Card of the Day – Monday – July 8, 2013

Sage ehwaz2

After a long trip, followed by a computer break down – this blog is now back!

Today’s Card is The Sage – Wisdom, Study, Older Person, A Wise Person

The rune is – Ehwaz – Horses (yoked together) partnerships but often uneven ones, working together, being under the yoke..

This is an interesting combination because we see that even with a two-week recess in daily readings, one or the other rune for “partnership” is still coming up as a strong, even Monday energy.  We know that cards and runes on Monday seem to influence the rest of the week as well so this is a big flag for me.

The difference between Ehwaz (horses) and Manaaz (human partnerships) is the difference between the partnership of a horse and rider (or say herder and his sheep dog) and a human business alliance or marriage.

It isn’t just about people with animals vs. people with people though; it is the idea of one sort of partnership where work, probably under the direction of someone else vs. a more equal or at least less obvious power difference is involved.

The two horses touching noses on the rune, may love their rider (or team driver) very much and look to him for food, attention and general care but they are still not the ones making the decisions or calling the shots.

It is similar for people in Ehwaz types of relationships, they are not always unequal but they often are; with one person (or group of people driving/riding/herding another).

With the Sage Card in front it suggests that anyone in such a position, such as a teacher, world leader or employer should take great care today to use wisdom in how they balance and work with those they are “herding” about (aka are under their care, work for them etc).

Today (and this week) are times when such balances done without great wisdom, study and care (I am really feeling “attention to history” here as well) are vital or there could be some real issues and problems on the management vs. labor front.

This would expand to any sort of similar power situation: university (or teachers) vs. students; Nations vs. Corporations (that they do business with); State/National/Regional Governments vs Smaller Sections (aka Washington DC vs. the States or Brussels vs. The Individual EU Countries) and pretty well filters down into daily life as well.

This is a time when parents may notice their teenagers been a bit more difficult even than usual, when small things at work involving position or authority can really set people off etc; but it is also a time when great learning and easier studying can take place for those involved in either teacher or learning when the Sage’s Wisdom is properly in balance.

I is also possible the Sage Card refers to Elder Statesmen (or Women) and/or Older, Wiser folks in general – So look for stories about older leaders, the elderly, those considered wise etc in the news this week.

I also have to one if some of this week’s public news will continue to be about the “Sage” (elder Statesmen) Nelson Mandela and all the “authority issues” around his gradually fading from this word into the next?  I don’t know if this will be the week he actually passes, but the energies are certainly for news in this department, especially news about the continued power struggles that surround him and his extended family (not to mention the SA government).

Finally, though this could be a great week as previously mentioned for study, reflection, learning, listening to older people and renewing the partnerships between grandparents and grandchildren.  That is a highly positive sort of “unequal” partnership where the grandparent helps direct the child towards the joys of adulthood, without all the baggage that comes with being the actual parent.

So looks like a mixed week, but hopefully a mostly positive one for individuals with a continuing pattern recurring on the Current Events scene of issues around alliances, treaties, partnerships etc.

Card of the Day – Monday – December 10, 2012


This Monday’s card reading is the Card for Father (Father, Paternal energy, Patriarchy, teaching, a male leader) and the rune is Thurisaz (Giant, Thorn, Prick, Boil).

As we’ve noted before the Father energy can also represent a Father-Identified nation especially in a current-events reading; and I’m zeroing in on Germany as the “Father land” for this one.

While as always, this energy is likely to play out on a number of levels and affect more than one situation, I’m really feeling that “Greater Germany” (aka the Northern States of the EU) are going feel they are up against a “Giant, Thorn” this week that looks likely to “prick” their bubble.

This situation isn’t new, and has even been the source of a number of news stories over this past weekend.  The cards seem to echo that public press sentiment that the “Father Land” has a big, rising boil on its hands; it may not burst this week, but it is likely to be a major focus of this week.

This could also extend into other places with male identified (or paternalistic cultures) male dictators of all stripes are likely to have big head aches this week, with giant problems rolling out like boulders to try to unsteady the ground under their feet (which may be “rising up”) in uncomfortable ways as well.

Look for “Father-Figure” leaders throughout the world to be in the news this week and not all of it negative.  I’m drawn to Nelson Mandela and other “father’s of countries” as likely news makers.

