Card of the Day – Monday – August 26, 2013

Work Elhaz

Today’s Card (and also starting off the week as a focus) is Work/Employment/Jobs etc combined with Elhaz (Algiz) Moose/protection/connections/strong force.

Together they suggest that this week a lot of new stories as well as individuals are likely to experience situations concerning work, their employment, work-place protections or safety, job or economic forces that seem unstoppable or attempts at social/employment protections (like taxes/tax relief, tariffs, job programs etc).

By itself, such stories and situations are neither good nor bad, though in general the elk/moose rune is protective, the only downside is when the energy of a very strong animal collides with something it either doesn’t understand, can’t run away from or decides to run head-long into.

If you have ever experienced a Moose nearly hitting your car at 60 mph because it is used to being the biggest, baddest, mammal in the Swedish forest with no predators (except man) after reaching adulthood; you will understand just how dangerous this in-born sense of “I am protected, always protected” can sometimes be, if the threat is not something easily seen or understood.

However, I think today (and this coming week) there are aspects of both good and bad sides of this energy going on here that are likely to “protect” work or attempt to “protect work/employment jobs.”

Different nations and areas are going to try different things, probably everything from outright programs to directly employ people to perhaps even a military build up to boost “spending.”  I am feeling strongly that there may be calls in North America for things like tariffs (raising the price of imported goods) not seen in several generations in order to try to boost home-industry; and if it isn’t actual tariffs there may be some similar desperate aspects proposed.

On the good side, the Protected Work may be helpful news to fire-fighters, police, those working with dangerous materials, big machinery operators, level four bio-lab workers etc; anyone who works with anything dangerous or worrying because there may be an extra sense of protection today.

Of course the flip side is to pay extra attention to safety and being careful because the very issues of safety and protection could suddenly come forward if there is another large industrial accident or other employment related danger of some-sort that gets brought into public focus.

Meanwhile on a personal level, this is a good day to “work” on all sorts of spiritual things because the connections between this world and the other world should be strong, protective and in balance.

So a great day to present a health and safety course at work and follow that with working on your meditation skills when  you get home.

A wonderful day for working on psychic self-defense or your personal protection mantra.


Card of the Day – Wednesday – July 17, 2013

yes Elhaz

A very quick reading today as I have appointments all morning and afternoon but I wanted to check in with the new card deck and the runes.

So far this deck seems fond of cards that direct the energy towards the runes as a source of the main thrust of the reading.

In this case we have Yes (as in yes this is the answer) or (yes there is something) and the rune is Elhaz or Algiz (both names are used) meaning Elk or Moose.

Usually the Elk rune symbolizes protection, strength and connectedness to the Other World.  In can also represent something running wild or barging in where nothing else would dare to go – in the wild, an adult Moose has no natural predators other than man, so they tend to fear nothing.

This can be a very useful thing, except when running directly off a cliff or onto a speeding highway.

So, for the most part this is a great energy reading for the day, suggesting that no matter what is going on – “yes, there is protection, especially from connecting with the Divine/Other World”

However, there is also the downside of “protection is with the strong-one” in if the Strong One is actually about to lead everyone over a cliff or into the speeding car.

I feel both images are possible today – so individuals should be careful to look for their protection where it belongs (in the Divine – however they may view that be it as The Creator, A God, The Gods, The Higher-Self etc; rather than Strong Men who look to have tough antlers in a fight but may stampede out of control at just the wrong moment).

More tomorrow…

Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – June 7-9, 2013

Well, life got a bit in the way yesterday (as often happens after a long trip) so today’s weekend reading will feature four cards – this is also because all four of these cards “jumped out” stuck together from the deck.  This can happen when card actually drop from the deck while shuffling or (in this case) you try to pull one card and a number come into your hand instead.  Four cards is an unusually high number, but this time it was even obvious what their order was.  The are a rather complex reading, so let’s get started, I  will add a rune or two at the bottom if needed.

