Card of the Day – Wednesday – May 8, 2013


Today’s card is Father and the rune is Tiwaz (Justice/Spear/Tribal Law)

This is a very interesting combination for today’s Current Event’s portion of the reading, first regular readers will note that we have not seen either this card or this rune for sometime and even more rarely in combination with each other.

So, we have the suggestion of some totally new energy suddenly playing out today only this time we also get clues as to what it is.

The Father Card (like most cards in this deck) has both positive and negative aspects; when it is positive, it represents the best in father-child supervision, teaching, oversight and direction, provision or defensive skills; it can represent our real father/father figures/mentors/teachers/discipline or even God(s) as in “The Father.”

In a negative sense it can represent False or overbearing Authority/Control/Patriarchy/manipulation/training for offensive violence (as opposed to hunting/defense)/Domination/etc.

The Father is teaching his son to use a bow and arrow, in the positive to provide food for the family (and defend the tribe) but he could also be teaching his son to shoot the arrows of war and pointing him the direction he should shoot – or maybe, just maybe he is pointing his son’s arrow to the heart of the matter (the answer to the question).  The card alone does not say, we have to look at the context of the rest of the reading.

That context is right here in the Tiwaz Rune: Tiwaz, the rune of the Norse God Tyr, the one-handed God that when forced to break a promise (tribal agreement) with the Wolf Fenrir allowed, the Wolf to bite off his hand in “just” compensation.

Yes, Tyr is a rune of “Justice” (and a favorite rune of police, lawyers, judges, legal secretaries etc) but as a lawyer friend (and Tyr’s man once said) “Tyr is as much about the justice of the battlefield as he is the justice of the courtroom and folks would do well to remember that when they call on him.”

I get several “feelings” off this energy combination today in terms of current events, in fact two Statements came into my head the minute I saw it:

One was –

“An Arrow will be shot towards the heart of the matter!”

and the other was

“War or Battle Directed by ‘The Father.'”

My deep sense is that the first probably refers to today’s hearings in Washington about what really happened in Libya.  This has already been hinted at in the news, the cards/rune are simply very supportive that the energy is running in the direction of such information being disclosed.

The second, may be the actual rounds of a battle somewhere being directed either by a dictator (“Father” to his people) and/or a nation with a Male Identification (Fatherland) or Male head of State (President/Prime Minister).  At the very least this is directed by “The Fathers/Elders/Authorities” who are “hurling the Spear” in the direction they desire it to go.

The image of the son becomes that of the young people sent out to shoot the actual arrows, but they are being manipulated and directed from those “above them” (and I don’t think we are just talking officers and generals here).

Both aspects of this reading feel very strong to me today, and as often happens are likely to color other aspects and parts of life today.

There will be attempts to “shoot the arrow/spear” on many levels, some of them towards distractions and some of them landing right into the center of issues.

This is a day when individuals may seem answers more clearly, especially after a bit of direction or hints from someone they respect.  A day when speech may have greater consequences (both positive and negative) because it will “shoot right to the target” after being spoken.

A day when lawyers may feel their words flying across a courtroom and stage actors feel their lines go directly to, “the point,” the sort of day when a Teacher can rejoice and think “wow, the class really ‘gets it.'”

A good day for observing rules and not breaking the speed limit, as the combination of Father and Tiwaz will give police the advantage in such things as writing tickets and noting infractions.

A really bad day for any enterprise that is not strictly legal and above-board, this is not a good day for bottling your moonshine or fudging your tax return.  The energy is all there for exposure and being “taken to the law,” if you can avoid such activities today do so or risk the consequences.

So a really kind of powerful day (at least potentially) Current Events wise, a “sharp” or “directed” day for individuals.

Keep yourself focused in the direction you want to go, try to keep activities to those “within the rules” and you may get a lot done in the next 24 hours or so.  Things aimed at either personal provisions (hunting and gathering), legal contracts (as long as they are above-board and totally honest) and self-defensive (physical and spiritual, like warding) are all good things to work on during this time period.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see how this plays out for the rest of the week; yesterday’s reading didn’t happen because we had surprise house guests, but hopefully I’ll get at least a peak at things for tomorrow and the weekend as it looks like events may be really starting to move.


Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – April 19-21, 2013


This weekend’s reading presents us with a whole new set of cards and a rune we have not seen for a while, this suggests a moving energy pattern that is morphing into a new (or different phase).

First the cards:

Peace – peace, peaceful, quiet, stasis, stuck, unmoving

The Tower (Castle Card) – A strong defensive position, the tower on the hill, the home as the (defensive) castle, strong wards or walls (both psychic and physical), barriers, protection

Father – actual physical Fathers, Father-figures, mentors, teachers, male Divinities, countries with male identifications (aka The Fatherland), Direction, guidance, male energy, patriarchal systems, male associated skills, male inheritance.

The rune:

Gebo- Gift/Wedding, still used in some Northern languages for the word “marriage,” implies a partnership, present, combination, merging of ideas/people/thoughts, joining (as in sex or other strong forms of union) etc.  Can also be associated with inheritance, especially female, rune is sometimes associated with the Goddess Freya (love, fertility, war) but not exclusively.

So how do we put these new (and somewhat strange) combination together?

First I’m going to do individuals again because as so often happens the implications for the individual are nearly all positives and I want to emphasize this point.

What the cards read are energies that make some things easier and more likely to occur than others and individuals (as well as Nations/Tribes/Peoples) have the free will to choose how they respond to those energies and even how they respond to the various things that occur in their lives as a result.

In the Germanic world-view, you may not able to change your fate, but you can control how you choose to meet it (Wyrd vs Will).

So for individuals, the Peace card suggests a time for calm after the storm, a time for prayer and reflection, when some sense of harmony and a touch even of relaxation from what has gone on before.

The Tower/Castle Card, reflects back on the home card, seeing the home (and family) as a place of refuge from the battle as well as the storm.  A good weekend to focus on personal warding, defensive actions, taking stock and again staying inside with a good book in one had, but your eye on the battlements with the other.

The Father Card on its own, is also a good energy for most people, a strong and skillful directive one, that can help you focus on the tasks at hand, using the skills our “forefathers” (or real fathers/grandfathers/uncles) may have taught us; everything from repairing a broken window to firing up the bar-ba-que.  Women can use the “father” energy too, we’re talking about symbols here not actual male/female divided tasks.

Gebo – suggests this weekend will be a gift, a precious one of calm, protection and direction if people choose to take it, a good time to enjoy the gifts of nature, family and friends.  Remember to take time out to breathe, laugh, sing and enjoy yourself, even if you feel the need to stay inside the safety of walls and stillness.

Now, for the Other Side of the News!

For a Current Events reading I find this reading very disturbing in the light of the past weeks reading and especially with the events in North America.

Because the other obvious reading of this combination is:

The Gift of the Father (State) is Peace and Protection …

(with the suggestion of a heavy dose of patriarchal/top down/authoritative type of State)

Again, this can be a good thing, when the Father is protective, encouraging and showing his son the tasks he will need to continue protecting the tribe when he is grown.

But it can become very destructive if the Father is over-protective, abusive or controlling, when Peace is established by the power of the arrow and the Sheriff of Nottingham riding out to break some heads outside the castle walls. He’s especially interested in the heads of those who support opposing ideas or who seem to be robbing his own interests in favor of  the “common” folks.

Peace can, in fact, become stagnation, the tower a trap and the “gift” turn into repression pretty quickly if the Father(s) who establish it are not careful to allow the children the freedom to experience life freely.

The choice for either type of “Peace,”, “Tower,” “Father” and his gifts are there, it remains to be seen just how what choice the Father(s) will make.

Different “fatherlands/fathers” may take different courses of action because while the energy will be there throughout the world this weekend, the personal choices of how to flow with it (or fight it) are up to the Peoples/Tribes/Nations each on their own.

I think in general though, this weekend will hopefully see a pause in the “crises” mode that the world and especially North America has been in this week. 

