Card of the Day – Thursday – August 22, 2013

TheBody Hagalaz2

I was unable to read yesterday for the blog but today’s Body Card (Health/Material World) and the Hagalaz (Hail Stone/Strike Rune) seems to reflect yesterday’s current events energy and suggests that “sudden strikes” or unexpected actions (like the gassing and bombing of civilians in Syria) is likely to continue both in literal and symbolic ways.

This is a time period where people (especially famous ones) may be suddenly “struck down” or “hit” in various ways both physical and again symbolic.  The Hail Stone rune implies something sudden and expected or less often coming from above.

So stories about well-known people having heart attacks (or other sudden health issues) or “striking out” during sports (when they are expected to win) or being “struck” by some new idea or invention “out of the blue,” that becomes a real game changer – all that sort of energy is possible during the next 24 to 48 hours.

While I’m hoping for the good stuff, like sudden inspirations, I’m concerned that on a global scale we are more likely to see the sort of sudden changes that can affect the health and well-being (Body Card again) and the people who end up getting struck.

While this could be more bombs, gases and other human caused situations (or weapons) this energy may also be focused on actual weather events (like hail storms) or other geological, solar or even space related situations that directly slam into the world and cause some folks to have a rather bad day.

This could be anything from more direct solar flares that actually hit and cause damage to things closer to home like earthquakes, volcanoes, land-slides, waves or other geological and/or weather related events.  Another asteroid strike is unlikely but would fit this sort of energy perfectly as would the symbolic “bolt from the blue” in politics or other human concerns.

The “strike” could also be health related so be on the look out for stories about unexpected illnesses “striking” around the world, even new (and sudden) news about old issues like radiation coming from Japan or a strain of flu morphing into something more serious.

For individuals a day to expect things “coming out of blue” and just being ready to flow with them.  When they hit, just deal with what you must and try to keep going – take shelter when you can and don’t stick your neck out.

Our household’s personal “Hagalaz” was waking up this morning to the theft of some of our firewood that a friend was helping us cut.  We’ve made plans to salvage the rest and protect it, that’s the sort of nasty “surprises” in the real world that Hagalaz can bring.

But the good news is that once the hail strikes the ground, it only sticks around a short time and after that it melts; sometimes this causes flooding or other problems but most of the time it just does its damage quickly and goes away, allowing everyone time for clean up and recovery.

Meanwhile, this is another day that it is not recommended to stick your neck out or expose yourself (or your feelings) unless you really have to.  A good time to take shelter and plan, rather than actively putting plans into practice, wait until the storms pass but be ready to move when they do.

Card of the Day – Tuesday – August 20, 2013

Inquirer nautiz2

Today’s card is the Inquirer (all of us asking the question and/or the world/current events) and the rune-stave is nautiz – need fire/need/desperation.

This suggest that there may be some rather dire situations coming down the pike in terms of current events today and for individuals this is probably a day when there always seems to be something missing that you are looking for or that you need when it isn’t right to hand.

This can make for a rather disjointed type of day, so best to try to have a sense of humor about it and do your best to plan accordingly.  Also, concentrating on Nauthiz original meaning of “need fire” made with two sticks or the earliest human hearths can also help with this – because that aspect of the energy is very positive and home centered.

While it may be rather “desperate” to build fires by rubbing to sticks together, the end result is one that will cook your food and keep you warm; so continuing on even when frustrated until you get the desired results today is a good idea. Unlike some days, this isn’t a day to give up easily but rather one to keep pushing until the task gets done.

Current Events wise, I need to mention that not only are there a lot of “fires” being lit all over the planet (both real ones and figurative ones) but another aspect of any solar or fire rune is nuclear power – or the fire that ignites in this case (by the atoms smashing against each other with sticks) so stories about nuclear issues of all sorts (energy, weapons and accidents) can be expected during this time period.

Also, power in general, the “lights” that are the fire lighting the modern world may be an issue; with power plants or other electricity related stories being in the news (both in terms of outages but also perhaps discoveries and inventions).  Lightning and lightning related issues may also be in the news as the earliest way that mankind probably encountered and learn to keep “need-fire,” even before they figured out sticks.

So, while a stressful day, hopefully a day when needful things will be accomplished by individuals.

So don’t give up, but do take time to relax if you need to and remember always to breath….and keep those matches handy, they are easier to use than sticks, trust me on this one….

Card of the Day – Thursday – August 15, 2013

Fool Wujo2

Quick reading today, we’ve been having a lot of technical issues around our house and they have been making doing these daily reading a bit complicated but I wanted to check the energies and I’m glad I did.

