Card Overview for September 2016


Greetings readers! As I mentioned in my update post, there are a few changes going on here at the blog and mostly they relate to the revival of the Cat’s Eye Radio show which for the moment will be bi-monthly and start with a card overview of the month.

Don’t worry, Cards of the Week isn’t going away; but for now I’ll try to start out with a Monthly Card overview that will pretty much provide the basic material for the Radio show and then follow each week with the specific energies of this week.

This experiment should be fun, and it can be very interesting to compare how the overall energies for a longer period may interact with the shorter-term energies that occur within it.

For technical reasons this month’s reading has been delayed (as is the revised radio show) and since I will be out of the country on the weekend of the 17th, there will not be a reading that week either.

But for now, let’s take a look at the overall energies for the rest of the Month of September and how they are most likely to influence current and some personal events.

Card of the Month: Work

Psy Cards of the Month: The Tree, The Puzzle, Death, Now

Cat’s Eye Tarot Cards of the Month:  Nine of Cups, Seven of Swords, The Lovers

Runes of the Month: Gebo (gift/marriage); Ansuz (Mouth/communications); Tiwaz (Justice/Law).


The Card of the Month, the card providing the over-all driving energy focus is the Card Work.

This Card can mean a lot of things but as the cogs and gears on the card suggest the primary meaning of the card is usually mundane jobs and work; especially in a Current Events reading.

Of course work can also be about spiritual growth or working on a problem; there are elements of these meanings here too.

But taking all the cards and runes together, which we will do in a short while here; the most obvious conclusion I can draw is that in an over-all macro sense; the idea of working, jobs, employment, labor, management, commuting, factories, businesses, and even international commercial treaties are all going to be very important and highlighted topics this month.

Pretty much anything that affects “getting the work done” or employment (or the lack of it) is going to be a big theme this month.

We are already seeing some of this; from a bus drivers’ strike in Dublin Ireland (over pay and working conditions) to the public reactions against the American-Europe and Trans-Pacific “Partnership” Treaties; and the media highlighting the loss of 80,000 jobs in the coal industry (US) since 2008; jobs, employment and commerce are already huge and ongoing stories as we go into the second week of the month.

The four Psycards…

This month we have four psy cards because the first two cards were stuck together; in fact they were so stuck together I didn’t even notice them until I had done the layout and was about to start reading.

As always, when two cards do this (or an extra rune slips into my hand) I try to go ahead and put it in the reading anyway, figuring there is a good reason; and this time that sure does look to be the case.

First the cards:

Our first Psy Card is The Tree: This card is all about putting down roots, the roots of a problem or issue, and is also about growing a strong tree with many branches.

In a personal reading, it often suggests the client is looking for a stable situation, home or career.  It can also be about making personal connections and yet not being tossed about by the opinion of others.

The Tree can also sometimes be a family tree or the original source from which a situation or person/tribe or nation comes from.  Think of the tree design when used in terms of human evolution or language families – they all branch out from a trunk whose roots may not show above the surface.

With Work being the overall energy for the month, my hunch is the tree card is all about the “roots of the issues” there: the REAL causes of both employment and unemployment; also projects finished or projects left-undone.

This card also shows the idea that everything may stem from the same original source but now the situations have branched out and become many-faceted; making them appear to be separated, but in reality they are not.

Now The Puzzle Card, is the card that was stuck under the tree; this card is VERY important for the Puzzle is always about a decision. One which MUST BE MADE!

It can not be avoided. The card shows two doors with a thorny hedge around them; one door or the other must be opened and the other left closed forever.

Not making a decision is also a decision because nothing will go forward or progress until the decision is made.

Hence we know that there is a decision that will have to be made soon that will affect the Tree (in some readings this may even be The World Tree) so think of it as affecting the world – and probably the world of work.

Once that decision is either made or fallen into because the will to actually make a decision does not occur; either way the next card is…

Death-massive change and potential disruption on an epic scale is possible; as is actual human death or extreme transformations.

