Cards of the Week Status Update

Hi – just a quick note to let everyone know this site isn’t going away again, the blog is simply in a transition period as The Cat’s Eye on the Future Radio Show, is going back on the air in the next couple of weeks and things are changing.

For the next few months The Show will probably be a twice a month, with the first show a Card summery for the coming Month; which I will also post here, then here at the blog we will look into the additional energies affecting the following weeks.

So, stay tuned; A slightly late over-view of the September Card and Rune energies can be expected here sometime in the next few days; followed by a separate weekly ready for next week.

Also I will be speaking at a conference in Belgium on the 17th, so that week may not have separate reading either but I plan to pick up again after that.

Thank you for your patience during this transition period.


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