Card of the Day – Tuesday – March 5, 2013


Today’s card is The Body (Health, The Physical Body, The Physical World) and Elhaz (or Algiz) is the rune (Elk, Protection, Connection between the physical and spiritual worlds).

This is a really interesting combination on several levels, especially given yesterday’s Warrior/Hail Strike combination.  My husband (Dr. P.h.d. in Old Norse Studies) told me later in the day that the Warrior Card combined with the Hagalaz (Hail) rune would have been instantly understood in the Viking Age to mean “The Warrior Strikes with Spear or Arrows and/or the Warrior “rains” Spears or Arrows.  He said there were numerous “kennings” using this symbolism in Old Norse poetry.  My husband said his first thoughts were “either terrorist strike or sudden battle/war,” because of this (there is still energy for weather related or natural causes like a volcano or asteroid but that war was most likely).

He also said, “The Human may be the Spear, if they are a suicide bomber or intending to die to complete their ‘hail-strike’.”

That is one of the things that makes today’s reading so very interesting because you have the Body Card (aka the Creepy Card, looks like an old medical textbook) which can be a physical person, combined with the rune for Protection and Connection with Divine Forces (or sometimes Fear of the Same).

So this reading can go – The Body needs/is protected today

Or  – Health needs protecting/is protected

But there is also a possible third, less positive reading of:

A Person (body) who is feared, who believes they have a divine connection

I really hope this last energy pattern is NOT the one we are likely to see this week, especially not with yesterday’s reading to start out the week.  It feels far to close again like someone who believes themselves to be a “Divine Spear” ready to Strike from which others need protection.

But, since energies tend to play out in different ways and I believe that people have the power to concentrate and bring forth the more positive versions in their own lives (and collectively The Planet) lets all concentrate on the Body is Protected today and leave it at that.  If events prove otherwise, we can examine them later in the week, I just felt the warning needed to be there but hopefully won’t be needed.

So a great day to take care of you own health, eat well, take some exercise and enjoy feeling alive.

A great day to take care of “spiritual” health too, the Elk rune provided tons of energy for positive connections between the human world and that of the Spiritual Realms.

Another very “active” energy day, when it should be easier just to get a lot of things done and move “with the flow.” But also a day to pay attention to any nagging inner voices you may have health wise, when in doubt see your doctor and get things check out.

Finally, a great night for dreaming; the power of both the physical and spiritual worlds being very strong during this time period.  The confused and conflicting dreams of last week are left behind, with new clarity and understanding taking their place.

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Card of the Day – Wednesday – April 4, 2012

Today’s Card is the Fool (New Beginnings) and the rune is  Elhaz (Elk/Moose/Protection/spiritual connections).

In many ways this reading is a breath of fresh air, because it shows that energies are shifting and may be thinking about going into a new cycle after the stuck energy of the last few weeks.

The Fool is a young man starting out on his journey all bright-eyed and eager to do new things; his only problem is he is so busy listening to his own music that he can’t see where he is going.  So, he may be about to write the next top-40 musical hit or he may smash right into a tree (or in some decks walk off a cliff).

Now sometimes we need to “walk off cliffs” (into the unknown) and that may be part of this reading, at least for individuals and some larger issues as well.

That’s because the Elhaz (Elk or Moose in the North lands) is both protection (which The Fool really needs) but also is sometimes thought to represent man reaching his arms towards the heavens and asking for guidance/connections/protections/answers.

This usual card-rune combination, suggests to me that today is a day when strong spiritual connections and journeys can be made.  When today is a good day (unlike yesterday) to embark on new projects, and explore new ideas, undertake serious shamanic or meditative journeys or begin new physical world events.

However, there is a hint for the larger world/western world reading that to go forward (make progress) there is a great need for Peoples/Tribes/Nations to look to a source beyond themselves for “protection.” Making connections between both the “seen” and the “unseen worlds” and/or Divine Guidance.

A note of caution on this is that there is also an alternative way of reading this combination that I think may also be true in some cases and this the “foolish” or “unwise” use/seeking of such “unseen” powers both practical and spiritual.  I’m getting a faint (but certain) impression of children (young “fools”) playing with fires, that they don’t understand.

These could be real-world weapons or something less material but no less deadly if used in an inappropriate or untrained manner.

There is likely to be a lot of wild “new” energy out there today and this should always be tapped into with clear thinking, rather than a “foolish” jumping to conclusions. 

Still, for individuals this can be a fantastic day of new explorations and divine/other world guidance and interaction. 

Most of all, it is a good day for protection workings of all sorts, a good day to ward your house and property and a fantastic day for prayer and meditation.

Just be careful to keep you eyes open and pay attention to the other things going on in the world and in your life.

Play your own music, but keep your eyes open while you finger the notes.

That’s your card and rune for today, remember you can get your cards and runes today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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Card of the Day – Thursday February 2, 2012

Today’s card is Father and the rune of the day is Elhaz (Algiz or Elk/Moose), energies that once again compliment each other but are not exactly the same.

However, since the main association of the Elk Rune is with the Protective/Protection/Hands upraised in Prayer/Standing man, I am more inclined to read the Father card today as a protective card, than as a symbol for something more sinister.

I think there are still echoes in this card/energy of Germany trying to be a “father” to everyone in the EU (a stern, authoritarian and compelling father) but that isn’t the main aspect that is likely to show up today.

Instead, with the Protective Rune Elhaz at his side, today’s Father energy feels more like that shown on the card, the Father as benevolent, caring and protective figure who teaches his son the skills he will need to hunt and be a full adult when he’s grown up.  In this aspect, The Father figure is pointing towards the correct way for this son to shoot his arrow aka the Right Path, rather than then shooting arrows off into the wind.

My sense is that today we may see stories in the MSM about a Father/Father Figure/Leader who actually comes out and suggests some ideas or plans which if followed, might actually help guide the West/Europe/North America in the way that get things going forward in a good and useful way.

There is a certain sense of “Father of the Country” coming out here, the issue being I’m not picking up on exactly which country so it may be “counties” as a group that the energy is working on.

Of course, the flip side of this could be a temptation to extreme nationalism that does not allow for compromise (Dad can be like that sometimes too) so refusal to negotiate may also be in the news today (Iran/Syria/Middle East feels a bit like this actually).

Otherwise, a really good day for individuals with that wonderful protective aspect of the Father energy helping to make us feel safe, guided and heading in the right direction.  A good day to learn new skills, teach others and to plan ahead.

That’s your card (and rune) of the day, remember you can get your cards (or runes) today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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