured.  It can also represent the “family tree” but pared with Money I think it represents the “roots” of the current world economic and perhaps agricultural crises come down to Money/economies/currencies etc.

The interesting thing about the Money Card is that it shows a farmer plowing his field, thus showing the other type of wealthCurrency is on the card but it is buried, and must be uncovered to be used; but even without the silver, the farmer if he tends his crops well and has good weather will be blessed by the “wealth” of food and crops at harvest time.

There are very strong hints of harvests and food in this reading (as well as cycles and seeds) because the rune-stave Ingwaz means “Ing or Seed” Ing is the old name for the Norse God Freyr; who is often described as the god of “peace and good harvests.”

When things are going well and Freyr is pleased, the harvest are good and war is usually far away.  In some aspects Freyr is a god of War (his symbols are The Battle Boar and the Horse as well as Seeds) but usually is defensive rather than offensive wars.  In this case, there might also be “wars over resources” in this reading, though by and large I think the message is:

The Root of the Problems with the Harvests/Seeds/Current world situation is MONEY. 

There are also hints here of money/currencies being issues on their own, as well as issues around GMO seeds (and other) problems with crops/harvests again with the root cause being money (currencies or wealth).

After-all, on a basic level: crops/food, live-stock, clean water, warm clothing and dry houses are the roots of wealth. 

People who have these basics can feel wealthy, even if they only have the basics.  Most “riches” are simply up-grades on these basic items.  However, lack any of the above (especially food and water, but also appropriate housing and clothing), and people feel poor, angry, neglected and desperate.

I think these are the issues that are going to dominate most of the month of October, and much of what happens will have Money (or Currencies/macro-economics) as their root cause, even if it isn’t always obvious.

Food and resources are also likely to be issues as are “seeds” both literal seeds and those figurative seeds planted that will produce the new “trees” and “crops” of the next harvest in the Spring (or Fall if you are Down Under).

I’m especially concerned about the Winter Wheat harvest in North America and Europe, careful attention should be paid to this one.

Meanwhile, for individuals, not a bad day at all, as you can use the energy to focus on the seeds of your own personal “life-trees” and personal “wealth.”

A good day to set things in motion that will mature later and to start using things that have recently matured.  From home brewing to banking, this is a good day for plantings and harvests; putting the garden to bed, or setting it up in you live in a warm climate.  Getting all your bills paid for the month and making a budget (to protect your tree), processing harvest produce, making new plans at work for the next quarter etc., all should go pretty smoothly today.

While this is not financial advice, the cards indicate this is a relatively good day for safe (and long-term) investments but please consult a proper financial advisor before doing so.  The same is true of making a will (protecting the Family Tree) and even making babies (planting seeds lol).

So once again, a rather worrying day on a current events level, but a fairly positive one for individuals who take notice and use the energies wisely.


Card of the Day – Tuesday – Sept 18, 2012

Today’s card is The Warrior (a soldier, defense position, war, struggle) and the rune is Gebo (gift, marriage, exchange).

This is a slightly worrying combination in a world/western world current event reading, especially given the events of the past week or two (and the readings here as well).

The “good reading” of this would that the warrior (or war) is prevented or delayed by the (gift/marriage/exchange) of something both parties want.  So there is energy there for a compromise if the parties involved wish to take it.

On the other hand, Gebo is also another rune of “sacrifice” (are we seeing a theme here, just read last weeks later posts) in this case the “gift given to the gods.”  It was also a rune used in connection with an “exchange” or “taking” of hostages; something that was also common in the Migration and Viking ages.  Sometimes hostages were exchanged directly and peacefully, other times they might be taken by one warlord to insure the required behavior of another.  In the first case the actions are mutual, in the second it is that of a victor wanting to make sure the vanquished stay quiet.

In any case there are strong hints of “hostages of war” or “hostages used for exchange” in this reading.  In the first situation the reading may be as much about “everyone” being a sort of hostage to the current events going on (as in we can’t change them and they are happening anyway) but the second version could hint either at a hostage situation yet to happen or perhaps (we can hope) and exchange of existing hostages (or prisoners) that results in a delay or resolution of some of the hostilities (even if the reprieve is temporary).

