Problem’s with blog

Hi everyone, I have just spent a great deal of time trying to figure out how my blog name was changed to Melodi’s Psychic Readings to “The Raven’s Breath,” I did not do this – if I had wanted to change the name of the blog, I would not have chosen this name or anything remotely like it.  Not that there is a problem with Raven’s, but that is more a symbol from my husband The Wolf (and an Odin’s man) than for me, who is much more of a cat person.

I can’t for the life of me figure out how this happened, I have repeatedly tried to follow instructions to change the name back, which I do, but it still shows up as Melodi’s Psychic Readings then switches back to “The Raven’s Breath” when I go to look up my blog.

Since this wordpress blog has so much history I am reluctant to simply start a new “blog” and web page; not only would that take vast amounts of time but several yars of readings will be lost if I do that.  However, I am concerned that someone might be fooling around with my site, so I will be keeping a very close eye on it.  I am also working on getting more serious security settings but that seems a complicated process, one my mind simply can’t deal with at this moment after beating my head against the wall trying to follow instructions that don’t really seem to be working.

In any event, for now it seems that Melodi’s Psychic Readings does still come up for users and I own the domain name which forwards to this blog site anyway; it is just disturbing that this has happened and I am not sure exactly what is going on here.

So, there may be no card before Friday, because tomorrow I am going to get the stronger security set up on this blog, no matter what – then I will see if I can get an official answer from World Press (unlikely on a free account but you never know) as to why the name change I keep making isn’t happening.  But to me, that is less important than simply making sure no one else can get in here and mess with things, and clients should not worry, I don’t keep any personal information here; this is why I do all my billing either via pay pal or in person for office visits.  I never get  your financial information personally, so no one can take it off my site either.

If worse comes to worse, I will archive this site in some way (at least the blog stuff) and start a new one; the old theme isn’t working very well anyway and the colors (which I can’t change without paying for an upgrade) hard to read, but I’d rather just revamp this site if possible.

Please hang in there while I sort this out, I am very sorry this is happening and regret having further delays to the blog, especially when I had to take so much personal down time earlier in the year.

So, hopefully a reading on Friday for the weekend to come and if not I’ll try for an update on what is going on with the technical issues.





Card of the Day – Monday – May 26, 2014

UnionAce of PentaclesHagalaz2

Well this week’s energy is likely to be dominated, in current events, by choices made over the weekend, especially in Europe and to a lesser degree in the United States and any other area with the word Union (or United) in its current (or former) name; That’s because we have the Union (lovers) Card as our first card, followed by the Ace of Pentacles.  The Ace of Kitty Pentacles is an experienced hunting cat, biding its time and catching a mouse in a tried and true fashion; this card usually suggests that prosperity and improved conditions are possible but that this is not the new time for untried or unusual ventures.  The Hagalaz (Hail) rune, suggests a sudden “strike” or upset, something that seems to come out of nowhere and hits with glass-breaking force.

To some degree, I think this reading has partly already come to pass, I was unable to read last week due to personal circumstances, but one look at today’s headlines in Europe shows that in the European “Unions” the huge number of MP’s elected on more conservative and even anti-EU platforms has thrown a rock the size of a giant hail-stone into the European political mix and no one quite knows yet how it is going to affect prosperity or current ways of managing things.  One thing is certain, voters throughout the EU told the central HQ that they are sick and tire of “austerity” and forced plans to merge the European Countries into one, vast, super-state.  It remains to be seen if this vote will actually have any long-term effects on the actual situation on the ground, but this must be causing headaches in the vaunted and decorated halls of Brussels and Berlin.

This energy is also playing out in the Ukraine/Russia/Union area, again having had an “election” on Sunday followed by a further intensification of the civil war this morning, suggests that the “union” of the Ukraine itself and or the “Union” of Eastern Ukraine back with Mother Russia (aka former Soviet Union) is likely to be a big player this weeks news as well.

The United States is also likely to see continuing tensions between conservative ideas (especially in economics) and the difficulty it is having in reaching a national unity on anything – again, something may come out of nowhere that changes this (or other US situations) very suddenly.

Of course, we also need to step back and look at the energies as a whole, there will be energies moving people both towards and away from unions, marriages, relationships, understandings etc – and the Ace of Pentacles card suggests that such personal (and governmental/corporate) decisions are best made in more traditional and time-tested fashions.  This is NOT the week for reaching out and trying new ideas, but rather one where the going with solutions that are known to work is probably the best way forward when ever possible.

On the other hand, that Hagalaz rune might very well upset and smash into situations that seem to be going along rather smoothly and in a predictable order and force a complete re-think or change of direction, no matter what the original intention or situation may have been.