Libido Stranger Cave Destruction

OK so we have The Libido (sexuality/life force) The Stranger (new person/element/situation/influence) The Cave (withdrawal/depression) and Destruction (something is destroyed/ended).

Kind of a weird and spooky reading for the weekend (and often a few days beyond) and since it is so spooky, we’re going to add a rune or two to see if we can get any idea of the other forces that may be at play here:

Othala2 Elhaz

These runes were also “stuck” together in my hand, the order was less obvious but it seems that Othala (Homeland/inheritance) and Elhaz/Algiz (Moose/Protection/Strength) followed it.

Now how to we put all these things together?

From an international/current events point of view they are rather worrying (though not so much for individuals, we’ll get to that in a moment).

The Libido card is usually sexuality/life force/fertility and is the exact opposite of the Cave Card.  The Libido card is what gives “color” to life, that color includes vitality, drive, creativity and even temptation (the snake) and ritual combat/display behavior.  This past weekend in California, I saw two peacocks in exactly the same position as on this card at an animal park, they were displaying and strutting about for a lady pee hen, whose favor each wish to obtain.

When you put this on a Current Events level, this goes beyond just teenage boys showing off for potential partners but can morph into Peoples/Tribes/Nations displaying or even fighting over resources (or perceived resources) sometimes ignoring a great danger that is right in front of them (the snake) because they are too distracted with each other.  This is the sort of energy that may be going on here, but it is a bit hard to tell yet – it is also possible that the older energy pattern of “threats to human fertility” may be coming back into the fray, but we won’t know for sure yet until we get a few more readings under our belt.

The Stranger card suggests a new person, element or situation coming into the picture; one that no one expects because until now they have been hidden behind the door.  Even if their face is known (say a person or a country) their actions or effect on the current situation will not be, hence they are “strange” or “The Stranger.”

Whatever they are, their impact may cause the Libido (life force/creativity especially) to go into hiding (sexuality might go into hiding too, but I suspect that is more of a side effect of people being very upset, and trust me after what I saw after the San Francisco Earthquake, it takes more than a big tremor to deflect the human drive towards reproduction!)

So, more likely this is a case of some very bad, scary or unhappy news; perhaps something that even sends people literally “into hiding.”  More bad weather, tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, earthquake etc would certainly do this; as would man-caused situations like wars, missals, bombs etc.  With the hints of fertility issues, there is some possible link to either  nuclear accident or warfare, more bad news from Fukushima would not be surprising this week, especially on how it is affecting either Japan or North America (more on that later).

Finally in the Cards we have Destruction, which again is not exactly comforting coming after the cave card.  It suggests that the combination of the Libido and the Stranger, create both a time of depression and destruction.  This could also be economic, perhaps the end of a “run” in the economy that some “strange” new issue finally causes it to partly collapse and/or a similar thing happening in the world of geopolitics (or even the weather).

I don’t mean to have such a wide range of possible doom on such a lovely June day, but the cards are just hard to read in a positive away at least as a group.  On their own both libido and the Stranger can be highly positive; an intentional personal withdrawal to recover personal energy or the creative destruction of unwanted elements in your life can be positive too.  But as an over-all, current events card reading they suggest a good weekend to concentrate on things close to home and safe.

The Runes also point in this direction with Othala (Homeland/Inheritance/Home) and Elhaz/Algiz (Moose/Protection/Strength).  These runes do suggest possible threats to “the homeland” or “protection/strength” but at the same time they also suggestion that “protection” is to be found in the “Home/Homeland/Inheritance.”

Even if you must travel this weekend (vacation season in the North and all) focusing your personal energies on your family and close friends is probably the best way forward, while staying aware of events around you that might affect you directly.

I think we may be seeing a dimming of the “out-ward” energy focus we had last week towards a more “inward” energy focus; but an inward journey partly inspired or directed by the powerful and clashing forces in the greater world. 

