Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Nov 15-17, 2013

Fortune BeastSeven of Pentaclesnautiz2

Oh my, now this is an interesting mix for the weekend ahead especially in terms of Current Events!  We now go from rather cosmic speculations about Liberation and Magic too much more focused and down to earth matters like MONEY and FORTUNES.

First we have the Fortune Card – which while it can be about other sorts of fortune (anything from spiritual growth to the “fortunes” of war) right now I think this is about the most typical meaning of the card in a Current Events Reading – Great Fortunes/Big Money/Big Finance/Inherited Wealth/Big Business and Big Economics.   I also think there are hints of some of the other meanings of the card here as well, including that of the “Winds of Fortune” or Fate – there is also an aspect of Treasure seeking to this card.  In a positive role, this is The Seeker going forwards towards enlightenment and understanding (or even the average person doing what they can to take care of themselves and earn their “fortune”) but I am not sure this card is in a positive aspect today.

That’s because of the second card, which is the Beast.  The Beast Card represents all those horrible, nasty, violent, aggressive, explosive, lustful, vengeful and just downright nasty Beasts that we all have deep inside us, but most of us learn to regulate on a personal level after we leave early childhood.  While adults vary a great deal in how well they accomplish this task, even relatively unsocial people tend to recognize that throwing an emotional tantrum in the grocery store is  not likely to get them what they want; unlike the two-year old screaming to Mommy that he must have the sugar-coated crunchy box RIGHT NOW—WAAAAAA!

On an international and Current Events scale, the Beast combined with Fortune is not positive combination and indicates fights or at least envy, lust and anger over Money/Fortunes/Economics/Resources etc.   It isn’t necessarily outright war on a gun-slinging battle field, though it can be; but it is certainly not a safe, quiet or calm situation either.  I get an image of livid executives, red-faced in boardrooms and screaming at their minions in frustration about something.

This could be the result of some actual situation in “World Fortunes” that is already happening on the ground, something they are concerned about or something that is being planned but whatever it is – the Fortunes of The Beast have now engaged and it is likely to be a bumpy ride.

Even our Cat’s Eye Tarot Card today is about Money – It is the Seven of Pentacles Kitty – The Seven of Pentacles Kitty is a feral kitty who is in the process of learning to trust and evaluate the pros and cons of becoming domesticated and enjoying a food bowl.  He really appreciates the food dish and when the lady has opened the door before and turns on the light, he knows she will be putting one out for him but it is still early days and he isn’t sure about this new contract between human and cat.  He’s going to have to make a choice: shall he accept the easier life offered by the food dish and the warm house and if he does, what price shall he pay for the warmth and food?

This card usually symbolizes a cross-roads, a time to access and perhaps re-access a program or plan of action towards meeting a goal (aka Seeking your Fortune) but if things are not going as you hoped, it maybe time to switch gears and try a different track or at least really evaluate what you are doing.  This is a time to pause, take a breath and plan the next move forward, because it is a time when you may need to make an adjustment in order to continue to progress (or in the case of the kitty give up a totally free life style in exchange for warmth, love, light and food in a regular dish).

The final entry into this rather intense group of cards is also intense that is the rune Nauthiz, which means NEED or NEED FIRE.  This is the rune of desperation, the rune of using two sticks together to make a fire, the most primitive and difficult way to do so.  By the time of the runes, people were already pretty good with flint and steel, men tended to carry them about on their belts so they could make fire on a moments notice; in contrast rubbing two sticks together means going back in time and working very hard for something that normally would be relatively easy.

But fire, next to water and food is a basic human need without which food can not be cooked, water can not be boiled and in extreme cold people can die without.

This rune combined with The Fortunes at Stake, The Raging Beast, The Re-evaluation of the Seven of Pentacles suggests a GREAT NEED in the worlds of finance/money/fortunes etc probably for a change in direction, re-think or even restart of something.

Unfortunately, because of the Beast Energy, some of these decisions are likely to be based on emotional reactions (including fear) rather than real, thought out and rational reasoning.

However the Need Fire can be a lot of things, with desperation being high on that list so this could also indicate and increasingly grave desperation in terms of that need to make a change, especially in the face of the Angry Beast.

Now the most obvious way I see this energy expressing today is again in North America with the anger over their Health Care Program which is now pitting the forces of the Insurance Industry against a “request” by a President combined with a furious congress and an upset public.  There is certainly a desperate need there for a rethink and perhaps change of direction, this weekend looks to be very interesting in that regard.