Even “Uncle Sam” could be in for some side-effects of this growing snow-ball, though my sense it that the serious effects are likely to come a bit later in the month (or the early New Year).

Finally, this could be a week where some major discovery “bursts into the open” mostly like either discovered by a man, or affecting men/fathers in some way.

On a personal level, Fathers and Father figures of all sorts are likely to play a larger than usual role this week.  Issues that have been bubbling a long time may come out in both positive and negative ways; try to keep them positive when the lid blows off because sometimes the air just needs clearing before a bit of laundry can be done.

A great week for teachers, clergy, honest politicians (I know a rare thing, dishonest ones beware the giant boil under their feet), bosses, managers, athletes and others whose jobs need that “burst” of speed or “giant” leap to move forward.

So, looks like an over all active-energy week with a lot of things rising up that need dealing with, some with a lance and some with swift action.


Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Aug 10 -12, 2012

This weekend‘s cards are:

The Wheel (Fate/Fortune/Karma/cycles)

The Puzzle (a decision which must be made, there are only two choices)

Father (fathers, paternal energies, patriarchy or world leaders)

And the rune stave is: Isa (Ice, stuck, frozen)

Together they form a very interesting and rather concerning reading, especially on a world/western world reading for current events.

The Wheel suggests that something fated, or something in a natural cycle is the main focus of a lot of the energies right now.   We may not be sure what cycle is involved, it could even be more than one, but what ever it is fate is urging it to move (like yesterday’s reading) to not stay in place but to move on towards destiny.

The Puzzle Card being a decision that must be made suggests that how that wheel turns or what direction that new cycle takes is being weighed and decided.  It will not be possible to avoid a decision for ever because the forest that is around the doors prevents going around the decision.  It is however, quite possible for certain decision makers to simple sit still and refuse to move for a while yet and that appears to be exactly what may be happening, right now.

The Father card is one of the more complex cards because the meaning really shifts with the focus of the reading.  While it often means an actual father (or father figure) in an individual reading, in this sort of reading it is more likely to mean father energy, a country with a male identification (like The Fatherland),  Patriarchy and/or world leaders (since so many are male or at least work in a male energy dominated system).  In this case, I think the reading has hints of both of the last two definitions, there may be a decision that must be made by a male identified country (with The Fatherland/aka Greater Germany/EU really high on my lists of suspects) and world leaders (of politics, banking and industry) involved as well.

It is also possible that other areas of current events may be “decided” by not making or delaying decisions: areas such as wars, diplomatic ventures and even responses to geological events.

Why am I concerned, well the rune-stave is Isa or Ice, which suggests that all these pent-up energies, the ones from the past week (especially yesterday) and even those of the Great Cycle of the Wheel that needs to change are becoming frozen and stuck.

Instead of moving, they are sitting still or more accurately being “put on ice” by Peoples/Tribes/Nations/Leaders/Bankers/Corporations who are simply too terrified/confused/egotistical/greedy to actively accept, promote or allow change.

However, any movers and shakers of the Planet actually reading this blog (unlikely but you never know) should be warned that the Puzzle card reminds us that not making a decision is also a decision.  One of those doors will soon crack open on it’s own and the pathway will lead directly to the “Fathers” that are trying madly to prevent any movement.  The Universe does not stand still, sometimes the wheel rolls one way and sometimes another but roll it will (onward and ever onward)…

So, to sum up, what does this mean? It is likely this weekend will be some what frustrating, full of difficult decisions and folks trying their best to point out what other people (not themselves) should be doing; while at the same time avoiding doing very much themselves.

Look for stories about plans becoming bogged down, things getting stuck, great plans being delayed, etc as well as stories about actual and spiritual ice/frozen water situations.  The main picture I get for this weekend is of a stalled car trying desperately to turn over the engine (the wheel) at the direction/decision of the driver (father) but it just isn’t doing much but spinning the wheels forward.

At some point though, that engine is going to “catch” and the jump forward may be a lot more powerful (and explosive) than if a gentle push had been used in the first place.

