Card of the Day – Monday – Sept 10, 2012

Today’s card is The Sun and the rune of the day is Kenaz (Fire Torch/boil) which is a combination that suggests possible solar flares if I ever saw one!

Because this is an energy reading, it does not mean a solar flare will happen in the next 24 to 48 hours but it makes it a lot more likely than not.

To break this down, the Sun card can represent the Sun itself and things associated with the Sun.  That can include both Spring time and Harvest, Summer itself, Light being shed on something, a situation improving (the Sun comes out) and even nuclear issues (power, fusion, fission and even bombs).

So other things to look for today are stories about the harvests/commodities, Seasons and Seasonal/unseasonable weather, nuclear issues (Japan/nuclear-power/bombs), solar power (and related subjects and even possibly “hot” geological issues such as volcanoes or earthquakes.

Especially important may be stories about things “coming to a head,” “boiling over” or “being lit up” or “set off like a torch/match.”  The reason for that is the Kenaz rune which is translated either torch or boil and as a sideways’ V, I tend to think of it as the volcano card as it has a sense of “eruption” about it.  Because it is also associated with fire and torches, it is especially powerful and even a bit concerning when twined with the fires of the sun itself.

Of course torches are also highly positive, they lit the darkness from mankind’s earliest days and allowed us to carry the miracle of fire with us when we traveled.  In a way, a torch is like a “mini-sun” that helps create day out of night.  In this sense it is highly positive and suggests that a controlled use of fire may be a major way to hold back the darkness.  But if it erupts into something more dangerous, it may be best to stand back and get out-of-the-way…

So as a current events reading, I think this is a heads up on solar, geological and nuclear watchful and keep your torch lit to see what is really going on.

For a personal reading, I tend to take the brighter side; this energy suggests a well-lit day full of potentials and activity.  A day when you can “light a fire” under yourself and your friends to get things done and a day when laughter can erupt if you let it.  Just remember the potential is there for other sorts of spill-overs and unexpected emotions or situations suddenly coming to the surface.  When and if they do, the light of the Sun can help explain and deal with them.

A VERY active day energy wise from both Card and Rune; a good day for active forms of meditation like running, dancing, swimming or yoga.  A fire day when blinding flashes of insight are possible, so be open to the messages of the universe.

Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – April 13-15, 2012

This Weekend’s Cards are: The Cave, The Castle Tower and The Message; the Rune is Thurisaz (Giants/Thorn/Axe).

The Cave card is usually the card for personal withdrawing (stepping away from a situation), Depression (both mental and economic) and hiding.  It is usually a “Blue” Card (as in having the blue’s or blahs) but it has a positive aspect in that sometimes a strategic retreat is the right move to make, at least until the current crises blows over.

However, this can also be simply a stress reaction to, to many things hitting a person/tribe/nation all at once and causing everyone to just want to go hide out in their cave.  When that happens, important issues can be ignored or missed until they get totally out of hand.

The Castle Tower card is NOT the Tower of Destruction found in most Tarot Decks; instead it is the Mighty Fortress on the Hill, a protected place of high walls and strong defenses.  A quick look at the cards will show the one problem with this card: there is no door or drawbridge that we can see.

Hopefully they are just out of view, but this picture cautions us not to build defenses so strong that we trap ourselves within them.  In this, the card is a mirror to the Cave card because both the Cave and the Castle can be either places of refuge or places of self-imprisonment; it just depends on how they are employed (and the viewpoint of the person(s) dwelling in them).

The Message Card is usually a signifier of the cards that went before it as in: This IS The MESSAGE – pay attention.

The Thurisaz rune is rather “prickly” rune, which in the Anglo-Saxon rune staves was even referred to as “The Thorn.”

The most common translation is “Giants,” (or primordial and powerful forces) some of whom like human beings as a species, but most either could care less about them or are actively hostile to them.

Such “personifications” of Giants as tornadoes, rock slides, ice storms and volcanoes are good examples of this – a volcano does not hate people, it just isn’t involved with humans at all; it can however destroy humans in an eruption or supply them with rich volcanic soil for agriculture.  In reality it probably does some of both, being neither good or bad in and of itself, it provides both bounty and terror at different times.

