Planet Starz Reading Website – free mini-readings, including some Tuesday nights (3 to 4 pm EST) with my altar ego: Starz Amber Cat.  Paid readings also available from a number of great psychics!

The Fellowship of the Spiral Path – Pagan organization in Northern California with a good website and local clergy training.  Program where I got my certification.

The Troth – great site and organization for those interested in a non-racist Germanic Path, organization is international though mostly US and UK focused.

Teampall (Temple) Na Callaighe good site for those interested in both Wicca and Druidic traditions, especially folks located in Ireland.

John Hogue’s Prophecy Blogupdated about three times a week, John is a world renowned authority on Nostradamus as well as a psychic in his own right. 

Patrick Timpone’s, One Radio NetworkVery good alternative topic radio from Texas.

Love and Hisses – follow the adventures of Robyn and her ever changing band of foster kitties.  Not at all paranormal, but a wonderful daily read!

Stephan Grundy (my husband) website – mostly a listing of his books and bio

Wren’s Day with Tarot – a good card reading blog, you can read this for another perspective from my own for more information.

About Astrology with Molly Hall – a fantastic astrology site with lots of free and public information on what is going on with the stars!

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