For individuals, you can deal with the iced energy this weekend by playing along with it; celebrate life in the slow lane, enjoy your family (especially fathers, grand-fathers and uncles) eat ice cream; do not delay decisions that must be made and be ready to roll when the wheel says to turn. 

Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Sat/Sun June 16-17,2012

This weekend‘s cards are: The Inquirer, Money and the Sage; the Rune-stave is Raido (riding/travel/journey).

Taken together these cards suggest that this is a very important weekend to use Wisdom when making any decisions about money, including both the managing and the spending of it.

The Inquirer card suggests both that the reading is aimed at individuals (including the Reader) and that this energy is likely to impact people directly.

The cards are not bad in and of themselves, but given this week’s previous readings; I have to say it is not looking good for the European (and possibly North American/World) economic situation at this moment.

Now the good news is the energy for Wisdom (wise counsel/old ways) is there and can be tapped into and individuals are highly encouraged to do this.  I’m not certain that on the macro-level this will happen but it could; or given past readings this week the Sage could represent a decision to go back to the Older/Conservative/Previously tried ways of doing things.  The most likely result of that would be the start of a trend back towards national currencies/nation states and away from the “Beautiful” new ideas we saw earlier in the week.

The raido rune-stave gives hints of travel energy on several levels; in the physical world is suggests that travel may be influenced (in a positive or negative way) by money/wisdom and it also suggests that emotional/physical/spiritual journey of the Inquirer may be strongly affected by what is happening.

I’m also getting a strong sense that the “journey” of the EU/Euro/Nation/State Journey is also going to be very affected by both money/currency and Wisdom (or the lack of it) this coming weekend.

But remember as always that the cards (and runes) read energies around a time period/situation rather than actual events (though we can guess at some of those and sometimes get flashes) so be aware of your personal spending and money issues this weekend but don’t forget to turn on the news either.

Posting is likely to be a bit early or a bit late on Monday as more appointments to take care of, but I’m working on getting back to five days a week.


Card of the Day – Tuesday April 10, 2012

Well today’s card is Fortune and the rune of the day is Gebo (Gift/Marriage/Union) and both of these symbols not only go together very well, but they return us back to the economic themes that were so strong in these readings until recently.

The Card Fortune, indicates the making (or gathering) of fortunes both material and spiritual, it is not just the existence of wealth (either material or spiritual) but also the seeking of it. 

The man on the card carries a lantern that he carries up a long, winding stair case which has a treasure at the top.  To find the treasure, he has to keep going forward, even when the steps are winding backwards, he stops at any point (or reverses his steps) the “fortune/treasure” will be lost.

Gebo – is the rune for gifts and marriages, in fact the modern marriage rune in several Northern Languages comes from it.  Not in modern times (in the West) we view marriage as a partnership between two people who love each other who “contract” to spend their lives together.

In the past, especially in the Norse, Marriage was as much about the linking of two extended families as it was two people.  It was a contact between farmsteads, tribes or even nations; linking their people and lands together with extensive and often complicated contracts deciding what goods went where and belonged to whom.  These contracts even had a very modern twist in terms of being ready for anything; before the conversion to Christianity, the Old Norse Marriage Contact even provided for who got what in a divorce (which either sex could initiate).

The same was true of “Gifts” in the Viking World, and while a marriage partner my be “gifted” from one clan to another with all sorts of spelled out terms between the clans involved, a gift also usually brought with it an informal understanding that a contract was also being made.  But offering the gift a social contract was suggested and by accepting a gift (and usually offering another in return) a social contract could also be sealed.

There were also important “gift” given to the Gods, often of high value like swords (worth as much as a family car today and a source of protection and employment) farm produce or even the human lives of prisoners (very hard to walk POW’s home from Sweden to Norway during the Winter).

So there is also a sacrifice theme in Gabo, with marriage itself sometimes being a “sacrifice” of sorts when a young Norse noble women might be married to an enemy clansmen to end a war – such women were call “Frith-weavers” Frith being a word for peace and weaving being the bringing together the strands of the families and clans to make a new “garment.”

OK, so that’s the card description and history lesson but what does it mean?

It means today is a day when Treasure (especially “Great Fortunes) and Contracts are going to be shoved to the energy forefront. 