I do think this energy is likely to spill over into other areas though, I’m sensing a serious unease, worry and probably growing desperation on the part of the world economic moving and shakers in terms of their being able to keep “The Beast” (aka the current “too big to fail” world of funny money/phantom products/vaporware debt etc) in check and their fortunes intact.

This may be a time period when THEY are taking stock and deciding what prices they are willing to pay for their continued participation in The Beast and it won’t surprise me if a number of individuals or even corporations decide to cash in their chips and get out of the game this weekend (or begin plans to do so).

The energy will also likely spread beyond the areas of just finances and economics, anytime you have the Beast Card you have the threat of violence (real and symbolic) arguments, upsets and above all emotional rather than rational responses to anything.

That applies to individuals as well as current events – so this is a good weekend to concentrate on making sure your fortunes are not threatened by unreasoning behavior and make sure your decisions are based on real needs and now the demands of your inner two-year old.

Card of the Day – Tuesday – May 21, 2013


*Note you can go to the web page  for downloading this weeks audio reading  by clicking here.

Today’s card is Work (spiritual/physical/mental) and the rune is Eiwaz (Yew Tree/Transformation/Death/Endings/Cycles).

Yesterday we saw the Friendship card and the Need rune capture the energies of pretty much how the US and the world have reacted to the tornadoes in Oklahoma and the Stars Card/Hagalaz/Puzzles/Strike energies certainly play themselves out there as well.  Hopefully this terrible tragedy is the full expression of this energy that has been building for several weeks, I am not certain this is all of it (neither is my husband The Rune Master) but I want to stay hopeful none the less.  Certainly is was “an” amazing expression of the energy if not “the” only materialization of it.

Thankfully the Friends in Need or Friends needing Friends energies will also be out there in abundance today as people reach out and help each other pick up their lives.

The work plus transformation/ending combination suggests a least a different energy focus is coming to the surface today.  Once again we seem to have return to mundane jobs/work/support issues although, of course, there will also be a terribly large amounts of work needed to recover both the living and the dead from the path of the sky-monster (Eiwaz again) and the need to deal with a transformed landscaped left it the wake of such a beast.

But I’m not seeing and either/or type of reading here rather and-this and also-this type of reading, with both the physical, mental and spiritual work needed to transform (and re-transform) the affected areas, as being one way the energy is expressed (and the Friends in Need) Also,  there is the mundane area of jobs and how we support ourselves that for many folks are going to be transformed and perhaps be forced, to look at in a new way.

Again, of course they are in parts of the tornado hit landscape but I think in other parts of the US and the world as well.  Work/Jobs/Employment etc is continuing both its death (not a good day for job numbers) and its transformation (what is mundane work, what is a job and how does it support a family?).

There are also aspects of spiritual and mental work being transformed, reshaped and renewed in this reading, though they are not necessarily as clear as the more current physical world issues that are causing problems for jobs/employment and even employers directly in the energy spotlight.

So this is likely to be a 24 to 48 hour period where in addition to the tornado news (and all the surrounding stories about work/workers/rescue-workers/jobs lost/production costs etc) I think there are likely to be other stories just below the radar that are about jobs/changes/employment patterns/changing/being reformed/refinanced/reflected upon/re-thought etc.

It is also highly possible that in some States, Washington DC and other World Capitols there will be some reevaluation of the role of benefits for those out of work and of the rights/obligations/expectations of both management and labor.

The Public Sector Worker’s Unions in conference with the Irish State Authorities is a perfect example of this sort of energy as both sides work to “transform” some job duties and “die” eliminate others.

For individuals a day when your regular job may hold some surprises (in either direction) also a good day for labor organizers or creative managers to overhaul things a bit.

A day also when lay-offs or other “endings” of jobs could occur, even the end of one project and the start of another an excellent day for events like that.

A day when even more than yesterday – Work – either paid or unpaid; voluntary or involuntary; Physical, Mental or Spiritual is at the forefront of things with the home and even friendships fading more into the background.

Now is the time to leave your home-base/cave and get out even beyond meeting with your pals and start thinking about getting back to work.

Over-all this is a positive sign because if this more active/outward energy trend continues it could mean that the worst of the “hide inside your home/cave and not come out” energy is waning or has least been pushed back for a time.  Either change would be positive contribution towards allowing most people to go forward and get on with other interests and activities in their lives.