While I still don’t feel the “Destruction” energy is totally played out, I think the energies around it are rapidly changing and morphing into a new direction but we may have to wait until next week to find out where exactly the new energy “arrow” is pointed.

Until then, watch the  news for clues but focus mostly on your own Castle and on “fathering/directing/teaching skills/gifting” those close to you in you peace and good will.

Intentions alone don’t solve problems, but they can help focus and direct the mind in helpful and powerful ways, not to mention combat fear which always has a negative impact when trying to sort things out after a period of chaos and flux.

That’s it for today’s reading, if you would like a personal reading just contact me here for details, take care until Monday!



Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Nov 23-25, 2012

This weekends Cards: Father, Money and The Sage (Wisdom/Wise Men) suggest that the energy focus is once again shifting, this time from conflicts (probably The Middle East) back to Money/Economy.

The rune-Stave Uruz (ancient wild cattle) contains a number of meanings – Melting/Moving, Creativity/Healing, Ice/Ice Age/Wild Energies/Wild Animals.

In this case I think it is suggesting the melting (or even melt down) may be about to occur – which it is may decide on how the “Fathers” (Business leaders, National Leaders, etc) decide to use or reject wisdom (or the lessons of history, note the books on the Sage’s shelves).

Again the Father Card can also mean nations with male identifications such as The Fatherland and I think Germany may be involved here or at least caught up in the energy. That’s because a story not getting a lot of attention in North America because of the holiday, was the EU’s total failure to get a budget plan in place for the next several years.  The Fathers (and the Father-land) are just too far apart in what steps they want to take next, both in terms of direct funding (and levies) on member states, but to some degree about the Euro itself.

If I am correct in this guess, then look for the situation in Europe/EU to suddenly either start flowing rapidly towards some sort of solution or a mass melt down (and perhaps some of both in different places).  It takes an ancient cow (in the Norse Creation Myth) a long time to lick enough ice for the waters to begin to flow and the new world begin. It may start as a trickle, but once it grows into a rushing river nothing stops it until the weather changes or the ice runs out.

This is likely to be about more than just the EU, but that seems the mostly likely place this energy will strike first (but it will certainly affect other places too).

On a personal level, actually some pretty good cards; a suggestion to use wisdom and perhaps the traditional rules laid down by “parents” when it comes to using and saving money this weekend.  The Father on the card is pointing his son where to shoot his arrow to provide food for the family and wise counsel can help others do the same.

Over all, a good weekend to use wisdom when “hunting” for Yule Tide gifts or even investment advice. Watch out for sudden rivers of change that seem to melt out of no where – also a great weekend for things that have been stuck coming unstuck – some of which may be great, but a lot of this may be rather uncomfortable while it is going on.

Card of the Day – Wednesday Aug 22, 2012

Yesterday’s storms have now passed over and with a working internet back in place we return to Card of the Day!

Today’s cards came out stuck together so I am giving them equal weight, they are Peace (no conflict, peaceful, stagnation) and Father (Fathers, Father figures, Patriarchal leaders, masculine energy) and the rune stave is ehwaz (horses/partnerships).

I’m going to reverse the usual reading order again, because the reading for individuals is so positive that I want to point that out right from the start.  The Peace card indicates that it is a fantastic day for relationships (or smoothing over relationships) with actual family, especially fathers (or father figures/mentors).  It also suggests that this is a good day to form these sorts of partnerships/mentoring/teaching situation both as the student or the teacher.

The Ehwaz rune-stave is literally translated as horses, but if you look you can see the two horses “head” huddled together the way that horses touch noses with their friends.  This increases the good energy for partnerships and working with other.

The only really downside to this reading for individuals is that Peace can sometimes also mean stagnation or nothing moving, even blocked energy.

This is how I am tending to read this energy on a world-wide/current events reading scale.  Also, I have a strong feeling that the question of “Peace” (as in war or peace) is being decided by the “Fathers of nations” aka their rulers, right now.  Peace or war will be decided by various treaties, alliances and partnerships that are all being worked on right now.  We may not even see all the results until later, but something happening within the next 24 to 48 hours may have a strong influence on what happens next.  The decision for Peace (for now) or War, will likely result from these interactions.