While this can be spiritual contracts and fortunes (such as person/nations relationship with the Divine) I’m not sensing this much, at least on a macro scale.  Rather I think that today there are going to be huge issues (and probably press stories) about Money, Stocks, Contracts, Corporations (which are built on contracts) and the Making/Breaking of Great Fortunes (personal and national).

There may also be news stories about public figures whose marriages either bring together fortunes or whose separations threaten/alter them.  That is the sort of almost “silly” store stuff you can expect this sort of energy to bring out in the news, along with lottery winners, horses races, Guru’s (spiritual quests) and even gossip about high-profile marriages.

There is also a feeling that the economic situation may affect marriage in some way and/or the family – that is not big surprise as bad economic news often does affect the personal decision of people when it comes to marriage and marriage like contracts.

I’m feeling another pull towards the EU here, especially in light of the Gebo rune and its Union/Marriage/Contract themes.  While the Card Fortune is neither good nor bad (because Fortunes can be made or lost) in the case of the EU I would suspect that the entire “Fortunes” of the EU and the “Contract/marriage” between the various EU Countries is at least at issue today.  Again, expect news stories and such coming out about this.

Now for individuals, both of these symbols can indicate a fantastic day if the energy is used wisely, though there is a warning also to be careful about anything dealing with Money or Contracted Relationships. 

The energies themselves are there for either great achievements (fortunes won/contracts signed/gift exchanged) but also great failures  or complications (fortunes lost/unhelpful contracts/gifts with strings).

So a good day to look at property or sign on a home; but make sure you know exactly what you are signing.  If you are playing the lottery, have fun but don’t bet the store either; the energy is good but the results may not be quite what you expect.  A great day to exchange gifts with someone you love or celebrate a birth day, wedding or anniversary party. 

Keep in mind that marriages still cement families today, in a similar way that they did 1,000 years ago; it is just that now we are not always so aware of the many ties that are being bound.  The fact that we are now able to choose for ourselves who we wish to link our fortunes too, rather than have our families decide for us, simply means that we need to practice greater personal responsibility in the choices that we make; though hopefully we may often experience greater rewards when we choose wisely.

That’s you card and rune for today, remember you can get your cards and runes today or any day, by getting a reading.

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Card of the Day – Thursday – March 29, 2012

Today’s Card is The Message and the qualifier card is The Cave; the Rune of the Day is Ingwaz (Seed/the Harvest God Freyr).

This is one of the those occasional days where the rune stave actually modifies the card reading in a potentially more positive way.  That’s because while the Cave Card usually denotes withdrawal, depression, hiding, going underground; a seed must be planted underground to grow.  So while I do think there are some negative and warning aspects in today’s World/Western World energy reading, I wanted to point out this positive connection (or hope) right at the start.

The Message Card, in a personal reading, usually flags the previous and falling cards as “this is the message, listen up!” Because by itself, it is almost impossible to understand, I always pull a qualifier card or rune set while asking the question:

“What is  the Nature, Concern or Meaning of the Message?”

Today, we got the Cave Card, which suggests to me that on a very profound level there is going to be a huge urging on people just to hide and want to make things go away today.

That isn’t always a bad thing, when there is simply too much overwhelming stuff going on, retreating to a place of safety can be a good idea.  The danger is getting stuck there and not noticing something that may be happening right out side the door that really needs to be paid attention to.  Then, there is the danger of Depression which is the other meaning of this card, which spending too long huddled alone under blankets can turn into.

When this card showed up on Monday, it sort of set the theme for a withdrawn and depressing/subdued/distracted news week and so it has proven to be.  There are a number of very serious stories right below the surface, but the stock markets and other public economic information is rather steady and boring for the average person this week.

Behind the scenes the MF Global situation still looks to be turning into the Watergate for the this generation, but like Watergate it is also starting out very slowly as a mainstream story; but I predict it will soon become a lot better know if not absolutely infamous as time goes on.

Meanwhile, the other major reading of the Cave Card, especially in a Macro Reading is in face Depression but in an economic/public arena, rather than private.

In addition to the a mass public tendency to hide from facts (or have them hidden from them) this card with the MESSAGE card as the main feature of the reading suggests that ECONOMIC and POLITICAL Depression are a major coming attraction and probably set to get worse before they get better.