This is one of those weeks to expect the unexpected news that comes like a bolt out of the blue and hits hard both on personal and international relationships and circumstances; the best way forward is to be cautious and keep your eyes open for sudden changes.

Hagalaz can also be about real hail, ice, bad weather (severe storms), lightning,  objects from space, objects that “hit” suddenly etc; so bad weather is possible as is news about asteroids, solar flares, glaciers, The polar ice caps etc.

For individuals a good day (and week) to take refuge in personal relationships like family, rely on calm budgeting and wise choices when making plans and being ready to change them if suddenly circumstances change, because it is highly likely that they will.


No card this week – May 19 – 23, 2014

I am very sorry but there will not be a card of the day this week, if I am very lucky I maybe able to do a late reading on Friday for the weekend, nothing serious but bad weather, power outages, repairmen for broken appliances and now gutter cleaning (because of the heavy rains) – I just can’t concentrate.  If there is an international emergency of some sort, I will of course try to do a quick look in and update but otherwise, I’ll hopefully be back either Friday night or Monday morning, weather and everything else permitting.

Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – May 16-18, 2014

InquirerFive of WandsPerdo2

As I suspected yesterday, the energy for changes and emotional reactions was simply the start of a rather unstable time period with some new challenges and issues thrown in to make for an interesting mix, the outcome at this point is still uncertain and fluid.  This uncertainty and a tendency towards disagreements and conflicts is going to be very strong this week, and individuals show be very careful with family members, friends, co-workers etc because it is going to be a rather dicey emotional time.

The Inquirer Card represents the person asking the question (in this case me, the readers, etc) and the Five of Kitty Wands show five kittens have a “kitten rumble” as they do, play fighting but learning how to seriously defend themselves and attack others as needed, when they are older.  This card tends to represent disagreements, arguments, competition, confrontation both playful and serious; on the playful side look for stories about the sports-world, international games, horse-racing, gambling, Las Vegas etc.. This is a good weekend for playing board games with your family or enjoying peaceful challenges with friends at the Bingo Hall.

However, it is not a good weekend to try to have a serious family discussion on a disputed topic or a good time to bring up anything controversial or negative, this is the sort of weekend when Sunday Dinner with the family can easily devolve into a shouting match if Uncle Ben brings up politics and another family member takes an opposite view.  In fact, I think people in general are going to be walking around with a certain degree of an inner “looking for a target” emotionally.  Some of this is likely to be the results of any sudden or serious changes/transformations that have been taking part (or have taken part) over the last few days.  Those sort of sudden shifts tend to make people edgy, tired and more likely to fly off the handle or become defensive and combative.  This energy is simply going to push those buttons and make it easier to go over the edge.

The Pethro Rune is also called “The Dice Cup” and is the reason why the potential outcomes of anything are going to be hard to call this weekend, which is a another really good reason for trying put a personal hold on any temptations to react emotionally or combatively  with others, because this is a weekend when the “butterfly effect” is likely to be in full swing.  That means that situations and issues may arise for the strangest and least obvious of reasons; of course we can’t possibly control our every comment, feeling or expression just because it “might” upset the balance of things; especially when we don’t know for sure what that balance is.  But we can be careful to try not to poke sticks in hornet’s nest, this is so NOT the weekend to deal with simmering issues, ongoing problems or much of serious anything if can be avoided.

If an issue or situation simply MUST be sorted this weekend, it should be done with intention, calm and the understand that others may easily take things the wrong way and it is up to you, the person who has had this warning, to try to keep things calm and to influence the dice to roll in your direction.

Everything I have just written applies to the international/current events scenes only on a larger and more epic scale, this is a weekend when conflicts, disputes, competitions and confrontations can either continue to play around in the background of the world stage or suddenly surge forward into something very serious and not playful at all.  The Dice-Cup rune is associated by some people (me included) with the Norse Trickster God Loki, who is also associated with fire and sometimes Foxes.  Yesterday’s Torch rune is one kind of fire, the sort that can bring light and illuminate a situation or light the fuse that sets it off into total chaos.  The energy of this weekend gives the potential for both, foxes are known for being clever and cunning and I suspect that both traits are going to be needed by those in power trying to negotiate this new set of combative energies that is going to dominate the weekend. 