No matter WHAT decision is taken; this disruption, transformation and final ending of “something” WILL occur.

The only “choices” involved in the decision will be who or what is most directly affected first; the decision WILL affect jobs, employment, labor, business, treaties and even legal judgments.

Some of that is already showing up in the reading so far and other parts of it will become clearer in a moment.

The final Card NOW; gives us a “time-marker” of sorts for this major decision or possibly group of decisions.

The Card itself now only suggests a near-term or “now” situation; it is also showing a picture of the farmer harvesting grain in the Fall of the year.

So we can suggest pretty clearly that the potential fallout from these choices will not only be made soon, but is likely to continue through the Fall period.

Being at least partly economic in nature; it would not surprise me at all if the focus on Work and decisions has a further backlash in the economy or even the stock markets in October; as that is the “traditional” month for such events.

But we will have to wait a bit longer to check on that one; meanwhile expect some decisions and reactions to those decisions sooner rather than later.

The Cat’s Eye Tarot Cards

nine-of-cupsseven-of-swordsThe Lovers

These three cards all work together to suggest an atmosphere of wishful thinking driving actions, deep sensuality, pleasure seeking (Nine of Cups) combined with sneaky behavior, power issues, deception, personal power trips, dishonesty and general bad behavior (Seven of Swords).

The Lovers card shows both the potential for strong romantic and sexual attractions being in the  news but also the difficulties of “staying focused” on the main relationship and the card even shows the Tom looking outside away from mate and thinking of “straying” not only sexually but away from his main commitment to home and hearth.

The Lover’s card can also hint at difficulties and tensions between the beliefs of the individual (or household) and that of the larger group; again we have the idea of potential tensions and disruptions between individuals and the belief systems of others (or the larger culture).

This is all a rather deep and complex morass of suggestive energies that lead me to conclude that the there is going to be a lot of off-topic, off-the-cuff, and “straying” remarks and stories in the news for the rest of the month.

Last month’s focus on sexual and relationship scandals being used to distract the public continues; but along with that will be a real tendency on the part of people/tribes and nations to turn their hands towards individual choices that will seem to increase pleasure and power; often at the expense of honesty or even decent behavior.

Theft is one aspect of the Nine of Cups as the cat at the food dish isn’t above stealing food that isn’t meant for her; she has her own dish but that won’t keep her from the cream on the Table.

The Himalayan cat on the Seven of Swords is actually backing up and spraying urine on the walls of her own house!

Not only is she “marking territory” as “hers;” she is also smelling it up for the rest of the family and she knows it.

Such marking can be a cry for help but it may also simply be a statement of “this is OUR place.”  I think the recent behavior of the Chinese towards the US President and the name calling towards him by the President of the Philippine Islands are perfect examples of this September “Me Big Cat, Me Spray My Scent In Da World and Mark MY Territory” energy.

Those examples have already happened but look for a lot of “power plays” and “marking” behavior for the rest of this month; often combined with deceptive and even down right underhanded practices designed to conceal and distract from other underlying issues.

Again, given the over-all energy for the month is “Work;” a lot of this deception, potential for theft and attempts at power grabs may ultimately have their sources in the concepts of jobs, labor, business or what seems to be the best way forward for them (from the viewpoint of the country/corporation/individual doing the marking.

I am also getting a hunch that something about “brands” or “branding” may be an issue later in the month; perhaps an issue of copy write or other corporate tangle; or with the Work card at play… problems over the production of various goods and services that affect certain well known brands?

Finally we have the runestaves:

Gebo is usually translated marriage or gift; it was another reason, along with The Lovers Card, that I suggested the sexual and relationships focus will continue for this month.  Some of that news will likely be positive and good; but my feeling is a lot of it will be driven both towards distraction and the power memes – distraction in high places; along with power issues between partners both in famous romantic partnerships but also in business and industry.