Why do I say that, because of the rune-stave Ingwaz; Ingwaz is the seed that is planted, and while the hope of the seed is planted so the harvest can grow; I think right now the seeds of a much worse Depression (or need for caves) is being planted.

There may be hints of bomb shelters/caves as hiding places in this reading as well, but that feels more long-term and further off. 

However, when taken with yesterday’s Homeland/Israel combination the “bomb shelter/planting of underground seeds” can not be ignored either (nor with Iran).  Also, the yesterday’s Othala rune stave of inherited lands, combines with today’s seed rune for a sense of Planting the Family “Farm” aka land/nation/national inheritance.

Finally yesterday and today’s reading also points to similar issues, especially in Europe, for the German/EU/Homeland plus Cave planting the seeds for economic/political Depression here as well.

But, seeds can grow to be healthy food crops or result in famines depending on how they are tended, watched and the weather.  This suggests there are still choices that could create “Seeds of Change,” rather than “Seed of Depression” if there is the will to do so.

As always, individuals can work with these energies in positive ways and the seed rune makes this much easier on a personal level to visualize the cave as the dark, womb-like ground where the budding seed is nurtured before it can grow.

So while this is a day focused on mainly inward and inactive energies, it is also a wonderful day for planting seeds by physical and spiritual.  Starting a garden in your home or in you mind, is a great way to spend time today; as is inner-focused activities like reading a book or staying in with family and friends for the evening.

That’s your cards and rune of the day, remember you can get your cards and runes read today and every day by getting a private reading.

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Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – March 16-18

This weekend’s reading is another one of those interesting ones where the cards seem to be going in one direction, but the rune-staves add an unexpected slant on the energies.

The cards themselves: Work (mundane work/jobs) Birth (something born/something new/new life) and Yes (positive energy/yes this is happening/permission for something)  – pretty much have an easy to read message of –

Work/Job situation is the focus energy (labor/employment) something new is coming into the picture (fresh, unseen before, new ideas etc).  Yes, this is happening, no matter what it may look like at the present time.

So far a potentially positive reading, one that can bring hope and expectations to everyone affected by the “Great Recession.”  It is much to be hoped that for some people, this is the case and that new forms of employment and support are coming into being at the present time…however…

But wait, the Runes Staves have more…

Instead of yesterday’s Tiwaz rune stave, today we return back to the other frequent energy displayed over the past couple weeks which is Thurisaz (conflict, prick, thorn) and Perthro (Fate/Dice Cup/Wyrd).

So when we combine the rune staves with the cards we get a revised message of:

Work/Employment/labor has given birth (has permission to) engage in conflict (or be a thorn in the side) and this may be a huge and fateful gamble (dice cup).

It could also be that the ultimate outcome of this situation (labor/jobs/employment) and new situation it gives birth to is still being decided (is in weird) or is now fated to happen.

Whatever it is, it is likely that this new aspect of employment/work/jobs/labor is going to cause conflict, pain or even “prick” fate into going in certain directions

(fate is often seen in the Norse world view as associated with water – such as the “Well of Wyrd“).

Individuals can use the energy of the cards to concentrate on a better situation or new experiences at work (both physical and spiritual) although runes caution that such changes may have profound and surprising long-term outcomes, so be careful what you ask for and make sure to look at as many aspects of the situation as possible before invoking such energies.

As a world/western world energy reading, the message seems to be that something about the work/labor situation/employment situation is changing (or is about to change) rather drastically in a “new” (or new for this generation/time period) way and that yes this is likely to cause conflicts, battles, painful experiences and harsh realities.

Also, this situation is not a “flash in the pan” time for passing headlines, but signals a situation of deep potential consequences and uncertain outcomes.  I’m getting the phrase “the fate of nations hangs in the balance here.”  While Greece is the most obvious example of this sort of “new” work-place (or we might see removal of the work-place as a way of sustaining people/families/nations); I don’t think this is the only thing this is about.

I think that part of this is the birth (realization) that “work-contract” is no longer operating in the way that it once did for individuals or for Western Cultures.

I also just got a flash that some of this may involve Russia and changes that take place with the re-election of Putin and directions he may take the Russian State.