This time, while again I feel that Russia V Ukraine is one place to watch, it is not the only danger area; there is going to be a lot of intense competition behind the scenes this weekend and it won’t all be in one places, as various People/Tribes/Nations try to sort out a new or emerging situation.  I am feeling a strong pull towards the economic realm on this one, even those it isn’t showing up directly in the cards yet – but the potential for a shift in the world of macro-economics that leads to some strong disagreements or worse developing over the next week or two feels very strong.  Look for more stories about this growing issue and the underlying reasons for some of the more obviously physical/real-world conflicts (violent, political and corporate) to have their actual background in this underlying economic situation.  Some of this economic situation/change is already known but just not widely understood, but it feels like some of the consequences and actual effects on the ground have yet to manifest.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on the cards and runes over the next couple of weeks to see if money/economics/currencies etc comes back up to the service, but for this weekend it looks like the inter-personal conflicts both for individuals and for groups of people, and their uncertain outcome is likely to be the main energy we will feel in our daily lives and in the international news.


Card of the Day – Thursday – May 15, 2014

Death Temperance Kenaz2

The last two days I was unable to read (I suspect for the next couple of months making all five days during the week is not practical but I will try) in any event, Tuesday I felt no real change from the rather quieting and calmer energy that we had on Monday, but yesterday I started to sense a change, so I wanted to make sure I checked today.

Today’s cards show the energies signaling the final ending of one cycle, and the start of another period of building tensions after our brief respite into the world of calm, they also suggest that today (the next 24 to 48 hours) and possibly even going into the weekend may be time in current events for final endings, terminations, sudden stops, great changes, and even actual deaths.  Usually the Death card is not about actual deaths of people or animals but it can be when it is in a Current Events reading because of course, sometimes thing happen and people die.

The second card is Temperance/Balance/Harmony – one way of reading this could also be “The Death/End of Temperance/Balance/Harmony” or in other-words we enter yet another period where extremes are more popular than the middle ground and people are more likely to “go out on a limb” further than they intended too.   Again, my mind is drawn to the ongoing and increasingly violent civil war in the Ukraine but also other places like Africa or even the areas of public opinion, especially in the US and Europe.

There may be some big, final and total change/ending/transformation of some particular world (or local) situation that causes people to react with extremes (rather than in a balanced way) as we move towards the weekend, and it may be something that will still be building up (or lead to another building up) of issues after it occurs.

That’s because the Kenaz rune is the Boil or the Torch and we have seen this one before in terms of “The Torch the Lights the Fire” or “The boil that raises to a head.”  I sometimes call this the sideways volcano rune because it looks like a volcano laying sideways and has the potential for explosive eruptions.

On the other hand, this energy doesn’t have to result in a Death to Temperance but could be used and visualized as The Transformation of Temperance building up to a State of improved Balance as opposed to a disrupted one where the poor kitties fall off their ledge and into the sea.  The Kitties are safe as long as the stay perfectly balanced as they sleep together, balance and temperance is the key here, lose it to an expanding volcano of emotions, even in the face of a sudden change and well – you and the kitties could experience a great fall (as could any world situation that takes that path).

To sum up this short but important peak at coming energy attractions, the end of this week is a time when you need to be prepared for things to change suddenly and probably permanently, if this occurs in your own life, make a choice to react with thoughtful reason and balance rather than just exploding.  Be on the look-out for other building tensions and situations that may be heating up just below the surface and possible masked by the more obvious event.

I suspect these energies are going to be playing out both in the personal and the outer-world for the next 2 to 5 days, though I will do my best to make sure and try for at least a quick check in tomorrow to see how they are flowing into the weekend.

This is obviously one of the those periods I think of as a time of re-balancing energies, or a time when one cycle is ending and other is starting; usually that happens when energy has been flowing one way and now tries to change and flow in another.  For a few days you get a back and forth effect, until the energies head off in the new direction for a while.  This being the time of the Full Moon passing into a waning moon, it is also a transition in the physical world as well and I think is intensifying this particular change of energy time period.







Card of the Day – Monday – May 12, 2014

Union Home Page of Pentacles Jera2

Well here we are with Monday’s Card reading, the one that often sets the tone for the week and I am delighted to report that on a personal level, for individuals and families this is likely to be a better week than the last one.  I’m going to go ahead and do that part of the reading first, as I often do when the news is positive because (as usual again) it gets more complicated when we extend it to the world of International Current-Events and Geo-Politics.

The Union Card and the Home card were stuck together as one and this is a really good thing for the average family as the Union card is the coming together of two perfect streams, and is the lovers/Relation ship card in this Deck.  The Home card can be the physical home, the place of retreat and safety with the fire in the hearth and the cat on the mat – so you have the potential here for all sorts of good and positive energies, everything from weddings to just a simple focus on home and family as a safe and comforting place for much of the week.

Of course, all cards do have reverse energies, so it is a good idea to be careful of other people’s feelings and make sure the home IS a comforting and safe place for people be, this is also a good week for those seeking a “spiritual home” or “union” with the Divine through meditation, prayer and other spiritual practices.