There are also some painful sexual over-tones to this rune, again it its more “prickly” aspects, an ancient poem refers to the “sorrow of women” when it is present.

I almost always get a picture in my mind of a thorn-bush about to intercept a child’s balloon when I see Thurisaz, and I always wonder whose bubble is about to be “popped?”

Taken together, this reading suggests that this weekend the world/western world’s energy is going to be in lock down and hide mode.

This could be caused by a number of factors, an actual economic Depression (Cave) could cause people/nations to consider tariffs or other means to isolated themselves from other nations (this could include internal moves within the EU as well).

There could be a sense of external threat (war, disruptions) that suggests a clamoring for building mightier fortresses or military protection.

There may be frightening weather issues like wild winds, or storms that cause people to need to take cover (hide below ground) or Earthquakes that cause people to want to hide themselves from the shocks (or solar flares etc).

My strongest sense is that this is either economic or a realization that individuals need protection from fallout/issues from Japan and elsewhere.  It is very likely some of both, with the moves towards economic protectionism being a large chunk of the energy.

There will be a sort of collective move to protect one’s “own” family/tribe/nation as opposed to a desire to help everyone (or the planet as a whole).  This is because of the feeling of “threat” and “gloom” that is sinking into a lot of people and places. 

While things are not nearly as hopeless as they make at the moment, the energy is there this weekend to see the worst and run away!

For individuals, this provides a weekend when home-based activities are best and home-improvement projects (shoring up your castle) is likely to be rewarded.

Just try to avoid letting your Man/Women Cave become a trap instead of a place to recharge your batteries.  Remember to leave some doors and drawbridges in your personal wards, so that others who love you can come and visit.  Don’t forget to look out the widows and the mouth of the cave once in a while, because you may really need to know what is going outside your own personal realm.

This weekend really is a time period for “passive” energies, with the exception of putting up wards and shoring up defenses (or repairing your roof) it is not a good time for active or outward focused activities.

A really good day for inner-spiritual work if you don’t get too self-focused to the point of despair, if you feel that coming on stop meditation and move into doing something material that re-connects you with the world.

This is a good weekend for taking care of the home front, your family and yourself. 

That is your cards and rune for the weekend, remember you can get your cards and runes read today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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Card of the Day – Wednesday – April 11, 2012

Today’s Card is The Fool (starting over, new beginnings) and the rune is Jera (Harvests/Cycles/The Turning Year) – taken together they make for a pretty straight forward reading, especially compared to the very complicated ones we have experienced over the last few days.

Simply put, the most common meaning of the Fool Card is a fresh start or new beginning. 

It suggests the start of a New Energy Cycle or at least a new way of looking at an old one.

The Fool as a figure in only “foolish” in that he is young an inexperienced; he often is so busy listening to his own inner “music” that he likely to walk into a tree or right off a cliff; on the other hand he may discover the answers to the universe.  But whatever happens, he is not one for pre-planning as he doesn’t know how to do that yet, but he is great at accepting experiences as they come, although sooner or later an “experience” may be a lot more than he was ready for.

Unable to think ahead, he does not such negative experiences  coming either – so The Fool combines the wonder of the Young Child with the immaturity of the Adolescent.

The Jera – Rune Stave – represents the “harvest” or the turning of the year; it is very much The Rune of CYCLES.

Some Rune Readers even see hints of the Ying/Yang concept in this rune, which while Chinese in concept; also fits this energy.  But most importantly in this reading it suggests that not only is something new coming into the picture (the Fool) but it really is bringing in a new cycle (Jera).

The other thing that Jera suggests very strongly is that the “New” Cycle is the “harvest” being reaped for an older cycle. 

So while the coming energy cycle may be “new” in some aspects, its consequences and manifestations were largely determined by seeds sown in past cycles. 

What we don’t know yet, in a reading this small is what the exact nature of either cycle is.  But we do know that the energies are changing (as of the last few hours) and that what happens next is happening probably without a lot of planning and as a direct result of things that took place in the past.

Depending on the harvest, this could be really good news or wildly disturbing news; depending on just what direction the Fool ends up going.

