Card of the Day-Weekend Edition-Jan 14-15, 2012

Today’s reading has two sets of cards, I missed several days of reading due to my unhappy shoulder, so I decided to try an extended reading and see what came up.  I re-shuffled the remaining cards, before picking the second group of cards, asking for more information on the first three.

A quick review of these cards would be:

Mother: a maternal energy, an actual mother, a motherly women; can also be protection (Momma Bear), smothering (Momma’s Boy) or even Mother Earth.

The Home: The physical and Spiritual home face, very often ones own home, the place where you feel safe; also can be Homeland/Country or even a spiritual centering.

Yes: A card which can be used in a yes or no question, but also tends to indicate that “yes, something is happening” with the other cards.  In this case, its showing up as the third card was one reason I did the extra cards; because we would like to know “yes, what about Mother and the Home/Homeland?”

So the second set of cards again a basic review:

Prison: feeling trapped, a physical, emotional or psychic prison, stuck-in-fear, hopelessness, depression, the prisoner is too entrapped to even look up to see the sunlight through the window.

The Voyage: a trip, a journey either physical or spiritual, the ship of ones life, the ship of state, moving-forward, sailing on ahead, sailing into the sunset, exploration etc.

Fortune: The man with the lamp seeking a treasure on a winding stair case – card indicates the search for riches (material or spiritual), actual fortunes (and in money, especially earned money), the winding-path of life  (the stair case), hidden secrets/treasure/knowledge.

OK, so that’s the review; what does it mean in terms of a world/western-world energy reading.

The first set of cards tell me that the focus this weekend (and going into next week) is likely to be home and family.  Especially issues that affect Mothers and women directly, also suggests that the Mother/Feminine/Moon/Inward energies continue over from last week into the next one.  We are still in a Mother/female centered energy time period.

The Mother card may also be Mother Earth, and in this case I would expect to see stories about Nature, the Planet etc (both positive and negative).  The Home card in this case could be read as “the earth-our home.”

However, my sense is that while the Planet and Maternal energies are at play here; there are also things going on that direct effect mothers, children, homes and families.  In particular, the issues that Mothers tend to control and involve themselves with the most: food, clothing and sheltering of their children/families.

In the next set, the Prison card indicates a direction that some of these issue may be coming from.  On a personal level a lot of people are likely to feel (or actually be) trapped in their homes.  Or trapped in a situation about their homes, that they can not easily escape.

The Voyage card suggests movement in this area, if positive it could mean a step forward in programs/agreements/paths that allow people to “move/voyage” out of the “trap.”  If negative, the card could indicate a lot of people simply moving on, or moving forward (sailing into the sunset).  There could be some of both, depending on where the family is located and their personal situation.

But, the Voyage card strongly suggests that the “trap” will not last forever, as things will continue to move (sail onward), no matter what.  What we don’t know is if the Mother/Families/Homes are Prisoners on the ship or Free sailors?  That we may have to wait a few more weeks to find out.

Finally the Fortune card can be read in two totally opposite ways here, and my guess is that as the last card, this is the one most likely to be in the not-yet-settled future.  It could be a card of “sailing towards fortune” and if the Prison card were not there, I would suspect this was a lovely bit of good news that things were likely to get better for many folks.

However, with the Prison card, it could mean that fortunes/family fortunes/home fortunes etc., continue to be affected and may be part of the trap.

I’m getting the gut feeling that even more crazy and worrying economic news may be coming out next week that will affect (or cause worry) to Mothers/Families/Homes etc.  If the ride gets really wild (and I’m not sure yet if it will or not) some people may gain fortunes, but others are almost certain to lose them.

Finally, in a good sense; except for the Prison card, the cards are very positive for a Holiday Weekend in the US.  One where people can concentrate on their homes and families, even if their fortunes “trap” them in to celebrating closer to home than they might have otherwise.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Focusing on home and family during troubled times is a great way to move forward on your personal physical and spiritual voyage.