Finally, this could be a longer-term reading indicating that the “new” ways of working/economies are now being born; the situation that “pricks” them into being is painful but in the long-term fated to happen and will occur.  Further out in time, things will likely sort out into a new pattern, but birthing is always painful and this one is going to be no exception.

So, a good weekend for individuals hoping to create and find new jobs/work experiences and careers – but a rather “dicey” (dice-cup) one for Western Economies and Labor relations as we head towards Spring Time 2012 (and Mayday…).

That’s your cards and runes for the weekend, remember you can get your cards and runes today or any day by getting a reading.

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Card of the Day – Wednesday – Feb 29, 2012

Today’s Card is The Scales and the Rune of the day is Ehwaz (Horses/Partnership).

Taken together with the readings for Monday and Tuesday, this combination not only suggests that one cycle is starting and another ending; but also that the direction of the new cycle is now being decided.  It is also likely to be defined by partnerships and alliances (or the breaking of them, possibly some of both).  So appears to be a human dominated Cycle Change (at least at first) rather than say massive Earth Changes or other natural forces.

The Scales normally represents a decision that is not always made by the individual having the reading, but is hugely important for the outcome of a given situation.  It is as if things are “held in the balance” or “being weighed,” the other way of reading this card is “The Tipping Point,” as you can see from the tree dropping apples on the scales.

For awhile, the scales continue to go back and forth, until one last apple falls and shifts the scales totally out of balance.  This can take a while, but sooner or later, this is going to happen, unless some cosmic hand simply removes the scales.

The rune stave of partnerships (which can be human but sometimes represent other forces working together) is usually described as two horses touching noses together and also can be a team of horses working together.  When the harness is adjusted properly and the driver in is control, things go smoothly; if there are problems with the harness or the driver, things can become unhitched and accidents result.  Sometimes accidents also occur from nothing the driver or the horses can do anything about; a hole in the road, a pack of angry dogs or even severe weather can all upset the partnerships between the horses themselves and with their human driver.

While the rune stave hints that the partnership at stake this week is probably human, it could also be such a sudden and unexpected accident.  It is hard to tell at this point, but the important thing to remember is that this is a time of massive cycle changes and fates being decided in various ways.

My gut tells me that part of this reading concerns the Irish decision to hold a vote on the EU bail out package (which affects the Irish constitution); I don’t think this is all the card and rune stave are talking about; the energies feel to “powerful” for just that decision alone.  But they are a part of if and reflect the suddenly changing nature and unstable energy situation that exists at this time.

Hopefully, by the end of the week, we will have some idea where the energies are headed next.  But the Scales card suggests that this direction is still being decided by decisions being made and acted upon today; so the ultimate future still hangs out there in the wind, waiting to occur.

Meanwhile, individuals can see this as a rather dicey day; one where partnerships in everything from marriage to business may be subject to review and re-balancing.  Just do your best to stay in control of this balancing act, and try not to let it control you and you should be fine.  Once again being aware of potential issues can help prevent, modify or use them towards your own personal goals.

The energies themselves are mostly impersonal but they are out there; and this week they are rather shaky and disruptive while they sort themselves out for their next move.

That is your card and rune for today, remember you can get your cards or runes, today or any day by getting a reading.

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Card of the Day – Wednesday – Feb 8, 2012

Today’s Card is Liberation and the Rune of The Day is Sowilo (Sun).

This suggests that the energy for the next 24 to 48 hours (starting about 7pm GMT on the 8th) is likely to be almost the exact opposite of yesterday’s Body/Isa/Ice/Stuck energy.

The Liberation card symbolizes as sudden break out/escape/release of something/someone “held” or imprisoned (or something held in ice/isa, unable to move).

The Sowilo or Sun rune is the most important factor in the natural melting of ice.  The sun is also fire/warmth/Daylight and those who live in the areas where it snows understand just how quickly a strong spell of warming sunshine can melt an ice-covered landscape even to the point of suddenly flooding if it happens to quickly.

The Sun rune also has some associations with nuclear power (nuclear fission being the ultimate in earthbound sunlight) and I’m feeling echoes of this in the reading as well.

So, over all, except a sudden change in energy starting very soon (over the next few hours) with something that seemed stuck and unmovable suddenly breaking free very quickly.