Of course this is also a good day for stories about negotiations of all sorts, fathers, father-figures, male national leaders, countries with masculine identifications (like Germany: the Fatherland), horses, horse racing, sports teams and contracts (Hollywood and other famous ones especially).  Also banking may be in there as well, though in that case I’d be thinking the “fathers” of “banking” might be trying to make contracts to bring “peace” but may end up stuck instead.

However, again, for individuals, a really good day over all – a nice day for relaxing and enjoying family and friends.

Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Aug 10 -12, 2012

This weekend‘s cards are:

The Wheel (Fate/Fortune/Karma/cycles)

The Puzzle (a decision which must be made, there are only two choices)

Father (fathers, paternal energies, patriarchy or world leaders)

And the rune stave is: Isa (Ice, stuck, frozen)

Together they form a very interesting and rather concerning reading, especially on a world/western world reading for current events.

The Wheel suggests that something fated, or something in a natural cycle is the main focus of a lot of the energies right now.   We may not be sure what cycle is involved, it could even be more than one, but what ever it is fate is urging it to move (like yesterday’s reading) to not stay in place but to move on towards destiny.

The Puzzle Card being a decision that must be made suggests that how that wheel turns or what direction that new cycle takes is being weighed and decided.  It will not be possible to avoid a decision for ever because the forest that is around the doors prevents going around the decision.  It is however, quite possible for certain decision makers to simple sit still and refuse to move for a while yet and that appears to be exactly what may be happening, right now.

The Father card is one of the more complex cards because the meaning really shifts with the focus of the reading.  While it often means an actual father (or father figure) in an individual reading, in this sort of reading it is more likely to mean father energy, a country with a male identification (like The Fatherland),  Patriarchy and/or world leaders (since so many are male or at least work in a male energy dominated system).  In this case, I think the reading has hints of both of the last two definitions, there may be a decision that must be made by a male identified country (with The Fatherland/aka Greater Germany/EU really high on my lists of suspects) and world leaders (of politics, banking and industry) involved as well.

It is also possible that other areas of current events may be “decided” by not making or delaying decisions: areas such as wars, diplomatic ventures and even responses to geological events.

Why am I concerned, well the rune-stave is Isa or Ice, which suggests that all these pent-up energies, the ones from the past week (especially yesterday) and even those of the Great Cycle of the Wheel that needs to change are becoming frozen and stuck.

Instead of moving, they are sitting still or more accurately being “put on ice” by Peoples/Tribes/Nations/Leaders/Bankers/Corporations who are simply too terrified/confused/egotistical/greedy to actively accept, promote or allow change.

However, any movers and shakers of the Planet actually reading this blog (unlikely but you never know) should be warned that the Puzzle card reminds us that not making a decision is also a decision.  One of those doors will soon crack open on it’s own and the pathway will lead directly to the “Fathers” that are trying madly to prevent any movement.  The Universe does not stand still, sometimes the wheel rolls one way and sometimes another but roll it will (onward and ever onward)…

So, to sum up, what does this mean? It is likely this weekend will be some what frustrating, full of difficult decisions and folks trying their best to point out what other people (not themselves) should be doing; while at the same time avoiding doing very much themselves.

Look for stories about plans becoming bogged down, things getting stuck, great plans being delayed, etc as well as stories about actual and spiritual ice/frozen water situations.  The main picture I get for this weekend is of a stalled car trying desperately to turn over the engine (the wheel) at the direction/decision of the driver (father) but it just isn’t doing much but spinning the wheels forward.

At some point though, that engine is going to “catch” and the jump forward may be a lot more powerful (and explosive) than if a gentle push had been used in the first place.

For individuals, you can deal with the iced energy this weekend by playing along with it; celebrate life in the slow lane, enjoy your family (especially fathers, grand-fathers and uncles) eat ice cream; do not delay decisions that must be made and be ready to roll when the wheel says to turn.