So, enjoy what’s left of the weekend, pay some attention to the news but don’t be over-whelmed by it.  Hopefully we’ll get another card or two on Monday (since Europe does not have a holiday this coming week) to give us a bit more information on where things are heading next.

Those were your cards for the weekend, remember you can get your personal card reading any time;

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Card of the Day – Thursday December 29, 2011

Today’s card is The Sage, and is a perfect card to come up towards the end of the “old” year; The Sage card indicates wisdom, learning, experience and the gathering of knowledge.  The old hooded man in the picture is not only reading books, he is entering in his own notes and writing new chapters as well.

The Sage/Wisdom has also been noticeably absent among the cards of late, and it is a very good sign to see it showing up now.  With the recent visits of The Stranger Card, we now have two new energies coming up and influencing the world.  While the Stranger’s role is unclear, Wisdom is almost always a good thing, at least when it is listened to.  The only real down side of this card can be a tendency to “stick with the old ways” when they are no longer working and/or when the Wise themselves become “fooled” by conventional “Wisdom.

While I do sense a bit of this influence in the cards (as a caution to watch out for) over-all I see it as a highly positive influence.  A further suggestion along with Yesterday’s Cards that yes things can be liberated (or set free) if totally new ideas and plans are put forward (Yes-The Stranger-Liberation). 

Of course, one of the problems with “Sage Advice” is that it can be very hard for some folks to hear, must less act upon.  But the energy today makes it likely that some very practical and useful advice probably is out there floating around and that this time period is a short window, when it might be acted upon. 

I wish I knew exactly what that advice was, but I’m as much in the dark towards direct suggestions as most of my reader’s probably are.  But this card urges me to send the message that there are solutions out there; and while totally new, like the Sage they combine elements of past knowledge with new forward thinking and combining of ancient ideas. 

I also sense that these proposals are going to be met with a very skeptical response from a system unused to drastic changes that it doesn’t feel in control of and that other “white-heads” will try to make the proposals sound “crazy, hasty, unworkable etc.” 

There is even a chance that the ideas will hardly see the light of day, so threatening will they seem to the already established system (and those kept wealthy and powerful by it). 

But, it is there and this is a time when it could leak out – so keep your eyes peeled for obscure stores about new and fantastical seeming ideas for change.  The New Year period is often when such “visions” are put forth, and while may are simply mirages (or hopes) of the well-intentioned, this year there may be a true gem stone flashing in the sunlight if we can only see it through the mid-Winter gloom.

Meanwhile, today is a fantastic day for students, learning of all sorts, taking up new tasks, reading books, honoring the elderly or even baking great-grandmother’s cake recipe with you kids. 

This “quiet” time between one year and the next feels like a “pivot point” going into next year.  What happens in the next few weeks could very well determine the path into (and out of) 2012…

We’ll keep reading the cards to see if we can get further hints as to what may be coming.

That’s your card for today, remember you can get your cards for today or anything by getting a personal reading.

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Card of the Day – Tuesday December 27, 2011

Today’s card is the Sun, a nice warming card and perfect for this time of year as we have just passed the Winter Solstice (in the North) and can look forward to the sun spending a bit more time with us each day (for the next six months).

It is also a welcome change from yesterday’s more dire energy cards, and while I don’t for a moment think those energies have gone away; this card indicates that all the world’s focus is not completely dominated by doom and gloom.  Now, the Sun may “shine some light” on some of the issues that came up yesterday (and continue to come up) and with greater light can come greater understanding of the entire picture.

But the Sun also represents the renewal of Spring, the coming of the warm times; the planting of seeds and the harvest itself.  Life, which the Sun makes possible, combines with man’s efforts to earn a living and prosper.

This time of Year, the Sun is also a focus for people in the Northern climes because we see so little of it, yet this card reminds us that it will return and with its return another chance on the wheel of the year; a chance to plant new seeds and watch them grow.

Of course not all seeds are crops, some are weeds and need removal in order for the crops to grow properly.  The Sun also brings light to help us find them and root them out before they destroy the plants we want; of course in order to find the weeds we have to pay attention and be looking for them.

