Card of the Day – Tuesday – November 26, 2013

TheBodyKnight of WandsAnsuz2

Today’s Cards are The Body and Knight of Kitty Wands, with Ansuz (Mouth/Communication) for the rune-stave.

The Body Card is often about matters of health or sometimes the physical world, and that is one of the reasons it looks like an illustration in an old medical text.  It can also be about getting to the real issues involved in a situation, rather than only seeing things “skin deep.”

Now the Knight of Kitty Wands is very interesting, she is a rather loud kitty who always has something to say about everything.  She may be very bright and intelligent for a kitty, but her constant mouthing off means that more often than not she gets put outside to spend the night on a tree rather than inside by the warm hearth-fire.

In a reading, she represents a direct, blunt, opinionated person why may be very knowledgeable but lacks feeling for others or understanding of how to communicate the information without being overbearing a dictatorial.  This person may be highly logical in most of their thinking and really able to see actual solutions but will often be ignored or down-right rejected because they balance and consideration for the feelings of others.

Now when you combine this with the Ansuz rune which is literally translated as Mouth and associated with communication, the cards seem to be sending the message that there may be some sort of push, announcement, suggestion, advisement, directive etc coming up in the news that is about some situation that could affect public health (or the bodies of people).

The problem is that whatever this information is, it may be provided in such a heavy-handed, dictatorial and inconsiderate manner that it will be rejected by people out-of-hand.

Even if the basic idea may be a sound one, the execution of the situation has been so over-bearing that people are just likely to turn away from it.

The Ansuz rune is not only about communication (or THE MESSAGE) but it also often associated with the God Odin/Woden who is in charge of communications, battles and death in the Germanic world view.

My first impression is that this reading is directly about something happening in the US Health Care Reform situation in the next 24 to 48 hours when there is likely to be some sort of announcement from those in authority that may be logical, sensible or otherwise seemingly wise, but will be delivered in such a heavy-handed and dictatorial way that the public is likely to simply reject it and refuse to go along.  It could also be that the “solution” or “suggestions” are not really helpful at all, they simply seem that way to a self-justifying group of people who believe that they are always right.

This could however also be about some major release of “health” information about some particular food, disease, human activity or other issue that has been “found” in a “study” to be a big issue/threat/positive or whatever for the health of individuals – and while it may be “true” the message will be delivered in such a dictatorial “thou shalt not – whatever” that people will just ignore the advice for the most part.

I am reminded of a “study” that suggested boiled and steamed food was better for a certain group of patients and the doctor in the article saying “these people will simply have to learn to like their food boiled, they will have to just get used to it.”  Yeah right, go eat your own endless diet of stew and steamed vegetables doctor…that’s how most people would react to such “advice” as opposed to “these people may find they feel better and that their symptoms improve if they try eating mostly boiled and steamed dishes as the greater part of their diet.”  Same exact advice, totally different presentation…

What ever the cards are specifically flagging here, this is time period when good communications may be thrown off course by people feeling a great need to get their points across to others in a very forceful and direct manner, which may be off-putting to the person receiving the messages.  If this happens to you, try to listen to the actual information and not the tone of the presentation before reacting, if need be walk away and think about it for a while before deciding if the INFORMATION alone merits some considerations or actions on your part, while ignoring the way in which is it dictated to you.

This could really help individuals avoid yesterday’s destruction or wild rushes to judgment, and instead result in actual solutions to the actual problems in question.

Card of the Day – Thursday – Oct 3, 2013

Moon Ansuz2

Todays card is the Moon and the rune-stave is Ansuz (Mouth/Communications/Odin).

The Moon Card suggests the next 24 to 48 hours will be a time when a lot of unconscious, secretive, hidden and possibly “occult” (hidden) information bubbles up to the surface and is communicated to the outside world.

The Moon is also about dreams (both real and fantasies, wonderful and nightmares) as well as hidden forces and secrets and hidden knowledge.

The Ansuz rune is most often associated with the God Odin, who the Romans identified with Mercury because of his role as communicator.  In many ways, Odin is also seen as the leader of the Gods, and he is often shown seated in his throne like chair with his two ravens that go to and fro about the Earth bringing back information on the goings on there.

This is really a picture of “Odin the Spy-Master” if you want to put things in a modern context and I have a hunch that some of the emotions/secrets/knowledge revealed over this time period will have a sort of espionage feel to it – perhaps coming deliberately from intentional leaks by hackers or leaks from official agencies (deliberate or accidental).