Pretty much we have The Fool (Starting over/A new Journey/foolishness/being distracted) and Wunjo (Joy/Clan Banner/Battle Flag).

There are several ways of reading this on a personal level and to some degree for current events the most obvious is:

Starting over bring joy…

In other words when doing something just isn’t working, sometimes rather than repeating the same thing over an over, trying something new may result in a happier outcome.

On the other hand, this energy can also lead to:

The Fool (or the foolish) are joyful – and not paying attention to the dangers in front of them.

If you look on the card, the happy, innocent young man is starting out on his journey with his heart full of joy, listening to his own music, his hair in his eyes and totally unaware he is about to walk directly into a tree.  His “joy” is likely to be short-lived, in many standard tarot decks he is about to walk over a cliff, his small dog is playfully trying to warn him, but he’s not listening to his pet either.

For Current Events, I think there are elements of both types of energy today – in some areas (most likely science, but also perhaps in politics or direct applications of various solutions) joy will actually manifest when an approach that simply isn’t working is dropped and a totally “new beginning” (as one of my decks call this card) is started and the new way begins to bring about joyful solutions.

The second energy manifestation is even more likely though, with foolish and distracted actions bringing joy only for a short time, until the true consequences become known and the situation smacks directly into a tree.

Oh and there’s a secondary form this part of the reading could take internationally too, and that is:

The Fool takes Joy in Battle…or Foolish Battles…

I really don’t like that version, but given what is happening in Egypt (among other places) it has to be mentioned….

For individuals, a good way to use this energy in addition to new directions bringing joy, is to accept the simple joys of family and friends (The Fool is uncomplicated and open to what his new journey brings) and Joy if found in the Clan or Clan banner.

So wishing everyone a happy change of direction today, one that results in good things coming to you and yours.

Card of the Day – Tuesday – August 6, 2013

Birth SunWujo2

Today two cards came out of the deck stuck together so I am giving them equal weight in the reading – the first is Birth and the Second is the Sun.  The rune-stave is the same as yesterday – Wunjo suggesting that today’s energies flow out from the ones that started manifesting yesterday.

Now there are several ways to view this reading, the first one I am going to give is largely for individuals and once again I am reversing my usual reading order because it is so positive.

What we have are some powerful energies for the “Birth” or start of new projects/ideas/situations/relationships etc., especially those influenced or related to the Sun.  The Sun in addition to being the large ball of fire in the sky, also suggests strength (especially the sort of powerful muscular strength attributed but not limited to men) celebration, the first harvest, everything associated with Summer (and to a lesser extent the seasons).

It can also me the “Sun” light dawning on a situation or that “the heat” is on in some way.

Wunjo as discussed yesterday can be joy, especially joy in family and extended clan (or battle).  It is also the clan banner (or battle flag) and here in the most positive of our readings I tend to see it as:

The Birth of the Sun brings Joy

Or a little more practical version would be:

Something(s) come into being today that are strong and to be celebrated with joy.

This plays very well with yesterday’s skills plus wunjo card, suggesting that part of the good news for many individuals will be a direct result of the skills they have master that now give birth to good situations (including possibly employment or other positive changes).

Now for the Current Events – of course some of this positive energy will hopefully spill over into the Current Events scene – as I mentioned yesterday it may be there is hope for some (even limited) economic or other improvements – either in politics or foreign relations.

However, I am more inclined to read this on two levels again for current events:

First the more obvious – today Japan (who has shown up before as possibly gearing up their military here in readings) or the Land of the Rising Sun – revealed their largest War Ship built since WWII with rumors that it may even be an aircraft carrier!

So we have the birth (or re-birth) of the Land of the Sun, putting up its “battle flag” (and/or Clan Banner) for the entire world to see. 

While this story may seem minor now, it has been building for a while in the cards and I think is very important.

Also the Sun can also be a symbol for all things nuclear – because it is the “little sun” and this includes both weapons and peaceful uses.  Today is the very day of the month that the US used the first atomic bomb in modern warfare, dropped over the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

I’m sure the significance of this date was not lost on the Japanese and was chosen deliberately as the day to release the news of their new war ship (almost air-craft carrier) to the world – but it also brings to my mind the starting flutters of “karmic echoes” of the earlier events so many decades ago.

While I don’t think modern Japan has any intentions of engaging in offensive wars of conquest anytime soon, I also think the cards are indicating now, as they did several weeks ago, that Japan is finished with depending on others for their military defenses.