Now, for individuals, this can be another fantastic energy day because while you are now aware of the sort of headlong-blind energies that may be running off a cliff above your head; on your own level you can use this New Start energy to re-start yourself. 

A great day for new projects, planning journeys, meditations, learning new skills, planting gardens and farming, getting outdoors, taking long walks or doing up a family tree.  It is much more of a personally centered day than a group one; for while the energy is active, the Fool is usually one who walks alone, except sometimes for a pet.  This doesn’t mean you avoid people today, just that it is a day more for personal explorations than group activities. 

So, that’s your card and rune for today, stayed tuned for the rest of the week to see what new directions the cards decide to take us!

Meanwhile remember you can get your personal cards or runes today or any day by getting a reading.

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Card of the Day – Wednesday – April 4, 2012

Today’s Card is the Fool (New Beginnings) and the rune is  Elhaz (Elk/Moose/Protection/spiritual connections).

In many ways this reading is a breath of fresh air, because it shows that energies are shifting and may be thinking about going into a new cycle after the stuck energy of the last few weeks.

The Fool is a young man starting out on his journey all bright-eyed and eager to do new things; his only problem is he is so busy listening to his own music that he can’t see where he is going.  So, he may be about to write the next top-40 musical hit or he may smash right into a tree (or in some decks walk off a cliff).

Now sometimes we need to “walk off cliffs” (into the unknown) and that may be part of this reading, at least for individuals and some larger issues as well.

That’s because the Elhaz (Elk or Moose in the North lands) is both protection (which The Fool really needs) but also is sometimes thought to represent man reaching his arms towards the heavens and asking for guidance/connections/protections/answers.

This usual card-rune combination, suggests to me that today is a day when strong spiritual connections and journeys can be made.  When today is a good day (unlike yesterday) to embark on new projects, and explore new ideas, undertake serious shamanic or meditative journeys or begin new physical world events.

However, there is a hint for the larger world/western world reading that to go forward (make progress) there is a great need for Peoples/Tribes/Nations to look to a source beyond themselves for “protection.” Making connections between both the “seen” and the “unseen worlds” and/or Divine Guidance.

A note of caution on this is that there is also an alternative way of reading this combination that I think may also be true in some cases and this the “foolish” or “unwise” use/seeking of such “unseen” powers both practical and spiritual.  I’m getting a faint (but certain) impression of children (young “fools”) playing with fires, that they don’t understand.

These could be real-world weapons or something less material but no less deadly if used in an inappropriate or untrained manner.

There is likely to be a lot of wild “new” energy out there today and this should always be tapped into with clear thinking, rather than a “foolish” jumping to conclusions. 

Still, for individuals this can be a fantastic day of new explorations and divine/other world guidance and interaction. 

Most of all, it is a good day for protection workings of all sorts, a good day to ward your house and property and a fantastic day for prayer and meditation.

Just be careful to keep you eyes open and pay attention to the other things going on in the world and in your life.

Play your own music, but keep your eyes open while you finger the notes.

That’s your card and rune for today, remember you can get your cards and runes today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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Card of the Day – Wednesday – March 28, 2012

Today’s card is The Puzzle and the Rune is Othala (Inheritance, Inherited lands, The family Line).

The Puzzle usually symbolizes a decision that MUST be made, there are two doors and one must be selected.  In a private reading, it usually means that the client will soon have to make a sharp choice between one option of the other.  There will be no escaping this choice, it can’t be avoided and trying not to make a choice, will still result in a choice because one of the two doors will then open.

In a world/western world energy reading, it suggests that a choice will need to be made on a much larger scale.  A choice that Peoples/Tribes/Nationals are going to be facing that will have to be addressed.  While the decision may not be made today on the dot, the energy of the day is forcing closed the alternative pathways that might have been and narrowing them down to the two directions shown on the card.

We get a glimpse of the subject matter in this choice with the rune-stave Othala which is usually associated with inheritance and in particular the inherited or ancestral homeland.