So a cautiously positive reading at least on an individual level, as long as personal work does not suffer either from outside issues (like a lay off) or from jumping too quickly from a passive/hiding energy period to an active outward focused one.

Keep yourself in charge, go slowly but do move as the energies move and you should be fine. or at least less affected by the sudden jolts or stops,  that both the Work Card and/or Eiwaz can sometimes bring with them.

A good motto for this time period is:

You keep yourself focused on your “work,” even when those around you are caught up in the disruptions/transformations of the moment.

Card of the Day – Monday – May 20, 2013


*Note the link to the Weekly Audio Reading download will be posted on the Home Page of this website as soon a TMRN Radio Network has a chance to upload it, probably sometime today.

Today’s card is Friendship and the rune stave is Nauthiz (need/need-fire/desperation).

Now that’s a very interesting combination and suggests that on a Current Events level the Geopolitical aspects of the “Star” and “Puzzle” cards featured in this week’s projected audio reading may be taking center stage, at least for the next 24 hours.  We do continue to see more active physical manifestations of the Star/Sky/Look at Below energy in the forms of tornadoes (and bad storms), continued solar flares, more media news about near-Earth asteroids and even the International Space Station.

But today (and to a lesser degree this working-week) is likely to see some strong issues that involve Peoples/Tribes/Nations and today their focus is on Friendships/treaties/alliances etc or with the Nauthiz rune (Need fire/Desperate Need) their not-so-friendly relationships with each other.

This week is likely to be a time when some countries/corporations/organizations/agencies etc, are going to be in desperate need of some help from their friends and may or may not receive it.

While Friendship is a good card over-all, there is always the aspect of the fourth “friend” whose hand we see on the card and who may or may not be about to join the others at the table.

We don’t really know if this person is a friend or not, or even if they are if they will upset that careful balance formed by the alliance of the three friends who are already tightly seated at the table.

This is the sense I am getting off this card today on a Current-Events level, something or someone(s) may be about to upset the apple cart and something or someone(s) (probably not the trouble-maker) is likely to desperately need some help from one of the others.

I think this may be flagging a larger event on the horizon, something that could even be the first (or second) steps towards something very serious such as resignations, legal issues, conspiracy or even actual battles and warfare.

Whatever it is, it has the potential to destabilize an existing friendship or treaty network and great need (or possibly suffering) may result from this.

Also, I have to point out that my husband the rune-master associates the Nauthiz Rune with the spark of the nuclear explosions that happen naturally in stars but are directed by man for use in the creation of power generation as well as destructive weapons.

I’m not going to go so far as to say that this week, we are going to see a manifestation of any of these three forms of nuclear sparks in a destructive form but the energy is there (especially with the Star Card and the Puzzle) that might make such an event easier to take place (including a solar flare, nuclear accident or even nuclear weapons which surely would affect the “friendships” between various nations).

Lets hope the sticks rubbing together that form the ancient need-fire are not this sort of spark, or if it is, it is a helpful manifestation like progress in safer forms of nuclear energy production or radiation in medical treatment.

That said, I have a real feeling that even if we miss-out on the more drastic forms of need-fire, there is still a lot of potential for the alliances and blocks of various national entities to look rather different from the way they do right now – perhaps by the end of the week or because energies can take a while to settle, may be put in motion this week but then expressed over the next weeks or months.

This may be true in the world of business, finance, media and other areas as well – look for corporate mergers (or break-ups) banking centers to merge and shift, media outlets to reorganize etc…with a special eye to financial centers like London, New York, Singapore, Dubai etc. not sure why but feel they are all places to “watch” especially with the idea of friendship (or unfriendship) and need/desperation in mind.  This may or may not have something to do with gold/silver or other forms of cash/stocks/bonds etc, but I just feel something niggling there.

Meanwhile, for individuals we can translate this another way:

Friends need friends especially in needful or desperate times…

Yes, unlike the last two weeks where the energy was all pretty much focused on the home, the cave, hiding, taking care of those under your own roof; this week’s energy points towards the inclusion of friends (especially close friends) and your friendship network as a way to cope with emotional, physical and spiritual needs during the joys and trials of the week to come.

This week it is in those you trust and get along with who are going to be your best source of comfort and inspiration, so instead of just sticking inside your personal cave it is time to get out at least a bit and visit other caves and perhaps even central hearths (like the pub in the picture which UK and Irish readers will recognize as the “Corner Local”) where good friends can meet, share a “pint” to celebrate and perhaps even unload a bit on each other; but in general help hold each other up in all sorts of emotional and even physical ways.