I suspect their re-militarization is not over and that the world really is watching the re-birth of Japan as a military and probably naval power.

This reading can also be extended out energy wise to other areas of the world today where again there are already headlines of the US bombing Yemen (again that Joy in Battle/Battle Flag) energy.

What we don’t know is if that act is giving “birth” in the “sun” (perhaps desert/Middle East) to a new war or situation (battle flag again) or if it will be another “one-off” strike that may be part of a larger conflict in some ways but for the moment appears to stand alone.

The solar/nuclear aspects can not totally be avoided here either – though my sincere hope for this reading is that instead there will headlines about some powerful new discoveries in terms of solar energy (or perhaps safer nuclear options?) or even the Sun itself.

This could also be a time when the Sun decides to do a bit of its own dancing, so looking out for solar flares and other solar manifestations would be wise today.

However, over-all this should be a very highly powered and highly “active” day; one where a lot of things can be personally accomplished but where they may also be a tendency to be overwhelmed at times too.


The Card of the Day – Tuesday – July 9, 2013

Warrior Berkano2

Today’s Card is The Warrior and the rune-stave is Berkano (Birch Tree/Birth/Mother/Mother Goddess).

This is both an obvious and a not so obvious combination depending on the way it is looked at.  On its most basic level this would read

Warrior’s Birth and/or The Birth of the Warrior

But that can mean a lot of things even in Current events, anything from the rise of a new and powerful Strong Man/Men (warrior) somewhere in the world – to the Birth of new methods of Defense Weapons or Actions (the Warrior is not in Battle he is watching and guarding the Camp).

Very often when this card shows up it does represent conflicts, wars and other types of skirmishes that warriors tend to be involved with – so the “Birth” or “nurturing” of new and/or new aspects of such conflicts is likely today.

However, Warriors and Warfare are not always fought or existing on real-live battle fields, so this is also a day when all sorts of struggles may break out (are born) some of which may be quite positive.  The Berkano rune suggests that some of them may be about birthing itself (perhaps battles over home-birthing vs. government regulations) where midwives may want to call up their “inner-warriors” to fight for their rights in this area.

Another positive way that the “Birth of Defense” may play out would be in the battles for actual (and real) protections of the most vulnerable in our world, in ways that actual improve their lives and existences.

However, this could also play out in a rather nasty way if various “Homeland Security” and other “Agencies” around the world tighten the “defensive” noose around the necks of the public in the name of “Guarding” them.

If things play out in either of the negative versions of actual physical conflicts or the realms of Security/Agencies/Spies/Government Control areas; then today would be a day when more news is also likely to top the wires about this sort of thing.

Expect stories about: new conflicts (including power-struggles among nations/corporations/agencies/world leaders/administrations etc); new weapons/systems/software/nets/ for carrying them out (or observing them); possible serious issues over Mutual Defense Treaties (NATO etc) or tensions between trading partners or other sorts of military/political alliances.

But the big one to watch out for is that: Birth of the War/Warrior because that really feels like the context of this today.

Some of it may very well result from yesterday’s unequal partnerships and either the ignoring of Sage Advice or miss-direction/miss-understanding by those “Sages” (elders) already in power.

Again, remember these are energies that make things more likely, not facts we are reading; they are also likely to filter down and play out in individual lives.

For most people, life may feel like a bit more of a struggle today, though you can try to use that energy to make things a “new” and positive struggle by focusing on things that take some battling to get down (weeds in the garden, learning a new craft, finishing that take-home exam paper, getting through a long day at work etc).

There are entire metaphysical pathways dedicated to the “Way of the Warrior,” and his/her energy is important for everyone to internalize to some degree, especially when it comes to psychic work and magical traditions.

We all need to have a good and defensive inner-warrior that protects us from people who wish to hurt us (on all levels from the spiritual to the mental and physical).

That is the powerful and positive aspects we can call up on this card, which along with Birth/Birch/Mother Goddess give us a Maternal/Nurturing edge to the Defensive/Masculine/Military Power the Warrior usual represents.

So a good day for new projects that require a strength of will and may not be easy – but really do need to get done.

Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – June 7-9, 2013

Well, life got a bit in the way yesterday (as often happens after a long trip) so today’s weekend reading will feature four cards – this is also because all four of these cards “jumped out” stuck together from the deck.  This can happen when card actually drop from the deck while shuffling or (in this case) you try to pull one card and a number come into your hand instead.  Four cards is an unusually high number, but this time it was even obvious what their order was.  The are a rather complex reading, so let’s get started, I  will add a rune or two at the bottom if needed.