What is really interesting about this rune stave is in a curious karmic twist; while the rune-stave itself has been a special symbol beloved of “Greater Germany” folks for well over a hundred years now (hence often symbolizing Germany in a world-reading) it’s very definition of inherited lands/homeland is also totally appropriate to the modern State of Israel (at least in the popular mind) as well as the former residents of that area pushed out with the founding of the modern Israeli State.  Which of course came about as a direct result of some very nasty acts by certain people in Germany (especially the German government) the results of which so horrified a great deal of the world that the modern Jewish State in the Mid-East became possible.

Now, the world is dealing with all those circles and karmic echoes around Middle Eastern Homelands (of everyone involved) as well as real decisions being made around the “Greater Germany” expansion ideal only this time done by economical means (EU) rather than military force.

Whereas the situation in the Middle East, now appears to be ramping up for another round of history made by military force (again on a number of sides and places).

My gut feeling is that because the cards (and rune-staves) are reading “energies” rather than events; in other-words the energy of the day makes some things very likely to happen but does not usually pin point particular events; it is very likely that both decisions around the future of the Israeli Homeland and “Greater” Germany/EU will start coming into focus today.

Very often, these decisions are made behind closed doors, so we may want to sort of mark this date and look back on it when future events that have an impact on these two issues seem to appear out of the blue.

It would not surprise me if today was the day that say the government Israel made a decision (or picked a date) for dealing with Iran’s nuclear facilities.  They probably would not act until that chosen time, but a decision will have to be made very soon – either wait and see or act and respond.  The cards give no indication of a “right” or “wrong” answer, just suggest that options are narrowing.

The choices for the EU/Greater Germany energy are a bit less obvious, but I suspect today may be another day where the decision of trying to continue to keep things together or letting them go for now (on the Euro, Greece/PIIGS issues or both) can not be delayed much longer.

Or as I pointed out earlier, not making a decision may become a decision with the Inherited Lands of Many nations and their “Gifts for the future” profoundly affected by the results.

Finally, the US (North America) and the rest of the world do not totally escape this energy either.  This is a day (and a time period) very strong in this either/or decision-making that affects the time lines of history.  Echoes of the past are popping up everywhere and they will no longer be ignored. 

Again, the energy is to make a determined choice or the choice will be made for you and it will affect your inheritance and that of your children.  Therefore better to choose wisely than just slide through one door or another.

For individuals, the days energy is the same but somewhat less drastic (for most people). The day may seem to have more personal decisions to make than usual, especially revolving around  house-hold activities and larger life issues.

On the other hand, this is a great day to view property, sign contacts and make these sorts of decisions.  The energy is there for making choices rather than hiding and standing back from the (as so much of the energy of last week was).

We’ve gone from very stuck energy on Monday (Isa/Ice) to a much more active energy today of decide and proceed forward with that decision.

Anyone can use this energy to help their own personal lives move forward in both spiritual and material decisions – so don’t be afraid to make good choices today!

That is you card and rune for today – remember you can get your cards or runes read today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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Card of the Day – Tuesday – March 27, 2012

Today‘s Card is the Moon and the Rune of the day is Thurisaz (Giants/Natural Forces/Thorn/Hammer).

It looks like yesterday’s freeze in the energy patterns has already been disrupted by elements coming up from the depths (sea) and hidden things being revealed (the Moon energy itself).

This has probably been caused by forces “pricking” or “Hammering” the ice and forcing the melting water below the surface to seep through the cracks.

In fact, that is the exact image I’m getting, water is below the ice and slowly warming; being held in check only by the thin layer of ice, which only took a tap to start cracking and revealing itself in places.

I’m seeing multiple cracks that keep growing, which suggests to me that whatever has been hidden is once again starting to appear.  There may have been a major attempt to “freeze” news and information about it, but it is going to get out anyway.

As for the “frozen/stuck” feeling in terms of the economic/currency/recession situation yesterday; I’m picking up that it is still there but with deep currents swelling underneath the ice.  Even here, little drops of water are starting to push through to the surface, but as yet they feel more like individual drops and not enough to really start a major flood.  When that dam breaks, all heck may come loose but the time doesn’t feel quite right yet .