The Nauthiz rune does suggest a week when a lot of people are going to be feeling rather stressed, desperation, needy and worried; but the recommended coping method this week is not just to stay home with a bowl of comfort food but to get out a bit and share some of it with your best friend.

So, while we have some very worrying aspects of this reading in terms of international relationships, for personal ones it looks like this is a week to stand on old friendships as well as make a few new ones.

So, a rather more out-ward/active focused week than the last two or three; still within a small circle (rather than racing around in the outer world) but at least expanded a bit from the personal hearth and home.

That’s today’s reading, if you would like a personal reading you can get information by clicking here!


Card of the Day – Early Edition for Monday 3/18/13


Welcome to a first here at card of the Day – Early Edition done at 12:20am Irish time so it is Monday, just very early here.

I decided to do this because the news coming out of Europe (which seems to have been spot on for Friday’s reading predicting a possible economic problem that could rock the foundations of the world tree.  With the tiny Island of Cyprus in the starring role for the first possible confiscation of actual depositor funds (stealing directly from customer’s bank accounts) in modern times.  It seems the EU/IMF/German (remember all those money, liar and Greater Germany Readings) has demanded such a “solution” and destroyed any pretense that the EU small deposit insurance is worth anything (answer no).

I had a feeling that how this plays out tomorrow both in terms of large investors/stock markets/currency exchanges and in terms of possible bank runs (in Cyprus perhaps moving elsewhere in Europe) might be reflected in the card and rune-stave but I was surprised just how clear today’s Current Event message is:

Fortune – wealth, fortunes, physical and spiritual wealth

Rhido – riding/travel/ movement/horses/racing

So what we have here is very clear, today is likely to be a day when Great Fortunes may be “riding” on the outcome.  Also massive of money are likely to travel in all sorts of directions, with stock markets and currencies flying about like race-horses.

Whatever the eventual outcome, this WILL BE, the major serious energy tomorrow (even if is not broadcast, but I think it will be).

I can also say that after Friday’s reading, this is going to be a REALLY BIG DEAL, because even if the local brush fire is put out, there is still a huge amount of change in fortunes going on – massive changes that will not be able to be ignored.

As individuals, take precautions depending on where you live (I suggest anyone in Southern Europe have some cash on hand, just in case the ATM’s crash out for a few days).  Everywhere else, it probably isn’t a bad idea either but perhaps not as urgent.

However, tomorrow is a good day to look towards you own families personal Fortunes (physical and spiritual) because you want to make sure the “ride” is a helpful and fortunate direction.

I may do a second reading later today if the news really “runs away” but if not, hold on tight until Tuesday and whatever you do, don’t totally ignore the actual Current Event’s news.  At the first sign of problems, grab your money and run…



Card of the Day – Ides of March (15th) Weekend, 2013

Beware the Ides of March – Idus Martii – “William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Act 1, Scene II”.

Well, after a week of taking some rather nasty medications that has seen me feeling better over-all but much less psychic than normal; I decided I need to at least take a peek at what might be in store for the next few days and pass it on to my readers.

This was partly prompted, because of the Stock market headlines this afternoon along with other rather dire-economic news in very places.

So well, I asked my usual, “What is the most important energy(s) for the next 48 to 72 hours?” weekend question I was also drawn to the world economic situation while reading.

After I had my card laying face down (I still don’t know what they are yet) I felt a strong sense that the rune would be the key to this reading, that without it, the cards would not make sense which proves to be the case.

Because our cards are:

The Inquirer (the person asking the question, in this case pretty much my Readers/The World/The Individuals that make up the whole)

The Tree (The foundation, The roots of the Situation, The leaves and sprouts of that Tree, Also THE WORLD TREE and The TREE OF LIFE)

Yes (The answer is YES)

Taken alone these cards have a sort of “say what?” reaction to them, because it is the wrong time of year for Yule and a bit late to be planting trees out in the Northern Nations of the planet.

But then we have the rune, Thurisaz (Thorn) this rune can mean torch (as in lighting up a torch in a darkened room) or to Prick (as in pricking and blowing up a balloon).