There is protection in Elhaz, which is also sometimes associated with prayer (the human figure with raised arms) or assistance from the Divine/Other-world.  So there is a great deal of comfort in just that rune alone and while Othala does suggests there could be “threats” or “destruction” to some homes/homeland; paired with Elhaz it also suggests the home/homeland as a place of protection and refuge (as does the Cave card).

While I briefly mentioned the personal stuff, to re-cap for individuals this doesn’t have to be a dire reading at all, we have the elements for creativity, new situations/relationships, meditation, creative destruction (pulling weeds both physical and spiritual), delight in the home/family and protection (both personal and public). 

A really good week for personal prayer and meditation as well as creative art work and/or scraping projects that are not working (creative destruction) and starting over (the Stranger) after some thought (the Cave).

But while the threat’s may no longer be specifically from “The Stars” (aka look out below) they are still lurking around out there and distraction (the ritual combat dance of the peacocks) is likely to mask some of the coming (new?) Destruction that could be lurking about the cave/home/homeland.

So, stay close to home (spiritually and mentally, if not physically) but keep your eyes open for what could be out there, don’t allow yourself to be distracted or hidden too far down in your cave to react in time if  you need to.

Hopefully we will all have a better picture by Monday of what all this is about and/or the energies may start changing to a more understandable and obvious pathway.


Card of the Day – Tuesday – April 16, 2013


Today’s Card is Union and the rune-stave is Elhaz (Algiz) Elk/Protection

Given the last few days readings this is a very good (and comforting) combination to see.  It suggests that after yesterday’s destruction (in North America) and possibly after this mornings early hours earthquake (Iran/Middle East) that there may be a chance to focus on prayers and protection for what has happened and what may be coming next.

I simply don’t feel the Destruction energy (economic/political/geographical) is finished, but today’s cards are a sign of great hope and suggests strongly that protection and strength to get through it lay both in ourselves but also in reaching beyond ourselves (to the ancestors, the other-world, the divine as you understand it).

The Union card is the card for “The Lovers” in this deck, but in addition to personal relationships it also represents the Union of things, situations or people.  I’ve mentioned before it often stands for nations with Union or United in their current or former names like: The United Kingdom, The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or The United States…in this case I think the US is especially being flagged as being a central topic of energy focus today, especially in the prayers (Elhaz/Algiz) and thoughts of many.

In addition, there is the other aspect of the Elk (North American Moose) that needs to be mentioned, because while the rune offers strength and protection; it can also represent a powerful and pretty unstoppable force.

Some of the most ancient and powerful European symbols are of the Moose and that’s because these powerful animals are nothing like the modern “Bullwinkle” parody most Urban people are familiar with.

They are the largest and strongest of the living herbivores in the North-lands, as adults they are safe from every predator except man, as long as they are healthy and mobile.  They fear nothing, often impaling themselves on modern cars, fences and trains because they simply have no need to worry about much in the wild and don’t recognize the danger.

So while the Moose is protective, the Moose is also a highly dangerous power if it gets out of control or is simply not aware of the dangers presented by something it doesn’t understand.

This last aspect of the rune is really drawing me in terms of what happened yesterday in Boston, this suggests there may be a lot more going on than the obvious threat – my gut feeling after yesterday’s reading is that somehow and in some way:

MONEY is the root (or direct) cause but exactly how and on what level I’m not sure; nor do I have a clue yet whose money/currency/economics etc is involved, only that something/someone(s) is. 

The rune also suggested it is a lot more complicated, powerful and miss-understood than will seem “obvious” at first.  Look for “simple” explanations that later unravel, powerful forces that may be in a “Union” with less powerful (but more obvious ones).

The rune also suggests a great deal of personal and public prayer/seeking of the divine (also raging against the divine) will be going on the next 24 to 48 hours – another way of seeing the rune is a stick person with their hands reaching towards heaven (their feet on the ground and their arms raised upward).

On a personal level, this is a fantastic combination for individuals – suggesting a wonderful day for the “union” of the personal and the divine/other-world.