The Warrior on the Card is ready to fight, but he is actively defending his side’s encampment and has not yet raised his sword.  That suggests both defensive war fair and along with Gebo rune hopefully encourages the energy for an exchange of gifts.  Sadly it also provides the energy for other forms of exchange (warfare can be seen as a form of exchange) if the more peaceful forms are ignored.

There are also elements of “fehu” (wealth) associated with the Gebo rune, so there is a hint that money/wealth/gold may also be playing a role in these exchanges (even currency exchange itself).

I don’t even want to think about the other possible reading of this which is pretty much “The Warrior’s Gift aka War itself” is also likely; but I feel I have to mention it anyway.  Hopefully that is a possibility that will not be chosen during this next 24 to 48 hour time period.

For individuals, actually a REALLY GOOD day, as the warrior card can also refer to a person’s inner strength, both spiritual and material.  It means a good day for working on tasks that help protect yourself, your family, you health and even your job or vacation time.  A good day to review what you’ve been doing and make a list of what to do next (on all levels, even the fun stuff).

An especially good day if you work in the defense, security or military related industries.

A great day for a wedding, partnership, signing a contract, visiting friends, exchanging gifts, birthdays, anniversary parties etc.

A day for powerful mediations and a fantastic day to do a house-warding or other protective spiritual work.

So another one of those time periods that has a lot of confusing and potentially dangerous elements in terms of current events, but over-all pretty positive for the majority of people who will not be directly affected by the macro events that may be in the offing.



Card of the Day – Monday – Sept 17, 2012

Today’s card is The Fool (starting over, innocence, A foolish action) and the rune of the day is Tiwaz (Justice/Tribal law).

This is a very interesting combination for a current events reading, especially right now – because it suggests that something new may be starting to take place  and/or some parties in a situation are so busy making their own “music” that they can’t see they may be about to walk over a cliff.  While this card does not always represented a “foolish action” sometimes it does mean that someone(s) is either “played the fool” and/or is simply too innocent or unaware to realize that a particular path is a bad idea.

The Fool in and of itself, it not a bad card, representing as it does the start of one personal (or collective) spiritual journey and everyone starts out with hearts full of hope, great ideas and total ignorance of what may be about to take place.  That’s natural, that’s why the Fool is usually shown as a young man, going on his first journey, playing a pipe and simply not paying attention.  He isn’t bad, he is not evil, he isn’t even unintelligent but what he is, is naive about what is going on around him or ahead of him on the path.  He may march forward with the luck of the innocent and do just fine, or he may walk directly into the nearest tree and never see it coming.

I believe this card is telling us that all signs point to something new and unexpected coming up on the current events seen and it may have to do with either law or tribal justice.

That’s because the Tyr rune (which is shaped like a spear with obvious war-like associations) represents the God Tyr who main aspects is law, but it is more law without the tempering of mercy (aka judgment).  It is also TRIBAL law, rather than bookish law; the goal being to “make things right” rather than just punishing evil deeds.  For example, in the Viking Age, killing someone was perfectly legal provided you announced to everyone that you had done so and offered to pay the appropriate “worth” of the person to their family.  If the family accepted this “buy out” then everything was fine, if not they might declare war on your family and kin; either outcome might be considered an aspect of “Tyr” type of justice.

For the Middle East, Tyr also has an interesting older aspect as being associated with the ancient “Sky Father” God whose name has been lost in the midst of time but is found all over Western-Asia and parts of Europe (and the Middle East).  I am in no way suggesting that he is the same being as either version of the Creator claimed by the main actors in the Middle Eastern part of the world, but Try is about the closest you can get in a Norse/Germanic Pantheon if that is what the runes want to talk about it.

In that context you almost get a reading of “Fools ‘for’ God/God’s Laws/God’s Justice” however one defines the idea of God/Gods Creator.

Some might suggest that “Holy Wars” are almost always “Foolish” in nature and I think there are hints of that here in this reading.

Still the Fool Card suggests some new aspect or angle on this topic, rather than simply a rehash of what has gone on for at least a thousand years.  Either that or someone is being played The Fool and will be caught up in a situation of Tyr style “justice” no matter how innocent they may have been about the facts on the ground.