There is something very cloak and dagger about this reading, and I suspect this energy is likely to manifest in a number of ways.

Certainly the growing deadlock and anger in the US Congress (and with the US Congress vs the Executive etc) is one way that many previously hidden (or at least repressed) situations in which information and emotions are starting to be “broadcasts” as “The Message” the last several days.

Also in the US, many of the “hidden problems” with the new Health Care law are coming into the light, as people try to, and fail to sign up or understand the new regulations.

Throughout the Western world, people are starting to communicate their unhappiness with the hidden agendas that seem to be coming forward as their governments start journeying into their new rounds of budgets and regulations for the new year.

Finally, I noticed a small headline earlier that in Japan a “new leak” at the destroyed atomic power plant there is now releasing “new” radiation into the Ocean – a perfect case of a story “leaking out”…and into the Ocean at that!

Today look for stories about leaked information, spies, messages, communications, radio, TV, Internet etc (especially about electronic surveillance but also new aspects or previously under-reported stories).

This would also be the prefect card combination for alien contact, though I will be surprised if this is the day ET decides to phone Earth and tell us all about it (but if he did, it would fit the card and rune perfectly!).

Today is a day when communications may get muddied and/or affected by unconscious or hidden emotions that inhibit the correct understanding of what either side is trying to communicate.  This might affect not only the US congress but any form of negotiations or communications between two different parties: individuals, corporations, governments, international diplomacy etc.

On the other hand, this is the perfect day for communication with the Other World if you are so inclined – this also fits with this time period as we near October 31st, a time when in the Celtic Traditions the doors between the worlds of the dead and living thin and communication is possible.

So for individuals a perfect day for meditation, seeking advice from your ancestors, learning new subjects (a great day for students), anyone working in the communications fields (including air traffic controllers, DJ’s, Telephone line-workers, IT people etc) though there may be a tendency for hidden faults or disruptions to occur.

A perfect example of the above is I have so far gotten no less than ten copies of the exact same phone text saying that problems with our internet and phone service are now fixed in our area.  The repeated sending of the same text has me wondering about that one..but that sort of over-kill and repeated message is also something you can expect today; especially from certain agencies or individuals that think you MAY NOT UNDERSTAND THEM (aka agree with them) the first nine times they tell you something.

So, a rather mysterious and misty type of day, mostly inward focused but with a need to communicate messages to others both here and beyond.

Who knows, keep your eye on SETI, the Mars Rovers and maybe even the Voyager Space Craft today…you never know when ET may decide to contact us?

This is sure a good day to watch for it!

UFO under the Moon

Card of the Day – Wednesday – August 28, 2013

Sage Ansuz2

Today’s Card is The Sage (Wisdom/Study/Old Man/Elder Person) and the rune-stave is once again Ansuz (Mouth/Communication/ODIN) just like yesterday.

Now yesterday we talked about the Ansuz rune quite a bit, about how it is translated Mouth and usually associated with communications of all sorts (which would include books, such as The Sage has in his library).

It is also common to associate the rune Ansuz with the Germanic God Odin/Wotan; who is tied to Death, Battles, Slyness and Wisdom (The Sage again) in fact, one of Odin’s common modern nicknames is THE OLD MAN.

While yesterday’s Fool Card plus Ansuz suggested a day when both Loki (the official Trickster) and Odin (the unofficial and more serious trickster) were having, as my husband put it “A Boy’s Night Out..” probably full of whoopee cushions and riddling puns over many horns of mead; today is more like all Odin all the time.

When Loki energy teams up with Odin you tend to get teasing, practical joking, light-hearted messing around at least until Odin decides he’s had enough of games,  and dives into something seriously devious or unsettling.

Odin without Loki’s distracting (and often entertaining) role as a side kick; can become serious, dark, brooding and show his Death God/Scary Magical side pretty quickly.

Thankfully, Odin is also most notably linked with Wisdom and making sacrifices to achieve it – he is known for traveling great distances to learn and obtain knowledge including talking to severed head and drumming with magically trained women (or Goddesses) to learn their arts.

The stories also have it that he hung on a tree as a sacrifice for nine days and nine nights, in order to learn the runes and then he chose to give the gift of the runes (aka writing) to mankind as well.

So while Odin can be scary and secretive, he is also known for his profound wisdom and being generous when he feels like it.

What can we expect in our Current Events situation with Odin in his Sage/Old Man/Wisdom aspects in the forefront?