This could (and probably does) involve the sun at least in some aspects, a time when large solar flares are likely to happen; as it news coming about nuclear issues – with both possible new discoveries and/or accidents/bombs being the focus of media stories.

The Sun can also act as a guide and in the Runic/Germanic Tradition is female, The Goddess Sunna who looks down from the sky to bring warmth to her children.  Like any Mother she can sometimes get cranky or even angry, sometimes from frustration at what the kids are up to and other times just because Mom‘s in a bad mood.  But most of the time she is the nurturing, life-giving, love-warming Astral Being that keeps all live on Earth going.

However the Liberation card does suggest she may be about to “break-out” a bit and as previously mentioned both large sun-sports and flairs are likely.  I would also not be surprised if the next few days mark the real turning point in the sun ramping up towards its late (but still predicted) solar maximum.  This high solar activity had been expected before now, but just because a Lady is a bit late getting up in the morning it doesn’t mean she may not be really active later in the day.

That’s some of what I am picking up here…

But with yesterday’s cards having been so very static, material and iced in; I do have to wonder if there are also hints of both movement on the economic front and a possible shift coming in the Weather in Europe.  I know the situation in Greece is still under review and the current weather prediction is for a continued deep freeze through the weekend; but there could be some surprises on either or both fronts in the next several days.

Even if the Deep Freeze does not actually end in the next 24 to 48 hours, the card/rune combination do hint that perhaps it will be pretty dramatic when it is finally over.

Once again, we just have to wait and see; it will also be interesting to see if tomorrow’s card shows yet another radical energy shift because with energy changes this powerful and sudden, there is often a sea-saw effect going back and forth for a few days before things settle.

But for now, that’s your card and rune for today.

Remember can get your cards (or runes) today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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Card of the Day – Tuesday January 31, 2012

Today’s Card is Now and the rune of the day is Manaaz (or Mankind) and once again the card and the rune work together to give us a better picture of today’s energy.

The Now Card shows a farmer harvesting the fruits of his labors, now is the time to reap what has been sewn.  The sunlight shines brightly, warming his back and the sky is decorated with stylized flowers or seeds. This card symbolizes both that something is happening (Now) or very soon and that whatever is going on is the direct result of seeds planted (or deeds performed) in the past that have now grown into the current situation.

Manaaz, or The Man Rune; has a sort of double meaning, on the one hand it is the Runic symbol for man/mankind/people but it is also composed of two Wunjo (Joy) runes put together and facing each other.  This was known even the Viking Age, with poems about “man being the joy of man” referencing this, so it seems that this is no accident.

The rune itself can be positive or negative, in a positive sense it is deep friendship, alliances, tolerance of others and balance (often balance between Peoples).

But in a negative context it can bring in opposing forces such as: enemies, intolerance, confusion, alienation and even a lack of orientation.

My feeling is that this energy reading is on more than one level, especially today.  On the issue that the cards have kept bringing up the last few days, it seems the EU/Euro Financial Area will come to some sort of agreement “now,” but how “friendly” that agreement really is remains to be seen.  My sense is that while playing up the positive sides of Manaaz for the public, behind the scenes a lot of the negative aspects (especially confusion and imbalance) are going on.

On other topics, it has been noted before that a Manaaz rune also looks like two flags coming together (again a card of treaty/alliance) and while again the EU is part of this; my sense is that there is also a lot happening on the war/bloc forming side of things aka “choosing up sides” and deciding who is friends, who is enemies and who can be disregarded in the run up to the Great War that cards have hinted at for months.  While this is ongoing, the NOW card suggests that the pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together in a more or less solid form; there may yet be some changes, but NOW is when it all starts to get really serious.

For individuals, this is a great energy as well as for groups willing to work with it. Now, is when a great many things can be accomplished, especially long-running plans and projects that were started earlier.  It is also a good time to plant seeds for the next projects, especially those involved in working with others (Man is the Joy of Man).

A good day over all too, for all sorts of relationships; including romance, family and close friends.

Another active-energy day for doing things rather than contemplation; though of course there is also man’s friendship with the Divine that can be meditated on.

That’s your card (and rune) of the day – remember you can get your cards or runes any day by getting a personal reading.

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