Cards of the Week – Aug 22-28, 2016


Card of the Week:  The Message

Psy cards of the Week: The Beauty, The Warrior, Father

Cat’s Eye Tarot of the Week: Five of Swords, The Hierophant, Eight of Cups

Runes of the Week: Ehwaz, Jera, Mannaz

Well to wrap up this past week, while we may not have had the really-really big event yet; I’m calling the explosion at the wedding in Turkey as the most likely “explosive” event to have happened in the past week.

If I am calling this correctly, than the eventual response to the attack may be actually more important in the long-run than the attack itself.

It is also possible that last week’s attack was a foreshadow of a larger event yet to come; both are possible we just have to wait and see.

Returning to this week, we have a rather unusual card for the Card of the Week which is:

The Message


This card has a picture of an old fashioned message in a bottle and when it shows up in an over all reading – it tends to lend a certain amount of “This Is the MESSAGE” to the cards on either side of it.

By itself, as the over-all energy for the week; it suggestions that this week once again communications (and issues with communications) are going to be very important.

Expect a lot more stories in the news about E-mails, faxes, letters and even messages and messengers in the next few days.

This has already started to some degree this morning, and being I’m a day late getting this reading sorted that isn’t much of a surprise.

While I don’t think e-mails, hackers and the resulting shocks or issues that come out of them are going to be the ONLY way this energy manifests this week; I think it will be a major one.

In addition individuals should be highly aware that this is a time period when “messages” of all sorts may be trying to tap them on the shoulder and get you to pay attention. 

The messages themselves may concern just about anything, but this is certainly the week for them and when you get one; it will be very important to think about it and decide how to respond; whatever you do just don’t ignore it.

It may or may not be something you need to do something about right away (other than meditate on it) but ignore these messages from the universe at your own risk.

Peoples/Tribes/Nations should heed the same warning but that will their choice, it will be a lot easier for the individual person to listen to their own personal messages than for national leaders to pay head to theirs I am afraid.

The Three main psycards for this week are:

The Beauty Card is a young women seeing own reflection and realizing she is beautiful and a person of power.

In a general reading it is often about self-esteem but it can also be about feminine power; I feel a strong pull in this card towards actual female Leaders this week; especially Hillary Clinton, Teressa May and Angela Merkel; this card probably isn’t limited to just them (or even to women only) but I feel those three ladies are going to be in the thick of the news this week and not all of it is going to be positive.

The Warrior card is a man in armor getting ready to defend his camp if needed but he isn’t fighting at the moment.

The card can be about war and warriors; it can also be about being “on the defensive” I am sensing some of both potentials this week; with “on the defensive” or “on the warpath” being likely for all three female leaders as well as a sort of general “atmosphere” in a lot of international relations this week.

The Father Card – a man teaching a young boy how to shoot and arrow and directing him where to send it; puts some serious “male” energy into the mix as well.

We  don’t know from the card if the Father is showing his son how to hunt for the table, defend his village from attack, or learning to make war on his neighbors. 

The Father may be teaching all three, but again I’m drawn to the elements of defense here and being “on the defensive.”

While the Beauty Card is often about a use of female (or intuitive) power; The Father Card is all about the more direct and sometimes heavy handed types of power. 

The Father Card in a current events reading is often about nations with Father (or male) identifications – like Germany as The Fatherland; as well as strong male leaders (or female leaders with very “tough” public personas) for example the late Ronald Reagan, the living Vladimir Putin or even dictators like Malduro in Venezuela or the current “elected” leader of Turkey.

Finally I have a bit of a psychic flash on this one – in the Middle East many leaders get the name or title of “Abu” which means Father as part of their public names.  I am not certain about this but I’d watch for men (especially leaders) who actually either have this as part of their names or who fit that sort of “Father/Leader” pattern in that part of the world.

I am not sure why this last bit is important but I’ve learned over time to mention things like that when I “feel them” so this is something to watch for over the next week to ten days.

The Cat’s Eye Tarot Cards give us a strong hint that this week is unlikely to be harmonious internationally and that there will unfortunately be a lot of room for communications and messages to be scrambled.

Our Kitty Cards are:

Five of SwordsThe HierophantEight of Cups

The Five of Swords is a cat I can relate to today having just taken a very scared and unhappy kitty to the vet; like the kitty on the card he cried and was very upset – neither cat can understand that someone was trying to help them and the Siamese on the scale is ready to lash out and try to shred and human hands that come near her.

The Keywords for this card are: Self-Interest, Discord and Dishonor; in a reading the card suggests that like the last couple of weeks – we are still in a time period where emotions (especially anger and fear) are going to be dominating a lot of personal as well as international decision making.

Especially this week, there is a strong chance that extreme fear could let an otherwise low-level situation get way out of hand; a situation which if handled with tack and thought might be resolved quickly and peacefully; but if reacted to in anger could become a serious and very dangerous issue indeed.

The Hierophant is the Pope in many old fashioned Tarot Decks; here is shown as a cat who speaks and is listened to.

The keywords for the card are: Education, Belief Systems, Conformity, and GROUP IDENTIFICATION.

This card suggests this week that issues of group identification (again as Peoples/Tribes/Nations) are going to be a really big issue this week.

As are “accepted codes of behavior” (as in laws or customs) of the group are going to be at play here.