In fact, today’s energy (and possibly most of the week as well) is very different from last week’s raging, almost seething energy around money, power and anger.  All that stuff hasn’t gone away, but it has sunk below the surface (out of view, hidden by the Moon until the time is ripe again) and I suspect that yesterday’s “freezing” card will continue to lend the appearance of things being “stable” (aka markets don’t do much, currencies don’t fluctuate much, main stream news isn’t much etc) but I think this is all just the calm before the storm (or dam/ice breaking).

So, unless we get a sudden shift in the card and rune patterns over the next 24 to 72 hours; my feeling is this week will have a certain sense of “calm” (or dead air) about it at least on the economic/political front at least in public view.  Privately all kinds of things are probably happening that will soon be revealed if the Lunar energy and Thurisaz continue to make their frequent appearances as daily energy markers.

So, today is a somewhat more active day than yesterday (yesterday’s Isa rune-stave and Cave card could hardly have been less active) but still rather moody and introspective.  The Moon energy tends to be dreamy, easily distracted and tending towards inner work rather than outer display.  There is a risk of “mad” emotions taking over and irrational thoughts or actions; if there are any major disruptions today (on the world/national/news cycle scale; my guess is they are likely to come from this sort of out of nowhere “madness” potential. 

The Thurisaz rune-stave is likely to both provide protection for some but also “prick” at the back of the mind as well.  That nagging feeling that there is “something else” you are supposed to be doing/saying/working on will be there.  Since the Moon also represents the forces of the unconscious mind, it is good to pay attention to these “pricks” of the thorn and review your situation to see if there is anything you actually are forgetting about or have neglected working on (in the physical, mental or spiritual worlds).

But if nothing floats to the surface, and the feelings continue; just concentrate on going forward aware that the energy for today is just going to make these sorts of feelings likely.

Just as the energy is also there for things previously hidden to jump up into the light and force certain issues to be dealt with –

Ready of Not Here We Come!  this is pretty much the motto for today…

The good news is, today is also a great day to explore dreams, fantasies and the unseen (Occult/metaphysical/psychic) world.  A fantastic day for dreams, meditations and shamanic journeys provided you are mentally ready to deal with issues that these may drag up.

So, a mixed day all around; probably quiet on the news front unless something truly mad (lunacy) happens; individuals may have to deal with things they would rather not and a time of likely surprises from unexpected corners.

A quiet day perhaps, but probably not a boring one either…

That’s your card and rune for today, remember you can get your cards and runes, today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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The Card of the Day – Tuesday – Feb 14, 2012

Wow, well for the second day in a row, the card and the rune have almost identical meanings!

This indicates once again that the current energy is very strong, yesterday’s message was Change, and today’s is The Voyage or Raido – The Journey, both the card and the rune are usually positive, at least in the sense of forward motion.  In both cases the Voyage/Journey can be physical, spiritual or sometimes a bit of both.

Raido itself, has strong positive aspects in terms of “positive movement forward,” although it can mean a journey to the underworld (death or shamanic journey) though I don’t feel that particular pull in this case.

Instead, I’m feeling on the one hand a sense of rushing, somewhat chaotic energy, now headed off in the direction it intends to go.  Pretty much a decision has been made, and now the quest shall begin! A strong, positive “whoosh” of energy!

I’m also getting hints of a possible naval war or naval action in the Voyage Card, with its picture of an old-fashioned ship, the sort that could either be used to explore New Worlds or Invade with an Armada, depending on choices made.

In this case I think that choices have been made and the ships are on their way; hopefully the clear and energetic energies will stay on top and the world will explore new ways through the current mine fields and shop short of actual warfare, but the prospect of a Navel battle (or war on the Seas has to be mentioned) though I would vastly prefer simpler “Journey on the Seas” instead.

There could also be new discoveries made today (or at least made public) in Science and other areas, the “Cosmic Sea” feels important here and I’ll personally be watching for events in Space, Astronomy and even Sun Spots as a result.  New information (or stories about) Space Travel would really fit this meme, as would news about  the exploration of New Lands (like the lake at the South Pole).

For individuals a really great day for moving forward, getting started on a new project, travel, travel plans, meditation/shamanic journeys, sports (especially sailing or water related), horses, cars, ships, walking etc.