Well, a day once again when both communications and miss-communications will be important; a day when remember (and learning) from history would be wise though also being ready to write more history (the Sage is writing his own notes future generations) when the time comes.

This is a day to study hard before acting, when great Wisdom and thought is needed before making decisions, a day when it is likely the Old Grey Beards may be calling the shots – both figuratively in the West and perhaps in reality in the East where older men often look more like the Western view of Wizards then they realize with their long white beards and hairstyles.

It is also a day when war is more likely to be seriously planned that actually executed, simply because The Sage is the planner rather than the warrior.  While Odin is also a Chooser of the slain, the maker of battles and the creator of mortal heroes; he is also the Thinker and Planner which I think is what this card suggests will be his most obvious aspect today.

Also, this energy may be encouraging the growing number of confusing mass media stories that seem to be pushing for war or muddying the story lines – that would fit with Odin’s realms of communication (and miss communication) being important today.

Like yesterday, this is a day when such errors on any level (from Internet to messages in bottles) could cause serious errors, battles or problems to arise.

But to me, the Sage Card most of all suggests that today is a day that may later be flagged by History as a time period when things were being studied, reviewed and calculated before final plans were put into place.

Pretty much in terms of the Middle East, I would be very surprised to see an actual outbreak of war today (or attack from the West rather, war is already there really) but I suspect history will show the steps and battle plans got their final dusting today.

It will also likely show that what was really needed was the Old Wisdom and Study of History before moving forward, but I’m not at all certain that will take place.

Meanwhile, individuals will find this a great day to study, learn, plan, create goals and other tasks they can largely do on their own.  This is a much better day for solitary work than working in a group, if you must work with a group today keep your eyes open and try to be the “wise one” who is helpful or otherwise stays quiet if you realize things are just going pear-shaped.

But given a choice, today is a good day for individual development, reading books, studying for a class, practicing a skill, martial arts, personal exercise, writing a ritual or even a shamanic journey.

A great day for learning a new psychic skill, especially something like Tarot or Astrology that involves serious study and reading.

So, sort of an Odin inspired “lull” day and with Odin you can be reasonable sure that if things are quiet, it really is the Calm Before the Storm…

Card of the Day – Monday – April 29, 2013

Birth Ansuz2

Today’s card is Birth and the rune is Ansuz (Communication/Odin/Deep Energy).

The Birth Card continues Last Week’s theme of something new and building but the Ansuz rune suggest that this week the particular manifestation may be in the realms of communications and possibly war/battles/energy.

Birth always marks the start of something new, a new cycle/project/person etc; but in this situation I think it is also part of the unfolding trend that started the last couple of weeks towards a new and larger cycle.

But again, this week I think the main focus/manifestation of this cycle will be something to do with communication (including everything from personal communications to new technology).

I am feeling a strong link here to some sort of new technology as something that is likely to provide both interest and distraction this week; it won’t be the only story on this theme, but it still feels important.

There may also be situations on the Current Events front, that in addition to the birth of a new technology, also see miss-communications and problems with technology.

This could be anything from disruptions with radar/radio/mobile phones/Internet etc; to a miss-understood or miss-translated message that has deep and powerful consequences – this might be especially true in Asia but might also be an issue in the Middle East.

The reason for the conflict associations is that the rune Ansuz, is the rune most often associated with the Battle God Odin/Wotan, who is also the God of Death, Communications, Wisdom and Poetry.  He also has a sort of “darker/shaded” energy, not evil in a traditional sense but crafty, hidden and sometimes deceptive.

Odin is the patron of Spies as well many common Warriors, because he is delighted when playing with words and symbols that have both meaning and confusion.

In Norse Tradition it was Odin that brought the runes to mankind, and while we associate runes with magic today, for centuries their main function was a form of written communication aka writing.

I just keep feeling a spycraft/message/problem/issue is going to come up this week; I am not sure exactly where but I think it may be very important to the long-term situation for the next few months (possibly even years).

I am not sure if it will come to light right away or get hidden by the news media/governments involved until later, but I suggest keeping an eye out for it anyway.

Now for the individual – this is a great energy combination!

Birth and Ansuz can be the birth of wisdom, creativity, magic and of course communication.

All the things mentioned above that get a bit hairy on an international scale can be delightful (if sometimes a bit challenging) for individual people, especially artists, writers, actors, communicators, poets, teachers, people who work in broadcasting, musicians, lecturers and even conference organizers or really anything that involves communication or creative work.