So look for new developments (including things happening in other parts of the world than where the major focus is), stories about people being duped, stories about new projects, stories about the law and lawyers, stories about justice (or lack of it) and stories about new directions and even scientific breakthroughs.

Change from the previous pattern or a “new twist” on an old one is the main energy of the day.  That goes for individuals too – a great day to start new projects, but also a good day to pay attention to the accepted rules of social behavior.  This is NOT a good day for taking risks, especially with anything legal like breaking the speed limit; the long spear of Tyr is likely to show up in his modern avatar in a car topped by flashing lights and a blaring siren.

But over-all a good day for the average person, provided your careful and watch where  you step.

Card of the Day – Thursday – Sept 13, 2012

Today’s Card is Never (blockages/Negative Messages) and the Rune Stave is Ingwaz (The Seed/The God For Ing of Freyr/Harvests).  The clarification card for the Never Card  is The Body (Health, The Material World/Blockages).

Today we have a third rather strange and creepy reading from both cards and rune-stave.  Set in the context of this weeks energy readings and actual current events, I am inclined to think that on a Wester World/World Wide scales we are still in a very disruptive and fluid time period.

The Never Card indicates that something may actually never happen, or appear that it will never happen (as it takes so long it seems to be hopeless).  It is also a “negative message” card, both in the sense of “Quoth the Raven – ‘Never More'” and in the context of Odin/Wotan’s messages are ravens who fly to and fro upon the Earth and bring him information on what is happening in the world.  Since the events this week seem to have an overlay of Odin/Wotan type energy (both in his spear of Warrior and Battle Sacrifice) I feel this card is a warning that something may “never” be completely fixed, or at least seem like it.

When I asked for a clarification card, since “Never” can be fairly general, I got the Body card (aka the Creepy Card as it is nicknamed on a forum I read on regularly).  This card can me something in the material world, but in general it refers to a Person/Tribes/Nations over-all health and well-being.  There is also a sense of “blocking” on this card, with the human figure holding up their hand as if to stop something.  The Never card suggests that they will not be able to hold back whatever it is they fear is coming.

Finally, the rune Igwaz is another “God” rune but this time instead of Odin/Wotan (who is already present in this reading in his roles as Messenger/ravens) we have the God Ing (or more commonly called Freyr) who is usually associated with harvests, fertility and prosperity but also a God of Kings, Battles and Sacrifices.

In fact, while Odin/Wotan was the Patron of many Royal Houses during the Heathen period of the Northland, Freyr was the Patron of the Swedish Royal house and was deeply connected to the “Sacrifice of Kings.”  In fact there is one story-cycle that comes down to us of a whole group of early Swedish Kings who all die one after the other in what appear to be various forms of Freyr Sacrifices most of them seemingly accidental deaths but ones that folks living then would recognize as “The God taking his own.”

Without going into gruesome details, animals associated with Freyr include the Wild Boar and the domestic Horse, both of whom can kill as easily as they can benefit mankind.

So over the last several days we have had both the energy for the Odin/Wotan sacrifice in Battle (I think the poor doomed American Ambassador) and the sacrifice of Kings (a world leader/leaders)?

A reading that seems to point to, There will Never be a way to stop or halt the required Sacrifices. 

Now Freyr is also about harvests, and this could also be – There will be no way to stop the harvests (or perhaps the sacrifice of the harvests). 

Finally we have Freyr being associated with both DEFENSIVE warfare and Peace – with a typical blessing from the Viking age for Freyr being a wish:

Peace and Good Harvests!

I do not get a wonderful feeling when I see the Never Card associated with rune that partly represents such a statement…or “There will never be Healthy Peace or Good Harvests” (at least not at the moment) aka possible wars and crop failures.

Meanwhile, for individuals, a day to pay attention to health and concentrating on what is possible rather than trying to force that which is unlikely or uncertain.  This is not a good day to “push the envelope” but it is a good day to “go with the flow” especially in terms of actual “harvest” activities both in real gardens and projects.  Today is a day for finishing that which is almost done, putting off that which proves to be stuck and avoiding starting new enterprises if at all possible.

Not a bad day exactly but another rather strange one, especially just keep focusing on the positive, meditate quietly and pay attention to all that goes on around you and be ready to respond by changing course if you need to.