Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – April 13/14, 2013

yesDestructionBirth Elhaz

I missed reading yesterday for a variety of reasons, but I also had a deep sense that things were very much in flux at least internationally – it now looks like they are starting to settle into their next pattern, at least for the next few days, I wish I liked it better, but thankfully this is a mixed reading rather than a totally negative one.

The first two cards are a real shocker:

Yes and Destruction

Taken together they mean just what they say –

Yes there is (or can be/will be) Destruction

What we don’t know is what type, where or how but we do know that something is likely to be ending (or be destroyed soon).

Remember, not all destruction is bad, destroying polio as a disease was mentioned earlier in the week and that would be something all mankind can benefit from.

On a personal level, I think individuals can concentrate on this sort of creative destruction this weekend, with Spring Cleaning calling for the destruction of dirt and destroying last Winter’s weeds while preparing your new garden good things to focus on (if in the Southern part of the world, you can burn leaves or otherwise perform the tasks of creative destruction needed to get ready for Winter).

The third card is Birth

Birth can be read two ways in the reading and I think there are hints of both here:

The Doom version first

Yes Destruction (is) Born (birthed)

The Brighter Future Option

Yes Destruction but followed by Birth

In the first version, the cards are just telling us that this weekend is the birth of destruction somewhere/some when on the international/current events scene.

My first thoughts would be the situation in Korea getting out of hand, but this could be my own mind focusing because it could be any sort of destruction from something rather minor (the spectacular planned explosion of a building that makes headlines) to a major earth centered or climatic event: earthquake, volcano, tsunami, storms, tornadoes etc.

There has also been building energy for chaotic and destructive forces in the world of finance, currencies and macro-economics – so look for these energies to play out to some degree there.

My serious pull though is towards the possibility of war or general destructive (man supplied) mayhem somewhere; and that tends to get so tangled up with money, oil and gold it is very hard to tell apart sometimes.

I think there is also a window for very serious Earth/natural destruction for the next 48 to 72 hours – this may not occur, but we are still in the latter part of the Dark Moon/New Moon “Earthquake Windows” where the “tidal pull” of the Moon may pull the land as well as the tides.

The Brighter version of this read is:

Yes, there will be Destruction but Birth and Protection will result:

So while one thing/situation/People/Tribes/Nations/Corporation/etc is destroyed a new one is given birth to rise from its ashes.  The creative (or even terrible) destruction results in the new coming forth into being.

This birth is “protected” by the Elhaz/Algiz rune-stave which means “Elk” but is seen as a great symbol of power and protection.  It is also a symbol of prayer, being both antlers but also a stick figure standing with arm’s upraised towards the heavens.

This power run may also strengthen the level of the destruction (so I am suspecting something rather serious on some levels) but also magnify the powers of the birthing and protection aspects for those caught up in the aftermath.

For individuals, this weekend in addition to creative destruction, can be a time for starting new projects (including the making of new people), enjoying family, young animals, new life and all aspects of the Divine and the Other World.

Be aware that this may be a weekend of great changes, some of them sudden and final; if this happens, just remember the power of Elhaz for protection and the promise of the birth of new things to replace what is lost.

Life is about cycles, these cards suggest at the very least the passing of one energy cycle in a rather forceful manner and the moving on towards the new.

The next several weeks should be ones to watch very carefully…

Card of the Day – Thursday – March 7, 2013


Today’s Card is the Castle-Tower (Fortress, Protected Space, Retreat from Danger) and the rune-stave is Elhaz (or Algiz) – Elk/Protection/Divine connections.

This reading is very similar to Tuesday’s Reading, except in that one we had the individual “Body” card with the Elhaz rune, rather than the Castle.

The best way to read this combination is:

The Tower needs/is Protected

It may also be Protected or Connected to the Divine

On Tuesday we had the same message only it was the individual Body that needed and/or was protected – now we see the Fortress/Castle where People/Tribes/Nations can retreat to and hide to protect those bodies.