However, remember that communication, especially new communications can take a while for the birthing process to work through and that they are not always understood by others at least at first.

So, while this is a great week to plan a new project like re-decorating the house or writing a novel; don’t be surprised if those around you are a bit confused by all the fuss.

Be very careful this week to try to express yourself in ways that communicate exactly what you are trying to say – otherwise confusion and delays may result.

Monday is usually the theme for the week, so I’ll be looking for both birth and Odin type energies to play out for the next five to seven days; even when they are not the foremost energy of any day in particular.

Card of the Day – Tuesday – April 2, 2013

Computer crashed while trying to do a late reading, and I simply don’t have time this evening to re-create it – Psy card site is also down so there may be an Internet problem here in Europe.  This fits very well with my quickie reading update here:

Today’s card is:

The runes for today are: Uruz2Ansuz2

The Wheel is the Wheel of Fate/Changes/Cycles – it suggests a time period of profound, fated and even Karmic changes.

The first rune is Uruz – Ancient Cattle – wild energy, strong, unstoppable, stampede

The second rune is Ansuz – Communications, Norse God Odin, Death, Magic (especially ceremonial or manipulative magic).

Taken all together this suggests that this week is the start or turning of a new cycle, once which is likely to be very strong and powerful, perhaps stampeding and taking a life of its own.  The Mill Wheel may go from seeming to be stuck to moving too fast to properly grind the grain, a flood is likely both of information and of water/flooding.

Communications are likely to be affected and that includes everything from the Internet to the spoken word.

There may be manipulations behind the scenes both physical and magical, and war/battles/arguments are highly likely this week.

Expect breakdowns in communications to give rise to greater problems than they normally would and for events to start racing away with themselves, becoming impossible to control until they are themselves ready to stop (think wild cattle on a stampede, they may simply get tired and halt or they may go over a cliff).

For individuals, a wild week when things from the past (issues/people/life lessons) are likely to come back to the surface in a powerful way.  When some life events are likely to just pick up and race on forward, when this happens, just try to go with the flow as stopping them is impossible until they are ready to halt.

A good week for magical workings, runic meditations and all forms of directed magic and healing.

Card of the Day – Tuesday – January 15, 2012


Card of the Day is Back!  After an expected delay due to New Year activities and a conference in London; our house hold had its own problems with today’s rune Ansuz (which covered communications among other things) when the phone and Internet lines caused problems for over three weeks.  Thankfully, on Saturday a nice repairman was finally able to sort the cause of the problem and we have had good connections ever since.  So we are now able to return to our regular programing (lol)…

I decided to just jump in with one card and one rune today, rather than trying for a more elaborate reading.  I have postponed the yearly reading until at least the weekend, while I catch up on all sorts of other delayed Internet projects I’m catching up on.  Anyone wishing a private reading, Skype is now up and running, just send me an e-mail at for a reading appointment (probably early next week).

Meanwhile, back to today’s card and rune:

Card: Voyage – a trip, journey, adventure either physical or spiritual that shows movement from a previous position.

Rune-stave: Ansuz – communications, understandings, miss-understandings, the God Odin, sometimes indicates deep thoughts, wisdom, war/conflict through miss-communications, psychic communications (between people and with the other world) – this is a very complex rune.

So while the Psy Card is fairly easy to read, the rune that goes with it complicates things a bit.

We can do the personal reading first because it is so positive, for individuals the Voyage Card plus Ansuz suggests that today is a great day for both physical and spiritual voyages, keeping in mind that proper communications are very important.  If there are physical travel problems today, it will probably be because of communications problems and if there are spiritual ones it may be from a lack of exact intention of what an individual is seeking to learn in the first place.

But over-all a really good day for most sorts of visionary work – Ansuz in some ways is the “rune of the runes” in terms of “Odin bringing and teaching the runes to mankind” and adding written language to both personal and spiritual communication skills.

Now on an international/current events topic, this is a little harder to read; partly due to the unexpected three-week break in the readings.  Normally we could reflect back on the last three weeks and where trends seemed to be heading and predict a probably “change of course” or perhaps the “turning of a Ship of State,” but since we don’t know where we have been lately (from a reading point of view) trying to figure out where we are headed now becomes a bit more fuzzy.

The one hint we have, other than that things are likely to become unstuck and start moving; is the Ansuz rune and the issue of communications.  First, there is the obvious connections of real ships and real communications being affected (in both good and bad ways) or a possible problem with communications with ships (or other forms of transportation including “air-ships” etc).