A perfect day for meditations and prayers, a great day to start or continue a loving relationship (romantic or other sorts, especially teacher-student).

A day when personal protection is strong and so taking small risks (in hopes of future improvement) is likely to be easier than usual, the power of both Union and the Moose being there to break the way forward.

As often happens, a great day for individuals but a more reflective day (with some powerful undercurrents) on the Current Events scene.

Lots of candles being lit today I think (and not just in North America)…

Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – April 13/14, 2013

yesDestructionBirth Elhaz

I missed reading yesterday for a variety of reasons, but I also had a deep sense that things were very much in flux at least internationally – it now looks like they are starting to settle into their next pattern, at least for the next few days, I wish I liked it better, but thankfully this is a mixed reading rather than a totally negative one.

The first two cards are a real shocker:

Yes and Destruction

Taken together they mean just what they say –

Yes there is (or can be/will be) Destruction

What we don’t know is what type, where or how but we do know that something is likely to be ending (or be destroyed soon).

Remember, not all destruction is bad, destroying polio as a disease was mentioned earlier in the week and that would be something all mankind can benefit from.

On a personal level, I think individuals can concentrate on this sort of creative destruction this weekend, with Spring Cleaning calling for the destruction of dirt and destroying last Winter’s weeds while preparing your new garden good things to focus on (if in the Southern part of the world, you can burn leaves or otherwise perform the tasks of creative destruction needed to get ready for Winter).

The third card is Birth

Birth can be read two ways in the reading and I think there are hints of both here:

The Doom version first

Yes Destruction (is) Born (birthed)

The Brighter Future Option

Yes Destruction but followed by Birth

In the first version, the cards are just telling us that this weekend is the birth of destruction somewhere/some when on the international/current events scene.

My first thoughts would be the situation in Korea getting out of hand, but this could be my own mind focusing because it could be any sort of destruction from something rather minor (the spectacular planned explosion of a building that makes headlines) to a major earth centered or climatic event: earthquake, volcano, tsunami, storms, tornadoes etc.

There has also been building energy for chaotic and destructive forces in the world of finance, currencies and macro-economics – so look for these energies to play out to some degree there.

My serious pull though is towards the possibility of war or general destructive (man supplied) mayhem somewhere; and that tends to get so tangled up with money, oil and gold it is very hard to tell apart sometimes.

I think there is also a window for very serious Earth/natural destruction for the next 48 to 72 hours – this may not occur, but we are still in the latter part of the Dark Moon/New Moon “Earthquake Windows” where the “tidal pull” of the Moon may pull the land as well as the tides.

The Brighter version of this read is:

Yes, there will be Destruction but Birth and Protection will result:

So while one thing/situation/People/Tribes/Nations/Corporation/etc is destroyed a new one is given birth to rise from its ashes.  The creative (or even terrible) destruction results in the new coming forth into being.

This birth is “protected” by the Elhaz/Algiz rune-stave which means “Elk” but is seen as a great symbol of power and protection.  It is also a symbol of prayer, being both antlers but also a stick figure standing with arm’s upraised towards the heavens.

This power run may also strengthen the level of the destruction (so I am suspecting something rather serious on some levels) but also magnify the powers of the birthing and protection aspects for those caught up in the aftermath.

For individuals, this weekend in addition to creative destruction, can be a time for starting new projects (including the making of new people), enjoying family, young animals, new life and all aspects of the Divine and the Other World.

Be aware that this may be a weekend of great changes, some of them sudden and final; if this happens, just remember the power of Elhaz for protection and the promise of the birth of new things to replace what is lost.

Life is about cycles, these cards suggest at the very least the passing of one energy cycle in a rather forceful manner and the moving on towards the new.

The next several weeks should be ones to watch very carefully…

Card of the Day – Tuesday – April 2, 2013

Computer crashed while trying to do a late reading, and I simply don’t have time this evening to re-create it – Psy card site is also down so there may be an Internet problem here in Europe.  This fits very well with my quickie reading update here:

Today’s card is:

The runes for today are: Uruz2Ansuz2

The Wheel is the Wheel of Fate/Changes/Cycles – it suggests a time period of profound, fated and even Karmic changes.

