Card of the Day – Extended Weekend Edition – June 5-8, 2014

yesQueen of SwordsBerkano2

I probably won’t be able to read tomorrow – so I decided to do an extended weekend reading now, with an eye towards doing a quick update if anything really intense happens in the Current Event’s world over the next four days.

However, I have to say that this reading is one of the most POSITIVE longer term readings I have done in a while – which suggests that at least for individuals this could be a great weekend period and that there is substantial energy out there for some Current Events to either be resolved or at least dealt with, if people are willing to face the truth about situations and deal with them.

The Yes Card is followed by The Queen of Kitty Swords, unlike a lot of sword cards, this kitty cuts thing down to basics in a good way – she tends to be honest, forthright, astute, witty and above all EXPERIENCED.  She knows she can sum up a situation quickly and that she is able to dive right down to the heart of the problem without messing around with side issues.  She is also capable of seeing humor in situations that others may not find all that funny and hence miss her point or take her a bit too seriously.  In a reading she suggests that honestly and being direct are the best way forward, while there are times that being careful and guarded is a good idea, this is not one of them.  It is only by honest and direct confrontation of the issues that situations can be resolved (or put on the road to resolution).

The Yes Card pretty much “gives permission” for this sort of outlook, and is the total opposite of Monday’s Hidden and rather under-ground approach to things.

The Berkano rune is also very female and extremely powerful it is: Birch Tree/Birth/Mother Goddess/Mother etc, so a very strong female and nurturing spirit that also directs the way forward in an honest but also gentler manner.  Father energies when they occur, tend to be direct in a sort of martial or directed way; Mother energies are less likely to be about control and more about guidance.  Not that a Mother (or Mother energy) can’t get mad, upset or controlling but combined with the Queen of Swords card I find that unlikely.

However, the Queen of Swords will go to war when she has too and like any female (or Mother) when she is pushed or pulled in that direction her ways of waging it tend to be different from more common types of Father/Male battlefield tactics.  While female energy is big on compromise, if a Mother sees a direct threat to her offspring she will not hesitate to attack and if she can, utterly destroy that threat.  That is the other side of the honesty, take no prisoners, sword held by the Queen or Queen Mother in this case.

Because the Berkano rune is also about Birth and new beginnings, we can hope that this weekend will be a period when the chance of actual do-overs, calming down and a return to honest negotiation takes place both in the public and private spheres.  But if that does not happen, it is equally possible the Queen Mother could bring her sword ready and sharply edged to take a swing at what she views as threats as we roll into next week.

On an international level, we can simply hope that leaders and others working on various world issues work with the positive aspects of these energies (and female leaders may play an unusually large role in something over the next few days) and on a personal level we can all try to make sure to use the energy towards honest and humor to deal with situations that have been festering but in a nurturing, creative and positive way.  Use the sort to cut away what is bothering everyone but avoid using it to hack your way into or out of things without wisdom or forethought.

But over all, this weekend looks to be a highly positive one (at least for individuals) who move with the flow of the universe in that open, direct, yes, birthing energy and are open to experience something new and interesting coming up on the event horizon, probably early next week.


Card of the Day – Wednesday – January 29, 2014

Prison Money3EmpressBerkano2

A short but rather important reading today, the cold is affecting my wrists making typing difficult but I wanted to check in to see where the energies are going and they appear to be headed in the same patterns as yesterday except that while the over-all good news energies are still there, they show a potential trap that could affect them or even stall them out.

The first two cards were stuck together and I didn’t even know it until I laid them down – but here in two cards is the new energy that can derail the wonderful energies of the Barn Cat Momma of yesterday and her counter-part the Pedigreed Queen Momma Cat of the Empress today.  As we can see, both days the rune for BIRTH or BIRCH TREE are THE SAME on BOTH days.  This is very important, because it shows a direct continuity between the readings and the issues at hand.