Then there is the more metaphorical possibilities of communications between Peoples/Tribes/Nations/Ships of State/Heads of States being affected, again in either direction.

If I were to be looking for problem areas today I would think it a likely day for transport to be affected by black outs, bad weather or even radar/computer problems.

I would also look for Internet/radio/radar issues of all sorts and finally I’m a bit concerned about conflicts/wars/problems resulting from the lack of proper communications.  These could be cause either by technical failures or those of human beings simply miss-understanding each others intentions.

But, that aside, over all this has the potential to be a pretty good day with energies moving forward in many areas and good opportunities for communications both in this world and with the Other-World as well.

So be open-minded, thoughtful and listening today; do not be afraid to change directions if you need to but be sure you really understand any messages you are given that affect your voyage.




Card of the Day – Wednesday – Sept 12, 2012

Today’s Card is Destruction and the Rune-Stave is Wunjo (Joy/Clan Banner/Battle Flag)…

This is very interesting in light of yesterday’s reading and some of the events that happened last night in the Middle East.  If reports are true that the American Embassy was only guarded by local troops, it may suggest that the “distractions” of politics and focusing on other issues/enemies/situations in other countries and the hubris of believing everything was “sorted out” may have led to the US Administration ignoring the obvious “snake in the grass” (armed foreign forces hostile to the US/West still posing a danger inside of Libya and/or Egypt/Middle East).

Please go back and at least look at yesterday’s card and rune, because while I focused on 9/11, the Ansuz “rune of Odin/communication/sacrifice” also fits the death of the US ambassador and his staff.  Especially if the reports are true that the ambassador “sacrificed” himself by rushing to the embassy to try to remove the employees that were in danger.

Yesterday’s Card suggests that his sacrifice while powerful and important was made necessary by the inattention and distractions of his superiors who were just too busy elsewhere and had decided that everything was “just fine.”

Which leads us today’s current events/western world reading….

The Card Destruction is pretty obvious, it portrays a castle being taking over and destroyed in battle.  At the front of the card a priest is dead or dying holding a Christian holy book, this suggests an element of religion may be involved in the battle or at least the invaders are so driving by battle lust that they will even kill religious figures.  Given the events of yesterday, both in Egypt and Libya I am reading this as religion as part of the conflict.

I also suspect that in Egypt the Coptic Christians are likely to be a target “of destruction” from the forces of violence, because they are now associated with the film in question (of course this is just an excuse only two members of that community had anything to do with the film the protesters find offensive, but the some radical elements in Egypt (possibly in the new government) have wanted an excuse to go after that community for a while). I think this card is a warning, that they may now have just such an excuse…

Then, even though many in the US/West are not actually practitioners of the Christian Faith; historically they are associated with it and have been connected to the “Crusaders” of the Middle Ages by both sides in the current Middle Eastern Conflict at one time or another.  Therefore the card echoes the battle and the attack target includes “The Priest” (aka The West).

Finally, the rune stave Wunjo, is usually translated joy; but it can be joy with a Viking Twist – it can also mean “Clan Banner” (Joy in the clan/family) or Battle Flag.  If my reading of the card is correct, it is pretty obvious what the rune-stave is implying for this reading.

The “Joy of Battle” or “Rejoicing in Destruction” is pretty clear in this reading…

This is a day when the potential for world events to get very dicey is stronger than it has been in months.  The War/Battle energies have taken a back step recently but here they are in both card and rune.

The “best” outcome would be simply that the world becomes focused on this issue, that some “rejoice” in the destruction while others mourn their dead and take stock of the situation.  The worst could be an all out break out of war, which is possible but I think unlikely, at least today.  On the other hand, this could be the unexpected trigger that starts to “bring things to a boil” but we won’t know for certain yet until a bit more time has passed. 

While yesterday was more “historic” by the human calendar, today my single a great tipping point (when things could go either way) for the near future.

Finally, for individuals, as always they can choose to use today’s energy in creative and useful ways.  A good day to focus on the Joy of Creative Destruction, getting rid of things, habits and ideas you no longer need.  A great day for pulling weeds, cleaning house, office paper shredding etc. 

Also focus on the Joy of the Clan banner (your family and close friends) rather than the Joy of Battle.  Don’t turn away from the International News but don’t dwell on it either.  Be alert, be aware, but stay calm and you can avoid the nastier aspects of the Destruction card in your own life.