Rune Readings

Rune Readings

Rune readings are now available either in my office or for phone and web readings. 

The Germanic Rune Staves are alternative and often complementary type of oracular divination that can be used alone or with other divination techniques to help explore the past, present and future. 

They are especially useful for the more “cosmic” types of questions (life path, fate, life lessons, etc) and can also indicate both things which are Wyrd (Fated) and those which you can effect or change (Will). 

A rune reading can take place by itself or together with the cards to get a fuller picture than is sometimes presented by the cards alone.

Rune readings are exactly the same cost as card readings, it is simply a mater of your choice of which tools you would like me to use during your reading.

However, while the choice is yours, some topics are much better read by runes than others; but I am always happy to advise which type of oracle I think it is best to consult for your particular type of question. 

In many cases the runes are the perfect match and in others the cards may provide a clearer window into the answers you are seeking.

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