The Page of Pentacles card returns from last week, showing this energy of a young cat experimenting and playing with the life skills he needs to have for later is still in full swing; the young kitty isn’t quite ready to do his adult job yet, but he’s getting there.  This card can be about opportunity for wealth, security and prosperity brought about by practical hard work and concentration on a goal.  In this reading, I think that the energies are better than then have been for a long-while for individual house-holds to improve their relationships and their home life by careful planning and hard work.  For awhile there, no matter what anyone did it seemed to be hitting against a brick wall, this week seems like a time when the tide could be starting to turn, especially for those still willing to keep trying.

The Harvest/Jera Rune really, really seals that as the main message for the individual and personal readings this week; this card is about seasons, harvests, cycles etc or what you are likely to get as the outcome of a lot of careful and studied plans, work, gardening, watering, planting etc (both in a spiritual and a physical sense).  It also shows that the “wheel is turning” and that is reflected in this mostly changed energy pattern towards energies that were largely taking things apart last week, to things that appear to be building up in this one.

Now for the international/current events summary – as always ALL the same energies available to individuals are also there for the major players in any human-based international even but it can be harder for groups of people to make choices than for individuals at times.  Groups of people (or even groups of leaders of people) often have multiple agendas and issues pulling them in several directions at the same time and that is what I am seeing here.

This week, the cards are pointing at ISSUES that are likely to come up and how People/Tribes/Nations/Leaders choose to respond to those issues is going to set the stage for the next cycle of coming attractions on the world stage.

Things in focus this week will be Unions of all kinds; including monetary unions, trading blocks, Unions (as in labor) and even countries with Union in their title (or former title) like the United States of America or the (former) Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  Issues of national and international union and the ideas of Homeland, Patriotism, local autonomy, Home rule etc are all like to continue to clash both in the Ukraine/Russian region but all over the place.  Look for unexpected break outs of “national” feelings, for some reason I am feeling a pull towards South America of all places and Brazil or nearby areas in particular.  It won’t surprise me at all if there is a rumbles of problems coming from neglected regions (the North East of Brazil as well as the Amazon Basin are showing up in my “inner map”) who may not be calling for outright independence but are using the current focus of the world (the next Olympics) as a time for bringing up their own issues.  I don’t think this is the only place this sort of thing is going to come up either, world-wide this is going to be a tendency on the part of people to want LOCAL unions of what they consider to be the Home and the Familiar rather than the far away and international.  The European Union and the UK are both likely to have rocky weeks with this sort of energy – look for stories both silly and serious on this theme in the US too.  Everything from local gad-flies who declare their garage to be the new “Independent State of My House” to serious secessionist movements taking the form of States wanting to break up into smaller ones as well as North American regions that start talking about taking more power back from the central government (State’s Right’s Issues).

The Page of Pentacles suggests that few of these movements towards local autonomy or independence are likely to go through to completion this week, even the ones that may ultimately make sense or come to pass; this card suggests that things are not ready yet.  It isn’t that humans are exactly playing as in having fun, but more practicing as is the young barn cat batting at his prey.  I also get the feeling this is another reason Russia wants to give the impression that they are withdrawing from the Eastern Ukraine at the moment or at least drawing back.  Like the cat’s-paw, it inches forward and bats something quickly and then retreats, until one day the Cat either takes his attention elsewhere and moves on or decides to suddenly strike with deadly force and the game is no longer play but reality.

Again, that’s one example of where this energy is playing out; I think there are going to be a lot of questions this week playing out on the topics of what brings more prosperity, Union with a larger political entity or keeping things closer to Home?  Questions of Harvests, resources, commodities, water, food, shelter, protection are all likely to be involved with this, especially with the Jera/Harvest rune.

Finally the Jera/Harvest/Cycle rune does really indicate that energies are rolling onward towards their next cycle and that these are the issues most likely to be at the top of the agenda this week – there is a lot of potentially positive energy that could be used to find some serious solutions to some of these issues, or things could just get played around with and nothing much accomplished.

We shall have to wait and see, but as I said a very good week for individuals, couples, romance, families and making future plans.


Card of the Day – Thursday – May 8, 2014

SagePage of PentaclesIngwaz2

Wow, finally some GOOD NEWS for a change or at least the potential for good news if the people who matter in various world events choose to take these energies and use them during the next 24 to 48 hours.  This time period, looks the most promising, so far this week, for making positive and wise choices that could even change the course of things; that doesn’t mean they will happen but the potential is certainly there.

The first card is The Sage/Wisdom/Older Men and Women/Older Leaders etc – this card often comes up as “Wisdom” but it is more that than, it is about looking at the knowledge of the past (the books) but also writing down new information for the future (the Sage is writing in the book).  I am drawn to the aspect of this card which calls for “older-wiser heads to prevail” in terms of a positive image and “unwilling to change or learn from mistakes” as the negative aspect of this energy today.