Based on these cards and the images in my head (along with a general pattern of money/economic/employment issues in a lot of readings over the past few months) I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that:

This weekend (or soon after, going into the next couple of weeks) there are very strong energies out there that could lead both to the exposure (torch) of what threatens “The Roots/World Tree” and lead to the explosion (pricking) of the economic bubble (or current situation that has been allowed to expand).

There could be other ways to read this, including a political situations going “pop” (as in possible war or just political upheaval somewhere) or other non-economic ways to play out these forces.  Earthquakes, or other strong geological changes could also tie in and/or explain this reading.

But whatever they are (and they “feel” economic at least in part) they are a direct hit to the “World Tree” because that is what I was concentrating on while asking the question.

However I look at them though, they seem a rather properly doom laden forecast for such a traditionally fated sort of day.

On the other hand, individuals can use all these energies (including the Thurisaz rune) for a rather positive and enlightening weekend.  Because without the context of the over-all world/threat question, most of the energies in this reading are largely positive.

Household may experience some individual backlash from the over-all energy, especially in terms of mid-month finances, but over-all a great weekend to put down roots and enjoy your family, but pay special attention to their emotional needs.

Card of the Day – Wednesday – Feb 13, 2013


My Internet just crashed and took the entire reading with it and I’m simply don’t have time to repeat the entire reading but the summary goes like this:

Today’s card is Money and the rune is Isa (Ice/Frozen) this means that for both individuals and the world monetary system the energy is there for the next 24 to 48 hours for “gridlock” or “money-freezing” banking computers “freezing” and even the stock market “becoming frozen.”

Expect problems when accessing money or with bank details, expect to see current events stories about “frozen assets” and bank defaults.  Other possible macro-issues are stock market problems, frozen interest rates, currency trades etc., etc..anything wealth or economic wise is likely to stop flowing easily and may even stop it its tracks.

Today is a day to avoid making any serious financial decisions if you can, and if you can’t expect a certain amount of delay and frustration; especially in terms of loans or other applications that have paperwork that can stall out easily.

I sense this energy is partly a continuation of Monday’s Fehu rune but this time the attention is drawn to the wealth and money aspects of that rune, rather than the sexuality.  So in some ways this reading continues one of the two major themes of this week which logically enough are Money and Sex (or Wealth and Love if you prefer).

This reading could even be weather related with “ice” or (snow and ice) being a source for issues around money.  It could be a simple as ATMs and banks not working in some areas due to bad weather and “frozen” wires, power outages etc.

Hopefully tomorrow the energy will change slightly, until then try to put off serious financial stuff as much as possible and don’t be surprised if you suddenly find your money flow “frozen” for a day or two.


Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Jan 25-27, 2013

The computer just ate a very long and complex reading, which I simply don’t have time to totally repeat, but I am posting the cards here and a brief explanation (or at least some educated guesses about them) and may post an update later in the weekend.

Today’s highly complex reading suggests that something either never will happen (or will seem like it will never happen) that is being directed, controlled or influenced by a powerful female force/individual(s)/power and that Peace (or Never-Peace) will be part of the outcome.  Tiwaz our rune of Justice/Law/Trail by Combat/Karma/Sky Father/Lightning God/Tyr suggests once again a Just or Justified conflict.

Making this even more layered is that the Beauty Card can be a Beautiful women (or Female Power) but it can also be a Vain, Self-Absorbed or Self Centered one.  Someone(s) so stuck on their own reflection that they can’t see what is going out right outside their line of vision.  They are not looking at where they are going, rather at the widow and the lovely outer-form it reveals.

My take on this in terms of current events is two-fold – one is that it reflects the past weeks hearings where a “powerful Women/female force” tried Justify what happened in a conflict, one in which there will “never” be Peace (or perhaps never be a peaceful outcome of the situation being described).  This of course is Hillary Clinton testifying before the “court” of congress and public opinion, going as far to bang her fist on the table to “justify” what happened.  It will probably “never” work, but she had to try.

However, the Beauty Card can also be “America the Beautiful herself” and/or “The Beautiful Dream” of a “United Europe” and has shown up in both of those contexts before.  Again, the cards suggests that both are experiencing their “beauty” in the more negative aspects of vanity and self-absorption as opposed to female power used for real peace and stability.  At the moment, the never card suggests that both of those are rather far away and that the Tiwaz rune may be used selfishly for justification, but also exists on its own representing both trial by combat and that ultimate of laws – Karma.