The first rune is Uruz – Ancient Cattle – wild energy, strong, unstoppable, stampede

The second rune is Ansuz – Communications, Norse God Odin, Death, Magic (especially ceremonial or manipulative magic).

Taken all together this suggests that this week is the start or turning of a new cycle, once which is likely to be very strong and powerful, perhaps stampeding and taking a life of its own.  The Mill Wheel may go from seeming to be stuck to moving too fast to properly grind the grain, a flood is likely both of information and of water/flooding.

Communications are likely to be affected and that includes everything from the Internet to the spoken word.

There may be manipulations behind the scenes both physical and magical, and war/battles/arguments are highly likely this week.

Expect breakdowns in communications to give rise to greater problems than they normally would and for events to start racing away with themselves, becoming impossible to control until they are themselves ready to stop (think wild cattle on a stampede, they may simply get tired and halt or they may go over a cliff).

For individuals, a wild week when things from the past (issues/people/life lessons) are likely to come back to the surface in a powerful way.  When some life events are likely to just pick up and race on forward, when this happens, just try to go with the flow as stopping them is impossible until they are ready to halt.

A good week for magical workings, runic meditations and all forms of directed magic and healing.

Card of the Day – Ides of March (15th) Weekend, 2013

Beware the Ides of March – Idus Martii – “William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, Act 1, Scene II”.

Well, after a week of taking some rather nasty medications that has seen me feeling better over-all but much less psychic than normal; I decided I need to at least take a peek at what might be in store for the next few days and pass it on to my readers.

This was partly prompted, because of the Stock market headlines this afternoon along with other rather dire-economic news in very places.

So well, I asked my usual, “What is the most important energy(s) for the next 48 to 72 hours?” weekend question I was also drawn to the world economic situation while reading.

After I had my card laying face down (I still don’t know what they are yet) I felt a strong sense that the rune would be the key to this reading, that without it, the cards would not make sense which proves to be the case.

Because our cards are:

The Inquirer (the person asking the question, in this case pretty much my Readers/The World/The Individuals that make up the whole)

The Tree (The foundation, The roots of the Situation, The leaves and sprouts of that Tree, Also THE WORLD TREE and The TREE OF LIFE)

Yes (The answer is YES)

Taken alone these cards have a sort of “say what?” reaction to them, because it is the wrong time of year for Yule and a bit late to be planting trees out in the Northern Nations of the planet.

But then we have the rune, Thurisaz (Thorn) this rune can mean torch (as in lighting up a torch in a darkened room) or to Prick (as in pricking and blowing up a balloon).

Based on these cards and the images in my head (along with a general pattern of money/economic/employment issues in a lot of readings over the past few months) I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that:

This weekend (or soon after, going into the next couple of weeks) there are very strong energies out there that could lead both to the exposure (torch) of what threatens “The Roots/World Tree” and lead to the explosion (pricking) of the economic bubble (or current situation that has been allowed to expand).

There could be other ways to read this, including a political situations going “pop” (as in possible war or just political upheaval somewhere) or other non-economic ways to play out these forces.  Earthquakes, or other strong geological changes could also tie in and/or explain this reading.

But whatever they are (and they “feel” economic at least in part) they are a direct hit to the “World Tree” because that is what I was concentrating on while asking the question.

However I look at them though, they seem a rather properly doom laden forecast for such a traditionally fated sort of day.

On the other hand, individuals can use all these energies (including the Thurisaz rune) for a rather positive and enlightening weekend.  Because without the context of the over-all world/threat question, most of the energies in this reading are largely positive.

Household may experience some individual backlash from the over-all energy, especially in terms of mid-month finances, but over-all a great weekend to put down roots and enjoy your family, but pay special attention to their emotional needs.