So we have the two conflicting images that age and experience can bring people working themselves out today on the world stage; one is the mature use of caution and memory vs. the hide-bound sticking to conservative traditions and viewpoints even if they no longer serve their intended purpose and are now preventing needed change.

The Page of Kitty Pentacles is a rather play for an innocent card, but one with potential “Teeth” as well.  The Young Kitty on the card is playfully looking at a mouse in his barn, he raises a paw as if to bat it, but his expression tells us that while he wants to be a hunter when he grows up, he knows he really isn’t there yet.  He is a POTENTIAL PREDATOR, but he isn’t there yet. Even the mice seem to be aware of this, and they play happily at his feet, even knowing that someday this same kitty to spell their doom (and they become the Kitty’s lunch).

This card is all about being practical (knowing what you can and what you can’t actually do in a given situation), trust, security and potential wealth/reward.  It combines extremely well with the Sage/Wisdom/Wise/Conservative views of the Sage card only in the case of the Page it is the cleverness of youth tempered with practical observation that restrains the young one from taking on more than he can handle yet.

But in both cards, there is a strong suggestion that the wise person will walk carefully today and know the limits of their abilities no matter how attractive a situation may look, in terms of diving in and getting started.

In terms of world politics, today is the best day in a while for parties who disagree to stop back from the brink and think about just what they are doing, what do they really want and are they even capable of going there yet?

Ingwaz, the run suggests that today is NOT the day for actually taking risks or decisions but instead planting the seeds for those that will come (or have to be made) later; Ingwaz means – Seed/The God Ing/Freyr the God of Peace and Good Harvests.  So today the seeds of Peace of at least a wiser way of handling conflict can be planted and put into place, if caution and wisdom are used.

Even if this doesn’t happen in the outer world of current events, this wise, and self-disciplined (self-directed) pulling back from the edge and taking time to encourage new ways forward is a good energy to use in your individual life.  Today is a fine day for reading, studying, teachers, students, helping professions, children, sports, farming, gardening and prudent investing.  It is a wonderful day for reading a book, making realistic career or life goals and taking the first practical steps in moving those goals forward into reality.

Yesterday reality tended to create a rock that dreams washed up on, but today reflection on that reality can help us recharge and move forward with dreams more tempered to the actual situation and therefore much more likely to go from seed to full harvest in the future.

Over time, energies will try to balance and re-balance like this over and over again, they don’t always do it quite this quickly but when they do it becomes easier to see why there are days when life just seems to be going nowhere fast and other days where things just sort of slide into place.  Today isn’t going to be a super-easy day, but many people are likely to find it a lot more positive in spirit than they have felt, during the first part of the week.  Those who ignore wisdom or refuse to modify their goals with some practical common sense, may not enjoy things nearly as much today as those who do.

Finally today is one of those rare days when both the wisdom of the old and the curiosity of the young can both be celebrated and enjoyed in equal measures, and both hold the seeds of the future in their lined hands and batting paws.

Card of the Day – Wednesday – May 7, 2014

Moon Wheel of Fortune Raido

A somewhat wilder energy day than yesterday, today’s cards are all pretty intense (yesterdays’ were too) but these are somewhat different and suggest that fate is now turning in the direction that it intends to go (no stopping The Wheel) and the Raido rune (riding/travel/movement) hints that the wheel is now turning faster than before.

The Moon card is one of those really complex cards that you would expect with such an ancient image, in this deck The Moon is Female and she is all about Dreams, the Unconscious Mind, Deep Motivations, Intuition, Creativity but also Madness.

The Wheel of Fortune is about Destiny, Luck, Change and TIPPING Points; it can be something simple like which cat catches the bird today or it can be deep and profound, an epic turning point in a person’s life or the end of one historical era and the start of another.

The Raido rune, is all about travel, movements, riding, etc and while originally it meant riding on horse back, it is also about spiritual traveling such as shamanic journeys or lucid dreaming.  In a reading like this one, I get the sense of the Wheel of Fate/Fortune/Karma moving swiftly carried by the Dreams/Desires/Fears/Hopes/Perceptions and even Madness of many people.

As was the case in yesterday’s reading, Current Events wise, I think this reading is largely going to manifest today with the ongoing rush of the wheels in the Ukraine/Russian/West confrontation, but also is also likely to affect other situations personal and international that may be reaching any sort of tipping point.

This is going to be especially true of situations or events that were founded more on dreams than realistic thinking, The Moon is the card of the ultimate ideal or perfect dream of Utopian happy endings where as the Wheel of Fortune is what happens when reality runs right over the dreams and forces the dreams to interact with the world (or situation) as it actually is as opposed to how we might want it to be.