Libido Stranger Cave Destruction

OK so we have The Libido (sexuality/life force) The Stranger (new person/element/situation/influence) The Cave (withdrawal/depression) and Destruction (something is destroyed/ended).

Kind of a weird and spooky reading for the weekend (and often a few days beyond) and since it is so spooky, we’re going to add a rune or two to see if we can get any idea of the other forces that may be at play here:

Othala2 Elhaz

These runes were also “stuck” together in my hand, the order was less obvious but it seems that Othala (Homeland/inheritance) and Elhaz/Algiz (Moose/Protection/Strength) followed it.

Now how to we put all these things together?

From an international/current events point of view they are rather worrying (though not so much for individuals, we’ll get to that in a moment).

The Libido card is usually sexuality/life force/fertility and is the exact opposite of the Cave Card.  The Libido card is what gives “color” to life, that color includes vitality, drive, creativity and even temptation (the snake) and ritual combat/display behavior.  This past weekend in California, I saw two peacocks in exactly the same position as on this card at an animal park, they were displaying and strutting about for a lady pee hen, whose favor each wish to obtain.

When you put this on a Current Events level, this goes beyond just teenage boys showing off for potential partners but can morph into Peoples/Tribes/Nations displaying or even fighting over resources (or perceived resources) sometimes ignoring a great danger that is right in front of them (the snake) because they are too distracted with each other.  This is the sort of energy that may be going on here, but it is a bit hard to tell yet – it is also possible that the older energy pattern of “threats to human fertility” may be coming back into the fray, but we won’t know for sure yet until we get a few more readings under our belt.

The Stranger card suggests a new person, element or situation coming into the picture; one that no one expects because until now they have been hidden behind the door.  Even if their face is known (say a person or a country) their actions or effect on the current situation will not be, hence they are “strange” or “The Stranger.”

Whatever they are, their impact may cause the Libido (life force/creativity especially) to go into hiding (sexuality might go into hiding too, but I suspect that is more of a side effect of people being very upset, and trust me after what I saw after the San Francisco Earthquake, it takes more than a big tremor to deflect the human drive towards reproduction!)

So, more likely this is a case of some very bad, scary or unhappy news; perhaps something that even sends people literally “into hiding.”  More bad weather, tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, earthquake etc would certainly do this; as would man-caused situations like wars, missals, bombs etc.  With the hints of fertility issues, there is some possible link to either  nuclear accident or warfare, more bad news from Fukushima would not be surprising this week, especially on how it is affecting either Japan or North America (more on that later).

Finally in the Cards we have Destruction, which again is not exactly comforting coming after the cave card.  It suggests that the combination of the Libido and the Stranger, create both a time of depression and destruction.  This could also be economic, perhaps the end of a “run” in the economy that some “strange” new issue finally causes it to partly collapse and/or a similar thing happening in the world of geopolitics (or even the weather).

I don’t mean to have such a wide range of possible doom on such a lovely June day, but the cards are just hard to read in a positive away at least as a group.  On their own both libido and the Stranger can be highly positive; an intentional personal withdrawal to recover personal energy or the creative destruction of unwanted elements in your life can be positive too.  But as an over-all, current events card reading they suggest a good weekend to concentrate on things close to home and safe.

The Runes also point in this direction with Othala (Homeland/Inheritance/Home) and Elhaz/Algiz (Moose/Protection/Strength).  These runes do suggest possible threats to “the homeland” or “protection/strength” but at the same time they also suggestion that “protection” is to be found in the “Home/Homeland/Inheritance.”

Even if you must travel this weekend (vacation season in the North and all) focusing your personal energies on your family and close friends is probably the best way forward, while staying aware of events around you that might affect you directly.

I think we may be seeing a dimming of the “out-ward” energy focus we had last week towards a more “inward” energy focus; but an inward journey partly inspired or directed by the powerful and clashing forces in the greater world. 

There is protection in Elhaz, which is also sometimes associated with prayer (the human figure with raised arms) or assistance from the Divine/Other-world.  So there is a great deal of comfort in just that rune alone and while Othala does suggests there could be “threats” or “destruction” to some homes/homeland; paired with Elhaz it also suggests the home/homeland as a place of protection and refuge (as does the Cave card).

While I briefly mentioned the personal stuff, to re-cap for individuals this doesn’t have to be a dire reading at all, we have the elements for creativity, new situations/relationships, meditation, creative destruction (pulling weeds both physical and spiritual), delight in the home/family and protection (both personal and public). 