I get the feeling this is going to be especially the case in Europe but also other places in the world where cultural world views and what is acceptable behavior are butting up against each other.

Each group is confused by the others “messages” and both individuals and groups may become rather confused about their place and roles within their societies.

The Hierophant himself can be about the body of information that guides appropriate behavior within a society (again basic laws and customs) and I think the message given the other cards is that there is likely to be some fairly intense run-ins between different groups and cultures concerning them this week.

The obvious one is disagreements over “Sharia” or “Islamic” law but I don’t think that is all of it; I think there will be some more subtle ways this plays out including in the US elections in terms of what is and what is not a shared value or acceptable standards between individuals and groups in society. 

The final Card of the three is the Eight of Cups and once again it just expands on our existing theme.

In this card a lonely female cat feels displaced in her household by the new puppy; she feels sad and rejected.  No one sees her slip out of the house, and the little boy doesn’t realize his kitty thinks she has been emotionally abandoned and is leaving home.

She may never come back but go on to seek another living situation, or she may eventually decide to return; but either way the choice is hers and is rooted in the sadness of feeling she has lost something.

It will be her choice to decide if this sadness (or disappointment) is enough to cause her to simply move on and leave permanently or just slip out for a few days before coming back.

In a reading like this one, it suggests that the over-all emotions of fear and anger; combined with the clashing over acceptable behavior (and group identity) may combine to see some people/tribes/nations leaving a previously permanent “home” (or position) and striking out and moving on to other circumstances.

The threat from the current leader of the Philippine Islands to leave the United Nations this week (over differing views on what is permissible in terms of allowing private citizens to perform the executions of suspected but untried drug dealers) is a perfect example of this particular energy.

As always it doesn’t have to be negative, this could also be situations where countries, states, corporations, or individuals decide to sadly move on from situations that simply are not working for them.

Be warned, as individuals if this is a week when your already having issues within your own household; be very careful try to resolve them as in the last couple of weeks with your heard and not your gut emotions; especially if those emotions are fueled by fear and anger.

There is energy here for making wise choices and decisions and the air is a bit clearer for doing so than it has been the last couple of weeks; but this is still a rather dangerous time for conflicts and conflict resolutions.

Finally the Runes:

Rune Card Scan 1

This week I’m starting to use a new rune deck by Freya Aswynn; while I am still pulling actual runes from my rune bowl for the reading; Freya’s original art work goes a long way towards showing some of the rune meanings.

This week I’ve just put them together as a set because I haven’t had time to scan the entire deck into word press yet.

But if you look closely you can see that some of these runes look very familiar because they are – there are 24 runes in the elder futhark but once again we have some of the same three we keep seeing over and over.

The energies haven’t change that much rune-wise over the last several weeks so they just keep repeating.

The actual sequence I pulled the runes was Ehwaz (horses) Jera (harvest) and finally Mannaz (human partnerships).

As we talked about the last time the horse rune showed up, it is also about partnerships but it tends to be about non-human ones (like two horses yoked together) or uneven partnerships where one being has power over another (like horse and rider).

Again this isn’t either positive or negative on its own; a horse needs the direction of a rider to keep from running off the road and into a ditch for example; but the rune suggests that once again this week there are going to be issues and struggles over power and unequal power blocks; especially in news of current events.

There may also be stories and the actual influence of horses themselves as well as travel, horse racing and even messages (think Pony Express) here in this context.

There is also a certain degree of sexuality and passionate expression in this rune that may play out this week as well; especially in terms of relationships that are played out on the public stage – expect more of the sexy stories and scandals to continue to be in the news.

Jera is Harvest – which is both the actual time of year we are in North (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway) as well as time when things are in between or balancing. 

This rune is about time, cycles and the Wheel of the Year(s) and suggests both something coming to a time of “harvest” (a situation coming into its final form with the seeds having been planted earlier) as well as the potential for a cycle repeating (especially an historical cycle).

This is a week when a lot of things may sort of seem to wrap up or roll over into their next phase; for individuals a great time to finish off personal tasks before starting new ones.

The final rune Mannaz – also keeps showing up and is about Human Partnerships and suggests again that this week continues the Summer-long theme of human relations being one of the most important energies at play during this time period.

So look this week for partnerships/alliances/treaties to be in the news a lot; with some of the other runes and cards suggesting there may be strains placed on them.

Another good week for corporate mergers, starting businesses, getting married, or signing treaties; provided everything is done above board and without the fear or anger that is stalking around the edges of everything this week, waiting for a tiny crack to seep in and create chaos.

However, over all this is a great rune to end this reading with because it does have so much positive potential.

The Rune poem is “Man is the Joy of Man” (really human is the joy of human man being a word for both genders in Old Norse); and the rune consists of two joy runes stuck together.

That “joy” can take the form of either the Clan Banner (Joy in the family or clan) or Battle Flag (joy in battle/conflict/war).

There’s a potential for either outcome this week but individuals can choose to try and concentrate on the joy of family and chosen clan/tribe/friendship rather than argument and warfare.

What the outside world chooses to do remains to be seen; over-all not a seriously bad week, but a week that still holds the potential to be explosive if the wrong buttons get pushed. 

Thankfully it also has the potential to harness some of those powerful forces (bit and bridle them) a bit and direct them in more positive ways.

Hopefully that will be the ultimate outcome of all this, meanwhile we just have to wait and see.

Black Cat w Moon




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