I have a feeling this energy (like that of Change) will keep moving for a few days yet, even if another energy surfaces to the top tomorrow.

Voyage/Rhaido energy is a bit unusual because it is both Inward and Outward energy depending on how it is focused.  On the one hand it is one of the most active cards around (and I feel this aspect today) but it can also be focused towards the inward and psychic realms (including dreams) to help move people along on their spiritual path.

So, another mixed day, but an amazingly focused one, hang on and enjoy the ride!

That’s your card (and rune) of the day, remember you can get your cards (or runes) any day by getting a personal reading.

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Card of the Day-Weekend Edition-Jan 14-15, 2012

Today’s reading has two sets of cards, I missed several days of reading due to my unhappy shoulder, so I decided to try an extended reading and see what came up.  I re-shuffled the remaining cards, before picking the second group of cards, asking for more information on the first three.

A quick review of these cards would be:

Mother: a maternal energy, an actual mother, a motherly women; can also be protection (Momma Bear), smothering (Momma’s Boy) or even Mother Earth.

The Home: The physical and Spiritual home face, very often ones own home, the place where you feel safe; also can be Homeland/Country or even a spiritual centering.

Yes: A card which can be used in a yes or no question, but also tends to indicate that “yes, something is happening” with the other cards.  In this case, its showing up as the third card was one reason I did the extra cards; because we would like to know “yes, what about Mother and the Home/Homeland?”

So the second set of cards again a basic review:

Prison: feeling trapped, a physical, emotional or psychic prison, stuck-in-fear, hopelessness, depression, the prisoner is too entrapped to even look up to see the sunlight through the window.

The Voyage: a trip, a journey either physical or spiritual, the ship of ones life, the ship of state, moving-forward, sailing on ahead, sailing into the sunset, exploration etc.

Fortune: The man with the lamp seeking a treasure on a winding stair case – card indicates the search for riches (material or spiritual), actual fortunes (and in money, especially earned money), the winding-path of life  (the stair case), hidden secrets/treasure/knowledge.

OK, so that’s the review; what does it mean in terms of a world/western-world energy reading.

The first set of cards tell me that the focus this weekend (and going into next week) is likely to be home and family.  Especially issues that affect Mothers and women directly, also suggests that the Mother/Feminine/Moon/Inward energies continue over from last week into the next one.  We are still in a Mother/female centered energy time period.

The Mother card may also be Mother Earth, and in this case I would expect to see stories about Nature, the Planet etc (both positive and negative).  The Home card in this case could be read as “the earth-our home.”

However, my sense is that while the Planet and Maternal energies are at play here; there are also things going on that direct effect mothers, children, homes and families.  In particular, the issues that Mothers tend to control and involve themselves with the most: food, clothing and sheltering of their children/families.

In the next set, the Prison card indicates a direction that some of these issue may be coming from.  On a personal level a lot of people are likely to feel (or actually be) trapped in their homes.  Or trapped in a situation about their homes, that they can not easily escape.

The Voyage card suggests movement in this area, if positive it could mean a step forward in programs/agreements/paths that allow people to “move/voyage” out of the “trap.”  If negative, the card could indicate a lot of people simply moving on, or moving forward (sailing into the sunset).  There could be some of both, depending on where the family is located and their personal situation.

But, the Voyage card strongly suggests that the “trap” will not last forever, as things will continue to move (sail onward), no matter what.  What we don’t know is if the Mother/Families/Homes are Prisoners on the ship or Free sailors?  That we may have to wait a few more weeks to find out.

Finally the Fortune card can be read in two totally opposite ways here, and my guess is that as the last card, this is the one most likely to be in the not-yet-settled future.  It could be a card of “sailing towards fortune” and if the Prison card were not there, I would suspect this was a lovely bit of good news that things were likely to get better for many folks.

However, with the Prison card, it could mean that fortunes/family fortunes/home fortunes etc., continue to be affected and may be part of the trap.

I’m getting the gut feeling that even more crazy and worrying economic news may be coming out next week that will affect (or cause worry) to Mothers/Families/Homes etc.  If the ride gets really wild (and I’m not sure yet if it will or not) some people may gain fortunes, but others are almost certain to lose them.