A really good week for personal prayer and meditation as well as creative art work and/or scraping projects that are not working (creative destruction) and starting over (the Stranger) after some thought (the Cave).

But while the threat’s may no longer be specifically from “The Stars” (aka look out below) they are still lurking around out there and distraction (the ritual combat dance of the peacocks) is likely to mask some of the coming (new?) Destruction that could be lurking about the cave/home/homeland.

So, stay close to home (spiritually and mentally, if not physically) but keep your eyes open for what could be out there, don’t allow yourself to be distracted or hidden too far down in your cave to react in time if  you need to.

Hopefully we will all have a better picture by Monday of what all this is about and/or the energies may start changing to a more understandable and obvious pathway.


Card of the Day – Thursday – May 16, 2013

Cave Perdo2

Today’s card once again the Cave (there really are 40 cards in this deck, the cards are repeating because the energies are repeating) and the rune-stave is Pethro (Dice Cup/Fate).

This combination once again picks up the hiding, staying-in, depression, worry, avoiding the news meme; from last week (see Monday’s reading from last week) and strengthens the theory that yesterday’s reading of Battles/Arguments/Bickering in the home was the aspect of the Home/Wunjo combination – at least in terms of Current Events.

Husband the Rune Master also mentioned to me today that another side of Wunjo (which is most often viewed as “Joy”) is the idea of “everything is just fine, nothing is wrong here, move along now, nothing to see” aka a desperate attempt to try to show that things are “Joyful” or “fine” when they are not – I can not think of a better description of this morning’s US headlines…

With the Cave Card back, we not only see that many people are seeing right though this ruse, but they have just about heard enough and just want to cover their ears and have it all go away.

The Dice Cup suggests that whatever is going on may be fated anyway, and since individuals can’t affect very much how the dice rolls, many are simply going to try to ignore it all and focus on their own lives and situations.

In addition, the energy is likely to express itself in bad weather (another hint from husband with family in Texas, everyone if fine as far as we know) specifically storms or more tornadoes/high winds where you would “take shelter in a cave” or below ground if you could.

The same might be true of more solar flares or even nuclear war, though I’m not seeing the sort of runes and cards I would expect to see with a nuclear accident or war; you can’t really rule them totally out either.

But with the Star plus Hagalaz (Hail Stone) starting out the week, my guess is that if this is signaling another (or the same) “fated” event in the “Natural” world; we are most likely still involved in the “look out below” in terms of solar flares, meteors, hail stones (more of them)  or even volcanic ash rather than a human caused nuclear event.

I do think these readings have been a bit confusing because as sometimes happens, the energies seem to be impacting highly (or expressing accurately ) what is going on both in the world of Nature and in the world of man-made Geopolitics (especially in the US and Europe).

So it really isn’t and either/or reading but a this and possibly this too reading; and has been that way for at least three weeks now.

For individuals a somewhat more somber, downward energy day than yesterday; yesterday the Home was seen as a place of warmth and security and today we are back to the Cave as a place of colder, gray and less comforting security.

But both cards suggest yet another day for focusing on the home, family, things close to you that you can personally effect.  The Cave also provides emotional (and sometimes physical) shelter from the current roles of that dice-cup that are simply going to happen in the outer world (and sometimes in our personal lives as well).

A caution about the Cave energy is that it can be much harder to manage to stay positive during a “Cave Day” than it is during a “Home Day,” simply because the energies of the cave are much less positive, more remote, isolating and even depressing.

Which doesn’t mean you personally have to be depressed, it just means that there is going to be a huge energy push in the direction to become so; rather than the simple desire to curl up with a good book and your pet, in front of a warm fire.

But because energies tend to last awhile on either side of the day they are fully expressed, you can concentrate on the home card and make YOUR cave conform more to the home concept than the dark and depressive cavern.  People lived in caves as homes for thousand’s of years, so there is all that passed energy to draw on and create a warm fire in you own place of safety.

Meanwhile, do keep at least one eye open on the door of the cave and watch which way the dice are moving, be especially alert for economic, political or natural forces that may directly affect you and those in your own cave.

This is a dicey time for money, travel (especially far away from home) and weather events; that doesn’t mean any or all of those things will occur in your own life, but right now is not a time to take risks in any of those areas if you don’t have to.

I’ll be gone over the weekend, but hope to do the weekend reading before I leave; I will likely have to do the audio reading-show on Sunday so this week it may be briefer than I would like.

But we’ll see how the energy is moving tomorrow and into the weekend; by then we may have a better glimpse of what the Cave and Fate have in store for us and if not, we will just keep looking until we do!