To give out the short version required by my lack of typing skills this morning, the Prison and the Money card strongly suggest that Money/Economic/Banking problems or issues of some sort are about to become so serious that Moms of all classes from the very poor, to the very wealthy are going to worry about their children.  The Momma Barn cat will start directing her extending family on how to cope and thinking of ways to handle the new situation.  The Empress Momma Cat, used to her comforts and protections may not be quite so hands on about it, but she will also be concerned about the comfort and well-being of her family.  She loves her kittens too! Even if her pampered lifestyle in a secure, warm cattery may not have prepared her for the understanding of what some of the more specific threats are or how to manage them.

This suggests a situation that could affect both rich and poor, but interestingly enough, the poor may be somewhat better able to deal with it at least emotionally and mentally than the seriously well off.

Whatever is happening, the situation seems to be new or in the birthing process right now; this does not mean the situation is new in terms of mankind or that it is not riding on the back of older economical or money problems (it probably is) but just like a Momma Cat gets bigger and rounder before she gives birth, this sort of situation can appear as one thing (a fat cat) and then turn into something else overnight (a litter of hungry and demanding kittens).

The Prison card suggests highly that some of the cause of this will involve the stopping, trapping or imprisoning of money in some way; this could also involve individuals going t jail or laws that create a new situation.  But this feels to me like some sort of “money-lock up” and stories circulating the last few days on economic forums about ATM failures, limit’s on cash from personal accounts in some places and even rumors of bank transfers being limited in China; all suggest this problem may already be underway.

The results of this are likely to be a monetary freeze or prison of some sort; I am not enough of an economy person to understand all the implications of that, but I’d caution everyone to keep a strong eye on their personal finances in the next several weeks, and especially in the 48 to 72 hours.

This problem feels on-going, so I don’t think this is going to all be over very quickly; though the urgent situation may peak and die back for a bit if the energies changed drastically by the weekend.

Remember, all that good personal energy from yesterday hasn’t gone away, you’ve still got some wonderful Maternal, Protective and Birthing (Birch Tree) energy out there, but now you know what could possibly upset that Apple Cart; so concentrate on bringing the good and mothering energies into your life but also keep a very close eye on your wallet and news stories that may cause even busy “moms” to notice there could be a problem in the works.



Back on Line – Tuesday, Jan 28, 2014

TreeQueen of PentaclesBerkano2

Well after nearly a month of an extended family crises (which had me on-call for international travel which thankfully I have been able to delay) combined with storms and computer issues that saw this blog not re-starting yesterday as planned; I am finally able to get back to card of the day.  I want to thank everyone for being patient, sometime later this Spring I may have to take another break for the travel mentioned about; but until then if the Atlantic storms can be convinced to leave our internet alone, I hope to be here again most days.

Now today’s reading is interesting both from a personal and a current events point of view; that’s because the cards are surprisingly gentle for both; the first card is the Tree, often this card is The World and/or the root of a situation.  It can also connect with family such as a family tree or even The Tree of Life.

The Queen of Pentacles is the ultimate Momma Barn Cat, she is the kitty that every kitten looks to for love and to whom all the other cats look to for guidance in the colony.  The booklet that comes with the Cat’s Eye Deck says she is the “Barn Cat Version of the Empress” a Queen in he own small world, but a very down to Earth ruler who has time to teach the tiniest kitten the mysteries of bathing or hunting mice.

When this card came up before, I mentioned we had a kitty like this for many years and we called her Mommy Maudie; for 14 years after she had one litter and was spayed, she adopted every kitten and young cat that came onto the property.  She would line them up behind her and teach them the proper ways to hunt with occasional swats of her tiny paws, if they got out of line.  My husband said with her last batch when she was in great old age, she just looked at them like “Oh bother, well someone’s got to do it!” and like and “elderly martial arts master she lined up her new group of students and marched them off.”

The final bit of information we have in this reading is Berkano or the Birth Rune which is also a Tree; the Birch Tree.  So we have the same message repeated in both cards, by the rune.  We have Tree-Tree, only in this case the specific Tree is the birch tree which is about healing, caring and was even used to make syrup in the Viking Age (so an important food source or nurturing).  Then we have the Ultimate Mother Barn Cat who gives birth not just to her own kittens but helps Mother everyone, combined with the birth rune.