Finally, in a good sense; except for the Prison card, the cards are very positive for a Holiday Weekend in the US.  One where people can concentrate on their homes and families, even if their fortunes “trap” them in to celebrating closer to home than they might have otherwise.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Focusing on home and family during troubled times is a great way to move forward on your personal physical and spiritual voyage.

So, enjoy what’s left of the weekend, pay some attention to the news but don’t be over-whelmed by it.  Hopefully we’ll get another card or two on Monday (since Europe does not have a holiday this coming week) to give us a bit more information on where things are heading next.

Those were your cards for the weekend, remember you can get your personal card reading any time;

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Card of the Day – Tuesday – January 10, 2011

Today’s card reading will be brief, as I have managed to hurt my shoulder again, but I wanted to put up the days main energy card with at least a few sentences about it.

The Libido card represents: sexuality, life-force, the garden life (Eden) and also its hidden dangers.  The two peacocks display for each other, for a pea-hen who is not shown on the card, while the snake lurks in the grass beside them.  A lovely water-fall tumbles in the background and the rust colored leaves are an indicator that the Season is Fall, though still early enough for the wild-flowers in the foreground.

This card means today is likely to be another day of strong, vital feeling energies; much like the active Change card of yesterday’s Wheel Card.  It is a great day for romance, out-door activities, colorful costumes, displays of talent.  It is also a day to watch out for unnoticed complications, fights or arguments in relationships and under-handed actions by those you can’t quite see.

In an international sense: look for stories about sex, reproduction, genetics, diseases, ritual combat, posturing, fashion and utopias in the Media.  Some will be serious and interesting, and some are likely to be distracting, part of this energy I think is the direct effect of the change card; nothing makes people feel sexy like a bit of excitement in the air.  The Powers that Be know that and may try to funnel it into distraction with more than usual stories lines about the private lives of public figures or a new sexual “trend/fantasy/amusement.”

But over-all, this should be a good day for most people, a great day to have someone watch the kids (if you can) and go on a “date” with your spouse or if your single; to find joy in a new relationship.

Be watchful for the cards other meanings (like display behavior that gets out of hand) but don’t worry about it too much, being a one-day fashion victim can happen to anyone; just don’t let your friends put the photos up on the web to show your grandkids in forty years (lol).

That’s your card of the day, remember you can get your personal cards today or any day by getting a reading!

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Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – December 21-25

This weekend’s cards are Work, Peace and The Beauty and are a lovely set of cards to have for the this Holiday weekend.  These cards suggest that while Work (and work-employment) matters will still be foremost on the minds of many people, as they celebrate they will have some temporary “Peace” and respite from the over-all situation.  The Beauty card suggests that this is a time when Beauty can be celebrated and individuals (as well as nations/tribes/Peoples) are given a chance to meditate upon what it is beautiful and peaceful in the world.

I think these cards suggest this is a time when hard work, could bring about various forms of peace and beauty in the world, if people will simply choose to do so.  The message is for the entire world, not just individuals; though it may be harder for nations to change course than it is for individual people to take time to concentrate on lessening conflict in their own lives and appreciating the beauty of family and friends.

Finally, the Work-Peace-Beauty card could be a symbol for a temporary lull in the situation in the EU/Finance/War issues that have been in the cards so much lately.  With most of Europe (and the West) on holiday; the financial markets will be closed, and the “peace” card can by a symbol for inactivity (which I think it may be here).  The “Beauty” card has shown up several times as the EU/Financial situation (usually as false beauty or Pride) which is another reason I think part of this card reading is:

Work (attempts to solve situation) is at Peace (stopped/rest) on the Issue of The Beauty (EU/Banking/Finance/Union).

Which does not mean it will not be continued later, as other cards earlier in the week have suggested that Destiny will keep moving in this are even when a break in focus is taking.

But meanwhile, we can all enjoy that break by focusing our personal “Work” on decorating our homes and making each other happy for a while.  Enjoying the Peace and Beauty of the Season.

So have a great Holiday Weekend whatever your Winter Tradition!

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