The Wheel of Fortune is also about actions taken in the past rolling around to catch up with us in the future, good actions are likely to bring forth good reactions but the opposite is also going to be true.

The two readings together, from yesterday and today, also show that even if people are feeling a desire to hide away and withdraw at the moment, the tides are continuing to wash in, especially under the surface of things, the water may not be visible right now but it is there.  It is better to pay attention to it and get ready to move to higher ground BEFORE it washes into the mouth of that cave!

Look for news stories today about travel (positive and negative), stories about policies and programs that may not be working out as projected, issues with communications (Raido also affects things like radar, radio, Internet etc), luck, lottery winners, horse races, fortune tellers, Karma, Dreaming, the Sea/Ocean/Water, and Insanity (or mental illness).  Another feature of the news may be terms like “tipping point,” “toppling over,” “rolling on ahead,” “the rubber meeting the road,” etc.  The travel/wheel/moving theme is likely to be very strong in the news today as is a sense of things that are hidden.  The Moon hides things and is all about secrets hidden in the depths of the Sea, so stories about hidden issues revealed (that may force the tipping point) or even under-water archeology are all possible in the next 24 to 48 hours.

That said, on a personal note, today’s cards can be much more positive than yesterday’s were; we have the Card for Dreams and Intuition to help us guide us forward and since we know the Wheel of Fortune is turning rapidly we can use some of that Intuition to mediate and find our own personal Luck (Fortune) and ride it forward.

This is also likely one of the best days this week for travel, both physical and spiritual, as the image of the Wagon and the Rider is very strong.  A great time period for communications and getting things settled after yesterday’s clearing of the air, there is the potential today for much personal positive moment forward.


Card of the Day – Tuesday – May 6, 2014

Cave DestructionNine of Wands Wujo2

Well, the holiday weekend is over in Ireland (and the UK) so it is time to get back to work and get Card of the Day back on its feet – since there was no reading yesterday, today Tuesday is also the reading that tends to set out the primary energies for the rest of the week, and I am sorry to say it is not looking like a very happy time, at least in terms of news and world events.  Individuals may do somewhat better, but more on that later in the blog.

Our kick off card is The CAVE – the cave is a grey card with a human figure hunched into a ball with their face down on the floor and turned away from the light, this card usually indicates: Depression, Sadness, withdrawal, hiding, lack of interest, apathy etc.  It can also be a protective card in the sense of hiding in one’s personal cave, taking shelter or taking time away from personal relationships to recharge and meditate.  But above all, it is a card of hiding or withdrawing from something or someone(s).

The next card, I almost didn’t read, I kept feeling that I needed the card underneath the cave card but I tried to ignore it, I like to keep things to three images most days, but I just kept feeling the “pull” from the deck so I picked it up to see what it was and then knew it just had to be included and probably why.

The Destruction card suggests that the emotional (and perhaps physical)withdrawal on the part of many people this week will likely be in the face of some very worrying, destructive or otherwise tragic things that they may experience personally or at a distance via the Internet or TV.  On its own, this card can have positive aspects such as the creative destruction of things we need to get rid of (like Spring cleaning that back closet and throwing out the junk to clear the air and then deep cleaning it for the coming year)

However, I do not think in this case the Destruction is Creative (except as individuals choose to direct it on a personal level) I think in this mostly Current Events/Energy reading for the world this week, I think this is about real destruction and the potential for real life disasters.  For various reasons I’ll get into in a moment, once again I feel my mental eye directed to the Ukraine – BUT, this energy (as always) is going to affect a bit of everyone and everything and this is so strong in these cards that this is a week when a lot of unfortunate and unhappy events may take place in the world.  My guess is given the next card, the Nine of Wands, that a lot of it will involve the interactions of human beings but that does not rule out the potential for “natural” disasters such as earthquakes, landslides etc; especially anything weather related as “hiding in the cave” is the prudent response to a tornado or nasty storm system.

I want to go over the last two energies before making any more speculations – The Nine of Wands card write-up in the Cat’s Eye Tarot book says “In a Reading: The Nine of Wands indicates the presence of Negative Energy..” There is a lot more there but that statement on its own, is another reason that I see little Creative about this Destruction card.  Basically the Nine of Kitty Wands shows two cats one on her home territory and a newcomer who is trying to enter it.  Both cats are wary of each other or as the booklet says again “Neither cat appears prepared to give ground. Negotiating Territorial Rights in order to share space without conflict is as important for cats as it is for people.   This situation has to be resolved.”