The other things about any Pentacles card is it isn’t just Earth but can also be about money or basic supports needed to survive – again to a cat food is a very important part of that.

Over-all I think this is a highly positive reading both for individuals and current-events; it suggests this week may be a short period when new and comforting things may come into being; that certain types of caring and nurturing are going to become very important and there may even be new proposals on how people can be better taken care of during this difficult economic times (and times of bad weather).

There could also be stories today about the “new” currencies or “protections” of both currencies and markets to “protect” the world-tree as it were – this could be a good thing or not such a good thing depending on the long-term effects of any of these actions.

But on a personal level, this is a great time to enjoy taking care of yourself and others; taking on new tasks and ideas, especially those that can help make good connections that can aid your personal and family stability.

The World and nations can choose to use this energy this way as well, this is a good time period for peace negotiations and other types of female-mothering-nurturing alliances; but while the energy is there to make this easier to achieve, it will still be up to the people involved to use it to make it work.  This is a time period to carefully watch Ukraine and the peace negotiations in Syria for any positive moves forward, this is the best energy I have seen for this in a long time and I hope that both sides listen to reason (in both conflicts) and don’t lose this chance for resolution.   The same energy could apply to other situations like the US congress, but again energies make things easier to do or more likely to happen, but human beings have to work on them too.

So today Momma Barn Cat is out there providing loving directions to take care of yourself and others; now you don’t want to disappoint Momma do you?

Card of the Day – Tuesday – May 14, 2013

Fortune Berkano2

*Note you can download this week’s audio reading/Cats Eye on the Future Show  directly to your computer by clicking here – starting in June the show will be live-streamed at the station and via You Tube – but for now you can download now and listen later!*

Today’s reading is for Tuesday and we see a sudden flip from yesterday’s very comic images of the Star and Hagalaz – a day which did prove to see the Sun “strike” out three times with X-Class Solar flares some of them Earth Directed.  So while I think that reading does have other implications than just the solar flares the concept of a Star (aka the sun) sending out a “sudden strike/hail stone” is pretty much a perfect match for a series of solar flares that thankfully so far have only affected a few radio transmissions but not caused any other damage that I am aware of.

However today the Fortune Card (Fortunes/Money/Luck/Seeking Fortune) combines with Berkano (Birth/Mother Goddess/Female Energy) to focus us back here on the Planet where the audio reading of the week seemed to focus.

As we reviewed a bit yesterday, that audio reading found that there was a possible “lie” about Peace, Security and Freedom to “the Homeland” (everyone’s home/homeland) and today we see a possible direction that it might come from and/or a possible direction that might derail the threat itself.

The basic concept of Birth and Fortune or the Birth of Fortunes is very good on the surface and for individuals this is a fantastic day to make investments, look for a job, work on spiritual growth or take in a late Mother’s day lunch with Mom.

However, given the rest of the readings for the past several weeks and especially the last few days, I think there is more than a small hint here to watch Economics/Money/Fortunes/Currencies and even the birth of “New” Fortunes for clues as to where the “hail stone” might either be coming from or may have a direct effect.

If we are lucky, today may just be a turning point or a stand-alone day (when something so very different happens it changes the energy completely for 24 to 48 hours) such as the birth of a new (and helpful) technology that leads to fortunes; one that might be connected to women, babies, children or even Mother Earth Herself.

If we are not so lucky, it probably suggests that watching where the big “Fortunes” are moving and/or to “follow the money/currencies/stock markets/investments” to get a clue where the next energy phase and/or the “Hail Strike” is likely to be “Born/Conceived/Created.”

I feel a strong Female influence in this reading which could be from the Berkano rune itself (which is sometimes associated with The Mother Goddess) but I am also wondering if someone of the female gender (famous person or someone behind the scenes) who is going to play a role in this “birth of Fortune” or the issues around the strike.

It is very hazy, and I can’t quite put my finger on it but look for strong women in the news that might figure in the worlds of politics, finance or the very wealthy – they could also be a reporter or other investigator that turns out to be the one “to watch.”