Basically, it is a screaming, red light that suggests a great need right now for defensive and Divine protection right now, as well as the connections between This World (where the antler starts) and the Other World (where the branches of the Antler Reach).  It is worth noting that another traditional meaning of this stave is the human being reaching their arms out towards the heavens (in prayer or meditation).

The other thing about Elks (Moose in North America) is they are some of the biggest, most powerful animals around and highly dangerous.  Having no real natural predators as adults, they are afraid of almost nothing and will happily walking into speeding cars or trains heedless of the danger.  They power also makes them difficult to predict and almost impossible to manage (unlike deer which can be tamed and kept in large farming operations).  The Elk is the ultimate in wild, big, strong and unpredictable energy.

It is no wonder it was a favorite symbol and totem during in early Europe, though modern people tend to find its rather clumsy looking features the stuff of comedy the Ancient People who lived beside them knew both their strengths and their dangers.

Given the other readings of the past week, I can’t help being concerned that this may be yet more energy signs of a growing threat, possibly an actual physical attack or an attack of some other sort from which both the Body (Individuals) and a larger group (The Castle) need protecting or need to defend against. 

It could be a lone individual or it could be a People/Tribe/Nation threat; it could even be an impersonal threat like a Storm/Earthquake/Volcano/Tsunami/Tornado etc; but whatever it is/are (could be more than one) it must be very strong to keep appearing in the cards day after day for all of this week with hints the week before.

The good news is that BOTH the Castle Tower and the Elhaz Runes are primarily protective/defensive in nature showing that today is a day when the power of defenses and protection is very strong.  That should help ward against whatever is in the works and even if it can’t stop it utterly could go a long way towards diminishing the threat(s) to those it its (or their) path.

On a personal level, these cards are fantastic with their double-protection message suggesting this is a good day for defensive actions, prayer, meditation, connections with the Other-World and personal activities that result in personal safety.  A great day for reviewing your household finances, fire-alarm or other household preparedness planning.  A perfect day for a House-Warding or working on protective meditations and similar magical skills.

The only really down side of this energy can be a tendency to be so self occupied that you become too defensive and “wall-off” those who are close to you.  Use the connected energy of the Elhaz rune to avoid this issue, and remember that those around you are also part of your “Castle” Defenses, especially if they are your own family or very close friends.

A good day over all, but one to keep watch for whatever the threat is that seems almost certain to be on the way.

Card of the Day – Thursday February 2, 2012

Today’s card is Father and the rune of the day is Elhaz (Algiz or Elk/Moose), energies that once again compliment each other but are not exactly the same.

However, since the main association of the Elk Rune is with the Protective/Protection/Hands upraised in Prayer/Standing man, I am more inclined to read the Father card today as a protective card, than as a symbol for something more sinister.

I think there are still echoes in this card/energy of Germany trying to be a “father” to everyone in the EU (a stern, authoritarian and compelling father) but that isn’t the main aspect that is likely to show up today.

Instead, with the Protective Rune Elhaz at his side, today’s Father energy feels more like that shown on the card, the Father as benevolent, caring and protective figure who teaches his son the skills he will need to hunt and be a full adult when he’s grown up.  In this aspect, The Father figure is pointing towards the correct way for this son to shoot his arrow aka the Right Path, rather than then shooting arrows off into the wind.

My sense is that today we may see stories in the MSM about a Father/Father Figure/Leader who actually comes out and suggests some ideas or plans which if followed, might actually help guide the West/Europe/North America in the way that get things going forward in a good and useful way.

There is a certain sense of “Father of the Country” coming out here, the issue being I’m not picking up on exactly which country so it may be “counties” as a group that the energy is working on.

Of course, the flip side of this could be a temptation to extreme nationalism that does not allow for compromise (Dad can be like that sometimes too) so refusal to negotiate may also be in the news today (Iran/Syria/Middle East feels a bit like this actually).

Otherwise, a really good day for individuals with that wonderful protective aspect of the Father energy helping to make us feel safe, guided and heading in the right direction.  A good day to learn new skills, teach others and to plan ahead.

That’s your card (and rune) of the day, remember you can get your cards (or runes) today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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