So we now have a card that is all about disputed territory, negative energy, where there is a strong need for mutual respect and flexibility but little sign of any – gee where in the world does that sound like?  Again, I can’t say for certain it is only Russia Vs. Ukraine/The West it may be a good deal more complicated than that.  And other areas of the world where tribal relationships (or families) tend to be the basis of governments are all likely to be seriously affected because the final rune is:

Wunjo – Wunjo is usually translated as Joy, but it is a good deal more complicated than that – it has alternative meanings of Clan Banner (the sign of the family or clan) and BATTLE FLAG!

Remember that people in the ancient Germanic and Viking worlds did not see things quite the same way as modern Westerners, anyone who has seen the mini-series The Vikings (or read anything about the Norse at all) knows that “Joy” was found in the clan/family life but there was also “The JOY OF BATTLE” aka Battle Flag; which involved both defensive and offensive raiding and warfare.  There are also strong feelings of what me modern folk might think of as “nationalism” in this rune because the “clan” is also the tribe/extended family/group that these people identified with; most people’s first allegiance was not to say Iceland but to the extended family (or tribe) of Eric the Red or another local leader.

Again, this pretty much describes what is happening in the Ukraine/Russian/Crimean/Neighboring countries areas as we speak, as the imposed (and relatively modern) “central governments” lose control, the more tribal, local, “clans” if you were; replace them as people fall back to what seems to be safe and familiar.

Some people are going to find safety and security within the “Joy” of their family (or at least trusted companions to hide out with) others are likely to flee into the caves and the hills (literally or figuratively) and hope for safety; others are likely to take “joy” in the battles over territory and resist negotiations.  It is probably too late to prevent all of the coming Destruction but a return to respect for others and attempts to find some common ground might go a long way towards lessening the effects of it.

I think this is a week that the news is going to leave a lot of people wanting to hide in their “caves” or at least try not to deal with the international news situation as much as possible because there is likely to be little good to be found there.  Look for some media to respond by ignoring certain stories or putting them on the back “pages” of websites and the internet – real information will be there, but it may be necessarily to poke ones head out of the cave opening occasionally to see it.

As for individuals, I have already hinted that while this is not a week of “good aspects” that does not mean that everyone has to just sit down and be miserable or unhappy either – you can personally choose to view this time as one for spiritual and personal withdrawal for a purpose, taking some time for yourself to recharge and regroup.  You can use Destruction in the Creative ways I described earlier to clean, cleanse and otherwise get rid of physical, mental or spiritual issues that you have been putting off deal with for some time.  The Nine of Wands cards has the very good aspect of suggesting this is time when having respect for others and using your negotiation skills can go a long way towards solving problems that also have been building or threaten to disrupt your personal peace, so this is a good time to mind-fully and respectfully confront others who may be invading your personal space or having issues with personal boundaries.

Finally the Wunjo/Joy rune can be just that, and while the Cave Card suggests a time for withdrawal from public interaction the Wunjo rune suggests this is a time when Protection and Joy can be found in the connections we have with family and very close friends (our “Clan”).  So while this may not be a good week to take great risks or start new projects, it is a very good week to play with your children, spend time with your partner or enjoy a home cooked meal with your best friends.

Special Weekend Reading Friday May 2 – Sunday May 4, 2014

Scales Now Six of Pentacles Kenaz2 Elhaz

Well, after a week down with the crud, my intention had been to get up this morning (Friday) and do a reading, however the first thing I discovered was that I would have to re-do the music for this week’s radio show (and last weeks as it turns out) because of a You Tube issue with my free-music provider.  By the time I finished editing the new show and sorting out everything else it was about 11pm and I managed dinner at 10pm.  I had thought just to wait to read until morning but then I discovered the news about the terrible fires in Odessa, Ukraine and how things were spiraling out of control there.  I decided that at least a quick look at the weekend cards and runes would be wise, and the surprise is that although I shuffled the cards, they are a dead ringer for last Friday’s weekend reading, only with the edition of NOW, and the runes for boil/torch/eruption and Elk/Protection/Stampede!

To refresh, last week we had The Scales and the Six of Pentacles (with the Sowilo rune) this week and last week, together they suggested a tipping point, justice being decided, karma or something “held in the balance; the Six of Pentacles is all about access to resources.  In this case it is the barn kittens waiting to get a share of the cow’s milk.  They can not get their snack until the farmer comes to milk the cow and then chooses to distribute it to them.  The Cat’s Eye Tarot book’s key words for this card are: Having/Not Having Resources/Power/Knowledge.  It is all about things returning to a balance point after things have become unbalanced – in fact it is very much the Scales Card or the result of the Scales Card when it is weighing something evenly.  It is also about having and sharing (or not sharing) resources, knowledge and power; as it did last week, but even more so this evening, this seems to me to describe a lot of the world’s political situation at this time and the issues with Russia and her neighbors in the spotlight.