Finally, for individuals; probably a weekend when some things just don’t ever seem to work out as planned, often for rather legalistic reasons (no  you can’t go for drive because your insurance expires on Saturday, it is now Sunday and the office isn’t open until Monday sorts of things).  Other tasks will pass blissfully by, especially those that require more “female” types of intuition and are aimed at settling things down.

So, a lot of really complicated and sometimes conflicting energies this weekend; not so bad for the average person, but watch current events and especially female leaders and female identified nations for signs of impending conflicts.  Also watch for conflicts arising out of currency, money, greed and self interests and/or conflicts that result from just not paying attention to what is really going on.

Card of the Day – Thursday – January 24, 2013

Today – 3 cards came out stuck together and they make a very interesting combination: The Warrior, Now and Yes

The Warrior Card usually means either the man in a romance reading or an actual warrior (either physical or spiritual).  Especially a defensive type of warrior as the knight on the card is looking out and keeping watching with his sword down.  Sometimes this is also a card of wars and battles.

The Now Card suggests something happening now or very soon; there are also “harvest” aspects in the sense of “what has been planted is now being harvested.”

The Yes card tells us that “Yes” something is happening or has permission to happen.

The Wunjo Rune – is usually translated as “joy” but can also be “Joy in Battle” and/or “The Clan Banner.”

Norse and early Germanic people (men at least) saw “Joy in combat” when conflicts were going their way; battles were also a chance to display, show off bravely, insure ones entered Valhalla after death etc.  Fighting for one’s “Clan” or “Clan Banner” would have also been seen as bringing “joy” and making the ancestors happy with their current crop of descendents.

In a current events reading for today, I think this energy is certainly flagging the events of yesterday; that of the US deciding to allow women in full combat roles in the their military.  This is a HUGE sea-change for the US, but in many ways simply goes back to the old ways (again in a Germanic or even Celtic context) where most women were not warriors but a few that had the ability and interest were.

While this might not personally bring “joy” to me, I can see how it would to many military women who have felt their careers have suffered under the old restrictions.  It certain suggests a new era in warfare, especially for the United States.

However, while that is the most obvious outcome of this energy (and also suggests the uproar about it isn’t over yet) I think there is another meaning to the cards that was flagged earlier in the week.  I think there is still the likely hood of war, perhaps with “money” and “fortunes” being at risk and/or involved.

Which in no way takes away from the fact that in some ways the Tiwaz Rune of Monday is almost certainly partly about the “Justice” of women reaching equality in combat (there were also court cases pending that might have forced this).

It just means the runes and cards are likely to be valid on more than one level – short-term women in the military, slightly longer term this war and/or conflict brewing over borders/treaties/laws etc., where fortunes and money are at risk (both up and down).

On a personal level, this is a good day for individuals to know when to stand their ground and be on the defensive.  Protect what you have and take joy in your clan (family) and friends.  This is a very pro-active day, when things that need doing can get done; a day when they may go more quickly than usual especially if they involved protection of the home, self or even spirit.

A great day for vision quests and spiritual warding, house cleanings etc.



Card of the Day – Tuesday – January 22, 2012


This may be a short reading today because the computer has already gone down once and taken the reading with it (weather is very cold today, may be problems on the lines).

But to sum up, today’s card is Money and the rune is Raido (riding, travel, movement).  This is on the heals of yesterday’s Fortune/law/Justice/conflict reading, and I’m sure the two our tied together.

The difference is that Fortunes (physical or spiritual) represent gatherings of great wealth over a period of time; whereas money is more likely to be currency or whatever is being used for making daily purchases both personal and international.  It doesn’t really matter if money is made of shells, beads, coins or gold; it is a symbol that represents wealth but it not actually wealth itself.  Money is what people agree to accept in exchange for things; that can (and does) change over time, sometimes very quickly.

Real Wealth, is also shown on this card by the farmer planting his fields, he can’t see the coins buried in the earth unless he digs them up with his plow.  But even without them, if he works hard and the weather favors him he will have a “wealth” of physical items that he can eat or trade.

Today I think this card is mostly signally a change in energy around Money as currencies as in: Money (Currency) Travels aka the next 24 to 48  hours would be a time to look for major currency moves, speculations, stock markets going up or down suddenly, and even travel affected by money (cancellation of programs, vacations, contracts etc).   The reverse may also be true for some nations/corporations/people with the “move” in Money being to their benefit and new “movement” forward taking places (as well as some backwards).