Of course, in the Norse world view, the Sun Herself (Sunna) is also female, so this could be a continuation of yesterday’s Solar stories though in this case hopefully the “good fortune” to either miss the bad effects of the flares and/or something like a new breakthrough in solar energy.

Meanwhile as I mentioned above, this is a fantastic day for individuals and I would have declared it one for the world as well if the reading stood alone and not on the heals of such other, less positive indicators in the days that came just before it.

Now, if we suddenly see the rest of the week’s cards also turning positive we may be able to declare the “Hail Storm/Strike to the Home Land/Lies/etc” energy window to have come and either past or at least faded away for a bit.  But I’m not really feeling that at this time, nor would I make such a call without a few more day’s of the cards going off in a totally new (and more positive) direction.

Meanwhile, enjoy today and flow with the basic energies of Good Fortune and Maternal oversight – a good day for financial decisions and having comfort food for dinner or to snuggle with your favorite child, spouse, pet or even stuffed animal.

Card of the Day – Monday – April 8, 2013


Today’s reading has a rather interesting twist, when I first tried to shuffle the cards with my usual question “What is the most important energy/energies affecting the World/Western word for the next 24 to 48 hours” I got The Message Card.

I put the Message Card back because all is usually does is strongly point out the card beside it and I really only wanted one card.

I shuffled the cards a second time and drew:

The Message Card – so I have given up and gone with the flow and put the card first in this reading.  The Message card usually packs a punch and says “This IS THE MESSAGE – LISTEN TO IT” in shouted capital letters.

So, with that out-of-the-way we know the message is:

Union (same card as on Friday) – lovers/relationships/Unions of all sorts/Countries with Union or United in the current or former names/Labor Unions/Companies with Union or United in their name (United Fruit Company for example).  The EU often comes up with this card and it may be the focus of today’s energy but I am not certain on that point.

Berkano is the Rune: Berkano is the Birch Tree, the symbol for Birth (similar to the Birth card in the Psy Card Deck) also  Mother’s Breasts, Mother Goddess, Female energy, healing, sometimes the Angry Mother or Aborted Birth (aka The Earth Mother is not happy with you today).

For individuals, this is a fantastic combinations of energy – a day when relationships can be born, strengthened and expanded.  A day when it is possible for intense spiritual unions via planned worship, meditation or other creative practices.  A great day to start a new project, especially for artists bring ideas together in “Unity.”

Also a good day to organize a labor strike or any sort of Union related work – for a few hours at least, the “Cards” may be on your side.

That said, internationally these cards worry me, especially since they seem to extend Friday’s Weekend Reading only we have yet to see the “Hail Strike” of disruption that was forecast there.  Hopefully, this means the “window” for the “strike” has passed (be it an “Natural” disaster or human caused one) but because the cards continue on in the same vein, my personal response is to give it a week or so before deciding we got off “easy” this time.

Berkano, has some associations that are similar to the Fool Card (starting over or starting anew) and in the Weekend Reading it did not appear that such a “start” was necessarily for the best, long-term future.  We can only wait and see, but this reading suggests strongly:

Some Union is about to be born, revised or affected by the Mother(Earth?), that is the MESSAGE, pay attention to it!!!

Other ways this energy is already playing out in Current Events is the Death of Mrs. Thatcher in the UK – love her or hate her, she was a powerful Female figure who influenced a “United Kingdom” in her role as “Mom” for a number of years.  A lot of energy will be focused today and tomorrow on this topic, including her State funeral and written tributes, obituaries and commentaries (positive and negative).

Until she is laid to rest, she is likely to be the strong focus of some of this energy; though I wouldn’t take my eyes of many other sorts of Unions (or potential Unions) including Korea, Germany, the EU, Russia (former Soviet Union), the United States and some large corporations/banks as well.

Since Monday and in this case, the past weekend’s reading seem to be setting the “tone” for the week; I suspect this energy to continue either until the Hail storm “hits” or things glide down more gently into another energy stream.