Added to last week’s reading we have the NOW card, this suggests that the Judgment/Balancing/Justice card and the Resources/Power/Knowledge distribution cards are happening RIGHT NOW.  I often call this card to clients the NOW IS THE TIME CARD, because it is usually a time marker in a reading.  It is also a HARVEST card “as you plant, so shall you reap” in other words this card ALSO has the echos of KARMA/balancing/actions as well as the concept of resources in the form of food and agriculture.  Interestingly enough, the Ukraine was also considered the “bread basket” for much of the old Russian and Soviet Empires, so these cards all seem to bits of the same message all over them.

Now is the time of Judgment/karma/decision about resources/commodities/power and even distribution  (or redistribution) of any or all of them…

While these energies may be playing out in their most obvious form this weekend in the Ukraine area of Eastern Europe, they are going to affect everyone and everything to a degree; so this is likely to be a weekend when a lot of things come to a head, even personal decisions on where and what to spend money on, who in a family gets what or finally getting around to sorting decisions that have been very long put off (and whose hands may be forced by choices made in the past).

Finally the runes are different from last week but are still pretty disturbing, whereas last weeks sun/lightning Sowilo rune suggested that some things were going to “come to light” and that there was a potential for anything “solar” to be important in terms of resources/judgements etc; everything from electrical problems and glitches to atomic anything (power/weapons/medicine etc).  And we did have some major power and computer glitches that created a lot of chaos for world airports mid-week, so that may have been part of what the sun-rune was about this past week.

However, now we have the runes for boil/torch/eruption and the elk/protection/stampede/connection between heaven and earth, together which suggests that something is likely to “blow up” or “erupt” sometime very soon and that prayer may be the only protection that some people may have.  It also suggests that things could easily “stampede” out of control (in the Ukraine that appears to be happening already) with the torch having just been lit to set the situation blazing (sadly quite literally with the burning deaths of many people) – the Elk/Moose rune is the protector because it is so very large that no healthy, adult animal fears any predator other than man; but if a herd of Moose become frightened and stamped there is absolutely nothing to stop them until they either get tired on their own or race right over a cliff (following their leader).  Likewise the Torch Rune was used as the earliest lamps in the caves of ancient man to see in the darkness and drive back the night; but those same torches were used to light the fires to intentionally drive the large animals off the cliffs intentional where hungry hunters waited below in order to butcher the dying animals.   This really is the image I am getting here, that and the torch being used to “light” the “fires” of “Judgement” or perhaps Karma (what happens now is a reaction to previous actions).

As “the boil” or as I sometimes call is “the sideways volcano rune” we also have the images of both fire (or painful heat) and “coming to a head/explosions,” sometimes a boil can be lanced and the poisons drained before the infection blasts itself out to contaminate areas around it.  While I think there may be a very slight chance this “boil” could still be lanced and drained, my guess is that it is probably already too late to step back from the brink and that for the moment at least, the karmic consequences that have now been pushed into motion are going to keep on rolling at least for “now.”  Also, that when the herd stops running it would be noticed that even if they don’t all run over a cliff, at the very least the “milk and grain” (aka resources/agriculture/natural gas/oil etc) will be arranged in a different fashion than they were before things started.  The most obvious way this may happen is from a change of national boundaries but that my not the only way in which these energies manifest.

Again, while I see the big issue this weekend as the Ukraine/Russia/US/Europe “Great Game” cards on the table, that is not the only place these energies are going to have an impact; they are likely to play out in areas of employment, money, law-courts and especially agriculture/commodities/trade/shipping and even wealth.

This whole reading combination, especially taken in the fact that I only read last Friday and the cards were nearly the same without the urgent time marker is kind of serious and doom laden but then so is a lot of tonight’s news.

As always with time periods like this when the Current Event’s energies look very grave or dark, I want to remind my readers that individuals can also use these very same energies towards positive moves in their own lives.  You can do this by meditating and concentration of the positive aspects of all these cards and how they can manifest in your life.  The case for good judgements when making decisions;  the joy of living in the now and the feeling of accomplishment when completing a task; the creating of patterns that insure everyone in your extended family is able to share that which you have to give them both physically and spiritually;  and finally the light and warmth provided by life-giving fire and the spiritual strength that comes from prayer and knowing that someone bigger than you are is your ultimate protection.

This reading gives us a lot to think about, my advice is to keep your eyes on the news as you can this weekend but try to enjoy the holiday in parts of the world keep this as a long weekend as you can, especially spend time with family and close friends, including your pets.  They are the part of the world that is the closest to you and the one you can most directly affect and be affected by, keep your focus there but don’t forget to peek out the door occasionally at the storm brewing outside.