On a personal level, today is a day when money is “moving” so a good day to pay attention if you have investments or are relying on a check coming in to make your bills.  A day when making investments, bets or taking on new monetary projects can result in wild swings either way; the energy is there both for the “making” of fortunes and the “unmaking” of them.  Even if you are feeling lucky, today is not a day to risk what you don’t have; but if you do have extra to risk, the results might be worth it.

Note, this is not financial advice, anyone doing any sort of investment or work with money should seek the advice of someone qualified to do so before making any such plans or decisions.

I suspect in a few days we will have a better idea just where money/currencies/fortunes are going; but right now what we do know is:

They may be involved in legal conflicts/contracts/judgments/treaties (yesterday)

They are likely to be moving/traveling/riding swiftly pretty shortly but in what directions we do not yet know (today).

It is also very possible that the decisions reached in the judgment(s) of both courtroom and conflicts are going to play a decisive role in the direction the Money takes.

It should also be noted that if I have missed something and/or the energies are actually working more on older sorts of wealth than things like crops, commodities, oil, food, shipping etc may also be affected.  This is not exclusive of the hard “currency” issues in any case but this feels more like “money” as in currency more than “wealth” as in crops/livestock etc at least for right now, in this reading.

Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Dec 28 – 30, 2012


As noted  yesterday there seems to have been a major energy change over the holidays and we continue to see that in this weekend’s projected reading.

The Cards – Work, Yes and Tree are all pretty positive as is the Marriage/Gift rune Gebo.  As in most readings there are pros and cons but I will start with the positives first.

The Work Card usually means mundane work such as jobs, it can be spiritual work or progress; but in a current events reading employment/jobs/progress forward are usually what is implied.  Especially since jobs/employment/unemployment etc., have been such a huge feature of both US, EU and even world-wide attention recently, I’m calling this as the most likely reference to this card at this time.

The Yes Card suggests that some question or something has the answer of “yes” and/or permission to go forward or continue.  Combined with work the most logical reading is “Yes-Work” or “Yes-Employment.”  I’ll get into alternatives in a moment for now, again we take the most likely and most positive reading first.

I am giving this a positive spin because of the Tree Card and the Gebo rune – The Tree represents stability, putting down roots, the People/Tribe/Nation/Family (Tree) under consideration.  It brings together both roots and branches into a whole and strong truck.

The Gebo/Gift rune is still the root word for marriage in several Northern languages.  It suggests a marriage, treaty alliance or even the “gift” of something that bathes the proceeding cards in an atmosphere of cooperation.

So the energy is there (if chosen) for a way forward to be found on employment and the basic building of the family/national “tree” as it were through “marriage” or Gift (giving in a little) during the weekend.

My guess is that this bodes well for potentials on the “fiscal cliff” issue in the US that will require the US political parties to “marry” to give the gift of solution and/or employment (or perhaps a deal on unemployment/benefits etc).

However, first the reading could be about something other than North American and I’m just not picking up on it yet.  And/or while the energy is there for a compromise, the individuals involved must choose to take it.  Human beings being what they are, this is not a given but a potential.  Hopefully those involved will use the energy flows to move forward rather than backwards.  If they refuse the “gift” of compromise and marriage than this reading can swiftly turn into “Work/Unemployment Yes they affect the tree and her Marriage (Union)” and not for the best either.

Given all those threats to “Union” cards a few weeks ago, I am hopeful those responsible will take the choice to move into the first (and highly positive) future and prevent (or at least lessen the impact) of the second.

For individuals, a wildly positive weekend and a great way to move into the new Year.  This is a good time for looking at both physical and spiritual work and how to move forward and put down roots in where you really want to be in your life.  The energy is all positive in this direction, even if you are unemployed in the mundane world, there are powerful forces that can help you go forward in the spiritual realm at this time.  Those same forces can then be focused towards the roots of your own tree and your own situation, to hopefully bring about the best prospects for being self (or family) supporting in the future.  Finding the right contract, the right situation, the perfect “marriage” is more likely now and going into the New Year.

Finally, this is the perfect weekend for a Winter Marriage or taking vows of any kind; be wise in your choices, be willing to work at them and plant strong trees for the future.

Later this weekend I hope to publish a brief: cards for 2013 so we can get a general energy pattern for the year.  I’ll compare them for what was picked for 2013 last year, knowing that because energies are fluid they can be subject to change and the closer you are to an event/time period the more likely they are to sort themselves out.