The Gebo runestave is also about gifts, giving, and reciprocal  relationships which is another reason I mentioned the treaties and partnerships being in the news in the earlier part of the reading.

Of course there is also the high probability with this rune’s energy that we may have the rather pleasant distraction of a happy wedding or proposal in the news; that might also serve as a distraction but it would at least be a positive and more lighthearted one (so Prince Harry, if you’re reading and thinking of proposing, this would be a good month to do so; and the same is true for my readers).

The Ansuz Runestave is quite complex but is usually translated Mouth and is all about communications and speaking.  There are also associations with this stave to the God Odin whose wisdom and craftiness are well known – as is his joy is stirring things up a bit especially if they might lead to the creation of conflicts and the the potential for more heroes being made (aka war and battles).

So “communication in Marriage” or “communication over Gifts” is likely to be a factor in the already existing energies mixes leading towards the potential for personal power grabs and a general “me-first” (or My County/Tribe/Clan/Family First) energy.

While such “protectionism” isn’t always bad – of course we want to do what is best for our own family or even nation – when it goes overboard and becomes especially deceptive things can get a bit dangerous.

The Ansuz energy could act like a child knowing just what buttons to push by saying just the “right things” to then sit back and watch their now manipulated parents explode – either at each other or another direction.

In this way the child has the “real power” marking in the situation; though being small and immature, he may be surprised if eventually the entire mess comes back to drop on his head.

More to the point, this is a month to watch for issues of communications; public speaking; public voices and a general sense of people/tribes/nations “getting their message out there.”

Again this can be both positive and negative; and individuals can use this energy in a positive way to make their points or voices heard. Just be sure you know what your message really is and your real motives for doing so.

Self-Deception is extremely likely this month. That doesn’t mean each individual has to participate; it does mean that being aware of this potential is a very good idea in order to take steps to avoid it.

Finally we have Tiwaz; this runestave is usually translated Tiw (or Sky Father) the very ancient European Sky-Father God who is as close as the traditional Norse had to the concept of something like the modern idea of “God the Father.”

This rune is also about The Law, Justice, Courts, Court Cases, Disputes, and “Divine Justice” which may not be the same as the human sort (but both are part of the energy).

This rune is another reason why I emphasized the potential for law-breaking or dishonesty in some of the earlier cards; because it suggests that ultimately this sort of behavior will start to be judged.

Just as there is a lot of energy out there for essentially “unjust” behavior, there is also a very strong energy out there towards the actions of “Justice” occurring or taking place.

On the Current Events News side of things, this suggests more court actions, high profile legals stories and other similar stories will continue to make the headlines.

But there is also a sense in this rune of “Divine Justice” – in terms of whatever that Decision is that occurs and results in Death and Transformation will ultimately be Judged as will those who make the decisions and carry them out.

What I am not sure is exactly what that decision will be exactly except that it will probably affect jobs and employment; probably in a big way, large enough to affect “The World Tree”, though some branches are more likely to be affected than others.

My Monkey Mind thinks this may be some decision about the current world economic system or something in that general topical area but I didn’t see any runestaves or cards (other than The Work Card) that point directly to this.

So that may be something we need to look at in the coming weeks, when we look to see what energies are coming to light for the individual weeks rather than just the month as a whole.

So that about sums it up for this month Current Events wise, a potentially difficult month where issues of Employment, Power, and extreme transformation (including Death) are possible.

But mainly one where a major decision is likely to be made that could ultimately affect nearly everyone in some way; a decision that will likely transform things and fairly quickly if the Now Card is to be believed.

There will likely be a large use of “distraction” on the part of the press and powers that be to take attention away from this decision (or group of decisions) especially with stories of sex and scandal but also a good deal of good old fashioned fluff – some of which may at least be fun to watch.

So stay tuned this looks to be a month that could be a rather wild ride or at least set the stage for the next loop of the roller coaster.



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