I think this is how this card ties into those of yesterday.

If we pay attention to where the light leads us, we may be able to mitigate some of the “Destruction” at least in our own personal lives.  We don’t have to stay “trapped” in the dark, even if much of the world is still ensnared.  We know The Sun is there, even if it has gone behind a cloud for a few hours.

For individuals, this is a great card for daily energy; it is warm, strong, hopeful and celebratory.  It is a very “active” card, so a good day for outward focused and physical activities like sports, personal hobbies, mundane job, travel and planning.  A good day to work outside if you can, cutting wood or planning next year’s garden plots.

While a good day for meditation, especially when seeking information on problems that have “kept you in the dark,” by and large this is not the best day for doing inward focused work.  Divination is best done in an active manner (like dousing, astrology or cards) rather than trance or medium-ship.

Finally a great day to get out your amber collection and wear some out into the Winter (or Summer) sunlight.  Amber is a perfect “sun-stone” not only is it attractive but if you don’t have enough sunshine it will tend to magnify the sun’s energy and if you have too much sunshine can absorb the excess for later.

So, all in all a pretty good energy day – enjoy!

That’s your card for today, remember you can get your personal cards today or any day by getting a reading,

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Card of the Day, Thursday Nov 10, 2011

Today’s reading is again very brief as I have an urgent appointment I have to run too, tomorrow’s reading will be the full three-day weekend reading and we can catch up.

However, my readers should know that the main energy of the day is The Home, this is a card indicating that it is a good day to focus on family and issues that directly affect the home.

On a macro scale, look for stories about “homes” such as more problems with under-water home-loans, banks that hold such loans, things that affect the “home-front” (aka homeland during war or even “police actions,” and even news stories about the quality of home “life” and the work-life balance.

I also get a sense that this card is offering a partial solution to what the world is facing and that is to “think local, not global” when it comes to personal and even national solutions.  Once again we have the energy not exactly of “looking out for number one,” but of taking care of yourself, your family, your friends or even you nation first; in able to be able to have some to give to others later. 

I also sense strong EU over tones here, more talk of some countries leaving the Euro or actually leaving it in the next few days are possible…not certain, but possible.

That’s your card of the day, remember you can get your cards today or any day by ordering a reading.

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Card of the Day-Wednesday Nov 9, 2011

Today’s card is The Skills, with a qualifier card of The Scales; while I’m trying to get back to one-card readings, I really felt the skills card alone was not enough to read with today.  I wanted to know what sorts of skills and what they were needed for. 

The answer is both cryptic and interesting, The Scales card indicates a decision that is being weighed in the balance or not yet been made.  This suggests the exact nature of skills needed to do well in this current time period (on a world-wide scale) are not yet known for certain because a major decision or “tipping point” has not yet been decided or reached.

This being the case, we can still read the first card to mean that “good skills” are going to be needed and I suspect that on a macro reading that could include the skills of diplomacy, treaties, international-finance, intelligence (and counter-intelligence aka spies) and most of all “right” leadership.

Meanwhile, although not the primary energy of the day, the Scales indicated that something is being decided (or being decided for) much of the world right now and it “hangs out there” “in the balance” waiting for something to tip it one way or the other.

Once more apples fall from the tree, we may have a better idea which way they are going to tip (or even fall over).

Meanwhile, expect a rather tense and insecure day all round, especially in the news even the main stream media.  This is a day when no stories about movie stars or pop-tarlets are going to be able to hide the fact that something(s) serious is going on. 

Meanwhile on a personal level, a good day to concentrate on skills of any sort (from increasing your typing speed to trying a new recipe for dinner).  It is also a good day to focus on important decisions, especially any that might require serious like changes.  Once looked at, you can also re-look at your skill-sets and see if they need anything added before embarking on such changes.

So, over-all a rather tense but productive day for many people; a rather concerning day for the world at large.  Hopefully the cards will be able to show us where things are “tipping” to in the next few days.

That’s your card of the day, remember you can get your card of today or any day by ordering a reading.

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